Try To Name These Movies Based On The Lead Character's Love Interest

Whether a movie is a drama, comedy, sci-fi or rom-com flick, it probably features a main character with a significant other. Now, not every main character has a crush or boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse, since some of these featured people are young or single or interested in other things. However, the movies referenced in this quiz all have that.

And while we could have people guess the lead characters or identify different couples, we have a new game in mind: Down below, there are different significant others; these men and women are in films, and they all have a romantic relationship of some sort with the main character in said film. And the challenge here today is to guess the movie they are in, just based on the crush or BF/GF or husband or wife!

Some of these supporting characters are super popular and a big part of their flicks. Others are not as known and will take some more thinking. But all of them are important in their own stories and in their own ways.

So, does this sound fun? Yes? Then, let’s get started! Look at each significant other’s name and photo, then tell us from what movie this person is.

Question 1

From what movie is Aaron Samuels?

We are going to be starting with this crush right here...Aaron Samuels is a pretty notable guy and definitely a memorable significant other. His film is one of the most popular out there, and it stars some big names. It is quoted often - including great scenes that feature Aaron himself - and it has become sort of a classic. Surely, many people who are here with us today know about Mr. Samuels and will be able to correctly identify his flick. So, movie fans taking this quiz: From what movie is Aaron Samuels? Pick one from the four options that are below!

Question 2

From what movie is Pepper Potts?

Some movies heavily focus on the relationship between the main character and the person he/she likes. Some films, though, feature more than just love - They are full of action and excitement, and the love story is a secondary matter. That is how it is for Pepper Potts. She is more than just a girlfriend, and her man is more than just a guy in a relationship...much much much more! But these two are in love - finally - and they must make their life work together while also dealing with much bigger issues that are out there.

Question 3

From what movie is MJ?

MJ is a classic crush. She is the girl next door. She is a sweet, outgoing person. She lights up the room when she enters. And to her main character, she was everything. Yes, their story is a fab one, but it, too, involves more than just girl + boy = love; this flick is another super exciting one - one that does not just focus on their relationship at all times. But when love scenes are on the screen here, they are super memorable (and we are surely all imagining that one moment that is referenced all the time now).

Question 4

From what movie is Jenny?

Some significant others are just that, but Jenny was so much more. Jenny was a friend. Jenny was a comforter. Then Jenny was a crush, and she was this eccentric, interesting being. And in the end, she was a mother. Hopefully, lots of people who are taking this quiz recognize Jenny, because her film and the main man in her film are a huge deal - like...super big and famous and known! So think back, remember this female and her moments, and then pick out her film from down below there.

Question 5

From what movie is Matt Flamhaff?

Matt Flamhaff is another one of those that progressed throughout his movie. At a young age, he was simply a friend, but over the years, the main character (a girl he loved) realized just how special Matt was. He stuck by her side through thick and thin, he got handsome, and he made her feel like a million bucks. That being said, Matt ended up with the girl of his dreams, years later, and it was a happily-ever-after moment in a super fun film. But what movie are we talking about here? Select it from the four options that we have listed out.

Question 6

From what movie is Benjamin Barry?

Benjamin Barry was planning on becoming a significant other; he was just doing his job. But in the midst of a funny plot, he fell in love with a woman who was funny, smart, driven and beautiful. And now, their story is one of the most celebrated rom-com flicks out there! Yes, there are lots of memorable scenes that feature Ben and his costar, and we need to know...From what movie is Benjamin Barry? Click on one of the titles that we have offered here as answer choices, then continue on in this quiz all about movies and love .

Question 7

From what movie is Jake Perry?

Oh, Jake...Fans from all over fell in love with this character when his movie was released. Opposing him, there was a suave and sophisticated man, but Jake was the favorite. Jake was rugged yet sweet...talked with an accent yet said all the right things...Jake was The One. And watching him and his love over the years, in this film, took people’s breath away! Surely we all know and remember Jake! He is from a famous film, which is listed below, so select his movie in order to answer this question.

Question 8

From what movie is Andrew Paxton?

Andrew Paxton’s story is a unique one. He definitely was not planning on becoming a boyfriend to his main character - never ever! - but, of course, he did. Of course, he fell in love. Of course, their movie featured ups and downs that ended with a happily ever after. All of the best romance films do! And this particular rom-com is one of the best, full of funny scenes and appealing moments that show off Andrew’s best assets. So find the name of this movie down below there, click on it, and then move on to the next question.

Question 9

From what movie is Duke?

This is Duke. Duke was a crush. But Duke did not really know he was a crush. No, Duke was getting tricked, but it all worked out in the end. And while the actor that is playing Duke here, Channing Tatum, has starred in many more love stories since this one, this teen comedy is still really liked by fans. So, as usual, we need people to think about Duke and his find their movie in the answer options...and then to get ready to ID even more couples and films in this quiz!

Question 10

From what movie is Patrick Verona?

We mentioned that some of the films on this list focus on other aspects more than their love stories. But in this movie, the love was the driving factor. It was not a traditional love story by any means, but it is one of the most beloved. It is quoted. It is watched regularly. And it stars the late and great Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona. And man...The girls were into Patrick Verona - just look at him! So tell us his movie by clicking on it down below there.

Question 11

From what movie is Billy Loomis?

Speaking of non-traditional love stories...Billy Loomis has not made any lists of the top fictional boyfriends, but he is definitely remembered. In his movie, he had a girlfriend who is one of the strongest female characters out there. She went through a lot, and she thought she had Billy to lean on during these hard times. Boy, she was wrong. She could not have known, though! So, as one may have guessed, these two did not last, but the memories of Billy, from this flick, are quite notable. From what movie is Billy Loomis?

Question 12

From what movie is Vanessa Carlysle?

Vanessa Carlysle’s love - the main character from her movie - is one of the most talked-about movie characters. His films are funny and action-packed, but they also throw in these loving and heart-breaking scenes that feature him and Vanessa. She may not be the most popular significant other in this quiz, but we bet that many people here today correctly name her movie. So go pick it out right now before continuing on in this quiz (because there are several more couples and characters and films and flicks to name!).

Question 13

From what movie is Kim Boggs?

This next significant other is a unique one...Kim was not a traditional crush or girlfriend or wife or partner - but she was super significant. And the main character from the movie that she is in was even more unique! And while the two did not fall in love in the traditional sense, they were bonded, they connected, they found something in each other that they could not find anywhere else. And because of that, we are including them in this quiz! So tell us: From what movie is Kim Boggs, out of the four that are listed down below?

Question 14

From what movie is Jake?

Here is another main guy named Jake! This one was a definite crush - He liked a gal, she liked him, and they ended up together. But first, they had to overcome some interesting obstacles. Yes, this teen rom-com flick is a fun one, and Chad Michael Murray has always been someone that fans love falling in love with on the big screen. So think about this character. Remember this movie scene. Browse through the answer choices. Then tell us what this Chad Michael Murray movie is - the one where he is a significant other who is named Jake.

Question 15

From what movie is Mary Swanson?

Okay, folks, this movie is purely a comedy, but its main storyline involved a main character falling for this woman right here: Mary Swanson. Mary was an attractive and affluent character who ended up randomly meeting two main characters. She had a good time with them both, though, and she was beyond significant to both. Was there a happily ever after and a wedding or anything? No...but Mary and the two main characters all ended up being pretty okay when this film wrapped up and rolled the credits. So think and guess and answer: From what movie is Mary Swanson?

Question 16

From what movie is Rose Armitage?

Here we have a significant other named Rose. Rose Armitage is one of the most interesting girlfriends in this entire quiz. She had a boyfriend, and...well...We don’t want to give too much away! But when we think of this female character, we picture her like this: sitting on her perfect little bed, staring at something in deep thought, in her crisp pajamas...Looks pretty normal and nice, right? Those who know this movie know there is more to the story, so click on her film below before moving on to the next question.

Question 17

From what movie is Landon Carter?

Landon Carter fell in love with the main character in his movie, but he never thought that would happen - ever. He even said it would not happen. But greater things were at play, and now, his story is one of the most beloved of all time. And Shane West as this male character...So dreamy! Who can remember this movie that made us laugh and cry? Who had a crush on Mr. Carter? Who considers this their favorite film and/or book? Either way, we need an answer from everyone who is here, so pick one out now, down below there!

Question 18

From what movie is Kostas?

As many can probably tell, Kostas is a super cute, super strong, super interesting dude. So when a nice, single, ready-for-adventure female came into the picture, the two hit it off. And while Kostas is not a main character in this flick, he is vital to the overall story. So try to remember him, and look through the different answer options. There is definitely a correct answer there. So we need everyone to click on that film title now, please and thanks!

Question 19

From what movie is Sky Rymand?

On a similar note, we have Sky. Sky Rymand works hard. Sky Rymand enjoys hanging with his buds. But most of all, Sky Rymand is in love with a woman. Fans watched these two characters grow up, figure themselves out and choose each other - amidst lots of other fun. And for the answer choices, we have four fun movies: Mamma Mia, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, La La Land and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And now, it is time...From what movie is Sky Rymand? Click on one of the ones below in order to answer this question about a lovely movie.

Question 20

From what movie is Nate?

We are moving right along in this quiz all about flicks with crushes and boyfriends/girlfriends and spouses! Was Nate the focal point of his film? No. Was Nate super happy with love and life in his film? No. But was Nate a cute significant other that fans enjoyed seeing within this film? Yes. However, all four of the movies listed out as answer options are enjoyable movies that feature cute love stories, so this could be a tough question. True fans will be able to narrow it down, use the process of elimination and correctly identify Nate’s movie - so pick it out now!

Question 21

From what movie is Prince Naveen?

Many animated films are known for their classic love stories, so this significant other is a cartoon character named Prince Naveen. He played a big role in his family friendly film, and his significant other - the star of this movie - is a bright and beautiful young woman that people instantly fell in love with when they watched her. So look at the four animated movie titles here, and think about the one that features a male character named Prince Naveen. Then, of course, move on to the last few questions in this quiz, which show off some other great couples.

Question 22

From what movie is Daisy Buchanan?

A famous main character cared deeply for Daisy Buchanan. He wanted Daisy Buchanan. He loved Daisy Buchanan. Things were complicated, though, and sometimes, those stories make the best ones. In this movie, fans laughed and cried and learned and stood in awe of these characters. Yes, it is one of the most classic stories out there, and the main character was not the only one who fell in love with Daisy Buchanan...We all adore this gal! So name her movie now by clicking on the best option out of the four that are below.

Question 23

From what movie is Kit?

On this question, just stop and focus and just look at Kit...He is definitely one of those classic crushes, one of those perfect people, one of those gorgeous guys that gorgeous girls go goo goo over, due to so many reasons. But that means that he could be from any movie, since there are several that feature a main male character like this. In fact, we have listed out four as the answer choices here, and we need everyone to decide once and for all which one shows off Kit as the significant other.

Question 24

From what movie is Charity Barnum?

Up next, we have Charity Barnum, this adorable female lead who is pictured right here. Her story is another one of those with so much going on - action and drama and sorrow and fun - but love is definitely a big aspect of it. And the way she falls in love with her main character throughout this film is just so mesmerizing and inspiring! But the question is if this film is A Star Is Born, The Greatest Showman, Walk the Line or Bohemian Rhapsody…? So think hard, then answer carefully, in order to successfully pick out another movie in this quiz!

Question 25

From what movie is Sarah Whittle?

This character right here is Sarah Whittle, and we can just here the main character from this movie saying her name aloud. And once again, this movie delivers so, so, so much, meaning that the relationship between these significant others is not the focal point. However, they have a special bond - one that lasts through several years and through several major moments. So please tell us which film (out of the four that we have listed out down below) features Sarah Whittle as a main and special female character.

Question 26

From what movie is Prince Phillip?

Next on this quiz about significant others, we have another animated character from yet another animated flick. As many here can probably guess, Prince Phillip is a classic prince...but there are many great films that feature males like him. Four of these films are Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Frozen. So which one shines a spotlight on Phillip, in particular? Do we know? Is this easy? Or are we stumped? And will we need to randomly throw out a guess here? Either way, tell us from what movie is Prince Phillip, out of these four listed out here?

Question 27

From what movie is Ilsa Lund?

Ilsa Lund may not be the most known significant other on this quiz, but we really hope that many know her! Why? Well, just look at her...Ilsa is a stunner. She is classy. And the movie that features her, a main male character and their story is one of the most celebrated of all time. So, as usual, look through the answer options and then answer accordingly (and - hopefully - correctly). And don’t forget to continue on, since there are several more couples and flicks to go over here, people, and we wish everyone luck in answering them all!

Question 28

From what movie is Paulie Bleeker?

Paulie Bleeker here is a unique character played by Michael Cera, and he is either in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Young Adult, Saved or Juno. While not everyone who is taking this quiz has seen all four of these films, most people have either seen images of Paulie or seen people dressed up like him. Yes, on Halloween and at themed parties, many people, over the years, have dressed up as Paulie and as his significant other - the main girl in his movie. So really study his interesting look here, browse through the answer options, and then tell us: From what movie is Paulie Bleeker?

Question 29

From what movie is Austin Ames?

Austin Ames is another character played by Chad Michael Murray in another teen rom-com movie. He was the it guy at school - attractive and an athlete and alluring to all. But in the end, he only had eyes for the main character in this film. And because of all of that, these two went from not really knowing each other to being interested in each other to much more - to significant others, really! Do we know about Austin’s movie? Will it be selected down below? We hope so, so go do it now!

Question 30

From what movie is Allegra Cole?

Sometimes, significant others are in love from the beginning. Other times, they eventually fall for each other. But with Allegra Cole, things were pretty one-sided for a while. The man who had a crush on her...Well, she didn’t even know he existed. But this main male learned some moves, stepped up his game and got noticed, resulting in a funny and sweet little flick here. And we now need everyone to take these facts into consideration when choosing one of these four films as the answer to this question. From what movie is Allegra Cole?

Question 31

From what movie is Derek?

This attractive man right here is Derek. Is Derek from the film Footloose? Maybe. Is he featured on Dirty Dancing? Possibly. Is he a character from Save The Last Dance? It is possible. Is he part of Everything, Everything? There’s a chance. Many fans who are here will know the answer, since they definitely know Derek. Others will have to think real hard and/or just guess on this question. Either way, we need all who are taking this quiz to focus on Derek, to remember his SO and then to select his movie from the options that are down below.

Question 32

From what movie is Edward Lewis?

A lot of the movies that we have covered on this quiz fall into the rom-com genre, which makes sense, as we are dealing with couples. And within this genre, one of the biggest names is Edward Lewis. Yes, he is known, his movie is loved, and his main character is a fave. Surely, people recognize this face. Hopefully, many hear his name and are able to click on the correct answer. And when all is said and done, everyone will need to get ready to then answer the last few questions that are on this quiz! So go answer...

Question 33

From what movie is Kevin Doyle?

Next up on this quiz, we have Kevin Doyle. Now, Kevin is not the most well-known man on this quiz. And his movie is not some award-winning work that has become a classic. But it is an entertaining flick that many have enjoyed. And it stars a big name in the industry! So we need everyone to take these clues, we need everyone to study Mr. Doyle’s face, we need everyone to look through the four answer choices that are below, and we need everyone to state: From what movie is Kevin Doyle?

Question 34

From what movie is Rhett Butler?

There are many words that could describe Rhett Butler, and we have used the word “classic” within this quiz several times...but Rhett is SO classic! To some, he is the definition of a significant other. To many, his film is the love story of all love stories. Some may not be familiar with him or his female costar, but this will give everyone an excuse to hear about it and watch it either for the first time or once again! So think hard here, folks, then decide on an answer, all in order to pick out the movie that features Mr. Butler.

Question 35

From what movie is Prince Eric?

Here, we see Prince Eric. He is animated. He has great teeth. He is caring. He has perfect hair. We could go on and on, since he is a cartoon and a royal character - meaning he has many positive traits. But instead of focusing just on him, we want people to recall his friend, his love, his princess. And after she is remembered, we, of course, need an answer picked! So look down below, find the right choice, and tell us about Eric’s film (which is either Snow White or Tangled or The Princess and the Frog or The Little Mermaid).

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