Try To Match Over 50% Of These Men To Their TV Shows

Popular television shows are made up of different things. There are exciting plots and interesting storylines. There are emotions that appeal to audiences and keep fans hooked. There are big-name actors and actresses who play lovable and memorable characters. And on that note, there may also be some marvelous men, some great guys and some dapper dudes who are featured in these TV shows, too!

That is the focus of this quiz right here. See, down below, there are 35 different male characters from 35 different television series. And everyone who is here must match each guy to the correct series. That sounds simple enough, right? Well, some of the questions will be easy, as they discuss very popular characters that practically the whole world knows; even people who are not huge TV-watchers should be able to recognize many of the characters below. Others will be a bit tough, as they come from lesser-known shows or are characters who are not seen in every episode.

So, who is up for this? Who is ready to correctly identify some dudes? Who is going to totally ace this TV quiz? We hope everyone does well, and we hope everyone is prepared, because… here… we… go!

Question 1

From which show is Khal Drogo?

Okay, let us get started, right here and right now! This is Khal Drogo, who is played by actor Jason Momoa and who is a chieftain of a Dothraki Khalasar. That may sound like gibberish to some people, but true fans of this specific show - featuring Drogo - will certainly understand. And speaking of this TV show… It is a drama that is full of excitement. It has a huge following of fans, who enjoy all aspects of this series and all that it brings to the table. Which television series has a male character in it who is named Khal Drogo?

Question 2

From which show is Jay Pritchett?

It is time for the next character on this quiz that is full of males from different TV series! This is Jason Francis "Jay" Pritchett, who is the patriarch of the Pritchett family. He is a father, a husband and a stepfather. ‎Ed O'Neill portrays this male character, and he can be found in a super popular comedy television series. It makes people laugh, it brings about some tears at times, and it is relatable, with its focus on the inner-workings of a family unit that is full of diverse members. So which TV show stars a character named Jay Pritchett?

Question 3

From which show is Andy Bernard?

Okay, who is up next here? Andrew "Andy" Baines Bernard is a male character who is played by actor Ed Helms in a funny television series. He enjoys singing, boating and talking about himself. He is also a kind and caring friend to those around him - the other characters that are the focus of this TV show. He even became more than friends with a couple of these fellow characters, which provided some more entertainment for everyone. So which show is Mr. Andy Bernard from, out of the four that are listed out down below as the answer options?

Question 4

From which show is Ted Mosby?

Moving right along to the next male that is up… This is Ted Mosby, and he is a main character in his TV show. He is also played by an actor named Josh Radnor, and judging by the answer options, this is a comedy show. And in this show, there are friends who deal with the ups and downs of life in each episode. There is a bigger picture within this particular series, as well, which is centered around Ted. But right now, everyone just needs to decide on his show and select it from the answer choices down below!

Question 5

From which show is Hiram Lodge?

This next question will focus on this hunky man who is pictured right here for everyone! Hiram P. Lodge is a husband, a father, a multi-billionaire, an industrialist and a CEO. Played by Mark Consuelos, he is a supporting character within his drama show, as he is the dad of one of the main characters. There is always some sort of excitement centered around Hiram, since this TV show is full of twists and turns that keep audiences captivated. So from which show is Mr. Hiram Lodge, out of the four that are listed out down below as the answer choices?

Question 6

From which show is Winston Bishop?

Here it is - the next question! Winston Bishop is roommate, a friend and so much more. In short, he is a male character who is played by Lamorne Morris. This funny and sweet character enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with his pals, printed shirts and cats. Within this television series, anything can happen, and it is always interesting to see how Winston will react and be involved. The answer to this question could be any of the four titles below, which are all funny TV series, but only one is the right answer. From which show is Winston Bishop?

Question 7

From which show is Tate Langdon?

Ah, another interesting male character is up next… very interesting! Tate Langdon is one of the youngest characters that can be found on this quiz, as he is only 17 years old. He also has some struggles that he must deal with or at least try to on this show. Yes, there is far more to him and to this story, but nothing can be given away! Just know that Evan Peters portrayed Tate on a popular drama TV show. So look at the four that are below. Narrow it down. Decide on one. Click on one of them. Then continue on within this quiz.

Question 8

From which show is Frank Reynolds?

Any fans of this show out there? We hope so! This next male character is named Frank Reynolds, and his story is an interesting one. He was nice and normal, a professional with a wife and an affluent life. But then, he met the main characters of this comedy series, started hanging out with them and became… Frank! This Danny DeVito character definitely provides laughs, though, with iconic scenes and quotable lines. But which show is he on, out of the four that are listed out down below as the answer choices here? Match Frank to the correct one now!

Question 9

From which show is Steven Hyde?

Here is a fun one… Steven James Hyde III is another male character from another comedy TV show. This particular character is, first off, played by actor Danny Masterson. Secondly, this particular character is just one of the main characters; they are all friends that hang out, and the show centers around their lives and their growing up and their ups and downs. Hyde here provides comic relief, yet a couple of the storylines may bring about some tears. Nevertheless, it is time to match him to his show, so click on one below, then continue on in this television quiz.

Question 10

From which show is Gunther?

This one should an easy one for true TV fans who are here with us today. This is Gunther, and he is the definition of a supporting character; he is not in every episode, but his role in the show and relationship with the main characters is a memorable one. See, Gunther works somewhere where the main characters can be found a lot of the time. So who knows where this James Michael Tyler character can be found? Who knows which comedy show, out of the four down below, has Gunther in it? Who knows the correct answer to this question?

Question 11

From which show is Joe Goldberg?

Ooo, he looks intriguing… This is Joe Goldberg, a young male character who is played by Penn Badgley. Joe enjoys reading. He is a thinker. He lives in a bustling city. And while he does seem like, well, an average Joe, he reminds people that one can’t judge a book by its cover. Yes, this is a super thrilling show, full of drama and some romance and some other very interesting parts - one of the four television series listed out down below. So think hard about him and these drama series, and then decide which show features this guy Joe.

Question 12

From which show is Jackson Avery?

Here is the third male character that will be discussed right here and right now… Jackson Avery, M.D. is from a medical show, as his title and as his white coat in this photo both suggest. Actor Jesse Williams brings this character to life, which surely pleases many fans (Just look at him!). And fans watch him deal with work situations involving surgery and staff members, as well as home situations involving love and children and such. So think about TV shows that focus on medical centers and professionals, like the four below, and decide which show has a character named Jackson Avery.

Question 13

From which show is Jerry Smith?

This next one is the first animated character within this quiz - How fun! Jerry Smith is the average guy. He does not love his job. He bickers with his wife. He has kids he is trying to prepare for the real world. But things do not always work out so well for him. Chris Parnell voices this character, who is sort of...sad. He does provide entertainment, though, via this animated comedy TV series. And it is, of course, one of the TV series that is listed below as the four answer choices. So from which show is Jerry Smith?

Question 14

From which show is Eugene Porter?

Some real progress is being made so far in this TV quiz, so move right along! Eugene Porter is a complex character from a complex drama series. Portrayed by actor Josh McDermitt, he is discovered, he seems helpful, he provides some laughs, and then things take a turn; fellow characters and fans were not sure what to think of this character for some time. In recent episodes, he has, once again, proved that he is a help amidst all the thrills, but anything can happen in this television series. So think hard, and decide where Eugene Porter can be found.

Question 15

From which show is Dr. Martin Brenner?

Let’s find out who the next male character is, from yet another popular show… Dr. Martin Brenner, played by Matthew Modine, is a scientist at a lab where experiments took place. This dramatic show has much more than that, but his role and his research are both important aspects. All four of the answer options are dramatic shows that could have this doctor in them, but, of course, only one series is the correct series here. So which is the right match, when it comes to Dr. Martin Brenner? Click one on of the TV shows down below there, please and thanks!

Question 16

From which show is Tobias Fünke?

Well, this one should be a fun one! Tobias Onyango Fünke is also a husband and a father. He is portrayed by David Cross, and his scenes are quite memorable. See, Tobias is not an average guy. He likes to wear jean shorts. He likes to paint himself blue. He likes to think of himself as an actor. So the laughs just keep on coming within this particular comedy show from TV here. But which show is being discussed here and now? Which one stars this male character named Tobias? Which one is the correct answer to this specific question?

Question 17

From which show is John Winchester?

Everyone is doing great, but there are still many more men left to identify - like this one. This is John Winchester, who is played by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. His show is a drama series with some sci-fi elements in it, and it stars two other well-known actors (who are also super cute, if we do say so ourselves). Who knows which television series has a character named John? Who is pretty certain about the answer here? And who is lost and will need to randomly throw out a guess on this question? Either way, click on an answer now!

Question 18

From which show is Miguel?

We hope that many people get this next question correct... Miguel Rivas is a best friend, a husband, a boss and a stepfather. Portrayed by an actor who is named Jon Huertas, this male character can be found on a very popular television series. No more clues will be offered, since nothing can be given away, so just focus on this supporting character. Picture him in the four TV shows below. Decide which one truly has this character in it. And then move forward to the next questions that are up, with the next characters from the next television shows.

Question 19

From which show is Dre Johnson?

Okay, let’s continue on here… Andre "Dre" Johnson is another main character from yet another hit TV show. The actor Anthony Anderson brings this character to life - a character who works in advertising and who likes to act tougher than he really is at times. He may not be the best-known person found within this quiz here today, and his show is not one that has been on for years and years. But he is a popular guy from a beloved show, so match Dre to the correct title down below, as there are four waiting to be picked or not.

Question 20

From which show is Aidan Shaw?

This man should look familiar to some people. He is Aidan Shaw, and he is played by the actor who is named John Corbett. He is quite different than many of the other characters in his show, but that is a big part of his appeal. Plus, he is a real manly man who builds furniture and opened a bar. So, of course, he was a love interest on this show, once or twice, as he became involved with a main character on a drama-comedy television series. But which one of these exactly? Match Aidan to his correct TV show!

Question 21

From which show is Chidi Anagonye?

We also hope that many people know this next guy! This is Chidi Anagonye, as portrayed by William Jackson Harper. There are a couple of traits to focus on here. Chidi is super kind, as he helps out his loved ones. Chidi is very smart, as he enjoys philosophy and ethics. And Chidi is a bit anxious, as he can become nervous and does not enjoy making decisions. All of this - combined with the rest of this entertaining show - makes from some good TV! So which one exactly, out of these four, features a main character who is named Chidi?

Question 22

From which show is Mike Ehrmantraut?

Who knows this next dude? Well, it is Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut! Jonathan Banks portrays Mike, a former police officer who then gets into some interesting work where he is part private investigator, part head of security and part… Well, again, not too many clues can be given here! But that is okay, because many people should already know exactly who Mike is and exactly which answer is the correct one here. Yes, there are four exciting and dramatic TV shows listed out below as the answer choices for this particular question here, so click on the one that stars Mike.

Question 23

From which show is Pierce Hawthorne?

Hey, this actor is famous, so maybe the answer here is already known… This is Piercinald Anastasia "Pierce" Hawthorne, and he is played by Chevy Chase. Pierce has ventured down some interesting roads, as he used to be a tycoon, he was once a CEO, and he even tried to open up a sandwich shop. Most importantly, though, this male character is a thinker (He has to be, considering where he is.) and a pal (He really does love his fellow main characters.), which are aspects that are focused on heavily in this show, based on its story. From which show is Pierce Hawthorne?

Question 24

From which show is Leroy Jethro Gibbs?

Oh, another famous actor is up next! This one is playing a character named Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and he is actor Mark Harmon. This man is a former U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper, and then he became a special agent. Now, the four different television series that are listed down below could all have characters who are or were in the service, and they could all feature special agents. But, of course and as usual, Leroy Jethro Gibbs can only be found in one of these dramatic shows. Which one? Pick it out now, please, and then move right along!

Question 25

From which show is Dr. Robert Ford?

Up next is another big name from another popular show. Here, we have Dr. Robert Ford, who is an interesting character and who is played by Anthony Hopkins. Ford is brilliant. Ford can be difficult to fully understand. Ford had a vision. And now, Ford is… Well, of course, hints can’t be given away, and some people may not have watched this show yet. But it is one of the shows below - a drama that comes on TV and a drama that needs to be selected now, since we need to know now. From which show is Dr. Robert Ford?

Question 26

From which show is Wren Kingston?

The end of the quiz is in sight! Wren Kingston needs to be discussed now, though. Portrayed by actor Julian Morris, this male character is a supporting one, he is a doctor, and he was involved with the main characters in more than one way. Romance may have sprung up once or twice, and fans and fellow characters had to decide - also more than once - if he could be trusted or not. Yes, this drama series is a super exciting one, where anything is possible, so think about the one that features Wren, and then click on that one below.

Question 27

From which show is Roger Sterling?

Let’s continue on, with this man. Roger H. Sterling Jr., played by John Slattery, works within a certain industry that cannot be named, as it could give away the answer to this question. However, that may not matter, since some people already easily know which show has Roger in it and since some people have not seen any of the four shows that are below! These people will just have to guess and will also just have to randomly match Mr. Sterling to one of these dramatic series. So go on now, and say it: From which show is Roger Sterling?

Question 28

From which show is Jack McFarland?

There are only a couple of questions left here! But first… Match Jack McFarland - a character who is brought about by Sean Hayes - to his show. Okay, first, a hint will be given: Name a job, and Jack has probably had it! Acting, coaching, teaching, catering, dancing, singing and nursing are just a few of the areas where fans have seen Jack. Most of the time, though, he is just at home with the other three main characters from this comedy television series. Which one is being discussed here and now? And more importantly, from which show is Jack McFarland?

Question 29

From which show is Sayid Jarrah?

We really hope many people get this next question correct. Sayid Hassan Jarrah is a communications officer and a mechanical engineer. Portrayed by Naveen Andrews, this male character went through some crazy stuff, to say the least. From the side storylines and romantic ones to the main plot of this drama series, Sayid was seen being tested, yet he remained courageous and kind. Yes, he is a one-of-a-kind guy! So which show featured this memorable character? Please select an answer option from the four that are below. After that, get ready for the last few questions of this TV quiz.

Question 30

From which show is Gilfoyle?

This one could be a tough one for some people. Yes, Bertram Gilfoyle is not from the most popular TV show of all time, but many people are fans of this one. In it, Gilfoyle is a security architect, and he is played by an actor who is named Martin Starr. Now, as usual, there are four different television series listed out down below. Who knows which one has Gilfoyle in it? Who definitely will select the right answer here? And who will need to guess on this question? Either way, match him to one of the TV shows now!

Question 31

From which show is Logan Huntzberger?

Guess what - There are only five more questions to go! Up next is Logan Huntzberger, an attractive and affluent supporting character who is played by Matt Czuchry. Since he is not a main character, let’s discuss his relationship with a main character: It was a romantic one. Yes, like it or not, he was in love with a main character from this dramatic TV show that made fans laugh, cry, feel and bond. But which television series was it? Select the one that had Logan in it, out of the four that are listed out down below as answer options.

Question 32

From which show is Ben Wyatt?

This is another fun one. This is Ben Wyatt. Ben is portrayed by Adam Scott. Ben could be described as nerdy. But, most importantly, Ben is two things: This male character is a hardworking one, who inspired fans and fellow characters with his knowledge and decisions in the workplace. And this supporting character is a loving one, as he truly cares for those around him (especially a special someone who is definitely in his life and who is definitely on the show). So, do the thing now that needs to be done: Say which of these comedy shows has Ben Wyatt in it!

Question 33

From which show is Crosby Braverman?

We are getting close to the end… Up next on this quiz all about male TV characters is Crosby Braverman, Dax Shepard’s character. He is on a drama series that certainly made people cry, but there are lots of lighthearted moments in it, too, and Crosby could usually guarantee a laugh or two. His transformation was a neat one, as he went from a young guy to a husband and a father and a business owner. So think about which TV series could have shown all of this and more, and match Crosby Braverman to the correct one below there.

Question 34

From which show is Mr. Frond?

Before the end, let’s look at another cartoon character! This particular one is named Mr. Frond, and he is a school guidance counselor (at the school some main characters go to) and a character that is brought to television by actor David Herman (the man who does his voice). Now, let’s talk about all this… He could be from King of the Hill. He may be seen on Bob's Burgers. His match here is possibly Futurama. Or the correct answer may be The Simpsons. True fans will now, so go ahead and say it: From which show is Mr. Frond?

Question 35

From which show is Newman?

It is here, and this is it - the final question is up next and last! This is Newman. Newman is an icon, and he could be the most notable male character in this entire quiz. Newman is played by Wayne Knight, and he is certainly the most well-known mail carrier on TV and maybe in the entire world and of all time (but definitely, of course, out of all of television)! His lines, his moments and his interactions with the main characters on this very, very popular TV series are legendary. So tell us: From which show is Newman?

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