The Biggest TV Fans Can Name All Of These Sitcom Kids

Depending on the age of the audience member, the idea of children on sitcoms can go quite a few ways. Younger fans are typically overjoyed to see their interests represented on television by people their same age, while older viewers could get a little annoyed at how accurately childish these characters can be. Of course, there’s also a middle ground visible in all ages, where people find these fictional kids hilarious even if they would be annoying or otherwise a nuisance in real life.

No matter how one feels about them, the fact remains every sitcom dealing with the traditional family is bound to have a few youngsters running around and enjoying the hijinks. In some cases, the kids are pretty much the whole show, going on far more interesting adventures than their parents could ever dream of experiencing. Even those appearing in the background are extremely important to the overall plot, as everything a parent does needs to be weighed against the needs of their children.

Not everyone watches sitcoms for the same reason, and we all have our own favorite characters on any given show. That said, any regular viewer should still be able to name their favorite series’ main characters, especially those who are loud and ridiculous in the way only a child can be. Keep reading for a quiz on sitcom kids that only a true TV buff can pass.

Question 1

Which of The Simpsons is Marge and Homer’s oldest child?

After more than 600 episodes, virtually every character on The Simpsons has spent their time in the spotlight. Originally, though, the breakout star was definitely Homer and Marge’s mischievous oldest child, equally famous for his obnoxious antics and the way he flippantly dismissed them by telling people not to “have a cow, man.” To this day, he’s still the family’s most rebellious prankster, scheming and pranking Homer and his siblings whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes, if Homer’s truly up to no good, the boy might even help the old man out in his capers, as well.

Question 2

Which cast member of The Big Bang Theory has a spin-off about his childhood?

Once the geeky nerds of The Big Bang Theory turned into some of TV’s most talked about celebrities, audiences started wondering how they became the people they are. To answer this question, the character who tends to get the most attention got his own spin-off, albeit not in the usual sense. Instead of just having one character leave the fold and go on his own adventures, CBS took a trip back in time and told us all about the Big Bang genius in his pivotal years, when he was raised by his oft-mentioned grandmother.

Question 3

Who is the youngest member of The Goldbergs?

More than just a show about a comically dysfunctional family, The Goldbergs is in many respects a love letter to the 1980s. It could be argued kids get more out of pop culture than cynical adults, so the person enjoying the decade’s excesses most may well be the youngest Goldberg, who spends all of his time documenting it on his video camera. There’s no blaming him for the excitement, either—in the era of NES, “Weird” Al Yankovic, and Double Dare, what kid wouldn’t be having the time of their lives?

Question 4

What character introduced the Olsen twins on Full House?

The last thing anyone expects is for one of the actors playing a baby on a sitcom to later become a bigger star than everyone else in the fictional family. Surprisingly, that’s exactly what happened with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the twins who took television and home video by storm after their initial debut on Full House. Because the girls were so young, they had to share the same role, switching off between scenes so neither would have to work long hours. Of course, given their age and similar appearance, few audience members noticed.

Question 5

What is Gloria’s son’s name on Modern Family?

Happy as Jay Pritchett was to marry the much younger Gloria, he never quite prepared for the fact she had a growing son who would soon become a huge part of Jay’s life, as well. While the two don’t have much in common at first, with Gloria’s boy more artistic than Jay understands, they eventually form a bond through their shared time together. That the kid starts playing football in high school probably doesn’t hurt, either, and it’s also a good thing he got over his weird crush on Jay’s granddaughter.

Question 6

Who is Bob and Linda’s monotone eldest daughter on Bob’s Burgers?

Quite frankly, for all his efforts to run a professional burger joint, Bob and Linda’s family-run business is, well, gross. This is mostly due to Bob’s personal style, which has definitely rubbed out on all three of his children. Strangest of all is probably the elder daughter, known primarily for her obsessive crushes and overarching desire to grope rear ends. Nonetheless, compared to her younger siblings (and her parents), she can also be a voice of reason, preventing would-be disasters from getting too out of hand.

Question 7

Which member of The Brady Bunch was the youngest?

Everyone knows the story of the lovely lady and her three lovely girls, but in a massive family of eight, it’s difficult to keep track of their actual names. While history would dictate the youngest gets all the attention, for most of The Brady Bunch, this girl’s older siblings were far more important to the storylines. That’s not to say she never got involved, though, usually waging wars against her new stepbrothers, or like many children her age, simply playing with dolls in the background.

Question 8

What is Michael’s son’s name on Arrested Development?

Anyone raised by the insane inhabitants of Arrested Development is bound to have some social issues. That he was inadvertently named after an ‘80s pop star with a somewhat embarrassing personal history seriously didn’t help. That said, chances are this kid would have wound up with problems either way, especially after he developed a disturbingly intense crush on his cousin. Amazingly, it got better for him in college once he branched free of his crazy family, but issues did continue cropping up whenever his father stopped by for visits.

Question 9

Who is Christy’s daughter on Mom?

The fact Christy Plunkett blames the vast majority of her issues in life on her mother may have inspired her to be the best parent she can be to her second child, but the one she had as a teenager was left to fend for herself. Unsurprisingly, this looked to continue the cycle when Christy’s daughter started experimenting as well, leading to an unplanned pregnancy. On the plus side, Christy and her mother’s efforts at cleaning up started to rub off on the kid, and now she usually appears to be in better shape than either of them.

Question 10

Who was the original “half man” on Two and a Half Men?

Complete opposite personalities despite their shared heritage, Alan and Charlie would have had enough trouble living with one another had neither of them been parents. Making things extra complicated, when Alan needs to move in with his wealthier older brother, he also brings along his preteen son. Naturally, this is followed by repeatedly begging Charlie to tone down his behavior, only for the mischievous musician to double down, leading the kid to emulate his worst impulses. Well, until he noticed the error of his ways, that is, leaving the fold to join the army.

Question 11

What do Jim and Pam name their first child on The Office?

After years of the classic “will they or won’t they,” The Office’s Jim and Pam finally started dating, instantly defining what many fans still call “relationship goals.” As the old song goes, first comes love, they comes marriage, but for this couple, something else came in between those two steps, slightly altering their plans. Granted, the couple was already engaged when they found out Pam was pregnant, but the news still didn’t sit well with some of their more traditional relatives. Then again, no one in the office cared, nor did the fans.

Question 12

What is the baby’s name on Family Guy?

Peter and Lois are pretty terrible parents all around, far more interested in their own sophomoric jokes and adventures than anything their kids are doing. While they’re openly hostile to the oldest kid, the only one who actually gets attention is the baby, but even the maniacal toddler is allowed off on his own a remarkable about of the time. Of course, if they tried to stop him, he might destroy them all, or use his time machine to escape them forever.

Question 13

What do Ross and Rachel name their baby on Friends?

Not every child on this list was necessary something the parents were looking forwards to. That was the case when a one-night stand/backslide between Ross and Rachel led to an unexpected pregnancy, though both sides of the couple immediately decided they’d put the child first and do what it took to raise the baby together. For all the attention she gets, it’s fair to say this baby gets less attention than many others on the list, not arriving into this world until near the end of Friends run.

Question 14

Which character did Mr. Drummond adopt on Diff’rent Strokes?

Every good parent is a saint in their own way, and those who adopt take it a step further by offering a helping hand to disadvantaged children who truly need it. Although he already has a daughter of his own, the wealthy Phillip Drummond chose to show this altruism and take in two young boys after they lost their mother, who had previously been his employee. He never once regretted the decision, even after learning what a sarcastic handful the youngest child would be at times.

Question 15

Who is Mike and Vanessa’s youngest daughter on Last Man Standing?

A traditional man’s man in every sense of the expression, it was probably just a little disappointing to Mike that he and Vanessa never had a son. Then again, their youngest daughter is very much a tomboy, largely due to the fact she clearly idolizes the old man and would do anything to impress him. This included a lifelong obsession with getting into the military, and constantly emulating his political beliefs whenever the situation calls for it. She also inherited his interest in sports, even ending up on the boys’ football team.

Question 16

What does Lana name her daughter on Archer?

Few sitcoms, animated or otherwise, go through half as many changes as Archer has in recent seasons, yet one thing has always remained constant: the super spy and his friends get involved with seriously dangerous missions on a daily basis. This makes it hard for them to sit down and do any parenting, but that’s exactly what the super spy and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Lana find themselves trying to do after having a child. Of course, pregnancy didn’t slow Lana down at all, so having a baby probably won’t stop her, either.

Question 17

Which character do Mitch and Cam adopt on Modern Family?

The cast of Modern Family is always growing, a trend started in the pilot when Mitch and Cam traveled across the globe to adopt a baby. Initially, Mitch’s father Jay was against the idea, until he actually met the kid and saw what great fathers they would be, gradually coming to accept all three of them as part of his family. Over time, viewers of the show literally got to watch this character grow up, from her introduction as a baby to her current status as a talkative 10-year-old with a penchant for one-liners about her weird relatives.

Question 18

Which of Tim and Jill’s sons left Home Improvement to study in Costa Rica?

When the boys were still young, all three of Tim and Jill’s sons took after their father in terms of being generally rambunctious sorts with traditionally male interests. As they grew up, the oldest kid continued emulating their father, while the youngest went Goth. Most interesting was perhaps the middle child, who quickly developed a great interest in the planet, thus becoming more socially conscious in general. Eventually, that interest in saving the world lead one of the sons away from the others, taking him all the way to Costa Rica to study the environment.

Question 19

What are Andre and Bow’s twins named on Black-ish?

No matter how hard Andre tries pushing black culture on his family in Black-ish, the fact his wife is a second-generation hippie named Rainbow means some less hip references seep through into their lives. This is reflected in the name of their two youngest children, twins named after a popular song by an ‘80s rocker. Not that this has rubbed off on their personality, as the two seem nothing like the kids in the song. To the contrary, like many twins, they constant compete with one another over just about everything.

Question 20

Who is Hal and Lois’s youngest son for most of Malcolm in the Middle?

As the title of the show would imply, Malcolm gets the most attention from both his parents Hal and Lois and most others in the world around them, if only for his status as a child prodigy and potential genius. Older brothers Reese and Francis both get some attention for acting out, as well, but the initial youngest child has no such luck. Both parents are admittedly too tired to deal with him most of the time, even as he tries his hardest to emulate Malcolm over the others.

Question 21

Which character shares the title of a show with mad scientist Rick Sanchez?

From the moment he debuted on television, the vast majority of discussions about Rick Sanchez’s sitcoms have been about the mad scientist in the title. This makes sense given his absurd antics, but there wouldn’t be a show without Rick’s hapless accomplice, who happens to be his very young grandchild. Of course, the mere fact the kid isn’t that bright hardly precludes him from enjoying the adventures they go on, and sometimes, he even proves smarter than he looks by helping Rick get out of jams.

Question 22

Who is the Simpson’s smartest child?

Homer and Marge consistently have their hands full with Bart, so it’s a good thing their daughter is significantly better behaved. In fact, she might be the most responsible, adult member of the entire family, and she’s most certainly the smartest. The downside is that the poor kid’s interests often make her feel like an outcast, leading to childhood depression and loneliness that she’s only able to express through her saxophone. Of course, anyone could get sad being stuck in 2nd grade for over 30 years.

Question 23

Which character is Lindsay’s younger brother on Freaks and Geeks?

Confused as Lindsay Weir was as she grew up on Freaks and Geeks, her little brother generally seemed to have his life figured out. All that mattered to him was comedy, TV, and those cool new things called Atari’s, and, well, he kinda liked Cindy Sanders, too, but only when he felt like she was also interested in him. On the downside, being a “geek” as the show’s title implies, he also got bullied a fair amount, especially during gym class, making high school far from a pleasant experience.

Question 24

What is the youngest male sibling’s name on Even Stevens?

For the most part, the family on Even Stevens could be considered almost idyllic, or at least they could have been before the youngest child was born. The oldest son is a superstar at all high school sports he tries, and the middle daughter is an extremely driven straight-A student. In contrast, their younger brother spends his whole life being as obnoxious as possible, stealing all the attention from his goody too-shoes family. He especially doesn’t like his sister, with their never ending war the main focus of the series.

Question 25

Who is Peter and Lois’s older male child on Family Guy?

While baby Stewie is a borderline genius, the rest of Peter and Lois’s kids are much closer to their father when it comes to intelligence. In fact, the older son might the slowest member of the whole family, barely able to function in normal society without screaming or otherwise freaking out everyone within earshot. Granted, the kids been traumatized for years thanks to a monkey who lives in his closet. Despite all this, when left to his own devices, he seems like a pretty happy, self-confident guy.

Question 26

What is Herman and Lily’s werewolf son named on The Munsters?

Considering his mother and grandfather are vampires and his dad is some sort of Frankenstein’s monster, the youngest character on The Munsters actually turned out pretty normal. Sure, the kids a werewolf, but it’s barely noticeable, aside from his lupine ears and extra sharp teeth (which may be a sign he’s part vampire, as well). Rather than howl at the moon, he spends most of his time doing normal things for a child his age, like going to school and worshipping his father to a questionable degree.

Question 27

Which character is Christy’s youngest child on Mom?

By hook or by crook, recovering addict Christy’s older daughter Violet managed to get out of her childhood years in one piece. The way things have been going, though, her son may not be so lucky, getting caught experimenting with everything that ruined his mother’s life at a very young age. In part for this reason, the kid eventually goes to live with his dad Baxter, who turned his life around faster than Christy thanks to the presence of a domineering new fiancée. Well, if it keeps the kid clean, it might be worth it.

Question 28

What is Al and Peggy’s son named on Married…with Children?

In some respects, it could be said Al and Peggy’s son on Married…with Children didn’t deserve the indignity of being born into their outrageously low-class family. Then again, the mere fact he got good grades and can hold down a job doesn’t make up for an outrageous level of social awkwardness, made worse whenever he attempts getting into “character” as someone else. He also shows the family’s penchant for pugilism, willing to fight anyone who dishonors him or his older sister. Well, unless he was the one mocking her, of course.

Question 29

Which character is the youngest child of Bob and Linda on Bob’s Burgers?

While everyone in the Belcher family has their quirks, Bob and Linda’s youngest daughter is outright terrifying in her eccentricities. Despite her small stature and lack of worldly experience, she’s easily able to manipulate both of her older siblings and their parents, devising the family’s most diabolical schemes all by herself, and usually just for a laugh. That said, the fact she involves them in her schemes at all is a sign of familial love, as a genius like her could be taking over the world.

Question 30

Who is the older brother on The Goldbergs?

In every way that Adam Goldberg was the traditional 1980s nerd, his older brother pictures himself as a traditional jock. The difference is that while Adam actually displays nerdy interests and hobbies, his brother just thinks he’s athletic, when in reality, he’s not even that good at “ball-ball,” a fictional sport he himself invented. Undeterred by this discovery, the kid remains loudly boisterous about his abilities, especially after he somehow used them to romance a steady girlfriend. Of course, no matter how far he climbs up the social ladder, his dad will still think he’s a total moron.

Question 31

What is Marion and Howard’s daughter named on Happy Days?

While most retrospective opinions about Happy Days largely relate to The Fonz, when the show got it’s start, the focus was actually a teenager named Richie and his family. Sure, the kid was good friends with the coolest Greaser in town, but most of his adventures took place at home, where his little sister would constantly attempt to interlope in his schemes. Surprisingly, the one friend who kinda likes her is Fonzie himself, which pays off for her when the ultra-cool biker introduces the Shortcake to his cousin Chachi, who she later marries.

Question 32

Which character is Phil and Claire’s youngest son on Modern Family?

Compared to the pairings of Mitch and Cam and Jay and Gloria, Phil and Claire are the most traditional parents on Modern Family. Subverting the trope as the show is known to do, this doesn’t necessarily mean their kids immediately turned out the most normal, with two out of three of them completely oblivious to the worlds around them. In addition to mimicking his older sister’s general aloofness, the youngest kid also tries to match Phil’s fantastical spirit for adventure, which may not always be a good thing when the kid already has trouble connecting to reality.

Question 33

Who is Hank and Peggy’s son on King of the Hill?

Despite the sheer number of times Hank his boy “ain’t right,” compared to most other residents in Arlen, Texas, he’s a pretty normal kid. Instead of obsessing over propane and propane accessories to an absurd degree like his dad, the kid enjoys simpler things in life, like stand-up comedy and hanging out with his friends. This makes him a hit in the schoolyard, but Hank and Peggy both worry they’ll never relate to their carefree child, simply shaking their heads in disbelief when he tries having a good time.

Question 34

What is the baby on The Simpsons named?

The mere fact this baby has been in diapers for over 30 years hardly changes the fact she’s a Simpson, and that means she’s gone on some wild adventures for a person her age. The younger daughter of Homer and Marge, and in many respects their one last piece of hope in life, this baby has already inherited her family’s sense of whimsy while rarely ever saying a word. In some respects, she might be the most dangerous Simpson of all, having shown an incredible penchant for firearms and deviousness, all from within her cribs and car seats.

Question 35

Which character was the star of The Wonder Years?

Growing up is a complicated time for everyone, with many people experience an always confusing, non-stop inner monologue constantly struggling to understand the world around us during their time as a teen. No show better exemplified this than The Wonder Years, a series that constantly stopped the action for lengthy voiceovers explaining what the main character had running through his head while the scenes unfolded. Given the show’s pilot, which sees his crush/best friend go through a lot, it’s obvious he’s got a lot to think about.

Question 36

Who is the star of Boy Meets World?

Every kid on this list would probably agree that the road we call life can be difficult to wander through without the help of some friends and loved ones. This kid in particular was so aware of the fact it became his show’s theme song once he got to college. Not that things were any less crazy before then, with his buddy Shawn constantly getting him into hijinks of which neither his parents or Mr. Feeny would ever approve. Somehow, though, his girlfriend turned wife Topanga still likes him.

Question 37

Who is Cleveland’s adopted son on The Cleveland Show?

Not much changed when Cleveland Brown left Quahog to go on his own adventures, aside from the fact he replaced Peter Griffin as the star of the show, and inherited a whole new family after his original wife left him. Somehow, his older son also ballooned in weight and completely switched personalities, as well. Few people noticed or cared, though, more interested in Cleveland’s extremely charismatic new stepson. Matching Stewie Griffin, this kid might be the smartest member of his family, and he’s definitely the most proactive.

Question 38

What is Lorelai’s daughter named on Gilmore Girls?

From the very beginning, Gilmore Girls was a show based on the premise that a teenager and her mom were genuinely one another’s best friends. That means that Lorelai’s daughter often felt more like her sister, except for the fact she was in high school, and thus dealing with normal teenager issues. As time goes on, the two grow apart just a little, with Lorelai’s daughter actually leaving her behind for the high class society of her grandparents, but they remain close friends despite the distance.

Question 39

Who is Jacqueline’s stepdaughter on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

While Kimmy Schmidt’s first job as a nanny to a hyperactive 10-year-old isn’t ideal, it sure beats her previous existence as a woman trapped in a doomsday cult by an insane “reverend.” Still, the job gives her plenty to complain about, especially when the kid’s judgmental older sister feels the need to get involved and comment on what’s happening. Later on, Kimmy leaves the nanny gig behind, only to run into this character again as a classmate in college. At that point, she’s also hosting a campus TV show.

Question 40

What is Bernie Mac’s mischievous nephew named?

Enjoying a successful comedy career with a beautiful wife and zero kids, Bernie Mac pretty much lived the dream when his sitcom began. Unfortunately, it all fell apart in the very first episode, when his sister entered rehab and left her children in Bernie’s care. While the two nieces he adopted were relatively well behaved most of the time, it’s his nephew who causes the most trouble, constantly pranking his sisters and keeping Uncle Bernie on his toes. If nothing else, at least Bernie could later joke about the kid in his act.

Question 41

Which characters is Dan and Roseanne’s younger daughter on Roseanne?

With her loud mouth and boisterous personality, it was inevitable that Roseanne would never stop ruffling feathers even after becoming a mother three times over. Her husband Dan accepted this about her from the start, and even loved her for it, though it would later caused plenty of conflicts between the old-fashioned matriarch and her more liberal minded daughter. Granted, this issue didn’t come to its greatest conclusions until the series was revived, and everyone was adults. Who is this daughter?

Question 42

What do Cece and Schmidt name their daughter on New Girl?

Despite often clashing personalities, the fact Jess’s best friend Cece was a model meant her roommate Schmidt was instantly and unflappably attracted to her. Surprisingly, even though it somewhat annoyed her at times, Cece somewhat reciprocated his feelings, undergoing an on-again, off-again relationship for several years, that finally culminates in their marriage. Flash forward to a couple years later, and the happy couple have already welcomed their first daughter, who further helped Schmidt tap into his feminine side and be a little less abrasive.

Question 43

Which character is the Professor’s clone on Futurama?

No show takes a more futuristic approach to family than Futurama, about the adventures of a 20th century delivery boy and his great-great-great-great-(etc.)-grandnephew from 1,000 years in the future. That’s just the beginning, as in due time, Fry’s very distant relative decides he needs an heir, and that it would be more convenient to simply clone himself than go about this the old fashioned way. Initially, everyone kind of regrets the results, as the Professor’s clone is extremely rude and lacking in his progenitor’s kindness, but eventually they learn to live with the kid.

Question 44

Who is Archie and Edith Bunker’s daughter on All in the Family?

Another name that might look a little bit too old for this list, let’s not forget that Archie Bunker never once stopped calling his daughter his “little girl” throughout All in the Family. In turn, she always looked up to her “daddy” as the most important man in her life, even after getting married to Michael (or, as Archie not so affectionately called him, “Meathead”). In some respects, it even felt like the traditional father-daughter relationship continued defining her life after she moved out of the house and got a spin-off.

Question 45

Who is Frankie and Mike’s youngest child on The Middle?

Already thinking their daughter Sue was a little bit off-kilter, it’s fair to say that Frankie and Mike don’t know how to handle their youngest son when he exhibits his strangest eccentricities. In addition to a love of reading that leaped past precocious and appeared downright obsessive, the kid also has the bizarre quirk of whispering random words into his shirt, a quality that never comes close to getting an explanation. Not that fans are asking for one, content to simply laugh every time he does it, along with the many other weird ways he unknowingly embarrasses himself.

Question 46

What is George and Jane’s son named on The Jetsons?

Upon first glance, the fact George and Jane’s 6-year-old son is an expert at math and science seems extremely impressive, not to mention prescient of future baby geniuses who wouldn’t populate television and film in earnest until years after The Jetsons was off the air. However, the fact they exist in a futuristic environment above the clouds suggests this precociousness may well be normal for his age, with everyone else at Little Dipper School equally enthralled with concepts of space and time from a very young age. They probably all have robot maids, too.

Question 47

Which character is Cory’s younger sister on Boy Meets World?

After back to back boys with Eric and Cory, Amy and Alan were probably happy their third child was a girl, if only for a little variety. Not that she got all that much screen time, generally confined to the background and only cropping up to make a quick one-liner about her older brothers various misfortunes. She would occasionally get into trouble herself as well, once going on one of TV’s longest time outs when she disappeared for almost an entire season.

Question 48

Who is Sam’s youngest daughter on Better Things?

Being middle-aged with three growing kids makes the dating scene somewhat difficult for Sam on Better Things, as one might expect. For all the trouble her rebellious older daughters cause, though, in the very least, Sam can rely on her youngest to always do the right thing. Not that this helps very much, with her equally difficult mother living across the street, and the two older kids always trying to negatively influence the youngest to make things harder for their single mom.

Question 49

What is Tobias and Lindsey’s daughter named on Arrested Development?

Neglect can be a terrible thing, and it leads children to react in increasingly desperate ways. No TV character has better displayed how far parental disinterest can make someone go than Tobias and Lindsay’s daughter on Arrested Development. The rebellion started when she kissed her cousin on a whim, and her outrageous antics soon spiraled all the way to an executive position at a major film studio. Even then, neither Lindsay nor Tobias noticed a thing, but her creepy cousin never lost interest, so that’s something.

Question 50

Who is the “son” in Sanford and Son?

Okay, so this next character is probably old enough that few people would ever consider him a “kid,” except perhaps for the older man who co-starred in his sitcom. Considering the entire premise of Sanford and Son is based on the father-son relationship, the status nonetheless was integral to his character and the adventures he underwent. Not that his father necessarily treated him like a child, as in many cases, the opposite was true, with the son needing to stop his father from running his mouth and calling everyone “big dummy.”

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