No Fan Can Remember If These Things Actually Happened On Friends

Friends is a classic 90s sitcom that so many people adore. It brings joy and laughter to any person who chooses to watch it! The '90s was a better decade of time due to this hilarious TV show and its witty dialogue, lovable characters, and more.

Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Monica are the names of the awesome characters who had each other's backs through thick and thin and through all of the ups and downs that come with the struggles of life. The romance between Ross and Rachel was a big deal for viewers but so was the romance between Monica and Chandler. Phoebe even ended up married to the man of her dreams by the end of the show series. Sadly, we never got to see Chandler match up with his perfect woman. That would have made for a great ending though! Who really remembers this classic show?

Question 1

Did Chandler once say, "The messers become the messiest!"

Question 2

Was Monica the first person Phoebe met out of the gang?

Question 3

Did Rachel sing the song "I Will Survive" at Barry's wedding?

Question 4

Was Phoebe ever married to a guy named Duncan?

Question 5

Did Chandler romantically link up with Monica for the first time at the beach?

Question 6

Did Ross have a grandmother named Anthea?

Question 7

Did Chandler ever cry in an episode of Friends?

Question 8

Did Monica meet Chandler during Christmas of 1987?

Question 9

Did Chandler ever romantically link up with one of Joey's sisters?

Question 10

Did Phoebe's apartment catch on fire due to her candles?

Question 11

Did Chandler ever replace Joey as a roommate?

Question 12

Does Joey have an imaginary friend named Maurice?

Question 13

Did Rachel ever date a guy named Russ?

Question 14

Was it Ross's idea to pee on Monica's foot when she was stung by a jelly fish?

Question 15

Did Monica ever braid her hair on vacation?

Question 16

Did Phoebe break up with Gary for shooting a bird?

Question 17

Did Joey ever stick his head into a Thanksgiving turkey to scare Chandler?

Question 18

Did Ross work as an Archaeologist?

Question 19

In season 10, did Joey try to drink an entire gallon of milk?

Question 20

Was Phoebe's biological mother's name Alice Buffay?

Question 21

Did Rachel ever date Ross's girlfriend's dad?

Question 22

Did Monica's Dad give her a Porsche?

Question 23

Did Joey ever get nominated for an acting award and win?

Question 24

Was Monica's apartment located in the Upper East Side?

Question 25

Was Ross the first person Monica ever kissed?

Question 26

Did Ross ever romantically link up with another woman while on a break with Rachel?

Question 27

Did Ross declare his love for Rachel before she went to Paris?

Question 28

Was Rachel ever engaged to a Dentist?

Question 29

Was Monica's boyfriend Richard a Gynecologist?

Question 30

Did Monica ever date a guy named Tag?

Question 31

Did Ross get divorced 3 times?

Question 32

Is Joey's full name Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr.?

Question 33

Did Phoebe mug Ross when they were younger?

Question 34

Did Chandler change his name on his TV Guide subscription?

Question 35

Did Rachel meet Tag working at Bloomingdale's?

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