There's No Way You're Scoring Over 50% On This Stranger Things Quiz

There is no denying that Stranger Things has been a global phenomenon ever since it made its debut. The series had the perfect blend of writing, acting, and cinematography, and the fact that it has been able to take people back to the 80s makes it even better. Thus far, there have been three seasons of the series, and the creators are smart enough to not let the show go on for too long, stating that there is not a lot of time left for the series. Because of this, fans are going to savor every single moment they get.

Given the fact that this series has become so popular and has earned such a massive fan base, it would make sense that people would soak up every detail and consider themselves experts on the show. While this is true for some, the truth is that most people wouldn't be able to ace a quiz based on the show. A quiz that runs the gamut of questions pertaining to the show is bound to be a challenge for even the biggest fans.

Today, we want to see which people out there can ace this Stranger Things quiz by correctly answering all of these questions.

Question 1

Name The Character In The Middle

Question 2

Who Was The First Character To Go Missing?

Question 3

Which Character Has A Sister Named Nancy?

Question 4

What Is Robin's Last Name?

Question 5

Where Does Steve Work?

Question 6

Is The Character On The Right Named Tecia?

Question 7

Which Ability Does Eleven Have?

Question 8

Is Dustin Missing Teeth In Season One?

Question 9

What Game Does The Group Love Playing?

Question 10

Who Is The First Person That Eleven Meets?

Question 11

Which Lab Is Eleven From?

Question 12

Name The Character On The Far Left

Question 13

Is Jonathan Married To Joyce?

Question 14

Was Dustin Named Prom King?

Question 15

Which Role Does Mike Play In Dungeons And Dragons?

Question 16

What Is Lucas Fond Of Using?

Question 17

Which Character Adopts Eleven?

Question 18

What Does Max Refer To Herself As?

Question 19

What Is Eleven's Birth Name?

Question 20

Where Does Joyce Work?

Question 21

Is Eleven From Another Dimension?

Question 22

Name This Character

Question 23

Can Eleven Speak?

Question 24

Does Eleven Attend School?

Question 25

What Rank Does Hopper Hold?

Question 26

What Is The Name Of Lucas's Sister?

Question 27

Did "The Bat" Take Out The Demogorgon?

Question 28

What Is Jim's Nickname?

Question 29

Who Did Jim Save From The Demogorgon?

Question 30

Where Did Mike And Eleven First Kiss?

Question 31

Where Is Scoops Ahoy Located?

Question 32

Which Character Is Not Pictured Here?

Question 33

Does Mike Have A Sister Named Leona?

Question 34

What School Do The Kids Attend?

Question 35

Did Joyce Go To High School With Jim?

Question 36

Where Does Stranger Things Take Place?

Question 37

How Often Did Mike Call Eleven When She Disappeared?

Question 38

Does Will Ever Return From The Upside Down?

Question 39

Which Street Do The Wheeler's Live On?

Question 40

Which Role Does Eleven Play In Dungeons And Dragons?

Question 41

Does Dustin Work At Scoops Ahoy?

Question 42

Does Max Go To School With Dustin And Lucas?

Question 43

Does Dustin Kiss Max At The Ball?

Question 44

Which Place Did Eleven Not Live?

Question 45

Is Will Older Than Steve?

Question 46

What Is Steve's Nickname?

Question 47

Who Is Nancy's Best Friend?

Question 48

Which Camp Does Dustin Go To?

Question 49

What Is Steve's Last Name?

Question 50

Was Dustin The Last Guy To Join The Group?

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