Try And Name Over 50% Of These Movies Based On A Single Screenshot

Does anyone here consider themselves to be somewhat of a movie expert? We are not talking about the people who have re-watched their favorite movies over and over, but the people who go out of their way to watch anything and everything Hollywood makes for us. These are the people who are the real movie fanatics. While some of us enjoy a nice book after a long day and others prefer to binge watch the newest Netflix original series, there are a handful of us out there who will always choose a movie. It is time to figure out who these people are!

This quiz was designed for the true movie fans out there. We will be listing 50 films individually, and all we are asking everyone here to do is name them correctly. A screenshot will be given for each film, along with a brief description. Some of them may seem easy enough, but we are willing to bet even the most confident movie watchers get stumped by a few of these. It is finally time to figure out who the true blockbuster fans are, and who has just been pretending this whole time. Get the popcorn ready for this ultimate movie quiz!

Question 1

Name this movie

Here we have a movie that most romantics should recognize. The story is about a couple who fell in love without even trying. These two met, and they almost instantly knew they had to be together. However, this was all happening in a different time. He was being sent off to war, and she was slated to marry another. Even with all of the obstacles they were facing, somehow these two managed to get their happily ever after anyway. It may not be the cheeriest film out there, but it is a classic nonetheless. Can anyone here name the film?

Question 2

What film is this?

On a funnier note, this comedy also told the story of a couple. In fact, this comedy actually told the story of several couples ... all involving the same man. A married woman found out that her husband was being less than loyal to her. She befriended this newly discovered girlfriend, and together they made a plan to bring the unfaithful man to justice. However, once they realized they were not the only two in the mix, plans changed. Is this ringing any bells for anyone here? Looking at the four possible titles, can anyone correctly name this comedy film?

Question 3

Which title is correct?

Here we have a comedy with a side of danger. A special CIA agent has successfully managed to work her job without ever having to leave the comfort and safety of her desk. She communicates with her on-the-go partner through an earpiece, and she is usually able to steer him out of danger's path. However, one day she was not able to save him. She lost her partner and decided it was time for her to hit the streets herself. She is looking for justice now, and she will not rest until she finds it! Can anyone name this film?

Question 4

Pick out the right name

We are not sure if this film is about young love, or about how pesky little sisters can be. Having crushes in high school can be a difficult thing to deal with. That being said, there is one high school girl who has come up with a way to avoid all the trouble. Instead of confronting the boys she likes, she writes them a letter and locks it away. This had been working wonders for years, but her little sister has just decided to mail out all of the un-sent letters. Yikes! Can anyone here correctly name this film? Take a guess!

Question 5

What movie is this?

This animated movie is all kinds of colorful. The film is about a girl who has worked very hard her entire life. She always dreamed of one day opening her very own restaurant, but she has had to work for every penny she has ever had. While growing up, her father always told her that fairy tales had to be built. This girl was dollars away from having enough to finally build her fairytale, when all of a sudden, an unsuspecting visitor ruined everything ... or did he? Sometimes it isn't always about the destination, but about the trip we took to get there!

Question 6

Pick out the right answer

High school is not exactly an easy place for anyone. However, stepping into the game after having been homeschooled, can be particularly difficult. This film is about a girl who just moved to town from Africa and is excited to start studying at a real-life high school. As soon as she steps foot into the halls though, she realizes she has had way more experience than she thought. Everyone in school interacts with each other in the same way the animals in the safari would. How hard could it really be to tame a group of high school kids? Name this movie!

Question 7

What movie is this?

There are certain steps we take when dating someone new that can be a little bit nerve-racking. For instance, meeting the parents of our new love interest can be a very stressful event. For the couple in this film, the situation is no different. A guy is bringing his new girlfriend home to meet his family for the first time. Of course, he never thought to mention to her that his family was the richest in all of Asia ... Yea, we can already guess that she did not pack the right clothes. Can anyone here pick out the right title?

Question 8

What movie is this screenshot from?

In this screenshot, we have two FBI agents. While they both work the same job, neither of them does it in the same way. One of them is controlling, organized and somewhat of a know-it-all. The other is a disorganized, perpetually late, mess of an agent. While they both may have some issues, the two of them are actually a couple of the best performing agents on staff. To correct each of their problems, their boss has just decided to pair them up. We all have to work with people we don't like sometimes, right? Who can name this one?

Question 9

What film is this?

Now here we have a love story for the ages. This movie taught us that love can come in all different forms, we just have to have our eyes open wide enough to see it! When a mute woman starts working as a cleaner in a top-secret government lab, she thought she was just lucky to have the job. However, once they bring in a strange half man/half amphibian, she starts feeling drawn to it for one reason or another. Neither one of them can communicate properly, so she starts to show him sign-language. It wasn't a traditional romance, but the best ones never are.

Question 10

Pick out the right title

In this movie, we meet a young aspiring comic. He works part-time as an Uber driver, but puts most of his energy into his stand-up material. During one of his shows, he met a beautiful girl. The two of them began chatting, and before either of them knew it, they were falling in love. They shared a happy romance for a while, but eventually the truth about his family was revealed. His family was very traditional and they wished for him to marry someone of their culture. Knowing his family would never accept her, she had no choice but to leave.

Question 11

Which title is correct?

The leading man of this film was just trying to make a few bucks. Sure he wasn't going about his money making in the most legal way possible, but he wasn't hurting anyone. That being said, when his minor scheme got turned around on him, he was looking at some serious trouble. To get himself out of it, he naturally had to do even more illegal things. He hired a fake family to ensure he could safely travel across the border, and the rest was pretty much history. Can anyone here figure out which of these titles is actually correct?

Question 12

Which of these titles is correct?

It is not every day that we get to make a birthday wish. In fact, this day really only comes around once a year. For the main girl of this film, one day was enough. She wasn't planning on making any huge wishes for her birthday, but after her party turned into an epic mess, she figured she had nothing to lose. Of course, she didn't realize the wish would work, and send her into the body of a grown woman. We must always be careful what we wish for! Does anyone here know what the name of this film is?

Question 13

What movie does this screenshot belong to?

Since the dawn of time, we have encountered many brilliant minds. Some of the people with these minds, played very important roles in the history of man. This movie tells the story of one of these men. Even as a student, it was clear that this man was well beyond his years. His brain was an incredible thing, but his body unfortunately, was not as strong. Throughout the film, we got to watch as this man made huge leaps in the world of science, all the while just trying to keep himself alive. Who knows the name of this movie?

Question 14

Name this movie

To find someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with is truly an incredible thing. Most of us have a hard time spending the afternoon with another human, so hitching ourselves to one wagon for eternity, is no easy decision. The leading man of this film was sure about his choice though. He loved his girlfriend and he was going to propose. However, his proposal did not exactly go as planned. While the two ended up engaged nonetheless, nothing past that point was ever easy for them. The bad luck from the proposal continued to follow them everywhere they went ...

Question 15

Pick out the right answer

In a world where so many people are trying to be the same, it only makes sense that it is the different people who wind up having the most fun with the time they are given. The man in this movie was born extremely different than the rest. Nothing in his life was ever going to be average or normal. He could have easily given up and nobody would have blamed him, but even against all odds, this man lived his life to the fullest. Looking at the given options, is anyone here able to pick out the right title of this film?

Question 16

Which of these titles is correct?

We have already talked about how difficult high school can be, but since it is an unavoidable part in our lives, we feel as though we must look at it from all points of view possible. A boy attending high school was pretty much loving his life. He had great friends, a happy family at home, and he was bright enough to ace all of his classes. However, this boy was dragging around a secret. He was gay and he had known for a long time. Coming out wasn't going to be easy, but doing it anonymously online, would at least relieve some of the pressure from off of his shoulders, right?

Question 17

What film is this screenshot from?

Family events are usually a happy time full of laughter and love ... yeah right! A couple of brothers pride themselves on their ability to throw a great party. They have successfully managed to turn all of their family events into wild ragers. So naturally, after their little sister announced her engagement, their parents felt the need to rein the boys in a bit. They informed them that if the wished to attend their sister's wedding, they were going to need to find acceptable women to bring. These potential dates did not only have to be acceptable, but they also had to be able to keep the boys under control ...

Question 18

Name this film

There are a fair number of tough jobs out there, and being the personal assistant to a high-powered business person just happens to be one of them. In a large building filled with all kinds of business execs, there happens to be two personal assistants who have just about had enough of their work lives. After meeting each other and realizing they were in the exact same situation, these two decided to do the impossible. Fix their bosses up with each other, and hope for some well deserved time off. Good luck with that! Can anyone here name this funny film?

Question 19

Pick out the right answer

Parents often share words of wisdom with their children on their 21st birthday. The words of wisdom chosen for this film were a tad bit different than the usual though. Our leading man just turned 21, and his father just informed him that he along with all of the other men in his family, have the ability to travel through time (how is that for a gift?). While this was clearly exciting news, his father also warned him that the ability could not be used to change history. Everything that has happened, will always find a way to happen again.

Question 20

Which title is correct?

This movie was about a couple of kids who had been friends since birth, literally. They were born in the same hospital, on the very same day, and their mothers were already best friends. Honestly, these two didn't have much of a choice, the universe simply wanted them to be besties. To ensure their friendship remained as strong as possible through the years, they made a list of friendship rules to follow. When they were young these rules were all but too easy to follow. However, now that they are getting older, things seem to be changing. Can anyone pick the right title?

Question 21

Which film is this?

Time to get a little spooky. This film was about our world, after it had been taken over by aliens. These were no regular movie aliens either. These things had crazy hearing abilities, so staying quiet was ones only hope for survival. While most humans at this point were no longer around, a small family managed to live quietly enough to survive. However, the mother is now about to give birth, and keeping a woman in labour perfectly silent is not going to be an easy feat. Looking at the given options, can anyone here pick out the correct title of this film?

Question 22

Name this movie

This film was one giant mystery. At the beginning of the movie, we meet a young mother who has recently lost her husband. While times were tough, she was still a supermom. She went above and beyond to care of her child and she even managed to put out a mommy vlog once a week. Needing a break from all of the kids stuff, our leading lady went out and befriended a fellow mom from her childs class. The two quickly bonded over cocktails, but the fun was too good to last. Our main characters new friend went missing after just a couple days of knowing her ...

Question 23

Pick out the right title

Can a man and a woman really be friends without emotions getting involved? It really is an age old question isn't it? The two people in this screenshot asked themselves this very question. They had been friends forever, but they never even considered taking things further. However, after so many years of bad relationships and dates, the two of them have finally had enough. They are thinking that if they can't make things serious with someone else, why not just have some fun with each other? What could possibly go wrong, right? Is anyone here able to name this movie?

Question 24

What movie does this screenshot belong to?

Oh prom night, what a magical and special time for young high school students. These three besties couldn't be anymore excited about their prom plans. They have been great students and kids all throughout high school, so they are finally feeling like they are overdue for a little extra fun. They have made a deal amongst themselves, that they are all going to make the most out of this final high school party. Everything was shaping up to be the best night ever, up until their parents read their text messages anyways ... Can anyone here pick out the correct title?

Question 25

Which answer is correct?

There is no bond on this earth stronger than the one between a mother and a daughter. In this musical movie, we have a mother and daughter living together in Greece. The daughter has just got engaged, so naturally her mother could not be any more excited to start planning the wedding. They have spent their lives dreaming of this very event, so they are ready for it. However, throughout all of their planning, they never once thought about a father figure being present. Well, the bride-to-be is thinking about it now, and she plans on surprising her mom with a special guest.

Question 26

Pick the right title

Earlier in this quiz, we mentioned how tough it can be to meet the in-laws for the first time. While we did mean it then, the point may be even more relevant in this question. The couple in this screenshot have been together long enough now, that she wants to bring him back home to meet her folks. Feeling nervous about their reaction to their mixed race relationship, he was sceptical to accept the invite. After a little convincing, she was finally able to get him to agree. However, once they arrive, he realizes things are much much worse than he thought.

Question 27

Name this movie

For an aging bachelor, life doesn't get much better than getting invited to spend the weekend at a beach house with your extremely young and attractive new girlfriend. While our leading man was very excited about this fantasy weekend, things didn't go exactly to plan. After arriving at the beach house with his girlfriend, they almost immediately ran into her mother. Her mother being about the same age as her new boyfriend, naturally made things a little awkward. Is this ringing any bells for anyone here? Looking at the given options, can anyone pick out the right title of this movie?

Question 28

What movie is this?

There are many kinds businesses which men happen to dominate. While this can be problematic, there is a group of girls out there who think they can actually use this to their advantage. It is always the men who are involved in the big time heists. Who would ever expect a group of misfit women to pull off such a big scam? With this kind of thinking and the plan they have pulled together, these women are about to become richer than rich. With any luck, they will even be able to pin the whole thing on a man. Name this movie!

Question 29

Which of these titles is correct?

Meeting new people is never an easy thing to do, and it seems that getting older does not make it any simpler. A divorcee has put all of her energy from the last few years into raising her daughter. She could not be prouder of the child she raised, but she is finding it difficult to deal with the fact that she will be going off to college soon. In an attempt to distract herself, our leading lady decided to go out on a date. This new guy wouldn't have normally been her type, but he could make her laugh like nobody else.

Question 30

Name this animated movie

Imagine spending every single day doing the exact same thing, without anything different ever happening? A young princess has been locked away in a tower for her entire life. Her mother has always told her that it is for her own safety, but naturally she has started to go a little stir crazy. Her 18th birthday is approaching fast, and she has only one wish for her big day. She wants to explore the world below her tower. She wants to see the magical lanterns that fill the sky every year on her birthday. Too bad there is no way her mother is going to let her go ...

Question 31

Pick out the right title

Here is a very familiar story line. The two people seen in this screenshot are not just a couple of business associates. While they did certainly meet through business, they were able to create a separate friendship. He was new to the city, so she took it upon herself to show him around. After learning that neither of them have had much success in the dating world, they decided to make a sort of deal between themselves. Just fun, no emotions. Well, we already know how these things tend to work out don't we? Can anyone here pick out the right title?

Question 32

Which of these answers is correct?

Does money really have the power to change us? Can even the best intentioned people really lose their way when presented with large amounts of cash? The leading man of this movie was precisely a well intentioned man. He wanted to take a job on Wall Street so he could support his wife and future babies. He had no goal of becoming a millionaire, but sometimes these things just happen. However, once he came across this kind of cash, he was never really the same afterwards. How would everyone here react to that kind of income? Hard to say, right?

Question 33

Name this movie

Does anyone here remember the days of watching the 6 o'clock news with the entire family? Back when this was a normal event for most households, the news stations were completely run by men. We had no women anchors, not even a weather girl. However, we have all seen how quickly times can change once a ball gets rolling. After a local news station hires their first woman co-anchor, their original male anchor has a little trouble coping with his new partner. If we are not willing to change with the times, sometimes we get left behind ... Name the movie!

Question 34

Pick out the right answer

What would any of us do with out our best friend? These two may actually need each other more than most. They have been best friends since childhood, and these days they are even living together. Neither of them is exactly bright, so they try to help each other out however they can. After one of them finds a briefcase full of cash left behind by a beautiful woman, the two decide it is their duty to return it to her. It is a noble plan, just as long as they can resist the urge to spend any of it ... Name this comedy movie!

Question 35

Which title is correct?

Banks are kind of strange if we are to think about it for a moment. We work very hard for our money and we just hand it all over to these people who we don't even know, and allow them to handle it. Most of the time it works out for us, but what about when it doesn't? This group of men all happen to work in the banking business. They have just come up with a way to earn themselves a ton of cash, but unfortunately, it will be at the expense of everyone else in town. Name this film!

Question 36

Name this movie

There may not be a job out there more difficult than being a working mom. One mom in particular has been working herself to the bone trying to be the best employee and mother all at the same time. However, after finding out that her husband has been less than loyal, she is deciding it is high time for her to take a break. We are not just talking about taking a long weekend here, this mom is completely out of commission. She and her friends have a lot of fun to catch up on, and they are done wasting time.

Question 37

What movie is this screenshot from?

The holidays are not an easy time for everyone. In one small town, there lives a guy who simply cannot stand the entire month of December. While everyone else around him loves to decorate and sing songs, this guy just isn't interested in any of it. There was a time when he was younger where he actually loved to celebrate with his family, but those days are long over now. This years he is doing whatever he can to ensure nobody is even the slightest bit jolly. It seems there is a new Grinch in town! Can anyone name this movie?

Question 38

Which of these titles is correct?

Finding the right people to travel with can be difficult. Sharing an unfamiliar space with someone can put a lot of pressure on the relationship. A group of 8 friends have all decided that a vacation is just what they need. One of the couples though, is looking for a resort which also offers couples counseling. Since they assured their friends that the counseling would not be mandatory, they all agreed. However, after arriving, they all discovered that the entire trip was based around saving relationships. Now even the couples who didn't arrive with any issues, are starting to doubt their relationships ...

Question 39

Pick out the right answer

Is it wrong to be jealous of our friends? Sure we always want the best for them no matter what, but is it so bad to wish the same things for ourselves? These two girls just happen to be the best of friends. While one of them has just announced her engagement, the other's life is kind of falling apart. She desperately wants to be happy for her friend, but how can she be when nothing in her own life has gone to plan? Learning that she now has to put on a bachelorette party, may just be the final straw.

Question 40

What animated movie is this?

When we play video games, we never really think much about the characters do we? We know the good guys from the bad guys, and that's pretty much all the information we need to be able to win. However, what if the bad guys in the games don't actually want to be bad guys? One of these video game villains has had enough of people disliking him because of how he was designed. He didn't ask for the job, it was just given to him. He has decided that if nobody is going to let him be the hero in his own game, it is time for him to find one that will!

Question 41

What film does this screenshot belong to?

Once again we must stress the fact that high school is a tough place. Anyone who is the slightest bit different is simply not going to fit in. These two guys could not stand out more if they tried. One of them doesn't speak English, and the other one may just be the most awkward kid to ever exist. Naturally, nobody at school pays them any attention, so they are looking to change things for themselves. They figure that if they can win the student body election, the others will have to start respecting them, right? Name this comedy movie!

Question 42

Name this animated movie

Is there anything in life more precious than a litter of newborn puppies? One happy couple could not be any prouder of their pups for just giving birth to the most adorable puppies they have ever seen. Sure they were no expecting as many puppies as they got, but now that they are here, they cannot wait to start their new crazy life all together. However, when a wicked lady arrives on the scene and sees the puppies beautiful fur, she states that she will stop at nothing until she makes a coat out of them. Yikes! Name this animated movie.

Question 43

Name this movie

As kids, all we dream about is one day being a grown up ourselves and making our own money. Obviously when this actually happens, things are less fun than they were in our youthful day dreams. One office worker in particular, has been having a rough time getting through his boring day to day routine. Thinking it may help, he decided to go see a hypnotherapist. However, he never guessed that his therapist would suddenly pass away right in the middle of their session. Now he seems to be stuck in hypnosis, which is actually making his work life a bit more bearable.

Question 44

Which of these titles is correct?

When your entire job revolves around making people laugh, what can you do when there is simply nothing funny left to talk about? One stand-up comedian has just learned that his time on earth is much more limited than he would have thought. Not knowing what to do, he decided to distract himself by taking on a new project. He has just met a guy trying to make it in the comedy biz, so he is going to do whatever he can to help him out. Is this ringing any bells for anyone? Who is able to pick out the right title?

Question 45

Pick out the right answer

Having a baby can be a worrisome thing. This is especially true when we did not plan on having one in the first place. The girl in this screenshot is an unemployed comic, who literally has no idea how to take care of herself. She is living in a tiny trailer, which she keeps parked on someone else lawn, and she has not been in a relationship since high school. While out one night, she decided to have some fun. Never in a million years did she think one night was going to lead her into a lifetime of motherhood. Name the movie!

Question 46

What movie does this screenshot belong to?

Buying a family home is supposed to be a huge milestone. For this happy couple, they thought it was going to be the first big step towards the happy family life they had been trying for. They have just moved in and everything is as perfect as they had hoped. Although, the people next door seem to be making quite a bit of noise. After doing some investigating, they realize they just bought a home sitting next to a frat house. Good luck getting a baby to sleep next to all of that racket! Can anyone here name this movie?

Question 47

Name this movie

Young love can be beautiful, but it can also be difficult. The main guy in this movie has been spending most of his time trying to collect the pieces of his broken heart. His very first girlfriend has just ended things, and he is positive he will never move on. The main girl from this film on the other hand, is simply tired of all guys. She has never even had a boyfriend, and she still can't stand any of them. Of course when these two meet on a chance encounter though, sparks start to fly. What is the name of this movie?

Question 48

Pick out the right answer

Has anyone here ever thought back to the moment they met their best friend, and wondered what if the event had never happened? Would we still be best friends? Maybe we would not have even liked each other at all? Who knows!? Under any other circumstances, these two guys would have never been friends. However, after witnessing a crime together, these two were forced to go out on the run. Nothing brings people closer together than hiding out in the woods for an entire evening. Is anyone here able to pick out the right title? Only one of the listed answers is correct!

Question 49

What movie is this?

Love means something a little different to everybody. Sometimes our great love isn't necessarily a love interest at all. We share love connections with family, friends, and even our pets! This movie is all about the different kinds of love out there. Sure there is a lot of relationship drama involved, but the film showcases many different scenarios. Some are happier than others, but all of them are pretty relatable. Is any of this ringing any bells for anyone? Looking at the four given options, is anyone here able to pick out the only correct title for this romantic film?

Question 50

Name this film

To become successful in business, one has to have a pretty thick skin. One business woman out there may just have the thickest skin of anyone on the planet. She has built an entire empire under her own name, and she has just about everything she has ever wanted. However, after getting busted for insider trading, this woman quickly lost it all. Not to worry though! That thick skin is going to help her rebuild everything she has lost. She is not going to be able to do it all alone though. She needs her old assistant back .... Name this movie!

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