Turn Up Or Turn Off These Country Songs And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Cowboy

There are a lot of different types of music out there, and many of them are pretty fantastic in their own unique ways. One particular genre of music that has been very popular for quite a long time is country music.

Furthermore, there are actually a lot of reasons why many people tend to love this kind of music. Many of some of the most popular country songs are very laid back, and songs that fall into the country category are usually known for telling stories.

Sometimes the stories focus on those that are near and dear to the person or people who wrote the song, and sometimes it is just a nice homage to a wonderful memory. Furthermore, there are many country songs that focus on relationships, and they are also pretty awesome to dance to.

Also, there are a lot of great classic country songs that are easy to jam out to. Furthermore, country artists are still making some cool songs these days that will eventually be considered classic country tunes.

Additionally, some of the most fun concerts to attend with friends are the ones that are put on by country music artists (Odyssey). A great example is Martina McBride. She has some great songs, but when fans see her live in concert, they are treated to a lot more than just her music, as she has also been known to cover some classic rock and roll songs. A lot of country songs are pretty great, but on the other hand, there are also some that many people would prefer to turn off.

Question 1

Coal Miner's Daughter?

When it comes to country music, there are a lot of tunes that are considered classics. Additionally, “Coal Miner’s Daughter” is one of many country songs that tells the singers’ life story (NPR). In the song, Lynn sings about what it was like to grow up with a father who worked in the coal mines. The singer was one of eight children, and she helped her mother by caring for her younger siblings. In the song, she sings about her parents doing everything they could to take care of her and her siblings.

Question 2

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys?

There are a lot of songs out there that have been recorded many times by various artists. “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” is one of them, and it was first recorded by Ed and Patsy Bruce (concord). However, it was later covered by singers Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. This version of the song is arguably one of the most popular versions of it. Additionally, their version of it won a Grammy. It appeared on the album Waylon and Willie in 1978.

Question 3

Stand By Your Man?

This song is known as one of the most recorded songs in country music history. “Stand By Your Man” is such a classic song that it is hard to believe that it was written in less than 20 minutes. However, that is the truth. The idea for this song came from producer Billy Sherrill, who wrote the song along with Wynette. It is amazing to think that such a popular piece of music history was written in such a short period of time. Later, a film about Wynette’s life was released, and the title was inspired by this song (IMDb).

Question 4

Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man?

Singers Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty had some great solo success in the world of music. In fact, Lynn is still involved in music today. However, one of the most popular country music songs ever was recorded by the two of them, according to (Songfacts). The song “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man” was featured on an album of the same title. This song is basically about the fact that not even the Mississippi river could keep the love birds away from one another. Some of the other songs on that album were originally recorded by other people.

Question 5

Ring Of Fire?

There are a lot of songs with some very intriguing backstories. This song “Ring Of Fire” by country singer Johnny Cash is definitely one of them. Apparently, this song was originally written by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore, who served as the best man at their wedding (Songfacts). Apparently, the song was about what it was like to be around Johnny, as he led quite the interesting life. June came up with the idea for this song while she was alone one evening, thinking about the kind of life Johnny had at that time.

Question 6

I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool?

A lot of people enjoy certain things before they are considered “cool” by everyone else, so the title of this song seems to be relatable to a lot of people. Country music singer Barbara Mandrell is the singer of the song “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool.” Mandrell has enjoyed a very successful journey in the music business for a long time, as she has won countless awards for her talents (Country Fancast). She is also considered to be one the pioneers of the country music industry. Mandrell is also known as the “Sweetheart of Steel.”

Question 7


Singer Alan Jackson is pretty popular these days. Furthermore, the song “Chattahoochee” is one of the tunes that helped him achieve fame in the world of country music. There are a lot of songs that are pretty good at giving someone a mental image of what a certain location looks and feels like, even if they have not been there before. This song is one of them, and that is because the whole thing is about two people hanging out at the Chattahoochee river, which is between Georgia and Alabama (last.fm).

Question 8

Forever And Ever, Amen?

It seems as though love songs will never quite go out of style. Also, some of the best songs in history were about love, and “Forever And Ever, Amen” falls into that category. Country music singer Randy Travis provides the vocals behind this popular track. This song was written by Don Schlitz and Paul Overstreet, and it was also featured on the album Always & Forever (Country Fancast). In fact, this song was actually the first single that was released from that particular album. “Forever And Ever, Amen” came out in March of 1987.

Question 9

Guitars, Cadillacs?

“Guitars, Cadillacs” is a song that was recorded by country music star Dwight Yoakam. In fact, some of Yoakam’s fans like to think of this tune as his signature song. The singer is very popular among country music fans. However, singing is not the only talent Yoakam is known for having. He has actually appeared in many films, as he is also an actor when he is not making music (IMDb). Some of the films Yoakam has appeared in include Logan Lucky, Crank, and Wedding Crashers. He has also been in some television shows.

Question 10

Mama Tried?

Many of the songs we know and love today have some very interesting origin stories. Sometimes the story of what inspired a song is part of what makes it so famous. One of the songs that falls into this category is “Mama Tried” by country music star Merle Haggard. It was written during one of the most difficult times in his life, and it turned out to be one of his most famous songs (Songfacts). This song is somewhat autobiographical, as it is about parts of his life.

Question 11

Hello Darlin'?

Sometimes there are moments when songs perfectly capture how we feel, and that is part of what makes music so amazing. The song “Hello Darlin’” by singer Conway Twitty does just that. This song is basically about being reminded of an old love interest. It centers around a man and woman who run into one another, and as they make small talk, he is reminded of the feelings he once had for her (Country Daily). This is quite a relatable song, as that can happen to anyone. However, “Hello Darlin’” is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Question 12


Sometimes it is rather surprising to find out that a song many people love was written by a famous singer who was actually not the person who provided the vocals for that tune. That is where the classic country song “Crazy” comes in. Nearly everyone associates this song with Patsy Cline because she sang it. However, the one who wrote it was fellow country singer Willie Nelson. One fun fact is that Cline did not like it at first. Another fun fact is that the original title was completely different (Songfacts).

Question 13

Friends In Low Places?

Sometimes songwriters write songs that are based on something that actually happened to them at some point. But on the other hand, there are some songs that are not based on actual events, and one of them is “Friends In Low Places.” This song is a famous track that was recorded by country singer Garth Brooks. There is a long and very interesting story behind it. Apparently, the title was created long before the actual song was written (Wide Open Country). Furthermore, this song was almost released by a different singer.

Question 14


There are many times in the music industry when a certain song is covered by a lot of different artists. That is where the song “Jolene” comes in. Originally, it was recorded by singer Dolly Parton. However, since the tune is loved so much, many performers have recorded their own versions of it as well (Paste Magazine). Miley Cyrus, Patti Smith, Kelly Clarkson, Alison Krauss, Olivia Newton John, and Norah Jones are just a few of the singers who have made some pretty great versions of this song.

Question 15

I Walk The Line?

When the topic of music legends comes up, Johnny Cash’s name is surely one of the ones that gets mentioned. He had a lot of great songs, and one of his most popular ones was “I Walk The Line.” Furthermore, that is not just the title of one of Cash’s songs. Apparently, it is also nearly identical to the title of the 2005 film that was made about his life, which starred actor Joaquin Phoenix and actress Reese Witherspoon as Johnny and June Carter Cash (Songfacts). The song was about his life.

Question 16

The Gambler?

There are some songs that have moderate success, and then there are songs like this one. No one quite expected “The Gambler” to take off the way it did, and part of the reason had something to do with the man who sang it. Singer Kenny Rogers provided the vocals for this classic country tune (Rolling Stone). But it would have been hard to predict that it was going to be very popular, considering the fact that he was older than most singers at the time and many thought his musical journey was over. But alas, this song came out, and it made him even more famous than he was before it existed.

Question 17

Take Me Home, Country Roads?

Numerous popular songs were released in the 1970’s, and this was one of them. The song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” was one of them, as it was released in 1971 and has been massively successful ever since then (Know Your Meme). However, it took a bit to get that popular. But the song was one of singer John Denver's’ biggest hits. Denver was a relatively unknown singer at the time, but this song became the first of numerous popular songs he released in the 1970’s. Furthermore, this song has been featured in a lot of movies.

Question 18


The 1990’s, as well as the early 2000’s, brought country music fans many new and exciting songs, album, and artists to enjoy. Some of those songs have stayed pretty popular, and one of them is “Breathe” by singer Faith Hill. This song was released in the early 2000’s, and it did not take long to become very popular. It was featured on album of the same name, and it was even popular among crowds who did not listen to many country songs. This song scored Hill a Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance, and the album won Best Country Album (Genius).

Question 19

Always On My Mind?

There are some songs that seem to perfectly capture certain emotions people feel, and that is where “Always On My Mind” by country singer Willie Nelson comes in. Many fans automatically associate this song with him, however someone else wrote it, and the story of how they wrote it is rather interesting. Apparently, songwriter Wayne Carson penned the lyrics, but originally, he did not think it needed a bridge (Parade). However, he and a couple of other people sat down to write a bridge for it, and the rest is music history.

Question 20

A Country Boy Can Survive?

Singer Hank Williams Jr. has certainly made his mark in the world of country music. Part of his success is due to the song “A Country Boy Can Survive.” This song was first released in the early 1980’s (CMT). However, it was still quite a long time before the music video was made, as those kind of videos were not as popular back then as they are today. This song created a lot of success for Williams, but he has been connected to a lot of other popular tunes as well.

Question 21

Rhinestone Cowboy?

Country singer Glen Campbell was the voice behind many of the most popular country songs in history. Some of the hits he was known for include “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” and “Wichita Lineman" (Heavy). However, one of the singer’s most well-known songs remains to be “Rhinestone Cowboy.” Furthermore, like many popular songs, the story behind it is quite interesting. Apparently, this song was originally written by Larry Weiss. Furthermore, it was first released on his first album. Campbell loved it, and he wanted to make a version of it because he was sure it would be a success, and it certainly was.

Question 22

Coat Of Many Colors?

There are numerous songs out there that are about a very important part of the singer’s life. For country music star Dolly Parton, that song is “Coat Of Many Colors.” This track is very autobiographical, and it is about a specific moment in the singer’s childhood. The song is written about the time when someone gave Parton a box of scraps of fabric, and her mother decided to make her a coat out of it. Apparently, the singer began writing songs at a very young age (Dolly Parton). “Coat Of Many Colors” remains to be one of her most successful songs.

Question 23


There are a lot of pretty popular love songs out there, and “Amazed” by Lonestar is one of them. This song is very well-known, so it is sometimes very surprising when fans discover that it only took two hours to write it. Apparently, this song was written by candle light, which probably did a great job of creating the mood that was needed in order to come up with the lyrics (Nash Country Daily). However, the title of the track was created much later.

Question 24

Wide Open Spaces?

The Dixie Chicks have been rather famous for things other than their music for a long time (IMDb). However, there was a time when nearly every country music fan loved to jam out to some of the bands' music. The band has created a lot of very well-known songs, and one of them is “Wide Open Spaces.” That song appears to be about someone who decides that she wants to move somewhere outside of her hometown and chase her dreams.

Question 25

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?

There are a lot of country music singers who have had many very successful years in the entertainment business, and that is the case for singer Crystal Gayle. Gayle has enjoyed a lot of success over the years, and part of that is because of the song “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.” This song brought success to many people, and not just Gayle (Country Daily). The songwriter, Richard Leigh, won the “Song Of The Year” award from the Country Music Association.

Question 26


Many country music fans might think that this song is about a beverage, or even a place. However, that could not be further from the truth. This tune is actually just about a feeling (Monopoly City). Singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett created this song while he was in Key West, Florida. Buffett has made a lot of hit songs. However, this seems to be his most popular one. The song “Margaritaville” is meant to reflect the casual and relaxing vibe that Florida had during the time when he wrote this track.

Question 27

Something Like That?

Singer Tim McGraw has enjoyed quite a bit of success in country music over the years. Additionally, he is not just a singer. McGraw has also been involved in some very popular films, one of which was The Blind Side (Lyrics). One of the songs McGraw is most known for is “Something Like That,” which was featured on his album A Place In The Sun. For many country music fans, this song is sure to bring back some fond memories.

Question 28

She's Got You?

One of singer Patsy Cline’s most popular songs is “Crazy.” However, Cline also provided the vocals behind many other well-known songs. Some of them include “Walkin’ After Midnight,” “I Fall To Pieces,” and “Sweet Dreams" (Country Daily). Furthermore, another very popular song that Cline sang was “She’s Got You.” There are not many songs that become a hit right away, but “She’s Got You” was immediately popular. It was featured on Cline’s album Sentimentally Yours. That album also featured the songs “Strange” and “Heartaches.”

Question 29

All My Ex's Live In Texas?

Singer George Strait has made a lot of country music hits over the years. One of his most famous songs is “All My Ex’s Live In Texas,’ which was written by songwriter Whitey Shafer. The writer of the song also penned some other country classics (Central Texas News Now). One of the other songs he worked on was “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind.” This song was released in April of 1987. The album it was featured on was called Ocean Front Property.

Question 30

Achy Breaky Heart?

Many people simply think of singer Billy Ray Cyrus as Miley’s father, and that is because she has become such a massive success in her own right. However, long before Miley Cyrus was famous, Billy was already making his own music. One of his most popular songs was actually a remake (Songfacts). That’s right, this was not originally a Billy Ray Cyrus song. It was first recorded by The Marcy Brothers, and the title of the song was a bit different.

Question 31

Love Story?

There are a lot of great country music artists these days. In fact, some of them have also been known to venture into pop music as well, and that is where singer Taylor Swift comes in. Her music has a tendency to blend the pop and country musical genres together. One of her earlier hits was the song “Love Story,” which is basically the tale of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Apparently, the song was released in 2008. Swift was just 17 years old when she penned the lyrics for it (JustRandomThings).

Question 32

This Is It?

Numerous television shows have introduced music fans to many talented artists in recent years. Some of them include Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Kellie Pickler. Furthermore, another artist that has enjoyed quite a lot of success since being featured on one of those shows is country singer Scotty McCreery. McCreery's song “This Is It” has become quite popular recently (billboard). The singer, along with a couple of other people, wrote the song for the woman whom McCreery is now married to. However, the song was written before he had even proposed to her.

Question 33

Girl Like You?

Some songs are simply country songs. However, there are also some that have influences from other genres in them, and that is where “Girl Like You” comes in. Country music star Jason Aldean is not the only one who sings the song. A fun fact is that the track also features the vocals of another talented country singer Miranda Lambert (iHeart Radio). Apparently, this song is not just country. It also has some influences of rhythm and blues in it as well.

Question 34

I See You?

Country star Luke Bryan has certainly made a big splash in the country music industry in the last few years. Furthermore, it does not seem as though his popularity is going to lessen any time soon. Bryan has a lot of songs that many of his fans love. One of the most recent ones is called “I See You,” and it is basically about him still having feelings for a girl he knew long ago. This song is featured on an album Bryan released a few years ago (Songfacts).

Question 35

Johnny And June?

There have been a lot of very interesting real life love stories in the world of country music. However, few have captured the interest of fans the way Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash’s love story did. Their music was not the only thing to inspire artists that came to the music scene after them (AZlyrics). In the early 2000’s, country music singer Heidi Newfield sang a song that had a lot of lyrics that referenced the relationship between the two legendary country music artists, and it was called “Johnny And June”

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