Try To Name Over 70% Of These Movies Based On One Supporting Character

Popular movies can be identified in a couple of ways. We can recognize them by their titles. We may know who stars in this feature films. The plot may give us hints as to what movie is being discussed. And the characters can help us figure out different flicks. But what about when it comes to supporting characters? More specifically, what if we were just looking at one supporting character? Well, that is what is going to happen today!

Down below, there are many different side characters from many different movies. Some of them will be more memorable than others, but all of them are from well-known films. The task at hand is to look at the name of this character, study a photo of this character and read a description of this character (if needed). Then, browse through the four answer options that will be included with each question, and click on the right answer (or the best guess). In the end, results will be given out, to show how well each person knows movies - just by looking at one random character from these movies!

So, who is up for the challenge? Who is ready to identify some films? Yes? Great! Let’s get started, right here and right now...

Question 1

In which film is Lex Murphy?

This young girl is Lex Murphy. Based on her image, we can see that she is outdoors (at least in this one scene), surrounded by full green trees. She also seems to be dressed for the great outdoors, in a sleeveless purple top and a matching cap. That may not be much to go on, but we are sure that many fans who are here with us today will instantly recognize this face and this name. But, as mentioned, we have also included answer choices, in case anyone needs a little extra help. So think hard about Lex, then tell us: In which film is she?

Question 2

In which film is Lenny?

Here is a different type of character. This one is, first off, animated, a style that has not been seen on this quiz yet. And secondly, this supporting little guy here is not human; this is a pair of binoculars of some kind. Nevertheless, this cartoon inanimate object has a name (Lenny), and this character is for sure in a popular animated flick. But which one? Is Lenny from Monsters, Inc.? Is he seen in Cars? Did he rise to fame through Toy Story? Or is he in The Good Dinosaur? Only one answer is the right answer, so think back to these family friendly films, and then decide on an answer.

Question 3

In which film is Trinity?

This woman’s name is Trinity, and based on her image, fans may be able to guess a few things: She seems strong and smart. She appears to be thinking or concentrating. She is wearing a black leather top or dress. And since the movies that are listed out down below are, once again, all full of action, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what this supporting character is up to or what she will do next! As usual, everyone must decide on an answer, out of the four below, in order to tell us: In which film is Trinity?

Question 4

In which film is Molly Brown?

Another popular name in the industry is Kathy Bates, and here, the seasoned actress is playing someone named Molly Brown. Molly, in her elaborate clothing and detailed hat, appears to be from another time or at least attending a costume party. Do we know when she is from? Do we know what she is doing? Do we know which movie this is? Many will, which pleases us! Those who are confused right now, though, can at least be grateful that there are answer choices from which to choose. Browse through them now, and then click on a final answer before continuing on here.

Question 5

In which film is Buzz?

This is a younger supporting character. This is another male supporting character. This is Buzz, a famous supporting character. We say he is famous, because even though he is not the star of his movie, his lines and his scenes are pretty known. In fact, he may or may not have been around for more than one movie - a movie that is watched regularly by many people and that has been around for years! So, based on all that is known now and given here, how many people can correctly match Buzz to his film, from the answers down below?

Question 6

In which film is Amber?

Next up is a high school student, and for her, we have four female-centered chick flicks listed as answer choices. First up is a classic called Sixteen Candles. Next is the cult film Clueless. Then there is Emma Stone’s movie Easy A. And finally, we have Uptown Girls, which starred the late and great Brittany Murphy and a young Dakota Fanning. Amber was a supporting character in one of these girly movies...but which one? Imagine all the scenes. Picture all the characters. Think back to the details found in each of them. Then give us an answer for this question here!

Question 7

In which film is Elrond?

Predator, King Kong, The Golden Compass and The Lord of the Rings are all very different films, but they are all full of action. And Elrond, the supporting character that is pictured here, is used to action. He is also dressed in a way that gives us a hint about his film, as he could be searching for a gorilla or in a wondrous land. Of course, he could also just be attending a costume party - Who knows?! Well, we hope many people who are here know, because it is time to answer this question and match Elrond to his correct film.

Question 8

In which film is Darla?

So far, this quiz has highlighted an inanimate object that was animated and an animal that was animated. Now, we have the first animated human of the quiz - a girl named Darla! As with all the characters in this quiz, Darla is not the star of her film. She is not even shown for that long. But the moments that feature her are quite memorable. Some people have even dressed up as Darla for Halloween, since she has some distinctive traits. Think about all of this, browse through the movie titles below, and tell us: In which film is Darla?

Question 9

In which film is Ms. Norbury?

Tina Fey is the actress that is pictured right here, playing a character named Ms. Norbury, and a hint about this supporting character - for those who could not tell and/or those who do not remember - is that she is a teacher. Therefore, we have four movies listed out that focus on young main characters: The Parent Trap, 17 Again, Bratz: The Movie and Mean Girls. There may be teachers in all of these movies or just in one of them. But which one focuses on Ms. Norbury? Which one features Fey? Which one is the right answer to this question? Pick one, and then continue on in this movie quiz!

Question 10

In which film is James Norrington?

Another interesting outfit is seen on this next side character, James Norrington, which means he is either from a certain period or place or that he just enjoys dressing up like this! Of course, many people are big fans of this film, so they will know why he is dressed like this and what he is all about. Those who are unsure can at least go through the answer choices, eliminate some of them, and pick out the one that sounds like the best guess. So do it now! Decide! Answer! In which film, out of these, is James Norrington?

Question 11

In which film is Dragon?

It is time for yet another fun animated character, and this one is another animal - a unique creature...a dragon named Dragon! Now, this interesting side star could be from Madagascar, a movie full of many different animals. This side star could be from Antz, which focuses on, well, ants. This side star could be from Shrek, as this popular film is full of many unique characters. And this side star could be from How to Train Your Dragon, since it is about dragons, after all. What is the right choice? What will be clicked on down below? What is the answer that will get picked the most here? We will soon find out...

Question 12

In which film is Norman Osborn?

This next supporting character is Norman Osborn, and unless someone really knows this film, we are not sure how people will get this question right. All we have is a general name. All we have is this one image, with no clues in it. And there are, of course, four answer choices, but those may not help some people (especially people who do not watch superhero films, as three of the four are about superheroes!). But we believe in everyone here, and we are anxious for everyone to get an answer in - so do that right here and right now.

Question 13

In which film is Luna Lovegood?

As we mentioned and as we know, there will only be a few people who have seen every movie that is listed out on this quiz, and some people will not be that familiar with every single film. But The Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and Oz the Great and Powerful are all stories that are based on well-known books and that have been transformed into multiple movies. That being said, we are sure that many, many, many fans here with us today will know exactly which of these stories features a quirky character who is named Luna Lovegood.

Question 14

In which film is Shuri?

We are moving right along here...This is Shuri, and man, she looks awesome! She is young, but she is fierce. She is a little sister, but she is a hero. Yes, when she was recently highlighted in a feature film, fans across the world fell in love with this tough chick. But which movie was she in? Where is she from? What is her story? Tell us the answer by clicking on her movie below, and then move forward to the next question that is in this quiz, which is all about the supporting stars of some really big flicks.

Question 15

In which film is Lando?

This smiling supporting star is Lando, but don’t let that grin be deceiving: Lando must deal with some big and crazy stuff in his film...and he does so in more than one film, too! Those are some pretty good clues, and this guy is a pretty memorable character, so we are confident that many people - those who are fans of this movie and those who aren’t so much - will be able to correctly tell us which of these movies highlights this character named Lando. So, go on, and get ready, and select a film title from down below there.

Question 16

In which film is Hans?

The next cartoon character that we will be sharing with everyone today is this man - Hans. He is either from Tangled (the Disney film about Rapunzel), from Frozen (the popular one about Elsa and Anna), Enchanted (a movie that has real-life action and animated scenes both) or Moana (a recently released Disney movie). Of course, many know exactly which characters go with which princess movie, so we hope that many people get this question right. Oh, and then, of course, continue on below, as there are several more questions left to answer today on this movie-based quiz right here!

Question 17

In which film is Gertie?

Okay, guys and gals here today, believe it or not, this little lady is Drew Barrymore, an actress that has been in the business for years and years! And at a young age, she was seen as a side character in a celebrated movie - the one that is pictured right here. Some people will automatically know the right answer and are already moving forward. Others will need to really browse through the answer options and really study this image in order to tell us which film highlights Gertie. But when ready, please let us know which answer is the right answer.

Question 18

In which film is Steve Trevor?

Another popular actor that is being mentioned here today is Chris Pine, this guy right here. He is in a variety of films, including this one, which is either Wonder Woman (a superhero movie), Tomb Raider (an action flick starring a female), 300 (an action flick starring a male) or Pirates of the Caribbean (a popular Disney film series). Do we know the answer? Are we certain about where this Steve Trevor appears? Or is this a tough question? And will some people need to just randomly guess on this question? Either way, answer now by clicking a title down below!

Question 19

In which film is Negasonic Teenage Warhead?

Ooo, it is another tough chick, and this one comes with an interesting name: Negasonic Teenage Warhead. It is probably obvious that this supporting star is from a superhero movie, based on her name and her look, so let’s review the answer options together...There is X-Men, there is Green Lantern, there is The Amazing Spider-Man, and there is Deadpool. We know that many people know the answer, so we are pretty much done with our talking on this question. Yes, it is time here and now - Click on a title to tell us which flick shows off this chick.

Question 20

In which film is Butch Coolidge?

Next up on this quiz is a character who is named Butch Coolidge, and he is played by Bruce Willis, a well-known actor. Willis mostly appears in action flicks, and four of them are listed down below. Do we remember him in any of these? Do we know for sure that he was in at least one? Are we stumped here? However we are feeling, we need to go ahead and select one of the film titles below, since this man definitely portrays Butch Coolidge in one of the titles below. So what is the right answer to this question?

Question 21

In which film is Kyle Reese?

On this question, there are four more action movies listed out as answer options, but we have a new supporting character - Kyle Reese. To true fans, this name will be recognized immediately. On the other hand, there will be many people taking this quiz who have never even heard this name. Don’t worry, though: Some questions will be tougher for some, and others will be easier for others! Right now, though, just focus on Kyle Reese, look at Kyle Reese, then tell us: In which film is Kyle Reese? Pick out one of the movie titles from down below there!

Question 22

In which film is Ed?

It is time for another cartoon character! This one is a goofy animal with a wild look on its face. That is about all we know when looking at this image, but another hint is that this supporting character can be found in a Disney flick; Disney is known for furry friends and animal sidekicks or other creatures like Ed...but which Disney flick, in particular, is being shown here and now? Tarzan? Pocahontas? The Jungle Book? The Lion King? Select one of these popular titles, in order to place Ed in the correct film, then move on to the next question.

Question 23

In which film is Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue?

This man is Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue, and many who are here with us today will for sure know what film features this supporting character. However, we know that not everyone has seen every movie that has ever been made. That is why we provide some helpful hints on each question. We have Bubba’s full name. We have a photo of this man. And we have four films that are listed out down below as answer options. Go on and use the process of elimination to decide which of the four is the right answer for this particular question here.

Question 24

In which film is Bianca Stratford?

A similar character is pictured here, and her name is Bianca Stratford. As usual, her name and her image are both given on this question, and four well-known movies are listed below. But we will even give another hint on this one! Bianca is a little sister in her film. Does that help? Does that give away the answer? Or does that still leave some people stumped? Either way, we need everyone who is here to figure out which film has Bianca in it, then click on that title and get ready to match a few more characters to their flicks.

Question 25

In which film is Rachel Dawes?

Katie Holmes has been seen in numerous films and TV shows, and in one, she played someone who was named Rachel Dawes. That name may not ring a lot of bells for a lot of people, but that is why answer choices are provided. Does anyone remember Holmes in any of the titles below? She was definitely in one of them, portraying this character, and we hope that many people get this one right. If not, though, that is okay...There are plenty of more chances to show off movie knowledge down below. So answer and then keep on keeping on!

Question 26

In which film is Dr. Grace Augustine?

Sigourney Weaver is a very popular actress, and in this next film, she played someone who was named Dr. Grace Augustine. That name may not be familiar to everyone, and many may only know Weaver from the Alien movies. But she was obviously in at least one other film - one of the ones that are listed below! So think back to these movies. If they have been seen, picture different scenes to search for Dr. Augustine. If not, at least recall what is known about them. Then decide which one this doctor fits best into, out of the four.

Question 27

In which film is Kelly Frears?

Helen Hunt has been acting for years, and while we may not have seen her in anything big recently, she has been featured in some really great films - like this one, for instance. Yes, in this one, she portrayed a woman who was named Kelly Frears. And again, this just seems like a generic, common name, and even people who are familiar with this particular flick may not recognize that name. She is supporting in it, though, so go ahead and guess what movie is being talked about here by clicking on one of the titles listed out down below.

Question 28

In which film is Mal?

Mal is definitely not the star her movie, and people who have seen this particular work may not even remember her in it. But she plays a role in the story, for sure, and that is why we need everyone to stop. We need everyone to think. We need everyone to picture the four films below. We need everyone to imagine Mal in these films. And we need everyone to decide which one is the answer here, then click on that title, and then continue on in this quiz. Good luck, and please, and thanks to all who are here, as well!

Question 29

In which film is Liesl?

This next attractive character is one who is named Liesl. She is not the main star, but she is very important to the story. And, as one can gather from looking through the answer options that are listed out down below, Liesl is from a musical. Yes, for those who did not know or notice yet, all four of the film titles here are ones that are full of songs - songs that were made popular on the big screen or on the stage and that have been sung for years and years by fans. So look at them all, and then, when ready, let us know which one featured a supporting character named Leisl.

Question 30

In which film is Jennifer Parker?

We are making good progress, and the end of the quiz is in sight! Up next, though, is Jennifer Parker. Of course, she is not the main attraction in her film, but as usual, her role is vital. So who thinks she was in Back to the Future? Who remembers her in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Who will go with Teen Wolf on this question? And who is sure that Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is the correct answer for this particular question? Narrow it down, decide, select that film title, then move on to the next few questions here.

Question 31

In which film is Professor Brand?

This here is esteemed actor Michael Caine, and in this particular film, he plays a supporting character who is named Professor Brand. That may not be much to go on, but those who have seen this particular film should surely remember him and his role in the exciting story. So, as usual, really study his face and name. Then really concentrate on the four movie titles that we have listed out down below as answer options. And finally, select one of them as the final answer here. Oh, and there are really only a couple of questions left after this!

Question 32

In which film is Jan?

What a character, huh? Some people may just now being seeing Jan for the first time, and we are welcome. The hair, the glasses, the smile, the pink - There is so much goodness in this pic! On the other hand, some people are quite familiar with this flick and are huge fans of it in general, so Jan is no stranger. Yes, this supporting character is sort of legendary, as is the movie she can be found in - which, as one could guess - is one of the four that we have listed out down below. Pick out an answer now!

Question 33

In which film is Winifred Banks?

Next up, we have a pretty supporting character with the name of Winifred Banks. So, there is her name, there is her image, and down below, there are answer choices. But we are giving two more hints on this one! First off, Winifred is in an older movie, which may have been known, based on her clothes and her hairstyle. And secondly, this side star is a mother and a wife, which should be known and which is important in her story. So, consider all of these facts that we are laying out here, and then tell us: In which film is Winifred Banks?

Question 34

In which film is Samuel Loomis?

Here is a serious man. Here is a supporting character. Here is someone with the name Samuel Loomis. And here is someone caught up in a unique story! Yes, this man is from a popular flick, that's usually shown during a particular Fall holiday, which is why we have four different ones listed out down below as the answer options for this second-to-last question. Who knows the answer? Who thinks this is easy? Who is not sure about it? Who will need to randomly select a title? Either way, please give us an answer now, to tell us which of these flicks shows off a character named Samuel Loomis.

Question 35

In which film is Fiona Montgomery?

We made it! We did it! We reached the last question of this quiz! We have gone over so many different supporting characters today, and this is the last one...Fiona Montgomery. She is either in 13 Going on 30, with Jennifer Garner. She may be in A Cinderella Story, with Hilary Duff. She is either in Freaky Friday, with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. Or she could be in Georgia Rule, with Lindsay Lohan, Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda. Think hard on this one and about Fiona in general, and then answer this last question right here and now.

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