Try To Name All These Dragon Ball Characters In 2 Minutes Or Less

Dragon Ball Z is probably one of the best-known anime series out there, and for many reasons. For one, it was aired extensively in the west, and many people all over the world remember waking up early on the weekends and watching this show in their pajamas with a bowl of cereal in hand. But another reason for its popularity was the fact that it was just a really good show. The story was awesome, the animation was eye-catching, and the overall theme and art style of the show kept us coming back for more.

But perhaps one of the best qualities of this show was the characters. Make no mistake, the characters were what gave this show so much life and character. On the one hand, the creators introduced us to plenty of serious characters that were as cool as they were tough. But on the other hand, every single character seemed to have some eccentric qualities. These qualities made them unique, relatable, and much more interesting. Over the years, we've been introduced to countless characters in this series - almost too many to remember. But the true fans of Dragon Ball Z will be able to name them all without too much trouble.

Question 1

This Leader

When we're talking about Dragon Ball Z, one character comes to mind more than any other. And that's the star of the show. Whatever the Earth is faced with, there's always one guy who comes to the rescue - and that's this guy right here. He's probably the most powerful character from Earth that we've ever seen - but he's not actually from Earth. This character is actually an alien, and he was only raised on Earth by humans. Despite his alien heritage, he cares about humans more than most people in the world. But who is this famous character?

Question 2

This Antihero

Every good series needs an awesome antihero, and Dragon Ball Z has one of the best ones ever created. In fact, this character started off as a villain, and if you believe the story, he wasn't even intended to stick around after he was defeated. But fans loved this character so much that the creators of Dragon Ball Z felt compelled to keep him around. And honestly, it was one of the best decisions they ever made. Many people consider this character to be the best addition to the series ever. He's got tons of character, and he's very relatable.

Question 3

This Awesome Character

Here's another awesome character that has been a mainstay of the series for quite some time. Many people consider him their favorite character, and for a good reason. Nowadays, he always seems a little underpowered compared to the stronger characters in the series. But he's still got the qualities that made him a favorite in the first place. This character has an awesome personality, and he's actually very intelligent as well. He's invented some amazing training methods, and he even trained Gohan to be the fighter he is today. Whenever this character shows up on the scene, it's always a good thing.

Question 4

This Time Traveler

Of all the characters in the series, this one has one of the coolest backstories. If you believe the official story, his backstory was actually inspired by the Terminator series, and the character of John Connor. Since his creation and introduction, this character has been loved and adored by fans, and he continues to prove his worth to the series. He is also the son of Vegeta, which gives him tremendous potential as a fighter. He's gone through all kinds of trials and tribulations through his life, and his adventures have even taken him across the fabric of time itself.

Question 5

This Awesome Creation

Although it's been a while since we saw this amazing character in the series, he made a huge impact when he was around, and he continues to be a fan favorite. Although he was ultimately defeated in spectacular fashion, this character continues to appear in video games and other spinoffs of the series. He's one of the famous androids, but he was always a little different when compared to his cyborg "brothers and sisters." Strangely enough, this character exhibited a strange connection to nature, especially birds. But who was this character? Only true fans will be able to remember this one.

Question 6

This Character Is Full Of Potential

Throughout the entire series, we've watched this character grow up and get better and better. But this character arc is a little complicated. Although he started off as a character with incredible fighting potential, it seems that he might not be cut out for the same lifestyle as his father, Goku. This character defeated some of the most dastardly villains at an incredibly young age. But as time went on, it seems that this character has abandoned a future as a proper Z Fighter. Still, when he is called upon, this young man never fails to step up to the plate.

Question 7

One Of The Best Characters

Here's one of the best characters to ever grace the series, and she's definitely one of the most interesting female characters on the show. Although she comes off a little quirky, this character is actually one of the most intelligent people on planet Earth. She builds a time machine, after all - and reverse-engineered an alien craft that was capable of faster than light travel. She might just be the glue that holds the Z Fighters and the fate of the Earth together. Over the years, fans have got to know her quite well. But what is the name of this character?

Question 8

This Awesome Fighter

This is one character that definitely made a huge impact when he first appeared. Boasting some of the best character design in the entire show, it was clear that this guy meant business the minute he showed up and started causing trouble. Like a lot of the other characters on this show, he's actually an Android. But rather than being completely robotic, he's a mixture of organic and cybernetic parts - technically making him a cyborg. His fighting ability is very high, and he even won the tournament of power - albeit on a technicality. But who is this awesome fighter?

Question 9

This Iconic Villain

Of all the villains in Dragon Ball Z, this is one that most people remember. Before we came across this bad guy, the other villains were relatively easy to overcome. Even though the previous villains were definitely hard and tough, they all paled in comparison to this amazing character. In fact, Goku had to basically ascend to the level of a god just so he could beat this unsavory character into the ground - and even then, the villain somehow managed to survive. In fact, this character seems to continue to come back and haunt the Z Fighters, no matter what.

Question 10

This Loyal Ally

Some Dragon Ball Z characters are always destined for the center stage, while others seem to thrive in the background of the main events. But in terms of allies and best friends, there are not many characters who can compare to this guy. In fact, some would argue that if you consider this character's human heritage, he's taken his fighting skills further than any other character in the entire show. There's no denying that this guy is one of the most talented Earthlings out there. He also had his full potential unlocked on Namek, so that helps. But who is this character?

Question 11

This Interesting Villain

Of all the villains we've seen so far in the series, this one is probably the most powerful. Of course, we can't really consider him a true villain. There's always something slightly comical and relaxed about this character - even if he continues to threaten to end the Earth. His character design is based around an ancient Egyptian cat, and he seems to be something very old and mysterious. But apart from this, he also shows some very common and relatable priorities - such as his love for food and treats! This is one character who is more powerful than either Goku or Vegeta.

Question 12

This Awesome Ancestor

True fans of the series know who this character is. He might not be a particularly powerful Saiyan warrior, but he definitely played a major role in the history and eventual downfall of this warrior race. Does this character look familiar? He should. That's because he's actually the father of Goku. In fact, the only thing that appears to be different about the father and son is that small, characteristic scar on the cheek of this character. While he might be a "low-class Saiyan," this character shows tons of raw ability and willingness to protect his people and his culture.

Question 13

This Character Is So Powerful

If you thought Beerus was powerful, you were probably blown away by the raw ability of his "servant," who is an angelic being with almost limitless strength. He might seem to serve Beerus, but in reality, he's more of an overseer, making sure that this God Of Destruction doesn't get into trouble or do anything too rash. This angelic figure has taken a liking to the Z Fighters of Earth, and he even travels to the planet regularly to sample its amazing foods. Additionally, he has taken a liking to Goku and Vegeta, training them to become even better fighters.

Question 14

This Cool Sorcerer

While there have been quite a few cunning villains over the course of this series, few have caused as much trouble as this conniving sorcerer. Cackling with joy, this villain unleashed one of the most unsavory foes the universe had ever seen - Buu. Despite knowing how much trouble this would cause, the Sorcerer awoke the sleeping creature. Many people tried to stop him, but often those fighters came under the sorcerer's control as well. At one point, this character even controlled the proud and mighty Vegeta. Eventually, the Saiyan warrior broke free, but not before serious consequences. Who is this character?

Question 15

One Of The Strongest Villains

And who could forget this incredible Villain? Many fans would argue that the introduction of this character was the peak of an already stunning and enthralling saga - The Android Saga. Technically, this villain was another android - but in reality, he was something else entirely... Something... More. His power was almost unparalleled at the time, but not before this creature was allowed to undergo many transformations which boosted his power. In order to fuel these transformations, this genetically-engineered monster literally fed from the bodies of innocent beings, including some of the most powerful fighters at the time. Who is he?

Question 16

This Misunderstood Saiyan

These days, it seems like there's one character who's all the rage. Yes, we're talking about the "Legendary Super Saiyan." Now, a lot of people assumed that there was only one Legendary Super Saiyan, which was Goku. When he first reached Super Saiyan form, it was a seriously important event. Many people assumed that he was the Saiyan that the legends spoke about, the one that only comes around once every few centuries. But then more and more people started to reach Super Saiyan abilities, so that legend seemed confusing. Eventually, the REAL Legendary Super Saiyan stepped onto the stage.

Question 17

The Next Generation Of Z Fighter

As the current generation of Z Fighters continue to age, start families, and generally settle down, a new breed of interesting characters seem set to continue the legacy. But who will the torch be passed to? One character that seems to be destined for great things is this small child. Even though he's still a young boy, he's already reached the level of Super Saiyan. It's mind-boggling to think about where this character will be when he reaches manhood. This character is friends with some of the other new characters, and he's the son of Goku. But what is his name?

Question 18

This Eccentric Leader

We all know that Dragon Ball Z can be very comical at times. Even the most villainous characters in the entire show have ridiculous, funny moments, and it's this eccentricity that gives the show its signature personality and flair. But perhaps one of the most eccentric villains was this purple, horned fighter. He arrived on the scene at Frieza's bequest, promising to handle Frieza's problems after the Lord's entire army had been dealt with by just a few Z Fighters. This was much more than just another henchman. He was a skilled fighter. But today, fans probably remember his dance moves more than anything else!

Question 19

This Wise Old Man

Dragon Ball Z is a show with tons of interesting characters, but this old man might just be one that really sums up what this show is all about. The fact that this wise old senior is a skilled fighter and a great trainer is only one small side of his personality. Aside from knowing some great moves and techniques, he's also pretty wild. In fact, this old man is well known for his questionable comments and actions towards characters of the female variety. Nevertheless, he has trained characters like Goku, and is responsible for Goku's overall success - at least in part.

Question 20

She Just Wants Gohan To Study

It isn't easy being the wife of Goku. Throughout most of her years, she's been forced to wait at home while Goku's out doing goodness know's what. Goku is usually quite unaware of how much she struggles on a daily basis, and like most situations the fighter finds himself in, he remains blissfully ignorant of other people's concerns and feelings. This character definitely cares about Goku, but she feels even more strongly about her son, Gohan. Throughout many of the early episodes, she continuously expressed a desire for the young boy to abandon fighting, and focus solely on his studies.

Question 21

This Iconic Character

Most fans will agree that some of the older characters have fallen into the shadows in recent times - at least to some extent. Perhaps a good example of that phenomenon would include this character. Originally one of the strongest fighters on the planet, today this figure has to be content with a background role in many of the series' biggest moments. Known for his characteristic third eye, this character is actually quite capable, and once single-handedly kept Cell distracted for hours and hours. Although he's not as important as he once was, this character continues to appear in video games and spinoffs.

Question 22

This Awesome Namekian

Although he might be small and young, this Namekian played a vital role in the Namek saga, and continues to help out on Earth as the planet's new guardian. As one of the few Namekians who survived Frieza's initial onslaught, this little one helped the visiting Earthlings in whatever way he could. Often pushed far beyond his comfort level, this young alien child had to handle more than most young ones go through in their first few years. Nonetheless, this Namekian proved himself to be a valuable ally, and made some lasting friends in the Earth-based Z Fighters who helped his planet.

Question 23

This Wise Sensei

Of all the people Goku has trained under, this character might be the one who contributed most to the overall fighting style that he relies on today. With plenty of tricks up his sleeve, this eccentric teacher was able to provide Goku with almost everything he needed to defeat the mighty Frieza. And when Goku wasn't sure what to do next, he relied on this character's words of wisdom to guide him through. Specifically, this teacher told Goku about the myth of the Super Saiyan. Although these were only words, it inspired Goku to try the impossible when it was needed most.

Question 24

The Guy Who Created The Androids

Was this character aware of what he was doing when he created the Androids? Did he have any idea how much trouble they would cause, or the harm they havoc they could have wreaked upon the Earth if left unchecked? Perhaps he did. Maybe his creations were always out of his control, and he was playing with fire in the most unsavory possible way. This mastermind's greatest achievement was the creation of Cell - a project that was kept secret from pretty much everyone. Even though he did some unsavory things, one has to admire the villain's pure genius in what he was able to accomplish.

Question 25

This Awesome Henchman

A lot of fans out there have probably forgotten all about this awesome henchman. He appeared long ago during the Namek Saga, and seeing his image probably brings back all kinds of nostalgic memories. Along with one other character, this henchmen was the right hand man of Lord Frieza, and he carried out his master's commands without a moment's hesitation. He ultimately fell at the hands of Vegeta, who had been growing more and more powerful by the day while fighting on Namek. This villain was unaware of the Prince's progression, and in the end, that was the cause of his downfall.

Question 26

This Faker Fighter

Everyone can agree that this fighter is nothing but a fake, a phony, and a pretender. But somehow, he's managed to convince the majority of people on Earth that he's the greatest fighter of all time. We'll give him one thing - he's an excellent showman. He knows how to rile up a crowd, and he's all about the glitz and glamour of professional fighting. At the end of the day though, this character always seems to peel away from fights that would truly challenge him. We can't blame him, however. He's just a human, and he's not at the same level as the Z Fighters.

Question 27

This Short-Lived Character

Way back before the Namek Saga, this was one of the most troublesome invaders of planet Earth. He smashed entire cities, towns and armies when he was given the green light by Vegeta, and he was way too dangerous for his own good. While Vegeta stood back and watched, this burly bodyguard took down almost every single Z Fighter who tried to challenge him. When this hulking Saiyan bit off more than he could chew, Vegeta wasn't about to bail him out. In fact, the Prince of All Saiyans showed his distaste for ineptitude by blowing this Saiyan to smithereens.

Question 28

This Long Lost Brother

If we rewind the clock even further, back to the very first few episodes of Dragon Ball Z, we meet the first Saiyan invader of Earth. This dastardly villain has an almost laughable power level by today's standards. But back in the day, he represented an almost insurmountable threat to the defenders of Earth. It took some serious team work between two unlikely allies - Piccolo and Goku - to ultimately bring this villain down for good. While he was on Earth, he revealed for the first time that Goku was a Saiyan too, and he was sent to Earth to conquer it.

Question 29

The Legendary Assassin

These days, some seriously cool characters have stepped onto the scene. This all came about as the result of the Tournament of Power, a universe-defining event that brought together the strongest fighters of the entire multiverse. Goku, Vegeta and the other Earth-based fighters were able to handle some of their opponents with relative ease. But one character who gave everyone trouble was known as the "Legendary Assassin." It quickly became obvious that this character had some amazing, unique abilities. These abilities included the power to manipulate time, allowing this character to move faster than anyone thought possible. He's a really cool character, that's for sure.

Question 30

Another Long Lost Brother

While Raditz is obviously the long lost brother of Goku, it took a long time before we were able to meet Vegeta's equivalent. But rather than coming face to face with a bigger, more brutish version of himself, Vegeta met the opposite. Fans of the series know that it's very rare to meet a Saiyan who is not warlike and menacing. But this character was one of the few exceptions. Vegeta's brother was somehow very peaceful and quiet, and he had no desire to live the same lifestyle as his older brother. But who is this long lost brother figure?

Question 31

This Powerful Adversary

Of all the characters we met during the Tournament Of Power, this one was probably the strongest. Indeed, he was the one who survived into the final rounds of the tournament, and he was the only thing that stood in the way of our heroes' victory. Eventually, he was defeated by the combined effort of an unlikely alliance, although many would say that his loss was based on a technicality. We learned a lot about this character over the course of the series, and we hope to see more of him in the future. One thing's for sure - there's an unsettled score between him and Goku.

Question 32

Another Fan Favorite

Here's another character that fans love, and almost everyone remembers this one from the early days of the series. Like so many characters in the Dragon Ball Z series, this character has become something of a meme. Everyone always talks about how weak this character is, and it's an undeniable fact that he's taken some pretty severe losses. He also seems to constantly require reviving by the Dragon Balls, which doesn't help his reputation much. Even so, this character has repeatedly put his life on the line for the fate of the Earth, and for this he deserves full praise.

Question 33

This Elegant Fighter

Sometimes, the creators of Dragon Ball Z bring us characters that no one would have expected. In many ways, this character is a retelling of the famous story Beauty and the Beast. Only in this case, Beauty and the Beast are the same person. This henchman might seem rather handsome in his current form, but fans know that he can quickly turn into something else entirely. His transformation boosts his strength and fighting ability, but also gives him the appearance of a devilish monster. He was one of Frieza's best men, until he too was ultimately defeated by Prince Vegeta.

Question 34

This Funny Character

In the world of Dragon Ball Z, there are some characters which are clearly destined to be nothing more than comic relief. Every story has characters such as these. The bumbling fool, the lazy scoundrel, and the greedy pig. In this character's case, he encompasses all of those qualities. But although he might be intended to produce laughs, he also has his moments. For instance, he once somehow managed to cut off Vegeta's tail while the Prince was in Great Ape form. This was an undeniably important contribution to the overall battle, and it proves that this guy is actually a hero.

Question 35

This Small Character

Here's another small character with plenty of fight in him. Although this pint-sized character might not look like much, he's one of the bravest characters in the show. At least, he would be one of the bravest if he was still around. But these days, it's very rare to even see him in a single episode. Like many of the secondary characters, he's fallen to the sidelines these days. But even so, this character has definitely seen his fair share of glory. He once famously tried to sacrifice himself in order to save his friends - although he wasn't entirely successful.

Question 36

This Cool Fusion

Fusions are one of the coolest things about the newer Dragon Ball Z episodes and movies. The concept is simple - take two similar characters, and turn them into one. The resulting character has qualities of both heroes, and the results can be downright awesome. There are many rules when it comes to fusions. Usually, both characters have to perfectly perform what's known as a "fusion dance." One small error can result in an incomplete fusion. The great thing about fusions is the fact that the resulting character is amazingly more powerful than either hero could ever hope to be on their own.

Question 37

Another Cool Fusion

Even though the fusion between Goku and Vegeta is probably the most powerful one we've seen so far, it wasn't the first. That honor falls to Trunks and Goten, who fused all the way back during the Buu Saga. These two children represented the only hope of defeating Buu at the time, and their fusion was quite impressive. Remember, these two children were already capable of reaching Super Saiyan at this point. The resulting fusion created a character who was stronger than anything we'd really seen before. He also has one of the coolest appearances, with his purple and black hair.

Question 38

Another Interesting Villain

Over the course of this series, we've seen all kinds of villains turn up and cause trouble for our heroes. But one villain that really stands out is this interesting, small bad guy. Why is this character unique? Well, aside from having some interesting qualities and a one-of-a-kind personality, the villain holds the honor of being one of the few characters to successfully wish for immortality with the Dragon Balls. This was huge at the time. However, even with his wish granted, the heroes discovered a way to stop him. He was vanquished into another realm where he could bother anyone, and that was that.

Question 39

This Angelic Character

This Angelic character might not get quite as much screen time as Whis, but she's definitely a fan favorite, and one that continues to intrigue us as time goes on. This character is another angelic attendant, and she too takes care of a God Of Destruction. In fact, the god that she's taking care of is actually the twin brother of Beerus. This is quite fitting seeing as she and Whis are also siblings. This character has just as much power as her brother, but she always uses her abilities for good. Who knows what she's really capable of though.

Question 40

One Of The Most Powerful Characters Ever

Even though this character appears to be just a small child, he's actually one of the strongest figures in the entire universe. And believe it or not, this young-looking character is actually the father of both Whis and Vados! He acts as an ultimate overseeing force of the multiverse, and his powers are almost unparalleled. We haven't seen much of this character so far, but we can tell that he's probably going to play a major role down the road. Many people have created theories about this character, with some claiming that he's secretly villainous. But so far, he has appeared completely benevolent.

Question 41

He Has The Power To Erase Universes

Grand Priest might seem like the ultimate power of the universe, but true Dragon Ball Z fans know that this just isn't the case. In fact, there's someone even more powerful, and he's an even more unlikely character. This strange-looking alien creature is beyond the powers of a god. He has the power to completely erase people, planets, galaxies, and even entire universes. This character played a huge role in the Tournament of Power, and most people are very, very careful about their actions around this character. Without a moment's notice, this character might choose to erase anyone he sees as unfit.

Question 42

This God Of Destruction

Beerus does in fact have a twin brother, and he's one of the most important villains in the series. While these two might be twins, they're definitely not identical. Beerus' twin brother appears to be noticeably more portly, and as a result, he might have a little less stamina. But make no mistake, when these two face off against each other it's one of the best battles fans can hope to witness. And there's definitely a lot of sibling rivalry here. Each of these gods of destruction reign over their own particular universe, and they rarely come into contact with each other.

Question 43

Another Member Of The Ginyu Force

The Ginyu Force was one of the best additions to the entire series. Just when we thought that Frieza's forces were completely dealt with, the mighty villain called in the real heavy hitters... The Ginyu Force arrived on the scene. Despite causing untold carnage all over the universe, this team of villains seemed to view everything as some kind of joke. They also took their dance moves very seriously, something that was so strange that it actually succeeded in intimidating everyone the Ginyu Force faced. This was one of the last surviving members of the Ginyu Force. but who was he?

Question 44

A Rare Saiyan Woman

It's not everyday that we see a pure Saiyan woman. At least, not a fully Saiyan woman. Of course, we do know about hybrid Saiyan females, as Vegeta's daughter Bulla is a great example of that. But when we were introduced to this new character, it was quite an interesting moment. She is actually from a different universe, where the original Saiyan homeworld is still going strong. Because of this, the Saiyan race from that universe never experienced the same kind of calamities as the ones from the universe we're familiar with. This is a very cool character - but what's her name?

Question 45

This Powerful Protector

This character is definitely one of the most powerful people to wander our universe. In most situations, he would be more than capable of dealing with any trouble, and cleaning up any sources of mischief and mayhem in our realm. But funnily enough, he was quite out of his depth during most of the moments we saw him. He came to Earth during the Buu saga, and he was completely amazed at the strength of mortal fighters such as Goku and Vegeta. Still, he was able to hold his own when the time came. But what is the name of this protector?

Question 46

This Awesome Ancestor

When we think about the honorable and long history of the Saiyan race, it's really very unfortunate that they met with such total destruction. But in many ways, the end of the Saiyan race probably saved countless worlds from unspeakable fates. The man in charge of the Saiyan race was a mighty king, and the father of Vegeta. This is why Vegeta is known as a Prince, although he has no kingdom to call his own, and no people to rule over. This was quite different for his father, who spent many years reigning over the planet and its people.

Question 47

This Cool Human Fighter

Here's another relatively new addition to the series, and she's quickly won a place in many fans' hearts. This colorful character is actually the daughter of none other than Mr. Satan, and she has tons of personality and attitude. However, she's not quite as obtuse as her father, and she even later develops a romantic relationship with Gohan. In addition, she's not a bad fighter and develops her skills to the peak of human potential. Nowadays, she mostly spends her time raising Gohan's child, who is still very young. In many ways, the relationship between Gohan and this character is a match made in heaven.

Question 48

This Powerful Being

This quiz wouldn't be complete without mentioning the namesake of the entire series - the Dragon itself! But true Dragon Ball Z fans know that this isn't just some generic dragon, it has its own name and a rich history behind it. This dragon has been summoned countless times throughout history, and his wishes have been used to revive allies and other characters again and again. Some of our favorite characters have been revived by this dragon almost too many times to remember. Although this dragon might seem overbearing and powerful, no one is really sure what it's really capable of.

Question 49

This Awesome Adversary

Judging by his appearance alone, we can surmise that this character doesn't mess around. This tall, hulking character has the appearance of a devil, and brings some seriously powerful and dangerous abilities to the table. In addition to being fast and strong, this character even has the ability to turn his enemies into statues by spitting on them. This has to be one of the strangest powers ever seen in Dragon Ball Z, but we can't argue with its effectiveness. Ultimately, this character met his end, but not before he made a real impact on fans of the series. But who is he?

Question 50

This Unforgettable Character

This character has a special place in many of our hearts, and fans took a real liking to her. Like a lot of the characters in this series, she started off as a villain before eventually becoming an ally. But in this case, she went even further. This unique character would settle down with Krillin, eventually starting a family with him! She has had some great moments so far, such as crippling and utterly dishonoring Vegeta. These days, she doesn't fight much - but she's still got plenty of ability and talent left in her. She stays sharp by sparring with her husband!

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