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When it comes to knowledge, we tend to specialize. Learning a lot about a small realm of information is the way to survive in the modern world. We go to school, we learn all there is to know about engines, then we go work in a car factory. Or we learn the intricacies of computers, then work at a tech company. Basically, if we want to be employed, we have to become experts in our field. There are not many external motivators for becoming not just well-versed in our field of work, but also in the general workings of the world. Knowing all there is to know about history, culture, science and food takes time, and most of us aren't able to make time to read up on the details of the colonization of Australia or the intricacies of astrophysics.

However, some people in the world are well-versed in many different fields. These people love learning for the sake of learning and educate themselves not because they have to, but because they want to. For people like that, pub quizzes are a piece of cake. So, does anyone taking this pub quiz have a broad enough knowledge base to pass?

Question 1

Who starred in Top Gun?

Top Gun is one of those movies that shaped culture not just when it hit theatres, but for decades after the fact. People still gather today in 2019 for Top Gun movie nights. It tells the story of a young, arrogant pilot who enrols at a top-list flight school to hone his skills. Typical of movies from the 1980s, he falls hard for one of the women at the school, and the movie progresses not just as a drama and action film, but also as a romance. Can anyone who has seen the movie remember who starred in this film?

Question 2

What is the capital of Egypt?

Egypt is one of those countries we all dream of visiting. From the sandy landscapes to the intriguing culture to those towering pyramids, it is a country that fascinates visitors from around the world. Even those of us who aren't well-versed in the history of this North African country know about Cleopatra and King Tut. Their stories have been told in North America over and over again, whether in novels or in Hollywood films. But even though we all know about certain aspects of Egyptian culture, many of us are ignorant when it comes to the specifics. For example, does anyone know what the capital of this country is?

Question 3

What is the name of the superhero with superspeed in the DC universe?

Superheroes are cool these days. Although loving Iron Man and Captain America back in the 1970s wasn't exactly a great way to climb the social hierarchy in grade school, nowadays, it is accepted as normal that pretty much everyone is going to be talking about the latest superhero film at school. In this world that we live in, knowing the different names of all these heroes is commonplace. Sure, everyone has always known about Superman and Batman. But not everyone knew about Aquaman or Hawkeye. These days, even side characters are common knowledge. Can anyone remember the name of the character with superspeed in the DC universe?

Question 4

Which of these films has NOT won the Academy Award for Best Picture?

The Academy Awards are one of those things we all pay attention to, even if we don't mean to. Often, we don't actually watch them, but it's inevitable that we'll be chatting about who won what the next day at work. Films are such a big part of the popular conversation that they're hard to ignore, and in the movie-dominated world we live in, the biggest night for Hollywood is impossible not to talk about. Although we all know a few general Oscar facts and the big winners of history, not all of us know every detail about the Oscars. Can anyone name which of the following films did NOT win Best Picture?

Question 5

What is the capital of New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It has everything a person could possibly dream of, from the soaring mountains of the South Island to the gorgeous beaches on its shores to the volcanic landscapes of the North Island. Plus, for The Lord of the Rings fans, it's Middle Earth, boasting multiple film sites from these incredible movies. Although most of us know New Zealand for its hobbity history and its soaring sheep population, not all of us know about New Zealand's geography and culture. Can anyone name which city is the capital of New Zealand?

Question 6

Who stars as Harry Potter?

We all love the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Although not all of us are the types of fans who would go to Harry Potter world in Orlando just to taste butterbeer or visit Scotland just to see the famous bridge the Hogwarts Express journeys across (we speak of these things from experience), most of us know at least a few basic things about these films. For one, we all know they're about wizards and witches. And most of us know about Voldemort and all that He Who Must Not Be Named business. Plus, most people know the names of the main actors. Can anyone taking this quiz name the actor who plays Harry?

Question 7

Which actress won an Academy Award for her role in Les Miserables?

Les Miserables is one of the great stories of the ages. It was written way back in the 1800s in the form of a humongous book that most people have not read. But when it was made into a musical in the 1900s, it gained more popular acclaim, with the masses much more keen to spend two hours at the theatre than devote weeks to a book from 150 years ago. It tells a story about love, friendship, duty, justice and redemption, all set on the backdrop of French society in the early 1800s. Can anyone name which actress won an Academy Award for her performance in the film adaptation of Les Miserables?

Question 8

Which of the following countries is the smallest?

We all know which countries are the biggest in the world. Sitting atop the USA like a humongous hat, Canada expands across thousands of miles. Driving from one city to the next in this country can take days. The same goes for Russia. But European countries tend to be smaller, with their citizens able to drive across the entirety of their nation in less than a day. There are many other tiny countries in the world that would take even less than that to traverse. Some, you can walk across. Others might take a thirty minute drive to cross. Can anyone name which of the following countries is the smallest?

Question 9

Which type of coffee is famously associated with Australia and New Zealand?

Coffee has taken over the world. It is what keeps society moving on a day to day basis. Many of us start our day with a cup of joe, and wouldn't be able to function without it. Forget food and water- without caffeine, human society would probably cease to function the way that it does. Different parts of the world enjoy taking their daily doses of caffeine in different ways. In America, Starbucks serves lattes. In Italy, classy cafes serve espresso. And in Australia and New Zealand, there's a specific type of coffee that reigns supreme. What is its name?

Question 10

Who stars as Indiana Jones?

Indiana Jones is one of those heroes from the 1980s that still fascinates audiences today. He was one of the first characters in popular films to mix being smart with being strong and adventurous. Before, geeky professor-types were often depicted as pale and weak, but with his archaeological expertise and love of history, Indiana Jones was as much a geek as he was an epic adventurer willing to cross the planet to save artefacts from destruction. Whether he was exploring temples or adventuring in South America, Indiana Jones has been a character for the ages. Who plays this epic hero?

Question 11

Which of the following film series is NOT a trilogy?

Trilogies have become a popular type of film series. And it makes sense why. If people loved the first instalment of a film series, then why not keep making sequels to draw them back into the theatres? Everyone wins. The filmmakers get paid for their work, and audiences get to experience more of a film they loved so dearly. However, in the age of sequels that we live in, many series go beyond the trilogy mark. Some do two parts to the finale. Others just go on and on (like the Marvel films). Can anyone name which of the following series is NOT a trilogy?

Question 12

What is the coldest place on Earth?

We all know oodles about the gorgeous places on this planet that we want to visit. Everyone has heard about the Great Barrier Reef, and most people know about the gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean. When we plan our vacations, they are usually to places that are warm. But some people like to venture into the cooler places of the world. These areas are talked about in the media far less than the tropical paradises of the equator. But they exist all the same. Can anyone name which of the following places is deemed to be the coldest place on Earth?

Question 13

Which of the following films was set in Singapore?

We all love films. They offer a quick escape from the drudgery of daily life. From dramas to comedies to romances, movies are a way to immerse ourselves in a world entirely unlike our own. Sometimes, they even offer us a chance to travel to different places, just for the cost of a fourteen dollar movie ticket. There was one such movie that premiered in 2018, offering viewers the chance to see Singapore up close from the perspectives of its main characters. Can anyone name which of the following hit films from 2018 was set in the Asian city of Singapore?

Question 14

Which of the following countries was led by Shoguns throughout history?

The histories of the different countries of the world can be incredibly different. In places in Europe, monarchies reigned supreme, with kings dominating the scene right up until a few hundred years ago. In other parts of the world, elders were the most respected in society, and their voices were listened to above any others. In still other cultures, emperors ruled over a diversity of states, exerting their power over many different types of cultures. In one country, there were military leaders called Shoguns who ruled. Can anyone name which of the following countries was led by Shoguns throughout history?

Question 15

Which musician's real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

Sometimes, when a person becomes famous, they decide to adopt a state name. This is often because their own names are a bit too long, or perhaps are hard to remember. Or sometimes, it's just because someone named John Smith probably isn't going to be remembered by talent agents if a person named Viva Valhalla auditions after them. So, many stars choose their own monikers and banish their old names to the past. Some will go by just their first names as well, forgoing their last names on the stage. Can anyone name which musician's real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

Question 16

On the border of which two countries is Mount Everest?

Many of the famous mountains of the world are shared between nations. The nature of large mountains is that... well, they are big. Often, they expand across borders, crossing into different countries. This means that they are deemed not a part of just one country, but a part of every country their mass spills into. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, and it spans across two different countries. However, it is more common for people to approach it from one country than the other. Can anyone name which two countries Mount Everest is deemed a part of?

Question 17

Which bird has the largest wingspan?

When certain birds fly above us, they look like tiny mice that have taken to the skies. Pigeons are like this, as are magpies. Their wings just aren't that big, so it's nothing special when they soar above our heads. But there are some birds with startlingly huge wingspans. When these types of animals fly through the sky, it looks like an angel itself has spread its wings. There is one bird in particular that is famed for its immense wingspan. It is isn't all that common to see these birds, so seeing them in the wild is a treat. Can anyone name which of these birds has the largest wingspan?

Question 18

Which artist is the most streamed on Spotify?

These days, success is measured on a different scale. Sure, it's important who won the most Grammys and who is the leading contender for the Oscars. But in the age of the Internet that we're living in, having a large amount of followers or likes on social media platforms is deemed a reward on par with any official title. The same goes for Spotify. Although it's certainly important when an artist's songs are in the Hot 100, just as much attention is paid to the artists who hold the Spotify record. Does anyone know which of the following artists is the most streamed on Spotify?

Question 19

Which comedian hosts Last Week Tonight?

Comedy has evolved so much since the 1990s. After The Daily Show worked satire about current events into its format, these types of satire TV shows have become more and more common, resonating with viewers because they not only entertain, but educate at the same time. From their time on The Daily Show, many prominent comedians gained their wings and went on to host their own satire comedy shows. Nowadays, this type of comedy is resonating with viewers more than ever. Last Week Tonight is one such show, evaluating the news with a comedic twist every week on Sunday. Can anyone name its host?

Question 20

Who starred as the most recent Superman?

Superman is one of those characters who has had multiple actors play him throughout the years. Spider-Man has been similar, and so has Batman. The show-runners of Iron Man, on the other hand, will probably never be able to find anyone like Robert Downey Jr. to portray Tony Stark because that man was made for that role (but we digress). The version of Superman that has starred in the DC extended universe was played by a new actor, one whom many believed perfect for the role. However, he recently parted with the character, and he will not reprise the role. Can anyone name which actor starred most recently as Superman?

Question 21

Who painted the Mona Lisa?

The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous painting in the world. It hangs in the Louvre in Paris, and many tourists travel thousands of miles to see the gentle smile of the Mona Lisa. Many are surprised by how small the painting is in reality. Given its fame, tourists tend to expect a massive oil painting to greet them when they enter the room, but it is a tiny little portrait with an entire wall to itself that they find instead. Despite its small size, the Mona Lisa is still stunning. Can anyone name who painted this magnificent piece of art?

Question 22

Who played Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody?

Freddie Mercury is a legend in the world of music. He was the lead singer of the rock band Queen, leading this epic group of musicians through one of the most defining eras of music. They started performing together in Britain, starting with small tours and eventually expanding to the entire world. From "Somebody To Love" to "We Will Rock You" to "Bohemian Rhapsody," some of their songs have become the most famous rock songs in the world. Recently, the movie Bohemian Rhapsody told the story of this record-breaking band. Can anyone remember which actor played the lead singer, Freddie Mercury?

Question 23

From which country is Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds is a famous actor in North America, having starred in a multitude of Hollywood flicks, from romantic comedies like The Proposal to thrillers like Buried to hilarious action-adventure films like Deadpool. He is probably the most famous for his time in the red suit as Wade Wilson, given that it was largely his love of the character and unbreakable will that brought that film to fruition. Ryan Reynolds is famous internationally, but he only calls one country home (and he is a fierce defender of its honour). Can anyone remember which country the actor Ryan Reynolds is from?

Question 24

Which country are the Maori from?

The Maori are a group of people who are famous around the world for the haka, which is a type of war dance they performed on the battlefield. Sometimes, this dance is performed on the field in rugby. They are also well-known for their incredible tattoos and their magnificent carvings in greenstone. Their culture is rich, and like many indigenous peoples, they were incredibly wronged when colonizers arrived. Recently, the country the Maori are from has acknowledged the wrong done unto them, and although things are far from perfect, this is a good first step. Can anyone name which country the Maori are from?

Question 25

Which culture built Chichen Itza?

Chichen Itza is one of those destinations that tops most everyone's travel list, alongside places like the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. When we imagine pyramids, we often think of Egypt, but it's not only in North Africa that these types of structures can be found. Chichen Itza is in Mexico and it draws tourists from around the world. Although most people know if its existence and that it is in Yucatan, Mexico, not everyone knows which culture built this place. Can anyone taking this quiz name which of the following people built Chichen Itza?

Question 26

Which band wrote "Livin' On A Prayer"?

"Livin' On A Prayer" is that song that everyone loves to belt at karaoke. When it comes on the radio, it's nigh on impossible not to sing that epic "Whoa!" that comes on during the chorus. From the emotional story it tells of Tommy and Gina working to make ends meet and relying on their love to get them through to the epic melodies that make up the different parts of the song, this tune is one of the most famous of the 1980s, and the band that wrote it is still recognized today for its catchy hits. Who wrote this song?

Question 27

What event does the musical "Hamilton" tell the story of?

Hamilton took Broadway by storm and it continues to dominate pop culture across America and even on the international stage. This incredible play tells the story of a prominent historical event, but it does so in a way that few musicals have before- using hip-hop. The writer and star of the musical, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is famous for his incredible acting and writing abilities. and he not only wrote the story into existence but led the play's opening run as the main character as well. From its period costumes to its epic music, this play is not to be missed. Can anyone name what event this musical tells the story of?

Question 28

Which country is maple syrup associated with?

Maple syrup is one of those things we often see on the table at diners that sell pancakes. But is that real maple syrup? Often, it's just sugar that has never set foot near a maple tree. To get the real stuff, you have to go to the country that is famously associated with its syrupy goodness, or order it from there. From that subtle maple flavour to the sweetness of the sugar, it's hard not to love the maple treats of this country. Everyone who travels to this country tries it at least once while they're there. Can anyone name which country is famous for its maple syrup?

Question 29

Who wrote The Hobbit?

The Hobbit is one of those tales that has captivated audiences for generations. It tells the story of a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who has lived a calm, peaceful life for most of his existence. Then, a wizard and a horde of dwarves arrive on his doorstep, and he's swept off on the adventure of a lifetime, crossing mountains, fighting trolls and even coming face to face with a dragon. His story resonates with anyone who has ever thirsted for adventure. Sometimes, we just need a bit of a push to get out of our hobbit holes. Can anyone name who wrote The Hobbit?

Question 30

Which of these countries drinks the most tea per person?

Tea is one of those drinks that many different countries delight in. It comes in many different forms, and different cultures drink it in different ways. In some places, it is drunk with milk. In others, it is always drunk with not just milk, but also a hefty helping of sugar. And still in other places, it is enjoyed plain, with nothing extra added to change the flavour. There are some countries that are especially famous for their tea consumption. Can anyone taking this quiz name which of the following countries drinks the most tea on a person by person basis?

Question 31

In which country did the scone originate?

The scone is a famous little treat that has infiltrated cafes around the world. It is often enjoyed alongside a steaming cup of tea or coffee. Although it is found in shops globally nowadays, its roots lie in one particular country. It's interesting how globalization has, in some ways, made us forget that every dish has its roots. When we see danishes, we often forget they are from Denmark. When we see macarons in Starbucks, we sometimes forget they are from France. And scones, just like these types of desserts, have a backstory. Can anyone name where these tasty little treats originated?

Question 32

In Greek mythology, who is the god of war?

Although we all know about superheroes, Daenerys and Han Solo these days, we often forget about the mythologies of the past. It could be argued that these grand tales of fantasy societies are their own forms of mythology, with people able to draw their own morals and life lessons from their storylines. But a professor of classics might not agree with that assessment. To the academics of the world, things like Greek mythology will always rise above the world of Westeros or the MCU. Although most of us know about Aphrodite, not everyone is well-versed in the names of the Greek gods. Can anyone name the god of war?

Question 33

Which country was neutral during both World Wars?

During the 20th century, two wars took the world by storm and changed the world forever. The first took place from 1914 to 1918 and involved countries from all around the world. The second one was from 1939 to 1945 and it involved countries that spanned the world as well, including America, the countries of Europe and Japan. This war shook the very foundations of the world order. But there was one European country that was right in the middle of it all during both World Wars and still managed to maintain neutrality. Can anyone name which country was neutral during both World Wars of the 1900s?

Question 34

Which actor stars as the Wolverine?

The Wolverine is one of the most famous superheroes of the Marvel universe, whether he's teamed up with the X-Men or playing it solo. With his adamantium claws, his rippling muscles and his fiery temper, he is one of the most unique and compelling characters in the realm of superheroes, and his most recent movie, Logan, only added to the aura of mystery around his character. From his unique personality to his difficult life story to his incredible superpowers, the Wolverine will always hold a special place in the hearts of moviegoers. Can anyone name the actor who played this famous superhero in the films?

Question 35

Which famous artist from Mexico is famous for her self-portraits?

This artist has become very famous for not only her self-portraits, but also her other paintings. She was a unique personality, dealing with much pain in her life but also breaking stereotypes and pushing the boundaries of what was considered "acceptable" for women at the time. She had many relationships with both men and women and was inspired by the culture of her home country, which she often referenced in her art. From her artistry to her perseverance to her unique personality, this artist was one of the greats of the 1900s. Can anyone name which of these artists was famous for her self-portraits?

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