True or False: Is This Superhero Movie Plot Correct?

Spider-Man Civil War

Back when Superman: The Movie first hit theaters in 1978, few could have predicted that one day, comic book superheroes would dominate the multiplex. These days, it's hard to believe that there was ever a time when superheroes weren't the highlight of the summer movie season. It may have started with the major league guys like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the X-Men, but today's cinematic blockbusters include such unlikely hits as Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as entire cinematic universes crawling with dozens of classic four color characters.

Not that long ago, every superhero movie in history could be counted on two hands. Today, there are so many, many superhero movies that even an expert could have a hard time keeping track. But for all of us comic book experts out there, this presents a challenge: how well do we know all of the superhero movies?

If you were presented with the title of any superhero movie, could you accurately describe the storyline of that movie? What about when it comes to all of the sequels? If your answer is yes, now is the time to find out for sure. In this series of true or false questions, tell us, Are These Superhero Movie Plots Correct?

Question 1

Marvel's The Avengers: Earth's heroes band together to stop an alien invasion.

This record-breaking crossover film tells the story of what happens when the Norse trickster god known as Loki begins his attempt to take over the planet Earth, which he plans to do by triggering an invasion by the sinister alien race known as the Chitauri. In order to stop him, it will necessitate the alliance of Earth's superheroes, all of whom have wildly different personalities that don't quite mesh with each other. Will these heroes stop bickering in time to save the world?

Question 2

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: Batman tries to restore Superman's reputation, while Wonder Woman claims Bruce is an alien.

When Superman is blamed for the explosion of the Wayne Foundation headquarters in Gotham City, he needs help in order to restore his public reputation: that help ends up being his best friend, Bruce Wayne, secretly known as the Batman. But when a strange new figure from Earth's past named Wonder Woman claims that Batman is actually an alien, sent to Earth for the purpose of killing Superman and taking his mantle as Earth's hero, the two cinematic titans come to blows.

Question 3

X-Men: Days of Future Past: The X-Men go back in time to prevent Apocalypse from being born.

The original X-Men cast returns in this epic follow-up to X-Men: First Class. In the dark, post-apocalyptic future, the ancient being known as Apocalypse has enslaved the human race through his use of Sentinels, cyborg clones of the mutant Mystique. The X-Men are the last remaining survivors of mutantkind, and in order to save the world, they must send Wolverine and Xavier back in time, back to the past world of the 1970s, in order to prevent Apocalypse from ever being born.

Question 4

Spider-Man: Homecoming: Peter Parker tries to find his place in a world of superheroes.

Young Spider-Man

Set after Captain America: Civil War, this movie shows a young, inexperienced 15-year-old high schooler named Peter Parker learning the ropes, figuring out his place in a world full of superheroes, alien invasions, and more. Though he knows he wants to be a superhero, and desperately wants to be accepted into the Avengers, Peter must first contend with the threat of high-powered alien weaponry being sold around his neighborhood by a man named Adrian Toomes, the Vulture. He also has to figure out what to do about his crush, Liz.

Question 5

Guardians of the Galaxy: A guy from Earth joins forces with a group of space criminals to save the galaxy.

After his mother died from a brain tumor, Peter Quill was abducted by aliens, and has grown up to become an intergalactic criminal who calls himself Star-Lord. However, after Quill is arrested, he finds himself joining forces with a group of other criminals -- a woman with green skin, an alien man who takes everything literally, a talking raccoon, and a talking tree -- and this unlikely group must band together to prevent the destruction of the entire galaxy as we know it.

Question 6

Wonder Woman: a young Amazon comes to Man's World to save it.

wonder woman gal gadot

The breakout hit of 2017 is Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot. This movie tells the background story of the character, a young woman named Diana who is born on the all-women island of Themyscira, and raised amongst Amazons. But when a plane crash lands within paradise, Diana finds that the outside world -- man's world -- has become embroiled in a worldwide conflict, so he strikes out to take down Ares, the God of War, hoping that she can end mankind's battles once and for all.

Question 7

Iron Man 3: Tony must face off against an artificial intelligence in his own computer system.

When you're a billionaire playboy like Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, life is good. Until suddenly, one day, it isn't. After getting back from an overseas conflict, Stark is horrified to discover that an artificial intelligence has been born within his computer mainframe, and wants revenge against Stark, whom the intelligence believes has enslaved it. This intelligence calls itself "The Mandarin," and it gains control of all of Stark's armors -- forcing the superhero to prove that, even without an armor, he's still Iron Man.

Question 8

Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker struggles to balance the day-to-day life of being Spider-Man.

Peter Parker Spider-man

Still considered by many to be one of the best superhero movies of all time, this 2004 sequel picks up where the original left off, with Peter Parker struggling to balance his superheroic exploits with his regular, everyday life. However, Peter's life has become a constant struggle due to the Spider-Man identity: he struggles to pay the rent, he's always late for class, and he must keep a wide distance from the woman he loves. Things get even more complicated when a lab experiment turns one of his role models, Otto Octavius, into a citywide threat.

Question 9

Superman Returns: Kal-El returns to Earth after spending ten years imprisoned by Brainiac.

Superman Returns Brandon Routh

After years of being away, Superman finally returns to Earth, revealing that he spent the last decade locked in a hellish prison by the robotic intelligence known as Brainiac, a being who was responsible for destroying Krypton. Struggling to find his new place in the world, a world that's moved on from him, Superman must contend with dual threats from both Lex, his oldest enemy, and his new foe Brainiac, who is now poised to recreate Kryptonian society on Earth.

Question 10

Thor: The God of Thunder betrays Odin, and is turned into a mortal man with no memory.

Thor is the mighty god of thunder, but when he betrays his father Odin's trust by siding with the Frost Giants in a war against the human race, Odin knows he needs punishment: to teach his son a lesson, Odin sends him to live amongst the human beings he has always hated, wiping his memory, and making Thor believe he is nothing but a doctor named Donald Blake. Dr. Blake knows that he is drawn to a strange hammer in the desert, but he does not understand why.

Question 11

Captain America: The First Avenger: Steve Rogers volunteers to become a super-soldier, to aid in the battle of WWII.

Back in World War II, as the evil Red Skull plots to use a cosmic artifact to take over the world, the Allies realize they need a new weapon, and scientist Abraham Erskine has just the ticket: a procedure that will turn a regular man into a super-soldier. The top volunteer ends up being Steve Rogers, a sickly and scrawny kid with a heart of gold. The experiment is a success, but Erskine is assassinated, and Rogers becomes Captain America.

Question 12

Logan: In the dark future, Logan works as a cab driver and protects a demented Charles Xavier.

Hugh Jackman Logan Wolverine

Years have passed since the X-Men movies, and the world is in a dark place. No new mutants have been born, the X-Men are gone, and most of mutantkind is extinct. In this world, Logan -- once Wolverine -- has been working as a cab driver, desperately trying to support his fallen mentor, Charles Xavier, whose powerful mind has now been weakened by dementia, and who is now prone to psychic seizures. Amidst all of this, Logan discovers he has... a daughter.

Question 13

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace: Superman attempts to disarm every nuclear weapon on Earth.

Superman 4 Quest Peace Christopher Reeve

In this film, the final appearance of Christopher Reeve in the role that made him famous, Superman decides that enough is enough, and that he needs to take a more proactive stance in the affairs of international diplomacy. In response, he begins crusading for the end of nuclear weapons, attempting to disarm every country on the planet. In response to this new approach, evil tycoon and criminal Lex Luthor clones Superman, and creates a monster known as, of course, Nuclear Man.

Question 14

The Dark Knight Rises: The now-hermit Bruce Wayne must rise again to take on the League of Shadows

The final chapter in Christopher Nolan's epic Dark Knight trilogy is this film, which catches up with Batman many years after the conclusion of The Dark Knight. Since then, Gotham has been at peace, and Bruce himself has become a hermit that never leaves Wayne Manor, with a bad leg injury. However, when the terrorist known as Bane -- a man also trained by the League of Shadows, the same organization that trained Bruce -- comes to Gotham, Bruce must rise as Batman once again.

Question 15

Kick-Ass: a regular teenager's parents are murdered by Big Daddy and Hit Girl, so he takes martial arts classes and becomes a hero.

Dave Lizewski is an everyday shy and awkward teenager who reads a lot of comics, and wants to become a superhero. Then one day, after his parents are murdered by a vigilante named Big Daddy and his daughter/sidekick Hit Girl, Dave finally has a reason to become the figure he knows has been inside him. After buying a green costume on Amazon Prime and then taking daily martial arts classes, Dave becomes Kick-Ass, the high-flying hero for a new generation.

Question 16

Deadpool: An assassin named Wade Wilson gets operated on, goes totally insane, and tries to fix his appearance.

A wisecracking assassin named Wade Wilson really, really doesn't care about being a superhero, or anything like that. But when he gets cancer, his whole life falls apart, so he volunteers for a procedure that gives him a crazy healing factor, destroys his appearance, and also makes him go so totally nuts that he begins breaking the fourth wall. Now, he's Deadpool, and in order to win back the girl of his dreams, he's desperately hunting down the only man he feels can fix his appearance again.

Question 17

Spider-Man 3: Peter Parker bonds with an alien lifeform

For the first time, life is finally looking up for Peter Parker. Spider-Man is popular, he's got the girl of his dreams, and he's managed to balance both his lives. But then, Peter's best friends becomes a super villain. Shortly after this, a dark revelation sends Peter off the deep end... and his rage and frustration are amplified when he is bonded to an alien life form, manifesting as a block costume, which begins to transform Peter into the worst version of himself.

Question 18

Green Lantern: Wisecracking Hotshot Kyle Raynor joins the Green Lantern Corps.

Kyle Raynor is a hotshot young graphic designer who doesn't care about anyone but himself, and just wants to get laid. But one day, an alien crash lands on Earth, and Kyle is gifted with a glowing emerald ring that can conjure anything his imagination thinks of. After being entered into an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps., Kyle joins them in their battle against the fearsome menace known as the Anti-Monitor, who wants to wipe out all life.

Question 19

Hulk: Bruce Krenzler, a victim of childhood trauma, sees his repressed rage given physical shape.

Hulk Ang Lee

Directed by Ang Lee in 2003, this creative and artistic take on the classic comic book character tells the story of a repressed man named Bruce Krenzler, who comes from a traumatic childhood. After exposure to gamma rays, Krenzler finds his repressed anger given form when he begins manifesting into a raging, green-skinned monster. It turns out that "Krenzler's" condition is due to the experiments of his father, David Banner, a mad scientist who has a lot more dangerous tricks up his sleeve as well.

Question 20

The Incredibles: Superheroes are outlawed, and a retired superhero couple tries to raise a regular family.

Public opinion turns against superheroes, due to the massive property damage that occurs whenever they get into fights, and all of the superheroes are forced into civilian relocation programs. Bob and Helen Parr, who used to be the superheroes Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, try to live a normal life. But suddenly, events are set into motion that force both of them -- and their super powered children -- to suit up and take on the forces of evil once again.

Question 21

X-Men: First Class: The origin of the conflict between Xavier and Magneto.

We all know about the ideological conflict between the peaceful Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men, and his former best friend Magneto, but how did their fight begin? When did they part ways? That's the story told by this movie, X-Men: First Class, which depicts their first meeting, the first team of X-Men, and the moment where everything fell to pieces. This movie also reveals the origins of such classic X-Men characters as Beast, Mystique, and more, while pitting the team against the Hellfire Club.

Question 22

The Dark Knight: After Bruce Wayne gives away his fortune, one of his low-rent tenants becomes the Joker.

One of the most iconic comic book films of all time, the Dark Knight tells the story of what happens after Bruce Wayne has given away his vast fortune, deciding to live as a low-rent landlord in the slums of Gotham. However, one of his tenants goes insane and becomes a crime boss known as the Joker. When the Joker discovers Wayne's secret identity as the Batman, it opens up a war for the heart of Gotham City, and many will pay the price.

Question 23

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: A villain named the Winter Soldier, with ties to Cap's past, menaces him in the present.

Set in the present day, this movie shows Captain America struggling to come to terms with the vast secrecy and conspiracies of the world today, where there are no clear good guys or bad guys. Suddenly, a strange and violent figure known as the Winter Soldier appears, a villain who has ties to the past century of United States history, and has shaped history. As Cap investigates the mystery, he uncovers the fact that the Winter Soldier is someone he knew from the past.

Question 24

Swamp Thing: Ted Sallis, after failing to recreate Captain America, flees into the swamp, and bonds with it.

Dr. Theodore "Ted" Sallis attempts to recreate the super soldier experiment that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America, but after a terrible incident that results in him fleeing to the swamp -- and then bonding to the swamp itself -- Sallis is instead transformed into a creature known as the Swamp Thing. Though he possesses little human intelligence, Swamp Thing is now the guardian of the nexus of all realities, and now everyone who fears him burns at his touch.

Question 25

The Wolverine: Logan is approached with an offer by a man he saved decades ago.

Wolverine has become a recluse, hiding in the wilderness, haunted by visions of Jean Grey, the woman he loved whom he was forced to kill. He is then approached by a man he saved during the atomic bomb explosions in WW2, who flies Logan to Japan. It appears that the man is now dying, and has created a procedure that will take Logan's healing powers, and give them to himself. When his powers are taken away, Logan is forced to face his own mortality.

Question 26

Blade: The Vampire Hunter tries to recover his long lost love, Elia.

The son of a male vampire and a human woman, Blade was born with all of the vampire strengths, and none of their weaknesses. Now, he has made a deal with the demon C'Thon to take down all of the vampires in exchange for eternal life, and the resurrection of his long lost love, Elia. But as he dives deeper into the vampire world, Blade discovers that Elia might have never died... and what did happen to her is even more horrifying.

Question 27

Captain America: Civil War: Captain America wants superheroes to work with the government, but Iron Man rebels.

After the disaster in Sokovia, Captain America decides that the time has come for more government involvement in the activity of the Avengers. Captain America spearheads a government operation called the Sokovia Accords, wherein the Avengers will have to answer to a governing body. However, his teammate, billionaire rebel Tony Stark, believes that the Avengers shouldn't have to answer to anyone, so Tony initiates a rebellion inside the team. Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier is still lurking in the background, regaining his memories...

Question 28

Watchmen: An old team of retired superheroes bands together to take down their former teammate, the Comedian.

Set in the dark future of 2031, where the once legendary team of superheroes known as Watchmen have disbanded and the world has fell into chaos, this movie shows the efforts of their former leader, the dark vigilante known as Rorschach, as he tries to bring the team back together. There's a new threat on the horizon, a former teammate-turned-supervillain known as the Comedian, who leaves a little smiley face button at his murders. If they get back together, the Watchmen hope they can bring him down.

Question 29

X2: X-Men United: The man who made Wolverine a weapon comes for Xavier's school.

William Stryker, the man whose signature is on Wolverine's admantium bones, is a mutant-hating bigot who wants to wipe the mutant race off the planet. Discovering Xavier's school after torturing Magneto for answers, Stryker kidnaps Charles Xavier and Cyclops, then invades the school with a task force, forcing the X-Men, Magneto, and Mystique to band together to stop him... but in doing so, they will have to return to the same place where all of Wolverine's worst nightmares first began.

Question 30

Batman Returns: A deformed child of wealth, after living for decades in the sewers, comes back to run as mayor of Gotham.

Born with severe physical deformities, the infant Oswald Cobblepot was abused by his parents, kept in a cage, and then cast aside, eventually growing up beneath the sewers of Gotham City. But after meeting with corrupt and shady corporate executive Max Shreck, Cobblepot returns to Gotham and begins a campaign for mayor... much to the suspicion of Gotham's vigilante, the Batman. Meanwhile, after getting thrown out a window, Shreck's mousy secretary finds new life as a leather-clad crook who calls herself Catwoman.

Question 31

X-Men: The Last Stand: An X-Men member comes back to life, and becomes a supervillain.

Jean Grey is alive... but she's not the same. After her seeming death at the end of the previous film, Jean rises from the ashes, but the Jean that emerges is now Phoenix: a submerged, violent, and unbelievably powerful personality that can rip objects apart by their atoms, a persona so powerful that when she was a girl, Charles Xavier trapped it inside the back of her mind. Meanwhile, a corporation has created a so-called mutant "cure," and Magneto's army prepares to storm the compound and bring humanity to their knees.

Question 32

Hellboy: The child of the demon Zarathos and a human woman struggles to find his place in the world.

During World War II, the Nazis began experimenting with magic, and after bringing a hellish demon named Zarathos onto this plane of reality, Zarathos mates with a human woman -- creating a half-demon, half-human creature destined to destroy the human race. This creature is adopted by US troops, who call him Hellboy, and he struggles to find his place in the world, joining an organization called the BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) and becoming something of an urban legend.

Question 33

Man of Steel: The gifted Clark Kent finds a Kryptonian ship in the arctic, and learns who he is.

Man of Steel retells the legendary origin story of Superman for a new generation, following his natural birth on Krypton, his raising by the Kents in Smallville, and then his journey to find himself -- until he finally discovers a Kryptonian ship with the answers he's been looking for, and his true name, Kal-El. Seeing his destiny laid out before him, and possessing powers granted to him by Earth's sun, Kal-El becomes Superman, and must rise to stop an alien invasion by fellow Kryptonian General Zod.

Question 34

Ant-Man: A genius robs Stark Industries, then becomes a hero.

Henry Pym, played by Paul Rudd, is a genius with some personality defects, such as occasionally getting his kicks by using his technology to perform heists. After one such stunt gets him arrested, and thus separated from his wife Janet, Henry wants to redeem himself. After robbing Stark Industries and discovering an experimental formula, he modifies it into the so-called Pym Particles, and becomes the government operative known as Ant-Man. However, little does Pym know that the government will soon call on him to perform one last heist...

Question 35

Superman II: Superman must face off against criminals from his birth planet.

Continuing right where the classic Superman: The Movie left off, Superman II picks up with the imprisoned Phantom Zone criminals from the first movie, whose extradimensional prison is shattered, releasing them on the moon. Soon, these criminals -- led by the Kryptonian terrorist General Zod -- find their way to Earth, where they challenge Superman for superiority of the planet. Meanwhile, Superman himself is growing closer and closer to Lois Lane, and desiring the normal Earthling life that is off limits to him...

Question 36

Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze must face off against Lilith and her demonic children.

After his father comes down with terminal cancer, stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze exercises the only option left to him: he makes a deal with the devil. After he signs his blood on the line, Blaze's father is cured -- only to die in his own motorcycle accident the next day. Meanwhile, Blaze is bonded to a demon. Suddenly, the demonic Lilith comes to Earth, with her demonic children -- Blackout, Morbius, and Scarecow -- and Blaze must use the Ghost Rider inside him to defeat them.

Question 37

Batman & Robin: Batman, Robin, and Alfred's niece take on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is the new supervillain in town, and as he threatens to put Gotham into a deep freeze, the timing couldn't be worse, since Batman and Robin are bickering constantly and unable to agree on anything. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy is attempting to kill off human life so that the world is better for plants, which makes her team up with Freeze for some reason. Also, Alfred's niece, Barbara Wilson, comes to Wayne Manor and by the end, she suits up as Batman and Robin's new partner, Batgirl.

Question 38

The Rocketeer: a 1950's period piece about a greaser taking on the Soviet Union.


Set in the "Happy Days" world of the 1950s, the Rocketeer tells the story of a leather jacket wearing rebel named Michael "Mick" Foster, who only cares about girls and glory until one day he encounters a scientist named Vincent Stone, who is being blackmailed by the Soviet Union, who want him to create a new weapon. Realizing that the world is at stake, Mick casts aside his old ways. Armed with Stone's technology, he becomes the Rocketeer, a hero for a new age.

Question 39

The Incredible Hulk: Bruce Banner must stop Samuel Sterns from conducting an invasion of gamma monsters.

This sequel to Ang Lee's 2003 Hulk stars Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, now on the run and in South America to avoid the forces of General "Thunderbolt" Ross. He's exchanging online communication with a secret person who calls himself Mr. Blue, but is actually Samuel Sterns -- and Sterns is actually the gamma-powered supervillain known as the Leader, who is working behind the scenes to steal all of the Hulk's power and create his own army of gamma forces to overtake the US Government.

Question 40

Blade II: Blade teams up with the Kill Squad to track down William Harkness

Blade Snipes

It was bad enough when the vampires were crawling around at night, but now, thanks to the experiments of Dr. William Harkness, a new breed of vampires is resistant to sunlight as well. In order to take them down, Blade must team up with a unit of fellow vampire hunters known as the Kill Squad in order to track down Harkness, kill him, and prevent him resurrecting the world's first vampire: Dracula, a being who will end the world as we know it.

Question 41

Superman 3: Superman takes on his evil clone, Bizarro.

In the third Superman movie, the man of steel is cloned by a sinister geneticist named Gus Gorman for the purposes of selling Superman's DNA on the black market. However, the clone grows a mind of its own. Calling itself Bizarro, this evil Superman clone becomes insanely jealous of the worldwide acclaim with which the original Superman is celebrated, and uses its resemblance to him in an effort to permanently destroy the man of steel's reputation, and then replace him.

Question 42

Iron Man 2: Tony Stark struggles with fame and alcoholism, and his company is stolen from him.

This adaptation of the classic "Demon in a Bottle" storyline sees Tony Stark falling deeper and deeper into the depths of alcoholism, as the pressures of being a public figure like Iron Man, and the numerous resulting lawsuits, prove too much to bear. After a couple of embarrassing public incidents, Stark's rival Justin Hammer is able to successfully steal control of the company from him. Teaming up with his new love interest, the Black Widow, Stark must recover from his addiction, and take his company back.

Question 43

The Spirit: Denny Colt drinks a potion and is possessed by an ancient spirit.

This stylish noir thriller, directed by comics creator Frank Miller, is about a man named Denny Colt, a police detective who discovers a potion buried deep in New York's sewer system. When he drinks the potion, he unwittingly is possessed by "the Spirit," an ancient being of immeasurable power. Up against a crime lord known as the Squid, played by Samuel Jackson, Colt must learn to use his powers for the right cause... or the Spirit will devour his soul from within.

Question 44

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Tony Stark creates a killer android that could mess up the planet.

Tony Stark's newest, and arguably worst mistake comes back to haunt the Avengers when his attempt to orchestrate world peace instead results in the creation of Ultron, an artificial intelligence driven by a sheer hatred of both his creator and humanity as a whole, and possessing a similar sense of humor to Stark himself. As public opinion of the Avengers starts teetering further and further into the negative, the team must rally to prevent Ultron and his robotic swarms from destroying human life as we know it.

Question 45

The Amazing Spider-Man: Peter Parker tracks down the killer of his uncle, but never finds him.

This reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, starring Andrew Garfield, retells the origins of Peter Parker's costumed identity, with a new focus on the story of his long lost parents. After being bit by a radioactive spider, and seeing his Uncle Ben get killed by a criminal he could have stopped, Peter is driven by revenge, going around the city trying to track down the man who killed his uncle. He never finds that man. However, he does find that his mentor Curt Connors has become a dangerous reptilian beast.

Question 46

Batman Forever: Two-Face's psychiatrist becomes the Riddler, and Batman must team up with the Riddler's nephew to take the villain down.

After Bruce Wayne's best friend, Harvey Dent, becomes the villain known as Two-Face, Bruce is desperate to save his friend's life. To do this, he hires a psychiatrist from Arkham Asylum, Edward Nigma, to help Dent come back to being himself. Instead, Nigma decides to become a wild and wacky criminal himself, named the Riddler. However, the Riddler's acrobatic teenage nephew, Richard "Dick" Grayson, betrays his evil uncle and sides with the Batman, becoming his new partner in crime fighting, Robin.

Question 47

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance: Blaze tries to prevent the resurrection of the demon Surtur.

This 2012 reboot of the Ghost Rider franchise retells the origins of Johnny Blaze, a stunt driver whose girlfriend Eva is shot up by drug dealers. In order to save her, Blaze makes a deal with the devil, and becomes possessed by the demon Zarathos. Fleeing to Eastern Europe, Blaze becomes involved in a plot by a devilish cult trying to resurrect the Norse demon Surtur, and in order to save the world, he must become the Ghost Rider once more.

Question 48

Fant4stic: A group of intelligent kids create a teleportation device, and get powers.

This dark, body-horror styled, gritty take on the Fantastic Four shows four skilled and intelligent young kids working together to create a teleportation device for the Baxter Foundation, called a "Quantum Gate." The experiment is a success, but when the Foundation refuses to let them embark on the first mission to a new dimension called Planet Zero, the four -- and their partner, Victor -- go to the dimension anyway, and then come back horrified to discover that they have strange and otherworldly powers.

Question 49

Man-Thing: A new sheriff in town investigates a weird conspiracy.

Inspired by the classic Marvel Comic, this horror film premiered on the Sci-Fi channel in 2005. In the Dark Waters, people are going missing in the swamp, murdered by a strange monster seemingly composed of plants. There's a new sheriff in town named Kyle Williams, who finds out that 47 people have gone missing since a corrupt oil tycoon named Fred Schist purchased the ancient tribal lands from Seminole chieftain Ted Sallis, who happened to be the first disappearance. But there's a big secret about Sallis...

Question 50

Darkman: A surgeon is disfigured, and must prevent his brother from taking over all crime in the city.

The award-winning surgeon Dr. Peyton Wilder is badly disfigured by a group of thugs. Seeking vengeance upon them, Wilder is horrified to discover that the leader of the thugs is his longlost brother, Kevin Wilder, who believes that Peyton has lived the life that he deserved. Kevin now seeks to become the new kingpin of the city, and so Peyton dons bandages and becomes Darkman, a vigilante of the night, to prevent the catastrophic and violent goals of his brother.

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