If You Haven't Seen Every Twilight Movie, You're Not Passing This Quiz

In the year 2008, the movie Twilight was released and audiences everywhere fell in love with the characters, the love story, and the action! The dynamic between Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black really intrigued a lot of people and pulled them in wanting more! The following year, in 2009, New Moon was released and it allowed us to watch the story continue unfolding. In New Moon, we were able to see the relationship between Bella Swan and Jacob Black blossom and bloom with Edward Cullen totally out of the picture. By the end of that movie though, we saw Edward Cullen return!

In 2010, Eclipse came out and we were able to watch more of the action unfold, right before our eyes. Eclipse is one of the most intense movies out of the entire saga. in 2011, we saw Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and in 2012, we finally got our conclusion... Breaking Dawn - Part 2!

Question 1

What power does Edward have?

Question 2

What state did Bella used to live in?

Question 3

What can Jacob shapeshift into?

Question 4

Who is this?

Question 5

How many adoptive sisters does Edward have?

Question 6

Who physically harmed Rosalie before she turned into a vampire?

Question 7

How does Bella react after Jacob kisses her?

Question 8

What is the name of the tribe that Jacob and his family belong to?

Question 9

Who does Bella arm wrestle against?

Question 10

Who is this?

Question 11

Who is Jasper's romantic partner?

Question 12

Who is this?

Question 13

What do the Cullens say that Jacob and his pack smell like?

Question 14

What did Jacob give to Bella for her 18th birthday?

Question 15

What was the name of the beach on the Quileute reservation?

Question 16

Who are these villains?

Question 17

Who turned Edward into a vampire?

Question 18

Name Bella's daughter!

Question 19

What illness did Edward have before being turned into a vampire?

Question 20

Why does Edward move to Alaska?

Question 21

Which Cullen family member almost attacks Bella?

Question 22

What happens to Edward's skin in the light?

Question 23

What did James use to lure Bella?

Question 24

Who is this?

Question 25

When was Edward born?

Question 26

Who is this?

Question 27

What is Charlie Swan's occupation?

Question 28

What is Carlisle Cullen's occupation?

Question 29

Where is Bella and Edward's honeymoon?

Question 30

Where do Jasper, Emmett, and Edward wear the Cullen family crest?

Question 31

What kind of car does Edward drive?

Question 32

What class did Edward and Bella share in Twilight?

Question 33

Who is this?

Question 34

How old was Edward when he became a vampire?

Question 35

What does Edward first notice about Bella?

Question 36

In what state does Bella meet Edward?

Question 37

Who was originally meant to be with Edward?

Question 38

What musical instrument can Edward play?

Question 39

Who said, "What if I'm no a hero. What if I'm the bad guy?"

Question 40

What nickname does Edward have for Bella?

Question 41

Why did Edward attempt to confront the Volturi?

Question 42

How often do the Cullen's sleep?

Question 43

What color is Bella's truck?

Question 44

Who is this?

Question 45

Where is Jacob's tattoo?

Question 46

Why does the Cullen family move so much?

Question 47

Who is Emmett's romantic partner?

Question 48

Where does Jacob end up on a date with Bella?

Question 49

How old is Bella when she marries Edward?

Question 50

What sport do the Cullens play for fun?

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