TV Or Movie! No One Can Ace This Character Quiz!

When it comes to memorable characters that have really resonated with the general public, many people make the mistake of thinking that it's only film roles that people seem to remember. There have been so many films that have become iconic in the minds of the general public and it's not surprising that the lead characters have become instantly recognizable. From Rocky Balboa to Michael Corleone, some film characters have tunneled their way into the hearts and minds of moviegoers. While it can be tricky to remember each and every detail from a film, it's the characters that seem to make a lasting impression. Audiences may not remember the exact quote from the final scene in The Godfather but they will definitely remember Michael Corleone's rise to power.

Yet, it's not just the film characters that have become iconic in the eyes of the general public. There have been numerous television characters that have become equally as memorable and it's often helped to spawn an actor's career so that they can ultimately transition onto the big screen. Demi Moore famously got her start as an actress through a character she portrayed on the soap opera, General Hospital, and Jennifer Lawrence actually played a role on the television sitcom, The Bill Engvall Show (IMDb). While many people can remember the characters distinctly, sometimes deciphering whether or not they were on the big screen or the small screen can be a little tricky. Let's see who can remember where these memorable characters came from and prove that they can ace this character quiz.

Question 1

Steve Urkel?

When this character was introduced to the general public, it was interesting how well he was received by audiences. Steve Urkel was seen as the stereotypical nerd character and many of his antics were truly comical. He had an awkwardness in his social behavior that was both funny and endearing. People really rooted for him to find love and there was an interesting twist to the storyline that involved him turning into his alter ego, Stefan Urquelle. These were two distinct characters that operated completely independent of one another and audiences really loved seeing him as a suave and confident man (Wikipedia).

Question 2

Sookie Stackhouse?

There have been a number of stories that have centered on vampires over the years, on both the small and big screen. Yet, there was something quite unique about this particular vampire storyline. Rather than being set in a specific time in the past, this storyline centered on vampires in a modern-day setting. It also showcased vampires "coming out of the coffin," and entering mainstream society (Fandom). Sookie Stackhouse was a character within this storyline that seemed intrigued by these new creatures revealing themselves to the world and she ultimately became entwined in the new world of fantasy creatures as being part Fae.

Question 3

Naomi Lapaglia?

Prior to appearing as the character, Naomi Lapaglia, Margot Robbie had already appeared on both the small and big screen. Yet, this was the character that really seemed to stand out with the public and with Hollywood, in general. She portrayed a woman that was seen as impossibly beautiful and she was appealing to practically everyone around her. As a blonde, Aussie beauty, this seemed like a role that she was born to play. Yet, Robbie brought something to the role other than just her good looks. She was able to portray the character with just the right amount of sass and fire to really show off her acting skills.

Question 4

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett?

There are some actresses that have been able to make a name for themselves solely for their talent but there are others that seem to have such a sparkling personality that the public can't help but want to know more about them, outside of the characters they've portrayed. That's definitely been the case for Sofia Vergara since she's been able to capture the hearts of the public through more than just her Gloria Delgado-Pritchett character. While the character is definitely memorable and hugely popular, it seems like her numerous interviews regarding the character have made it even more appealing with the public.

Question 5


Galadriel is a fantasy character that was portrayed by the accomplished actress, Cate Blanchett. According to Fandom, "Galadriel was the co-ruler and Lady of Lothlórien alongside her husband, Lord Celeborn - however, neither of them took royal titles, as they only saw themselves as the Guardians of The Golden Wood." Just because Galadriel is a fantasy character doesn't automatically make her a role that could only appear on the big screen. Over the years, there have been numerous fantasy television shows that have become hugely popular and some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have sought out these roles. Was Galadriel a character that was introduced on the big or small screen?

Question 6

Effie Trinket?

Effie Trinket is a character that many people think of as instantly recognizable. The character was portrayed by Elizabeth Banks and many people gave her high praise for being able to really take on this over-the-top role. The character of Effie Trinket is actually based off of a character from a hugely successful book series and fans of the novels already had an idea of what they envisioned her to be like, whether on the big or small screen. Banks was definitely up for the challenge and audiences loved seeing her fantastic looks and mannerisms that showcased her Capital spirit.

Question 7

Andy Dwyer?

When Chris Pratt was first introduced to the Hollywood scene, he was predominantly known as the man that was married to the beautiful actress, Anna Faris. He was often seen with her on the red carpet and usually took a backseat to his wife's fame. Yet, things often change on a dime in Hollywood and eventually, he began making a name for himself as an actor. Nowadays, it seems like his status in Hollywood has become far more lucrative in comparison to Faris. While some people still think of him through his prior relationship with Faris, others can't help but think of him as the character, Andy Dwyer.

Question 8

Queen Elizabeth?

When it comes to depicting Queen Elizabeth II, there have been a plethora of different portrayals on both the big and small screen. People are often fascinated with everything regarding her life, from the early years to the headline-making years in the late '90s. The beautiful actress, Claire Foy, was chosen to portray this character and many people have heralded her performance. The storyline centers on real-life events in this character's life but having it based on her life has allowed for a bit of fiction to creep in and give audiences more to contemplate. With so many different portrayals, it can be difficult to remember whether or not this particular role was seen on the big screen or small screen.

Question 9

Tommy Shelby?

Cillian Murphy is an actor that has starred in a number of memorable roles on both the small and big screen. While other actors seem to be pigeonholed in the characters they have played in the previous roles they were cast in, Murphy has been able to go from one portrayal to the next without audiences ever comparing characters. From surviving the zombie apocalypse in 28 Days Later to trying to best the Batman in The Dark Knight film series, it's amazing how he can convey a character. Yet, it's this Tommy Shelby role that seems to be the most memorable, as of late.

Question 10

John Constantine?

Prior to taking on the role of John Constantine, Keanu Reeves had already starred in a number of different roles. Audiences were already aware of his acting style and mannerisms while acting but that didn't mean that they were done with seeing him in a brand new role. The role of John Constantine was definitely unique in comparison to some of his other roles since Wikipedia stated his character was "a cynic with the ability to perceive and communicate with half-angels and half-demons in their true form." The storyline put a brand new twist on the standard fantasy plot and became hugely popular with the public.

Question 11

Olive Hoover?

There have been a number of child actors that have made a name for themselves on both the small and big screen. In fact, there have been so many of them that it can be difficult to remember where they all came from over the years. From Disney kids to big screen child actors, it's not surprising that some of them have blurred together. The role of a young Olive Hoover was portrayed by Abigail Breslin and was well-received by audiences. People loved seeing this young actress portraying the role of a girl trying to succeed in a beauty pageant.

Question 12

Jordan Catalano?

There are some actors that would be overjoyed to have at least one role that will go on to become iconic in the minds of the public but Jared Leto has been able to really make his mark through a number of roles. He has solidified himself as a serious actor through a number of his roles, including the highly acclaimed character he portrayed in the film, Dallas Buyers Club. While his role as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club definitely made an impression, many people can't help but think of him as the memorable character, Jordan Catalano, from early on in his acting career.

Question 13

Doug Ross?

George Clooney is thought of as one of Hollywood's most respected and beloved actors. While many people put him in the Hollywood heartthrob category, he's been able to move beyond just being known for his stellar good looks. Unlike other good-looking actors that are constantly cast in roles that portray them as the sought-after leading man in a romantic comedy, Clooney has been able to appear in serious roles and heartthrob roles alike. One of the roles he is most famous for is for playing the character, Dr. Douglas "Doug" Ross, which many people still reference when they bring up his stellar success in Hollywood (Wikipedia).

Question 14

Rustin Cohle?

Matthew McConaughey is one of Hollywood's most sought-after and beloved actors, with a slew of memorable roles under his belt. While he (and everybody else) still references his most famous line of "Alright, alright, alright" from the 1993 film, Dazed and Confused, that doesn't mean that there aren't other characters that are seen as equally memorable (IMDb). This particular role was hugely heralded and people couldn't help but marvel over how well he acted as Rustin "Rust" Cohle, a detective that was willing to go above and beyond in order to solve a case and bring justice to the forefront (Wikipedia).

Question 15

Juno MacGuff?

There have been a number of depictions of young pregnancies on both the small and big screen. The storyline of someone dealing with a pregnancy at any age is something that can appeal to audiences but adding in youth can make the plot that much more compelling. Juno MacGuff is a character that was portrayed by Ellen Page and audiences heralded her performance. People believed her in portraying a young high school student that had to decide on the future after discovering an unplanned pregnancy. The character was so memorable that Page seems to have some difficulty in letting go of this character.

Question 16

Jane Doe?

There have been a number of different portrayals of female characters that have mysterious tattoos over the years, on both the small and big screen. There seems to be something quite appealing about tattoos on a female character and the meanings behind them can add a mystery element that makes it even more interesting. This particular role of Jane Doe was given to the actress, Jaimie Lauren Alexander. She became instantly recognizable with this role and people became enthralled with the mystery of her appearing inside a travel bag in the middle of Times Square, wearing nothing but her tattoos (Wikipedia).

Question 17

Celeste Wright?

The character of Celeste Wright was first introduced to the public when she appeared in a book, written by the Australian author, Liane Moriarty (Wikipedia). While Celeste Wright was definitely seen as one of the main characters, she was also part of a great ensemble of characters that really brought the storyline to life. The best-selling book was ultimately adapted and it was Nicole Kidman that was given the role of Celeste Wright. People heralded her performance as a woman dealing with strife in her personal relationships and the role ultimately earned her a number of awards and accolades (Wikipedia).

Question 18

Walter White?

There have been a number of storylines revolving around drugs and drug dealing on both the small and big screen over the years but not all of them were received well. This particular character of Walter White was part of a storyline that was hugely popular and has since gone on to become known as the gold standard for this particular storyline in Hollywood. Bryan Cranston portrayed this character and it really showcased his acting talent. While he had been previously known for some of his comedic roles, this was something that was completely different and showed his ability to perform in a serious role.

Question 19

Bridget Vreeland?

Blake Lively is an actress that has appeared on both the small and big screen, so it can be difficult for many people to recall the origin of some of her most memorable roles. This particular role was given to Blake Lively pretty early on during the time of her acting in Hollywood but that doesn't make it any less memorable. People loved seeing her as the character, Bridget Vreeland, and there was a great chemistry that could be seen between her and the other characters within the storyline. While she has since moved on from this role, people still remember her for it.

Question 20

Sansa Stark?

When Sophie Turner was first introduced to the world, it was the role of a young Sansa Stark that really made the world sit up and take notice. Nowadays, she is seen as a huge film star and people are extremely excited to see her reprise her role as a young Jean Grey. Her Dark Phoenix role is marked to become one of her most memorable roles in the future but that doesn't make her Sansa Stark role take a backseat by any means. People will undoubtedly reference this role for years to come and it's still the role that people remember her best for as an actress.

Question 21

Tonya Harding?

There have been a number of real-life events that have been depicted on both the big and small screen over the years, with many of them being plucked straight from the headlines. The story of Tonya Harding and the role she played in the incident involving Nancy Kerrigan has been told in a number of different ways since it first happened in real life at a Detroit ice rink (Wikipedia). In this particular version, it was Margot Robbie that was given the role and she was heralded for her portrayal. People loved seeing her in a role that really embodied the real-life persona of Tonya Harding.

Question 22

Maggie Greene?

When Lauren Cohan was given the role of Maggie Greene, she was seen as an unknown actress at the time. There have been many instances of hugely popular actors and actresses making it big in Hollywood and having some of their earlier roles come back and haunt them. Yet, this doesn't seem like it's going to be the case for Lauren Cohan. Her portrayal of Maggie Greene was received well by the public and it has been cited as one of the reasons she was given even more roles in her acting life. With having both TV and film roles under her belt, it's interesting to see who will be able to recall where this particular role originated.

Question 23


Mila Kunis is an actress that has appeared on both the small and big screen. While many people remember her best for her TV role in That '70s Show, that doesn't mean that there haven't been other character portrayals that have been equally as memorable. This particular character named, Lily, was a role that really sparked some increased intrigue over this dark-haired actress. People really thought that she did well as the ballerina dancer with a bit of spunk in her personality and she definitely seemed to add her own special something to the role. With so many roles throughout her time in Hollywood, it's interesting if anyone can remember where this particular character originated.

Question 24

Saul Goodman?

When it comes to lawyers that have been portrayed on both the small and big screen, it's interesting how varied they have all been. While some lawyers have been portrayed as ambulance-chasing individuals without any semblance of morals, there have been others that have been portrayed with a heart of gold. Yet, this Saul Goodman character was a far cry from anyone akin to the Erin Brockovich character portrayed by Julia Roberts (IMDb). Bob Odenkirk was given the role for this Saul Goodman character and he's been heralded for his portrayal. While some can't get over his antics as a lawyer, others see him as being far more due to his incredible heart.

Question 25

Brooke Meyers?

Jennifer Aniston is an actress that has appeared on both the small and big screen, with many of her roles being hugely popular with the general public. While many people still can't help but remember her best for her role as Rachel Green on the hit television series, Friends, that doesn't mean that the conclusion of the series was the conclusion of her time as an actress. She's actually appeared in a number of hugely successful roles since then and this Brooke Meyers character was one of them. People loved seeing her as the woman going through a major break-up and couldn't wait to see how it all ended.

Question 26


Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an actor that has appeared on both the small and big screen throughout his time as an actor in Hollywood. With having such a huge fanbase, it's not surprising that so many of his fans reference different characters he's played over the years. While some remember him for the period drama characters he's played on the big screen, others like him best for the role he took on the hit TV series, Vikings. Yet, there was one occasion when Jonathan Rhys Meyers played the role of the most iconic vampire of all time and people loved seeing him as Dracula (IMDb).

Question 27


Ansel Elgort is thought of as one of Hollywood's biggest new up-and-comers in the world of acting. With the entertainment industry constantly looking for the next big thing in regards to "it" girls and future Hollywood heartthrobs, it's not surprising that new faces are always being introduced to the general public. Yet, there are some actors that seem to stand apart from others through the breakout roles they take on. Ansel Elgort made headlines when he starred in the Divergent film series but this role of Baby, a driver for pulling major heists, was something completely different that showcased his acting talent (IMDb).

Question 28

Don Draper?

When it comes to period dramas, people often think of eras involving Lords and Ladies or Highlander families on the big screen. Yet, there is far more to a period drama than the standard corset or powdered wig-wearing character. The role of Don Draper was portrayed by Jon Hamm and it was within a storyline that was set in the '60s and early '70s. While it wasn't set in a time period that involved multiple generations from the past, that doesn't mean that it was set in a modern-day environment. People loved seeing Hamm in this Don Draper role and the '60s and '70s era really impressed the world (IMDb).

Question 29

Claire Bennet?

When Hayden Panettiere appeared as the character, Claire Bennet, she was seen as an unknown young actress. Yet, that didn't last long due to the incredible popularity of this role. People loved seeing her in her cheerleading outfit but it wasn't the standard Bring It On storyline that people would expect. Instead, she was showcased as a superhero of sorts and the public was enthralled with the idea of such a young high school student exhibiting superpowers and striving to use those powers to help others. Superhero themes have been popular on both the small and big screen so this might be trickier than one would expect.

Question 30

James Delaney?

Tom Hardy is an actor that has appeared in a number of ultra-memorable roles throughout his time in the entertainment industry, including many on both the small and big screen. There are few other actors that can boast having the same sort of success as Hardy and he's also been able to solidify himself as a powerhouse for adding other talents to go alongside his acting credits. From being a producer to an accomplished writer, it seems like there is nothing he can't do. While many of his character portrayals have been a huge hit with audiences, it's his role as James Delaney that many can't help but talk about as one of his greatest portrayals.

Question 31

Claire Underwood?

Robin Wright is an actress that has starred in roles, both on the small and big screen. While some people remember her best for the iconic role she portrayed in the award-winning film, Forrest Gump, other people still reference some of the other roles she's portrayed throughout her time as an actress in Hollywood. The role of Claire Underwood is equally as memorable and Robin Wright was heralded when she took on this ultra-interesting character. According to Wikipedia, Claire Underwood is described solely as the wife of Francis J. Underwood but that doesn't mean that her character wasn’t a big part of the storyline.

Question 32


There have been a number of music artists that have made a lasting impression on the general public over the years, with many people wanting to know more about them and their personal lives. Some music artists may have captured the world's attention through their talent on the stage and the plethora of hit singles they've produced but it's the details surrounding their personal lives that really seem to interest people. It's not just the fans of their music that take an interest and both television and film have catered to that. This particular version of Liberace was portrayed by the actor, Michael Douglas (IMDb).

Question 33

Marcia Clark?

There have been a number of court cases that have truly captivated the world over the years but none seem to compare to the case involving O.J. Simpson. The real-life trial was something that seemed to consume the entire world and each new day of the court process seemed to draw even more interest. It's not surprising that there would be a storyline depicted by Hollywood to show the background of some of these real-life characters during this particular time of the trial. The real-life prosecutor, Marcia Clark, was a role that was going to be difficult to pull off but Sarah Paulson managed it with ease.

Question 34

Henry Hill?

When it comes to mobster films and television shows, it seems like the most interesting depictions have been that of real-life individuals. While the mobsters that are completely fiction-based have definitely appealed to audiences, there is something quite special about knowing that there are real-life mobsters that have actually existed in the world. The character of Henry Hill has often been criticized because the storyline involving Ray Liotta portraying him actually comes from his real-life action of working with law enforcement to reveal secrets against his one-time associates and friends. Despite some of the criticism, the character is still seen as iconic.

Question 35

Darlene Sweet?

There have been a number of depictions of characters that have tried to break into the music industry over the years, on both the small and big screen. While many people reference the impact music streaming has had on the music industry in regards to artists' ability to make money, it has actually been known for being far worse years ago. There was a time when music artists barely received anything for their hit songs and music industry professionals were known to take advantage of singers. Darlene Sweet is a character that had to face these hardships firsthand and her story was told by the actress and performer, Cynthia Erivo.

Question 36

Joe Goldberg?

Prior to starring as the character, Joe Goldberg, Penn Badgley had already made a name for himself on the television series, Gossip Girl. However, this new role was something that was completely different from anything he had ever played as an actor. This was definitely a good move for him to obtain this role since it showed the world that he was multifaceted when it came to his acting talent. While the heart of the character was definitely the stuff that kept people on the edge of their seats, there was also a bit of appeal to him (especially in the way he was so nurturing and caring towards his neighbor's son).

Question 37

Virginia Loc?

When Karrueche Tran first started to make a name for herself as part of the rich and famous, the general public didn't quite know what to make of her. She was just the beautiful new girl on the arm of Chris Brown and she didn't seem to have any aspirations of her own. Yet, that certainly changed with time and it wasn't long before she had her own celebrity group of friends and aspirations to become a real actress. When she was cast in the role of Virginia Loc, there were many people that were quite impressed by her acting talent.

Question 38

Alex Whitman?

When the Friends sitcom first premiered in 1994, the majority of the main cast of actors were relatively unknown. Yet, the popularity of the series quickly changed all of that and it didn't take long for each of the main actors to obtain a whole new roster of acting credits, during and after the Friends series concluded. Matthew Perry may have started out being known for his Chandler Bing character but that wasn't the end to his time as an actor. In one particular role, he portrayed the character, Alex Whitman. The character was quite endearing and people rooted for him to again find love.

Question 39

Pope Pius XIII?

According to Wikipedia, Lucian Pulvermacher was a traditionalist schismatic Roman Catholic priest. He was the head of the 'True Catholic Church', a small conclavist group that elected him Pope Pius XIII in Montana in October 1998." While this was an actual real-life individual, the character of Pope Pius XIII is a fictional role that was given to the accomplished actor, Jude Law. When it was revealed that Law was going to portray this character, it was quite interesting for his fans since it was unlike any other role he had ever taken on and things became even more interesting when they actually saw him in the role.

Question 40

Dolores Abernathy?

Evan Rachel Wood is an actress that doesn't seem to have had any issues in regards to being pigeonholed in portraying specific characters, on either the small or big screen. Every character she has ever portrayed has been so distinctly different from any other role she's taken. This particular character of Dolores Abernathy is definitely unique and it has helped her to show that she has an immense amount of diversity in her acting talent. While her character definitely had moments when she was portrayed as a stereotypical farmer's daughter set in a Western environment, there were other moments when she portrayed a fierceness that showed her as a true force.

Question 41

Carlotta Brown?

There have been some music artists that have tried to transition into other roles in the entertainment industry but there haven't been a huge amount that have truly succeeded. In the case of Queen Latifah, it's interesting to think back on the fact that she was once known solely for being a rapper and music artist. Yet, she's been able to create a completely different persona, from performing on stage to appearing as a big screen actress. The role of Carlotta Brown is something that should have come easily for Queen Latifah since it is a character with heavy ties to the music industry.

Question 42

Lisbeth Salander?

When Claire Foy was cast in the role as Lisbeth Salander, there were some that were a bit critical about her being picked as the lead actress. This is a character that had already been depicted on both the small and big screen and the storyline in which she was intertwined was one that had already cultivated quite a fan base. However, it didn't take long for the critics and naysayers to let go of their reservations. Claire Foy had undergone a complete overhaul with her signature look and her acting talent spoke for itself in this incredible portrayal of this character.

Question 43


When Claire Danes was cast in the role of Yvaine, she had already solidified herself as a true artist and actress in the entertainment industry. She had appeared on both the small and big screen prior to obtaining this role and she had already received a huge amount of acclaim for her talent as an actress. This Yvaine character showed a different side to her that audiences had never truly seen before and it wasn't just because of her signature hair color and style being changed to long, blonde, and flowing. This was the role that really showed the world that she had diversity in her talent.

Question 44

Teddy Flood?

James Marsden is an actor that seems to have mastered the art of flying under the radar when it comes to being rich and famous in Hollywood. While other actors of his stature are constantly being photographed by the paparazzi and hounded at every Hollywood hotspot, Marsden doesn't really get that much media attention for the activities in his personal life. However, that doesn't mean that he is any less talented in his acting skills since he's consistently proven that he can take on any type of role. This particular role of Teddy Flood was inevitably a challenge but he was able to convince the world of his character portrayal.

Question 45

Michael Murphy?

There have been a number of real-life individuals that have had their stories told on both the small and big screen over the years. Yet, there was something incredible about the story that was told by the real-life Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell. After his time serving in the Navy Seals, he became a published author and in one of the books, he described the life and heroic action of Michael Murphy. While the world ultimately lost a hero, his last acts of heroism were captured for all to see when Taylor Kitsch portrayed his character in a role that truly showed off his acting skill.

Question 46

Ruth Langmore?

When Julia Garner got the role of Ruth Langmore, she was pretty much an unknown actress that was trying to make a name for herself. Yet, it didn't take long for the world to see that they had just found themselves a brand new up-and-comer in Hollywood. The role of Ruth Langmore entailed a fiery personality and true grit in her acting skills so it's not surprising that it helped to land even more roles on both the small and big screen. With her becoming a name to remember in the entertainment industry, it's interesting that the Ruth Langmore character may have been the catalyst to spark it all.

Question 47

Jessica Weinberg?

There have been a number of models that have tried to transition off the runway and onto the small and big screen over the years but not all of them have been able to succeed. There have been some that have reached the status of being known as a true actress but there have been others that have come and gone without much fanfare and with little notice from the public. However, there is something quite promising about the beautiful, Emily Ratajkowski. When she portrayed the character, Jessica Weinberg, people sat up and took notice and couldn't help but adore her in an '80s themed storyline.

Question 48

Rebecca Pearson?

There have been some actresses over the years that have been able to capture the hearts of the general public and have really solidified themselves as the darlings of either the small or big screen. Yet, there are others that seem to be far more than just a pretty face or sweet personality that people like. Mandy Moore is an actress that has appeared on both the small and big screen and on top of her sparkling personality and likability with the public, she's highly respected as a serious actress. The role of Rebecca Pearson has furthered her success as an actress and many people think it's the character that she will be known for, in years to come.

Question 49

Jack Shephard?

When Matthew Fox obtained the role of Jack Shephard, he had already appeared on both the big and small screen. Some people knew him best for playing the eldest brother in Party of Five, just trying to keep his siblings together after the loss of their parents. This helped to create an endearing persona that made people want to see more of him. his Jack Shephard role only increased that likability since so many people wanted to see his character succeed, both in his endeavor to find out the truth and to find love. Yet, the real storyline with this character revolved around the mysterious island.

Question 50


Many people have truly loved Zooey Deschanel in the character of Summer for this particular storyline since she acted alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt. These two actors have both appeared on the big and small screen and they had an amazing chemistry when they starred opposite one another. The chemistry was so real that the two famously became quite close after appearing together in these distinct roles and they even started to perform together, musically. This is actually quite interesting since the storyline that these two characters were in, also had a musical twist to it and undoubtedly pieces of their characters rubbed off on them.

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