True Or False? 25 Gross Things Every Pregnant Woman Does


Look, people may see the miracle of birth as some sort of amazing and beautiful thing that women choose to go through, but anyone who has actually gone through it will tell you that the reality is much different. There's nothing wrong with the various ways your body changes and adapts to the nightmare that is pregnancy but to pretend it doesn't happen is just letting women walk into an unknown that they have a right to know is coming. Seriously, people should be taught this sort of stuff at schools!

If you can make it through this quiz, we imagine that you are either a doctor or a woman that has gone through pregnancy, because you would be surprised by the amount of stuff that the human body has to go through in an attempt to bring another life into this world. It can get pretty messed up, and if you haven't had any direct experience of it, there's no reason anyone would've told you about it. This is enough to scare anyone off from having kids if you ask us.

So, are you a woman who is ready to flex your pregnant muscles, or are you a man who wants to prove us wrong?

Question 1

Vaginal discharge becomes a daily occurrence.

There's no woman in the world that isn't already well acquainted with the concept of discharge, as they have to deal with it regularly. While it's a sign of poor health in a man, women should be flushing themselves out, not having to worry about what's going on inside themselves. However, once you're pregnant, your daily routine will probably revolve around making sure that you're not leaking into your own clothes while you're attempting to go about your daily business.

Question 2

Sex can harm your fetus.

Believe it or not, but you don't even need to have some insane member or be trying some out there moves to create some issues within the womb. While it's unlikely you'll be getting anywhere near the child, it can start micro tears within your body that will create complications when it comes to finally deliver the child. Also, any excess movement can lead to fatal injuries within the womb, something we obviously don't want for the poor innocent fetus.

Question 3

No more coffee allowed once you're pregnant!

Caffeine can have some serious effects on your fetus, even affecting how your child acts in later life. Some studies show that if you drink anything with caffeine while you're pregnant, your child can end up suffering from problems such as ADHD or anxiety. These aren't things you can get out of their system while they're young either. They can hide within your child until they're older and explode out of them with some pretty unpleasant regularity. Put down the coffee for the sake of your child.

Question 4

Many women experience excess snot.

We know, it doesn't bear thinking about really, but just as you will find yourself experiencing higher levels of pretty much every other bodily fluid, snot is no different. For whatever reason, your bodies fluid production decided to go on overdrive throughout pregnancy, meaning that nasal mucus will become a pretty huge part of your life as you prepare to welcome your new baby into this world. Let's not go into what you should be doing with your baby's snot either...

Question 5

Your uterus will stretch to 500 times its normal size.

Everyone likes to talk about changes in the womb when it comes to pregnancy, but the uterus is obviously involved as well throughout the nine months that you spend beholden to the fetus within your body. Throughout your time as a pregnant woman, your body will morph and change at different times, with one of the changes being from within your uterus, which manages to swell to 500 times its normal size! Does anybody else think that is absolutely insane?

Question 6

You can't eat sushi.

Not only can you not eat sushi, pretty much all fish is off the table. This is down to little parasitic worms that often live in the fish, worms that can make you violently ill at a time when both you and your baby really need you at your best. Not only that, but the illness can also spread to the fetus, which is obviously bad, both while in the womb and outside. Seriously, you do not want that worm about.

Question 7

Some doctors argue that pregnant women can be more healthy by drinking their own urine.

While it may seem like this quiz has been down on pregnancy as it can have a pretty serious effect on a woman's body, namely because it can, there are a lot of people out there who think that it can do wonders for a woman's body. Sure, most of these people aren't healthcare professionals, but there are some doctors who believe that a woman's body starts to expel extra levels of nutrients as there are too many for the body to take in, making it a healthy drink.

Question 8

Pregnancy can cause incontinence.

One thing that doctors argue many pregnant women need to come to terms with is the fact that they will, whether they like it or not, end up leaking from most of their orifices throughout the wondrous nine months that is pregnancy. Yes, that's right, you can expect some leakage. However, does this leakage spread all the way to the lower half of the body, or are we just talking about some of the more savory leakages that human beings get?

Question 9

You can no longer go near cats.

To any cat lovers out there, you're going to have to start thinking about what you love more because if it's your child, you're going to have live without a cat for the nine months leading up the birth. Don't ask us why, but studies have shown that people who live with cats while pregnant are more likely to give birth to children who struggle with allergies. You'd think it'd be the other way round but sometimes things don't happen how you'd expect.

Question 10

Your hair grows in ways and places it never has before.

Once we leave puberty, we like to think that we're ready for anything that our body throws at us, as we're informed that our bodies have done all the growing and changing that they've got to do. However, this just isn't true, as our bodies are ever changing, so when you throw a number of hormones that pregnancy can bring on at the body, you will be surprised by the number of things that can change. Body hair is no different.

Question 11

Pregnant women fart more!

We don't know whether it's because there's suddenly a lot more pressure inside of there, but some people are sure that the pregnant who walk among us are also farting among us as well. Not only that, but some argue that the smell is far worse during this time. Whether it's pressure, hormones, or some other factor we're not sure on, all we know is that it's gross and that pregnant women should stay away from us at all times.

Question 12

If left too long, mother's milk can go off inside the breast.

There are more reasons than comfort to pump your breast milk as the milk can actually go off while in the breast. It's not standard, but it can happen if your body is less likely to lactate, a problem that some women go through. If they don't realize this is happening and don't take precautions, the milk will go off while in the mother's breast. Obviously, this is fine while they're only pregnant, but once the baby is born, this can seriously harm their health.

Question 13

Some women find that the skin across their stomach can split.

Yes, we know, it's a horrendous thought, but some women have actually had this happen. While most pregnant women will suffer from the dreaded stretch marks and nothing more, some people will be unlucky enough to have their stomach skin split across the middle. This has something to do with the way that certain bodies deal with the sudden increase in hormones, thereby affecting the elasticity of your skin. You may end up with dry skin, but you may also end up with a split stomach.

Question 14

When pregnant, you must eat double the food, essentially gorging yourself.

When they say you're eating for two, they aren't lying. While it may seem as if you wouldn't need to eat as many calories for a fetus, they're actually at an important developmental stage, which means many of them need more than a newborn child. It seems insane, but then the human body has never been anything but scary and unpredictable if you ask us. If anything, you should use this time to eat everything you've always wanted to eat!

Question 15

Get ready for a lot more saliva, which means a lot more drooling!

You know that feeling when you wake up, surprised to find that you've dribbled all over your pillow in the night, your face now stuck to the cloth? Well, you can expect that to happen a lot more once you get pregnant! Seriously, you start to pump out saliva like nobody's business, so you better warn your significant other just in case they wake up stuck to their pillow as well, wondering how they managed to get so wet throughout the night.

Question 16

Chadwick's Sign takes place and you start to change color in areas you didn't think you could change!

We're pretty sure in ourselves that once we hit adolescence, most of the changes in our most private of areas is done. Sure, there might be little tweaks or differences that start to turn up, but nothing as major as a full-on change to a color that is otherwise rarely seen on the human body, especially one that is in any way healthy! Well, if you're pregnant, you better start getting used to it. Seriously, even we didn't know this happened.

Question 17

Expect an increase in nosebleeds.

While we usually associate nosebleeds with degenerates who have been spending too much time with their head in their stash or children who just can't stop picking at the face caves, pregnant women struggle with nosebleeds due to the sudden rush of blood that comes with having another human being within you. This keeps both of you alive, so it's obviously a small price to pay, but that doesn't mean it isn't annoying ruining every white shirt you own with little red specks.

Question 18

Acne spreads across your boobs and back.

Unless you suffered through high school with the boobne and backne, you'll likely have no idea of the pain and suffering that is headed your way once the pregnant hormones start to swirl around your system. In a lot of ways, you'll start to experience things that you haven't experienced for decades as if pregnancy brings you back towards the world you lived in during your youth. Expect acne, mood swings and a whole load of cravings just like your teens.

Question 19

Trapped gas can hurt some women more than labour.

You know that gas we were telling you about earlier? Yeah, if you don't let that out, or if your body decides that it doesn't want to let it out, you better get ready for some of the worst trapped gas that you've ever experienced in your life. Honestly, anecdotal evidence suggests that this pain can be worse than the actual birthing experience, which we already know is meant to be one of the most unpleasant experiences that any woman can go through.

Question 20

EVERY woman will get weird cravings.

It's a well-known problem that every woman will end up craving something that would usually make her barf. We're not just talking gherkins or something here, we're talking dipping chicken nuggets in peanut butter before drizzling them in vinegar. Yeah, it may sound disgusting now, but as soon as you've got that little thing inside of you, your body is going to start wanting so many odd combinations that this chicken nugget concoction will seem mild. We are not joking here.

Question 21

Darker veins appear on your breasts.

With extra blood comes engorged veins which protrude from underneath the thin layer of skin that you have draped across your breasts. Add to this that your breasts will be filling up with a large amount of milk as you go through your pregnancy, to the point where they may sometimes leak, and you've got yourself a recipe for some major swelling. For a lot of men, this sounds like paradise incarnate, but for the woman, it doesn't bear thinking about.

Question 22

You almost always feel too hot, which means a lot more sweating.

Even if you live in a somewhat colder climate, you'll have to be getting close to arctic levels to feel the benefit. Not only that but if your surroundings are that cold you'll definitely have to wrap up in the hope of keeping your baby safe, which means you'll just be like everybody else, sweating loads inside your huge coat. Nobody escapes the baby sweats, and if you're not a fan of feeling uncomfortable, you should probably pass on the whole baby thing.

Question 23

Your boobs may grow, but almost always unevenly.

Let's not lie and say that the prospect of breast growth doesn't appeal to some women because there are some women out there who would do anything for bigger boobs, but they probably would rather they were somewhat similar in size and shape, rather than completely different. Well, if you're pregnant, your boobs will definitely get bigger, but whether they'll be symmetrical is a whole other story. They'll have a mind of their own and you'll be surprised how quickly they start to look different.

Question 24

Constipation? Of course!

When you're a pregnant, you won't know whether you are coming or going a lot of the time, but we can tell you that you won't be going to the toilet a lot! Obviously, you'll manage to let something out sometimes, and with the amount of constipation that you'll have to live through, it will be a total mess. So, you're either spending half an hour on the toilet, pushing till you manage to force nothing out, or you're going to have to rush to one within seconds.

Question 25

Bending down to shave becomes an impossibility.

This one seems like common sense doesn't it? Even if you're not showing that much, you have to realize that you've got something pretty precious right in the middle of your torso so it's probably best if you don't go about your business, crushing it down just because you want to keep yourself nice and smooth. If you really cannot stand the thought of letting yourself get hairy down there, we suggest you get a significant other, or maybe even a friend, to do it for you.

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