True Or False: Are These Celebrities Scientologists?


Religion has been the topic of many angry discussions in human history, ranging all the way from friendly debate to full-scale war. In the modern world, religion has never been less important, and yet it continues to inform people's daily lives. One of the things that continues to bamboozle me about religion is the way that celebrities are somehow able to find some of the most insane religions to follow. Sure, they were all started by normal people like me and you, but it's not until someone like Madonna comes along that people start listening to the leaders.

Now, Scientology has been in the public sphere for a very long time. For some reason, people are falling for this all the time, and it's usually because a huge number of celebrities continue to endorse it. I don't know about you, but any religion that you have to pay for immediately seems like a scam to me. Why is it that only those who can pay are able to receive the enlightenment that comes with faith? What about those who have nothing to their name? Don't they also deserve the ability to be taken in by Scientology? Apparently not. With so many of the rich and famous now standing by Scientology, will you be able to tell apart the believers from the non-believers?

Question 1

Miley Cyrus Is Pretty Out There. Is She Out There Enough To Be A Scientologist?

It's interesting to see that Cyrus has now gone back to her old sound. The cynical people will argue that she only went through the infamous weed years in an attempt to build her fanbase, but for some reason, I like to think better of people than that. Honestly, when you're that young, pretty much every month is a new personality change. If you're famous those changes end up being thrown into the public for everyone to judge. You got my love, Miley.

Question 2

Is Lindsay Lohan A Scientologist?

Is there a more perfect example of how fame warps a child's mind than Lindsay Lohan? Seriously, we took a young child who showed an aptitude for acting, threw her into various films until she became a household name, and then hounded her once she slowly became of age. Remember, she didn't really ask for any of this. Once you're famous, you're famous, and she was made famous when she was a child! You can't unring that bell. Poor woman.

Question 3

Scientology Sounds Like The Kind Of Thing Britney Spears Would Like, Right?

In a lot of ways, Britney Spears has seen quite the resurgence over the past couple of years. A decade ago, she was a complete joke, becoming similar to Lohan in the way she came to represent the absolute worst of what fame can do to someone. Now, she spends her time making an insane amount of money in Vegas, appearing on television and generally repairing a career that she ruined by shaving her head. Crazy to think that doing just that can have such an affect on someone's fame.

Question 4

Is Justin Bieber A Scientologist?

So, everyone hates this guy, but how do you expect a kid to grow up when you throw this much adoration and money at him before he even gets to his eighteenth birthday? There is no way that guy is going to grow up well-adjusted and caring about other people when you hand them everything they want from a young age. This guy has a life that everyone wishes they had and hasn't been able to be along since he was a child. That is hard work.

Question 5

Is John Travolta In The Scientologist Closet?

Travolta is a bit of an odd one. This guy clearly has some fantastic acting ability within him, as evidenced by the fact that he has managed to take on some fantastic roles in his time. However, he also spends his time appearing in absolute rubbish like Grease. Does anybody else think that Grease is a weirdly adult musical that is, to this day, shown to and acted out by children who are way too young to be singing about that kind of stuff?

Question 6

Is Demi Lovato A Scientologist?

Honestly, I know almost nothing about this girl. Even though I don't follow any of these Disney girls, this woman is even less on my radar than people like Miley Cyrus or Vanessa Hudgens. I don't know why this woman has slipped under my radar, but she has. One reason I do find her endearing now is that she has struggled with drug problems and various mental health issues. There's nothing like a personal struggle to make somebody interesting. Thanks, Wikipedia!

Question 7

He Seems Out There, But Is Dave Chappelle Out There Enough?

We already know what I think about Dave Chappelle, but this guy has come with his own level of controversy. If you don't know, Chappelle had an incredibly successful and lucrative television deal that he walked out of halfway through filming. Afterward, he moved to Africa for a while and has been somewhat of a recluse until his return to showbiz a few years ago. Thankfully, he's back on form, but it took a while for him to get back into the groove we all love.

Question 8

Is Axl Rose A Scientologist?

Axl Rose is one of those celebrities who has now become impossible to defend. I've hated Axl Rose for years anyway, but even his fans have to admit that there's nothing about him that's worth liking anymore. To an extent, he's sort of like Morrissey who is a singer that I admire hugely. However, Morrissey has spent years now ruining his reputation with various quotes and songs that really don't make him come across very well. It's a shame really.

Question 9

How About Lady Gaga?

There's nothing that I like about this woman. I know that her music isn't made for people like me, but I just think everything she's doing is totally paint by numbers shock. Not only that, everything she's doing is pretty derivative anyway. I can deal with people just trying to shock as long as they're creating something I've never seen before, but this woman is just ripping off boring paint by numbers shock that people were doing decades ago to get people to buy their music!

Question 10

Does Bart Simpson's Voice, Nancy Cartwright, Believe In Scientology?

Do you think there's anyone out there that still enjoys sitting down to watch new episodes of The Simpsons? It's a shame to watch the writers reanimate the corpse of what was once a great show every now and then just to keep the money rolling in. If you've never enjoyed the show because you're too young to remember the good days, go back and watch the first ten seasons of The Simpsons. Some of the best television that has ever existed.

Question 11

How About Martin Lawrence?

I actually know very little about Martin Lawrence, but I do know a lot about Dave Chappelle, and I'm fairly sure that Chappelle is a fan. If someone as amazing as Dave Chappelle is willing to stand up for Lawrence, there must be something about him that is worth defending. Sure, I'm not keen on the guy as an actor, but that doesn't mean he deserves to be judged in the way that he usually is by a cruel society.

Question 12

Is Scientology The New Black For Laura Prepon?

While I know this woman from That 70's Show, a show which introduced me to Prepon and gave me a huge crush on her, most people will likely know her from Orange Is The New Black. I don't know about everyone else, but I never could get into that show. I know we aren't supposed to like the main woman, but I found her so annoying and so loathsome that I really couldn't keep watching. Everything about her drove me mental.

Question 13

What Do You Think About Kanye West?

I, personally, am not a fan of his music. However, I will say that I think it's not fair how he's treated by society in general. He's clearly suffering from certain problems that would be treated differently if he wasn't a famous man. He has money and infamy, so people reckon they can turn him into a pop culture joke, whereas what he really needs is some professional help to get him through what is clearly some difficult stuff. Am I wrong?

Question 14

Do You Even Know WHO Juliette Lewis Is?

Nobody really knows who this woman is, but she has done quite a lot in her time. Not only has she been appearing in films for decades now, she's also constantly making music with her various bands. She's a pretty good actor and a very good singer, as well as a woman who seems like a natural performer. It's great to see someone being allowed to follow their dream while making enough money to live and keep themselves afloat in this harsh world.

Question 15

Jenna Elfman. Who Is She, And Is She A Scientologist?

Unless you spent time watching the almost completely forgotten Dharma & Greg, you almost certainly haven't heard of this woman. If you never did see it, there's no point in going back to watch it now because there was nothing particularly interesting about it beyond how mediocre it was. Honestly, I just feel bad for Elfman more than anything. She's done nothing groundbreaking in the world of showbiz and has decided that the best way forward is to keep trying to achieve the dream.

Question 16

Christian Bale Is An Odd Man, So He Could Be A Scientologist Couldn't He?

For a while, it seemed like Christian Bale couldn't do any wrong. He was a little bit eccentric, but he was a very good actor who spent a lot of time throwing himself into roles. He was known for his method acting, losing and gaining weight within a year for certain roles and very effectively becoming the characters he was hired to play. However, after he was recorded shouting at someone on set, people started to change their opinion on him. Despite this, the guy is still an amazing actor.

Question 17

He's Into Drugs, But Is Charlie Sheen Into Scientology?

Where do you even start with Charlie Sheen? I mean, this guy was pretty much just a standard actor for a long time, always living in the shadow of his father's much more successful career. Sure, he did alright, but he'd come to a stop fairly early on and decided to stick with the easy TV work on Two And A Half Men. The guy made millions of the show for a long time until his public meltdown. Now, he's known for being an eccentric party animal.

Question 18

I Like Beck, So I Hope He Isn't A Scientologist!

Beck's music is so up and down that it can be pretty hard to call yourself a Beck fan, but that doesn't mean there aren't some absolutely fantastic tunes on a handful of his albums. Honestly, the guy knows how to make some interesting trip-hop. There's a lot of experimental stuff in there that makes it worth looking into, but, like I said, there is some stuff that just doesn't work. I suppose that is the nature of anything experimental.

Question 19

Do You Remember Kirstie Alley? If So, Think She Could Fall For Scientology?

If you don't know this woman as an actress, you definitely know her as the woman that the tabloids spend most of their time making fun of. I don't really know why? I mean, the poor woman is in her late sixties and is even the subject of ridicule in places like the UK. Why? She's from America and now pretty much spends all of her time on television in the US, so why does every tabloid across the world hate her?

Question 20

A Lot Of People Into Scientology Had Break Downs, Right? Bynes Had A Breakdown...

I really find it difficult to laugh at Amanda Bynes. People at the last job I had once sat down and had a long conversation about her rather public breakdown and I felt really uncomfortable. I had to point out that if they were enjoying the breakdown of a complete unknown with the same amount of gusto that they probably wouldn't be feeling quite as a pleasant. As a man who has struggled with mental health issues, this sort of thing shouldn't be taken lightly.

Question 21

This Man Is A Great Actor, But Is Giovanni Ribisi Also A Great Scientologist?

Ribisi is one of those actors, like Sam Rockwell, that never seems to get the respect that they deserve. Sure, they're still appearing in films, which is great because that's the only way to get noticed, but the work that they clearly put into their roles is never rewarded if you ask me. I wonder how they feel about the recognition that they receive? I suppose only a complete narcissist would whine about not getting any rewards for their job.

Question 22

Danny Masterson Hasn't Done Much Acting Work. Has He Done Much Scientology Work?

I often feel sorry for actors like Danny Masterson. What people don't often realize is that many people go into a job because they have a dream but if that dream dies, they still need to make rent. Just like somebody who doesn't enjoy their office job has to stick it out, the actors who don't get the same leaps into stardom or just aren't good enough are forced into working on terrible projects just so they can keep themselves going. Depressing.

Question 23

I Think We All Know About Tom Cruise, Right?

Seriously, what is it about this guy that everybody seems to love? I don't know this for sure, but I imagine Cruise is possibly one of the most successful actors of all time. Pretty sure that the best way to get people to turn up and pay to see your movie is put Tom Cruise in as the main character. Is there anybody out there that disagrees with me? He's not an amazing actor, he's just a famous face. A famous crazy face.

Question 24

What Do You Think About Elisabeth Moss?

Believe it or not, I've never actually seen Mad Men. However, I have seen the greatest thing that has ever been directed, written or filmed for television, and that is The Sopranos. I know Elisabeth Moss wasn't in The Sopranos, but I don't care. I have watched through that series three times now, and I could still watch it again and find it entertaining. Go and watch it right now. Seriously, one of the greatest things ever created in this world.

Question 25

Issac Hayes May Be Dead, But Was He A Scientologist?

Issac Hayes is one of the most influential musicians of the late 60's and the early 70s. This man knew how to make some funky music. He's likely best known for creating the Theme for Shaft, which to this day has one of the most recognizable introductions in all of popular music. It may have been written as a theme song, but it's still an incredibly well-written tune. If you don't know it, go listen to it now. If you do know it, go revisit it.

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