Tell Us Which TV Shows You've Seen And We'll Guess Your Age

There is simply no denying that TV has quickly become everyone's favorite pastime. Even though the television has been a big deal since its invention, we all know that we are currently in the glory days of TV. With Netflix, Hulu, and everything else available to us, it's honestly a mystery how we manage to get anything done.

Today we will be going through some of the most popular television shows to date. Everybody here just needs to let us know which series they have seen, and which they have not. Once we have an idea of everyone's taste, we will try guessing everybody's age. We know there are a lot of people out there who take binge-watching very seriously, so let's see who's seen the most!

Question 1


Question 2

Bob's Burgers

Question 3


Question 4

The Handmaid's Tale

Question 5

Modern Family

Question 6


Question 7

Orange Is the New Black

Question 8


Question 9

The Office

Question 10


Question 11

Prison Break

Question 12

Black Mirror

Question 13

Master of None

Question 14

The Resident

Question 15


Question 16

Stranger Things

Question 17

New Girl

Question 18


Question 19

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Question 20

13 Reasons Why

Question 21


Question 22

Game of Thrones

Question 23

The Flash

Question 24

Peaky Blinders

Question 25


Question 26

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Question 27

Parks and Recreation

Question 28

2 Broke Girls

Question 29

Once Upon a Time

Question 30

Big Little Lies

Question 31

The Vampire Diaries

Question 32


Question 33


Question 34

Mad Men

Question 35

Breaking Bad

Question 36

The Act

Question 37

This Is Us

Question 38

How I Met Your Mother

Question 39

Good Girls

Question 40


Question 41

Rick and Morty

Question 42

The Mindy Project

Question 43


Question 44


Question 45

Boy Meets World

Question 46

The Umbrella Academy

Question 47


Question 48


Question 49

Gilmore Girls

Question 50


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