Try And Pass This Makeup Quiz To Get Your Hollywood Hubby

The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing and innovate industries there is, and it originated from ancient civilizations. Once of the earliest recording examples of people putting substances on their face for utility and fashion can be seen in Egypt.

Lining of the eyes with black started from the belief that the dark pigment would help protect the eyes from the sun, and prevent eye infections. While the lead-based substances probably did more harm than good, there's a reason that athletes that practice outdoors smear dark paint under their eyes.

If only the ancient Egyptians could see us now with beauty influencers and endless amounts of makeup at our disposal. Who isn't impressed by a flawless cut crease? They would notice that makeup is pretty subjective. There are many ways to create the perfect beauty look. Products can be used interchangeably, and some items work better for one person than another. Either way, there aren't too many wrong answers when it comes to makeup and beauty. Of course, there are standards that most will follow, but we didn't get James Charles from people going with the grain.

That's why there are no wrong answers on this quiz, but it will definitely match everyone up with a Hollywood hubby.

Question 1

Guess the drugstore brand

Drugstore brands have products that are, well, sold at your local drugstore or department store such as Walmart or Target. They are generally lower priced consumer products, but within recent years, have increased in quality. It's super excited when you can find a high performing and inexpensive product that can take the place of a high end product.

Question 2

Where is contour applied?

If you know one thing about contouring, you will know that Kim Kardashian was the celebrity that made the makeup technique mainstream. Now, she definitely did not invent contouring, makeup artists and drag queens alike have been contouring forever, but she made it one of the biggest trends online in the makeup world.

Question 3

What's a BeautyBlender?

It seems like these little pink teardrop guys have taken over the world. It's hard to find a beauty guru that doesn't use one of these at least once during their makeup routine. Not a fan of pink? No problem, the BeautyBlender now comes in many colors for your perfect blender.

Question 4

The "Born This Way" foundation comes from which brand?

Born This Way? Certainly not, but we're lucky to have makeup that looks like we rolled out of bed with perfect skin. No more cake face! The Born This Way Foundation is a demi-matte finish, which mimics the texture of our skin with having a slight glow in the product.

Question 5

Which singer has a makeup line?

We love a multi talented celebrity! With actors becoming producers and singers, and vice versa, it's no shocker that this singer is pushing cosmetics. This singer was inspired to create her makeup line due to the lack of diversity in cosmetics, partially in foundations and other face products. The first foundation from this brand comes in 40 shades.

Question 6

What does "baking" do?

No, we're unfortunately not talking about cakes or pies. Until the independent brand Beauty Bakery came to be, this was the only overlap between makeup baking and cake baking. This technique is used particularly with liquid or cream face makeup. A popular product to bake with is a loose translucent powder.

Question 7

What is the name of Jaclyn Hill's highlighter with BECCA Cosmetics?

Jaclyn Hill is a beauty influencer that got her start by doing makeup tutorials on the self publishing video platform, YouTube. Because of her success, this makeup artist was able to do collaborations with brands like BECCA and Morphe Cosmetics. She created a highlight shade with BECCA that sold out almost instantly.

Question 8

"Lunar Beauty" is the brand of of which influencer?

Makeup companies market their products like never before with the help of influencers. These are people with large social media followings who test out products for consumers. Sometimes the promotion of products is on the terms of the influencer, but other times they are paid to endorse a product or service.

Question 9

Which brand has the slogan "beauty with an edge"?

Makeup can be anything from light, minimal, coverage to turning into a whole different person or character. Before this brand, a person would have a hard time finding makeup that wasn't in traditional shades like red, pink, and neutral. The co-founders of this brand wanted to have more variety in the makeup world to create amazing looks.

Question 10

Which luxury brand recently started sales in Ulta?

Ulta is a beauty store, similar to Sephora, that carries "all things beauty, all in one place". What makes Ulta different is that the store carries inexpensive drug store brands along side high end and luxury brands. What a concept! Purchase a $1 eyeliner and $100 face cream all under the same roof.

Question 11

Which of the following isn't a makeup store?

Raise your hand if you frequent your local beauty store as much as the grocery store. No regrets, except in our checking account. Hey, a girl needs what a girl needs and products always tend to run out at the same time. It's like they're synced and want to ruin your finances.

Question 12

Guess the high-end brand

Although it's great to find a great steal at the drugstore that performs as well as a high end product, there's nothing like treating yourself. Maybe $32 mascara is treating yourself too much, but if it's the best you've ever used - what else is there to do? Settle with something else?

Question 13

Which luxury fashion brand doesn't produce makeup?

Fashion doesn't have to be designer to be fun. Just like how makeup doesn't need to be high end to be good. It's certainly nice to have nice things, but your life won't be ruined over an $8 Target T-shirt or $10 foundation. Many high end brands produce makeup, but which one doesn't?

Question 14

Which product is applied first?

Makeup is great because there are so many ways to do it. However, there are certain steps that do need to be done first for best results. For example, putting lipstick on top of lip gloss on top of lipstick might get a little messy. You have washed your face, moisturized, and now it is time for makeup.

Question 15

What does "Mac" stand for?

Mac is a professional makeup line developed by Canadian photographers that wanted to see an improvement in the quality of makeup available for their shoots. The brand was originally just intended for professional makeup artists and other industry professionals, but is available for everyone to purchase at accessible retail stores across the globe.

Question 16

Where is mascara applied?

Some makeup products have multiple uses. For example, in a pinch, you could totally use your lipstick as a blush or eyeshadow, if safe for around the eyes. Eyeshadow can be used as a softer eyeliner. However, mascara is pretty much a one trick pony unless you're being super creative.

Question 17

What color will combat redness?

We all get red sometimes, whether you're embarrassed or have sensitive skin, but chronic redness can be hard to cover with just foundation. That is where the magic of color correcting comes in. Who says you don't learn anything useful in grade school, you probably learned this in art class!

Question 18

Which brand specializes in loose mineral powder?

If you're a fan of a glamorous, full coverage foundation to make your skin look like a blank canvas, then mineral powder foundation isn't for you. Although this brand has released liquid foundations in recent years, this "tap and swirl" brand specializes in loose powder foundation. It's enough to give a light coverage, but don't rely on it too much.

Question 19

Guess the most expensive product

When it comes to makeup, there are some prices that seem out of this world. How good could something that you put on your face, and eventually throw away, be? The answer is that more expensive products usually have higher quality ingredients. Especially with skincare products like foundation, lotion, serums, and makeup primers.

Question 20

Which brand specializes in eyebrow products?

Despite previous trends of thin, barely there. eyebrows - big and bold brows continue to be a popular style. It's pretty easy nowadays with so many products and brands devoted to the little patches of hair above our eyes. You might even be able to get your brows styled by one of the experts behind this fun brand.

Question 21

Which brand is famous for liquid lipsticks?

If liquid lipsticks didn't change your life, then I'm not sure what will. The cream to matte nature of liquid lipsticks allow for long and flawless wear all day. Don't get me wrong, lipstick in a tube has been there for us forever, but there's nothing wrong with a little innovation.

Question 22

Where is blush best applied?

Blush is a traditionally pink, red, or brown face product that is applied to the face to give the appearance of a healthy glow. Most blushes are powder, but some brands have liquid tints and creams as alternatives. The best color of blush for you will depend on your skin tone.

Question 23

Choose the best eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow is pigment that is applied to around the eye to emphasize, conceal, or create a whole new look. We've come a very long way from applying a single pigment to the eyelid and calling it a day. Now, we apply colors to help the blending of other colors, called transition shades. How innovative is that? Imagine your blue eyeshadow middle school self learning what a cut crease is.

Question 24

Which brand is only sold online?

Within the last couple years, online exclusive makeup has made its way to either stand alone store, or large retailers like Ulta or Sephora. For example, Colourpop was a brand that started online by a pair of siblings who wanted to see if they could sell their $5 eyeshadows online. Now they're in Ulta!

Question 25

Which celebrity doesn't have a makeup line?

It seems to be becoming more popular for celebrities to have makeup lines. It totally makes sense. Celebrities have the resources to create a line of products if they have the passion for it. That's what singer Rihanna did with her Sephora exclusive makeup line, Fenty. Rihanna wanted to provide a wider shade range, and she totally did with 40 unique shades.

Question 26

Which brand just announced a collaboration with James Charles?

James Charles is a makeup artist and influencer that gained popularity though the self-publishing video platform, YouTube. He also became popular by being the first male model for the consumer cosmetics brand, Covergirl. The YouTuber doesn't come without his "sister scandals" but is generally well received because of his creativity and talent.

Question 27

Which brand is considered "cruelty free"?

You don't have to be a vegetarian or vegan to support the use of cruelty free cosmetics. Cruelty free cosmetics means that no animals were used for the testing of that product. Some countries require the testing on animals, such as China. Common animals that are tested on are rabbits. mice, and rats.

Question 28

Which makeup store was founded in France?

Would would we do without our makeup stores? Not only can we have a shopping spree of our favorite products, but it's much better to have the instant gratification of shopping in store. Not to mention most of these stores have some kind of rewards program that keeps the makeup coming!

Question 29

Which foundation would be the most matte?

Thankfully there's a foundation for everyone. Dry or older skin will benefit more from a dewy foundation to prevent dry flakes and to reflect any imperfections. That might be too heavy and greasy for an oily complexion, so matte formulas are recommended. Of course, there's something out there for combination skin folks as well.

Question 30

Which lip product would be most opaque?

There's seriously a lip color and texture for every mood. We all have our favorite every day lipstick, but sometimes we're feeling something a little more bold and fun. Or, we just woke up early and have the time to meticulously line our lips for a dark and dramatic shade.

Question 31

Guess the least expensive product

Growing up, you may remember saving loose change to purchase your first $1.00 lipstick. Maybe we look back on those waxy and odd purchased with regret, but it's still not too difficult to find cost conscious makeup. In fact, a lot of these cheaper makeup items have improved over the years.

Question 32

The Shape Tape Concealer belongs to which brand?

Unless you've lived under a rock for the last year, or really don't care about makeup (why are you here), you know about the Shape Tape Concealer. This full coverage product comes with a giant doe foot application (think like a liquid lipstick) for maximum effectiveness. People love this concealer because it dries matte and doesn't crease.

Question 33

Pick the best product for winged liner

May your dreams come true and your winged liner be sharp. Winged liner is a style of eyeliner that is drawn on the top portion of the eye. The lash line of the eyelid is lined, and at the outer edge of the eye, the line is extended to a point. The longer the point, the more elongated the eye will look. Some eyeliners may not be the best for that perfect point, but it's all about preference.

Question 34

Pick the best brush to apply highlighter

Highlighter is one of those makeup trends that looks like it is here to stay. With the popularity of its cousin, contouring, it's only natural that highlighting hit the makeup charts as well. Highlighting is the act of being out the highest points of the face with reflective material. Natural highlight creates a healthy glow, but you can go all out there with rainbow or iridescent highlighters.

Question 35

Pick a beauty influencer to spend the day with

Beauty influencers on social media may feel like a close friend to begin with. If you're a subscriber, you regularly watch and interact with their content. You might know their relationship status, or favorite fashion line, just like a real friend. That's the appeal of influencers to brands. When your friend recommends a new product, you're definitely going to go out and buy it.

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