Play Our Twilight 'Would You Rather' Quiz And We'll Give You A Vampire Hubby

It’s been several years since the Twilight saga came to an end, but we’re still daydreaming about having to choose between a mysterious vampire or a sweet and kind shapeshifter. If you ever read the books or watched the movie, we know you are, too.

If you were to marry a vampire, who would it be? Take our Twilight-themed ‘Would You Rather’ quiz to find out just which man from the Cullen family would live happily ever after and literally forever with you. You couldn’t quite say “’til death do us part,” as you know you’d never pass on. But it would be a thrill to live forever and see the rest of human history unfold.

Question 1

Would you rather date Jasper or Emmett?

Question 2

Would you rather have the power to read minds or get visions of the future?

Question 3

Would you rather date Jacob or Edward?

Question 4

Would you rather be a vampire or a shapeshifter?

Question 5

Would you rather go up against Victoria or Jane?

Question 6

Would you rather hang out with Sam or Quil?

Question 7

Would you rather join the Egyptian coven or the Mexican coven?

Question 8

Would you rather spend the day with Charlie or Renée?

Question 9

Would you rather date James or Laurent?

Question 10

Would you rather read the series or watch the movies?

Question 11

Would you rather live forever or stay mortal?

Question 12

Would you rather have super strength or super speed?

Question 13

Would you rather have your friend imprint on your child or never meet them?

Question 14

Would you rather fight with the Volturi or a pack of werewolves?

Question 15

Would you rather hang out with Alice or Rosalie?

Question 16

Would you rather be friends or enemies with Victoria?

Question 17

Would you rather make the one you love immortal or die trying to protect them?

Question 18

Would you rather always feel too hot or too cold?

Question 19

Would you rather live where it’s always day or always night?

Question 20

Would you rather date Riley or Embry?

Question 21

Would you rather join Team Cullen or Team Volturi for a baseball game?

Question 22

Would you rather get in an arm wrestling match with a vampire or a werewolf?

Question 23

Would you rather be lab partners with Bella or Edward?

Question 24

Would you rather feast on birds or deer?

Question 25

Would you rather be in love with someone you can never have or have two people to choose from?

Question 26

Would you rather live forever with one person or have many lovers and stay mortal?

Question 27

Would you rather have to always be honest or always have to lie?

Question 28

Would you rather live forever but never eat or die young and eat amazing food everyday?

Question 29

Would you rather lie to your dad to keep him safe or tell him the truth and put him in danger?

Question 30

Would you rather sit next to your crush all year or switch schedules so you can focus?

Question 31

Would you rather live in the same town your whole life or constantly be on the move?

Question 32

Would you rather protect your crush and risk exposure or keep your secret but risk your crush?

Question 33

Would you rather join the Cullen family or the Black family?

Question 34

Would you rather grow old with the one you love or live with them forever?

Question 35

Would you rather be friends with someone who’s in love with you or be in a relationship with someone you don’t love?

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