Did It Happen On Twilight Or The Vampire Diaries? Play The Quiz!

The Twilight saga and the many wonderful seasons of Vampire Diaries are incredible to watch for those of us who consider ourselves to be vampire fans. Those of us who love the passion, drama and romance that goes hand in hand with vampire-themed entertainment know that these two storylines are almost equally great! They both include a teenage, female protagonist with brown hair! The major similarities between Bella Swan and Elena Gilbert end with their brown hair... they are vastly different in terms of their personalities and mindsets!

Bella Swan and Elena Gilbert are not the only aspects of these two vampire storylines that can be compared and contrasted... everything surrounding their lives, friendships, romances, academics, and more can also be compared and contrasted too! Let's see who remembers what happened in Twilight and who remembers what happened in Vampire Diaries! Only a true fan will know the correct answers!

Question 1

A teenage girl falls in love with a vampire.

Question 2

A teenage girl discovers that she has a doppelgänger.

Question 3

The main story takes place in the city of Forks, Washington.

Question 4

Vampires partake in the practice of human sacrifice.

Question 5

Laurent is an enemy.

Question 6

A passionate love triangle between three people ensues.

Question 7

Vampires sparkle in the sunlight.

Question 8

Vampires must wear rings in order to walk around in the sunlight.

Question 9

The Volturi are an enemy group.

Question 10

James is an enemy.

Question 11

Werewolves and vampires harbor hostility against each other.

Question 12

A vampire said: "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."

Question 13

A teenage girl writes down all of her emotions in a diary.

Question 14

Kai is a villain.

Question 15

A young couple gets married.

Question 16

A werewolf pleads his case to become a vampire.

Question 17

A vampire joins the football team.

Question 18

A human teenage girl turns into a vampire.

Question 19

The main story takes place in the town of Mystic Falls.

Question 20

Klaus is a villain.

Question 21

Teens attend a high school dance.

Question 22

A teenage girl is also a witch.

Question 23

A teenage girl is also a mermaid.

Question 24

The main character has a friend who gets jealous.

Question 25

A female vampire uses psychic visions to warn her loved ones.

Question 26

A siren controls a vampire using memory alteration.

Question 27

A vampire saves a teenage girl from being hit by car.

Question 28

Victoria is an enemy.

Question 29

A family of vampires gets together to play basketball when a storm is brewing.

Question 30

Jeremy is the main character's brother.

Question 31

A teenage girl adds red streaks into her hair.

Question 32

The Founders Council makes decisions.

Question 33

A girl named Renesmee is born to a vampire and human couple.

Question 34

A vampire participates in a talent show to impress a human girl.

Question 35

High school graduation takes place.

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