Try To Pass This 2-Minute Grey's Anatomy Quiz

Most fans of Grey's Anatomy, an entertaining medical drama TV series, find it hard to believe that this show has been on air for more than 10 years, ever since 2005 which is when season one of the series was released. According to IMDb, to date viewers have been treated to as many as 15 seasons.

Avid fans of Grey's Anatomy know that this medical drama focuses on the professional and personal lives of surgical interns, residents, and attending physicians. In particular the plot of this series centers on a woman named Meredith Grey. When we were first introduced to Meredith she was a surgical intern but over the course of the show she turned into a seasoned professional. Indeed, she even won the prestigious Harper Avery Award.

Of course, it is not just Meredith's life that we have come to be invested in. We are just as obsessed with other characters too, and sometimes even more. As is only natural, each and every character has had a rather complicated storyline. For one reason or another very few characters have been given the happily ever after that they deserve but we can still hope that they will get the ending that they are worthy of eventually. But let's stop speculating about future plot lines and test everyone's current Grey's Anatomy knowledge!

Question 1

Derek Shepherd's first wife was called...?

It was at the very beginning of season one of Grey's Anatomy that we were introduced to Derek Shepherd, Meredith Grey's future husband. Derek and Meredith met at a bar and were quick to fall for one another. However, their relationship was a complicated one, not least because at the time, Derek was still married. As fans should have no trouble recalling, Derek was originally from New York but moved to Seattle after he discovered that his wife had slept with his best friend, Mark. He wanted nothing to do with her but she came to Seattle anyways in the hopes of making their marriage work. What was her name?

Question 2

Why did Meredith Grey's friend Sadie Harris quit her internship?

Sadie Harris came to Seattle in season five of the series. We quickly learned that she was Meredith's friend from college. Apparently, back in the day they were incredibly close and even went travelling in Europe together. Their friendship came to a halt after they had a bad fight in Amsterdam but Meredith was overjoyed to see her friend (Cristina Yang on the other hand was rather upset for she felt like Sadie was usurping her position as Meredith's best friend) after all these years. Sadie hoped that Meredith would help her get through her internship but in the end left the hospital prematurely (before completing her internship). Why?

Question 3

What was the name of Derek Shepherd's and Meredith Grey's dog?

In season two of Grey's Anatomy Izzie Stevens was tasked with looking after Emily Russell, a baby from a quintuplet pregnancy. The baby had a serious heart syndrome however and did not make it, leaving Izzie more than upset. In an attempt to cheer her up Meredith decided to accompany her to the local pound where they picked out a dog. However, the dog clearly preferred Meredith and annoyed both Izzie and George (who were, at the time, Meredith's roommates) to no end. As such, Meredith decided to give the dog to Derek and his wife but continued seeing him by joining Derek for walks in the park.

Question 4

What was Dr. Burke’s first name?

Dr. Burke was a talented doctor and the Head of cardiothoracic surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. He was one of those characters whom we met in season one of Grey's Anatomy. Unfortunately, he did not stick around. Indeed, he left Seattle - and the show - at the end of season three. As most fans will probably have no difficulty in recalling, he once dated Cristina Yang. The two could not have been more different - he was spiritual whereas she was an atheist for example - but somehow they managed to make their relationship work, at least for a while.

Question 5

What was Izzie Stevens really good at?

Izzie Stevens was one of the original interns and a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Hospital. She was one of the kindest and optimistic characters on the show hence why we were all incredibly upset when she left Seattle. She was a loyal friend and loved nothing more than to make those around her happy although that doesn't mean that she couldn't also be childish and mean in certain situations. She loved family traditions and spending time with her loved ones. For example, in season two of the show she planned a Thanksgiving dinner for her friends and even though it did not go quite as planned it was a nice gesture on her part.

Question 6

Who was nicknamed “Little Grey”?

Who can remember who on the show was nicknamed "Little Grey"? This character was a skilled and ambitious surgical resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. She was optimistic and friendly but also emotionally fragile and incapable of lying or covering up. She was well-liked by most interns and attending surgeons (and viewers!) Her personal life, and to be more specific, her love life, was rather complicated. She was in love with an older man and while he was not indifferent to her either their love story was not meant to be. Which one of the above four characters are we describing here?

Question 7

Who is this?

We were first introduced to this character in season five of Grey's Anatomy. She was a talented cardiothoracic surgeon who first came to Seattle to help on a special case. Pretty much everyone was impressed by her and her surgical skills. Indeed, Chief (Richard Webber) even wanted to woo her into staying. She refused but returned to the hospital a few more times to help out on other cases. Each time the Chief tried to make her stay but in the end she did not think that the offer they were making her was good enough. What was her name?

Question 8

What happened to Cristina Yang right before she was about to marry Dr. Burke?

Let's be honest - most of us were taken aback when Cristina Yang and Dr. Burke got together. After all, they could not have been more different. For example, Cristina was an atheist whereas Dr. Burke was somewhat spiritual (much to Cristina's astonishment - she firmly believed that a talented surgeon such as Dr. Burke should have a purely scientific mind). In addition, Cristina loved steak whereas Dr. Burke did not eat red meat (and was surprised to learn that Cristina did). Finally, Dr. Burke was all about commitment whereas Cristina did not want to give up her freedom. Still, despite their differences they decided to tie the knot. But what happened to Cristina right before she was about to walk down the aisle?

Question 9

What was the name of the nurse that Miranda Bailey dated?

Remember when Miranda Bailey was smitten with Ben Warren, the new surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital? She was so awkward and cute when Ben asked her out to dinner that even though she declined we knew that they were going to get together eventually. However, like most relationships on Grey's Anatomy, their relationship was also complicated. For example, after the hospital shooting Miranda broke up with Ben for she did not believe that he understood what she had been through. She insisted that she needed space and time to put herself back together with tape and glue. While single however she began seeing a handsome nurse. What was his name?

Question 10

Who can name this character?

Recognize this guy? We were first introduced to him in season 10 of the show. He is currently employed as a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He is actually Italian but moved to the U.S. with his mom when he was still a child. After he graduated school he worked as an EMT and liked his job so much that he decided to go to medical school. This character is confident and easygoing but his kind nature sometimes gets him into trouble. For example, who can forget that time when he helped his drunk friend get home safely only to be beaten up by her jealous boyfriend?

Question 11

Who saved Cristina Yang after she was stabbed by an icicle?

When most of us think of doctors we tend to think of them as semi-gods. After all, they are the ones who "fix" all us when we are sick. However, doctors are not exempt from accidents either, and this has been demonstrated time and time again on Grey's Anatomy. For example, who can forget that time when Cristina was stabbed by an icicle? It was a freak accident and one that she could have easily avoided. The icicle impaled her through the abdomen and she was in serious pain (not to mention, in a serious stupor). Who was it that saved her?

Question 12

George O'Malley quit his job at the hospital to do what?

George O'Malley was one of the original interns whom we met all the way back in season one of the show. He was a talented and ambitious doctor. Although he stalled during his very first surgery (which earned him the nickname "007") he nonetheless proved that he was a capable and clear-headed doctor later on in the season. He was well-liked by everyone, including us, the viewers. As such, we were all pretty upset when he announced that he was leaving Seattle. Unfortunately, he never did get to do what he set out to do for on his way home he jumped in front of a bus so as to save a stranger and passed away.

Question 13

What happened to Finn Dandridge’s wife?

Meredith Grey was naturally upset when Derek Shepherd's first wife turned up in Seattle hoping to patch things up. While Derek no longer loved her he felt like he had no other choice but to give his marriage another shot. As such, Meredith was left single once more but she was not looking to start dating again - she was still much too vulnerable. Nonetheless, she couldn't help but fall for Finn Dandridge, a handsome veterinarian whom she met at the pet clinic. The two got to know one another rather well in a short space of time. For example, we learned that Finn was once married. What happened to his wife?

Question 14

What specialty did Alex Karev first choose?

Speaking of surgical specialties, who knows which one of the above four specialties did Alex Karev take a shine to initially? He didn't stick with it in the end for he discovered that it wasn't for him, even though his reasons for choosing it initially were pretty good. It is of course worth mentioning that he could have very well developed a distaste for the specialty that he chose initially because he had a very poor teacher who only delegated menial tasks. He is currently pretty happy with the specialty that he decided to pursue instead of his initial choice.

Question 15

How did Ben Warren propose to Miranda Bailey?

We mentioned already that Miranda Bailey was not indifferent to Ben Warren when she first met him. He made her nervous and he made her say stupid things which is why she was initially determined to avoid him at all costs. Nonetheless with time she agreed to go out to dinner with him and before long the two were dating. They made for a great couple - he was just as headstrong as she was - and so we were not all surprised when Ben decided to propose to her. Unfortunately, the proposal did not go as smoothly as he had planned.

Question 16

Which doctor was Amelia Shepherd married to?

As is probably quite obvious, Amelia Shepherd was Derek Shepherd's sister. The two had a complicated relationship but were nonetheless very close. Amelia's romantic relationships were just as complex as her familial ones. Over the course of the show she dated quite a few men. She was engaged as many as three times and married one time. None of her relationships worked out however although her marriage in particular is worth mentioning because it involved one of the doctors that she worked with. Who can recall his name? In the end they realized that they wanted completely different things in life which prompted them to go their separate ways.

Question 17

Which character was diagnosed with cancer?

As stated previously, doctors are not exempt from getting into accidents or from falling ill. For example, one of the doctors on the show got cancer. She did not want anyone to know that however and so she attempted to diagnose herself secretly with the help of the interns. It turned out that her cancer was advanced and that she had very little chance of making it. Her colleagues soon found out about her situation and pushed her to fight for her life. After a few risky surgeries her tumor was removed and her scans came back clean, much to everyone's delight.

Question 18

Why did Izzie Stevens leave Seattle?

We mentioned earlier on this quiz that Izzie Stevens was one of the kindest, friendliest and optimistic characters on the show. We all liked her immensely hence why we were incredibly upset when she left Seattle, and in consequence, the show. As loyal fans of the series can probably recall, we last saw Izzie in season six of the series. She had been through a lot by then, what with the passing away of her fiancee Denny (one of her patients), her complicated marriage to Alex Karev and her problems at work. But what was the real reason she left Seattle?

Question 19

How many days did the doctors spend in the woods after the plane crash?

In season eight of Grey's Anatomy, six doctors - Mark Sloan, Derek Shepherd, Meredith Grey, Lexie Grey, Arizona Robbins and Cristina Yang - boarded a plane to Idaho where they were to help out with a conjoined twin case at Boise Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, they never made it to the hospital for their plane crashed halfway to Boise. All six doctors were affected - Mark was seriously wounded and ended up passing away back in Seattle whereas Lexie passed away on the spot, Meredith had minor wounds whereas Derek had seriously hurt his hand, Arizona lost a leg and Cristina was diagnosed with a condition known as reactive psychosis. But how many days did the five (not counting Lexie) doctors have to spend alone in the woods before they were rescued and treated?

Question 20

How many children does Meredith Grey have?

It was obvious from the very beginning that Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd were meant to be. They made for a gorgeous couple and even though they ran into numerous obstacles - including Derek's wife who wanted to give their marriage another shot and Meredith's refusal to settle down for example - they managed to overcome them all and start a family. However, starting a family was by no means easy seeing how Meredith had a hostile uterus. Still, in the end their dream of becoming parents came true. But how many children did Meredith and Derek have in total?

Question 21

Where did Cristina Yang move to?

Cristina Yang was hands down one of the best characters on the entire show. She was hardworking and ambitious and yet she also knew how to have fun. She did not want to give up her freedom but was willing to do so when she realized that love was all about compromise and that loving someone meant that one became vulnerable. While Cristina's professional life was pretty straightforward her love life was much more complicated. None of the men she dated - or married - turned out to be right for her but it was as a result of a call from one of her ex-lovers that she decided to leave Seattle. Where did she move to?

Question 22

What was the name of Richard Webber's first wife?

Richard Webber is an attending general surgeon and the former Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. He is a determined and ambitious man who, as a Chief, cared a lot about his staff. His professional life means everything to him and his job is his life's purpose. As such, it comes as no surprise that he sometimes neglects other aspects of his life. For example, he was rather neglectful towards his first wife. Not only did he spend little time with her because of his work, he also went out with Meredith Grey's mother behind her back. But what was the name of his very first wife? She is no longer around for she passed away from Alzheimer's.

Question 23

Why did Erica Hahn leave Seattle Grace?

Those who consider themselves true fans of Grey's Anatomy should have no trouble recalling this particular character. Erica Hahn was a cardiothoracic surgeon whom we first met in season two of the show. She was a confident and skilled doctor who cared greatly about the welfare of her patients. She might have seemed tough on the outside but she was not immune to falling in love. Indeed, she fell for one of her colleagues, Callie Torres, but their relationship was tricky, not least because Callie was rather confused about her orientation. Eventually Erica left Seattle. Why did she do that?

Question 24

Which doctor did Mark Sloan have a baby with?

Mark Sloan was employed as the Head of Plastic Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. He loved women - he even slept with Derek Shepherd's (his best friend's) wife - which is why we never thought we'd see him wanting to settle down. Unfortunately, he never did get the love story that he deserved but at least he got to be a father not once, but twice. He never got a chance to be an active parent in his daughter's Sloan's life purely because he had no idea that she existed until she came to see him as a teen. He did make up his mind to be an active participant in his second daughter's life. Who was it that Mark Sloan had a baby girl with? It was one of the doctors that he worked with.

Question 25

Name this character.

Only those who watch Grey's Anatomy to this day stand a chance of getting this one right. Why? Purely because this character was not introduced to us until season 14 of the show. He is a surgical intern at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and he has to be one of the nerdiest looking doctors that we have seen so far. His good nature and his belief that other people won't take advantage of him often result in him being left out of surgeries. He was once romantically involved with Jo Wilson and he is currently seeing one of his male colleagues.

Question 26

How many times has Cristina Yang been married?

Cristina Yang is not really the marrying type. She is an ambitious doctor who values her professional life above all. Her main goal in life is to become the best surgeon out there and no man is going to stand in her way. Still, even though Cristina is determined to become the best doctor in her field, and even though she values her freedom above all, that does not mean that she is immune to love. Indeed, over the course of the show Cristina has fallen in love with quite a few men. But how many times has she been married?

Question 27

What is Jo Wilson’s real name?

We first met Jo Wilson, or should we say, Jo Karev, in season nine of the show. She was assigned to Alex Karev as an intern and was eager to learn as much as possible from him. She loved his playful nature and the way that he interacted with kids and even though Alex initially made fun of her eventually the two became good friends and then later lovers. However, when Alex proposed to Jo she refused to give him an answer, thus hurting and confusing him in the process. With time however we learned that the reason she did not accept Alex's proposal was because she was still married. She revealed that she was afraid of her husband and that she had left him, and her previous life (including her name) behind her.

Question 28

What is Ben Warren's current profession?

When we first met Ben Warren in season six of the show he was an attending anesthesiologist at Mercy West Medical Center. After the two hospitals merged he ended up working alongside Miranda and the two fell in love with one another. Later he was offered an internship at UCLA and moved to Los Angeles but did not stay there long - he dropped out for he did not like how little of Miranda he got to see. He then decided to become a surgical resident at Seattle but before long he quit that too. What is Ben's current profession?

Question 29

Who is the father of Teddy Altman’s baby?

Teddy Altman works as an attending cardiothoracic surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. We were first introduced to her in season six of the series which is when she was lured to Seattle by one of her old friends who promised her that the hospital in Seattle was not only staffed by amazing surgeons but that it also had all the modern equipment that she could imagine. She was quick to make new friends in Seattle and impress her colleagues with her surgical skills. Like most Grey's Anatomy doctors, she too had a complicated love life. Recently she found out that she is pregnant but who knows the name of the baby's father?

Question 30

What department is Jackson Avery the Head of?

Jackson Avery is a talented and ambitious doctor. He initially worked as a surgical resident at Mercy West Medical Center. After the merger he experimented with different surgical specialties and eventually found the one that he liked the most. Who knows which one of the above four surgical specialties he decided to pursue? He is currently the Head of his department which is pretty impressive. We only wish that Jackson's romantic life was as straightforward as his professional life. If you can recall, for a long time Jackson was in love with April Kepner - he declared his love for her as she was about to marry another man and married her himself - but is currently single once more.

Question 31

Who is the new “Ortho God”?

If you've stuck to Grey's Anatomy for 15 seasons straight then you should have no trouble acing this question. This character, often referred to as "Ortho God" was introduced to the show last year, in season 15. He currently works as the Head of Orthopedic Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He is not only a skilled surgeon but also a very handsome man which is why we are rather surprised that he hasn't had much luck in the dating department yet - he asked Amelia Shepherd out but she turned him down and he did not get anywhere with Meredith Grey either.

Question 32

Who is April Kepner married to?

Earlier on in this quiz we asked you to answer a question relating to Jackson Avery and we felt compelled to mention that he was once in love with April Kepner. Their love story was complex and while it seemed like they had overcome their differences at one point - they even got married - eventually they went their separate ways. That does not mean that April is currently single. On the contrary, she finally married the man whom she was supposed to marry many seasons ago (their first wedding was interrupted by Jackson's declaration of love). What is his name?

Question 33

Who did Maggie Pierce have an unrequited crush on?

Maggie Pierce is Meredith Grey's half-sister. As is the case with most of Meredith's familial (and romantic) ties (and most relationships on Grey's Anatomy in general), the two have a complicated relationship. It does not help that Meredith always gets the guy, of course. For example, at one point during the show both Meredith and Maggie liked the same doctor. The doctor in question obviously preferred Meredith and even though Meredith attempted to rebuff him on several occasions knowing that her half-sister had a crush on him too, eventually she started dating him. But what was the name of the doctor that Maggie had an unrequited crush on?

Question 34

Who was nominated for a Harper Avery Award for work with 3-D printed conduits?

The fictional Harper Avery Award is one of the most prestigious awards that one can be awarded on Grey's Anatomy. It was created so as to prompt surgeons who are the best in their field to try even harder in making it to a higher level. In addition to winning the actual award - and the honor that comes with it - the winner is also gifted half a million dollars. Every year five talented doctors are nominated for the award, but of course, only one of them actually wins. Which one of the above four doctors was nominated for a Harper Avery Award for work with 3-D printed conduits?

Question 35

Who is this?

Remember this character? We first met her four seasons ago, in season 11. She was employed as the Head of Fetal Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She was Arizona Robbins's mentor and while she was tough one can't deny that she was fair. She wanted to make sure that Arizona was the best doctor she could possibly be. As such, she was prepared to fire Arizona if she could not keep up with the extra work and the research assigned to her. Eventually this character discovered that she had an inoperable brain tumor. She went blind but kept tabs on Arizona and her professional life.

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