Only 1 In 20 Grey's Anatomy Fans Will Pass This Couples Quiz

Even though Grey's Anatomy is very much a medical-drama, some could argue that it is closer to being a romance than anything else. Even though our beloved surgeons are always busy with complexe procedures, new specialties, and hospital reforms, they still always manage to find time to stir up some relationship drama. It is time to see who has been paying the closest attention to the many relationships of Grey Sloan Memorial.

This quiz is going to be focused entirely on the romantic aspect of the show. We will be asking all kinds of questions about each and every relationship that has been featured. This one will not be easy, but any true superfans should be alright. Scalpels down everyone, they will not be needed here!

Question 1

True or false: Meredith and Derek met on the job

Question 2

What was the name of Teddy's husband?

Question 3

Who did George marry in Vegas?

Question 4

What did Christina lose before her wedding to Burke?

Question 5

Which of these characters has Christina NOT been with?

Question 6

How many kids have April and Jackson had together?

Question 7

Who is April currently married to?

Question 8

How many times has Derek been married?

Question 9

Who was Alex's first wife?

Question 10

Who took Meredith on her first date after losing Derek?

Question 11

Who was Arizona with when she betrayed Callie?

Question 12

Who did Lexie first have a crush on?

Question 13

What was the name of Izzie's hockey player boyfriend?

Question 14

What did the residents nickname Jo's first boyfriend?

Question 15

True or false: Richard left Adele to be with Ellis

Question 16

What was the name of the nurse Derek dated?

Question 17

Which of these characters has Callie NOT been with?

Question 18

What was the name of Miranda's first husband?

Question 19

Where did Derek propose to Meredith?

Question 20

How many kids do Meredith and Derek have?

Question 21

True or false: Preston left Christina on their wedding day

Question 22

Who was Mark dating when the plane crashed?

Question 23

Who said "So pick me. Choose me. Love me. "

Question 24

Who was Meredith engaged to during the "what if" episode?

Question 25

Which of these characters has Owen NOT been with?

Question 26

True or false: Callie's father did NOT show up for her wedding to Arizona

Question 27

The hospital gave which couple a "love contract" to sign?

Question 28

Who was Mark with when he betrayed Teddy?

Question 29

Who is the father of Teddy's baby?

Question 30

Who got married on a Post-it?

Question 31

Why did Lexie and Mark break up the first time?

Question 32

True or false: Adele and Richard have a child together

Question 33

Who was secretly in love with Reed Adamson?

Question 34

Who was Richard's second wife?

Question 35

Where did Callie and Penelope move to?

Question 36

Why did Alex and Lucy breakup?

Question 37

What was the name of Thatcher's second wife?

Question 38

Which of these characters has Alex NOT been with?

Question 39

Why did Callie and Erica break up?

Question 40

True or false: Miranda and Ben have 2 children

Question 41

How long was Owen and Amelia's engagement?

Question 42

True or false: Ellis only had one child

Question 43

Whose wedding is this scene from?

Question 44

Whose underwear were found pinned to the board?

Question 45

True or false: Mark is the biological father of Callie's kid?

Question 46

Who did Leah Murphy file a complaint against after their relationship ended?

Question 47

Where did Owen and Christina get married?

Question 48

True or false: Arizona and Nicole were an item

Question 49

Why did Derek briefly move away from Seattle?

Question 50

Who went to jail to protect Meredith?

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