There's No Way You Could Score Over 50% On This Girly Movie Test

Imagine seeing so many movies that you can easily ace any movie quiz on the web. For some people, watching movies is nothing short of an obsession, and they are able to retain an amazing amount of information that they take in. They watch movies in different genres and always stay on top of the latest news coming out of Hollywood. Of course, some people choose to focus solely on certain types of films, and today, we are catering to those people that love to watch girly movies.

People that know a thing or two about the best girly movies around are in for a treat, because this quiz is all about the movies that make us feel some type of way!

Question 1

Was Zendaya In Mean Girls?

Question 2

In The Proposal, What Country Is Margaret From?

Question 3

Which Girly Movie Did Zac Efron Appear In?

Question 4

Which Rapper Appears In The Other Woman?

Question 5

Which Molly Ringwald Movie Is This?

Question 6

Do Adam And Emma Go Their Separate Ways In No Strings Attached?

Question 7

Which State Does Gracie Represent In Miss Congeniality?

Question 8

Which Country Is Mia The Princess Of In The Princess Diaries?

Question 9

Maleficent Is A Different Take Of Which Disney Classic?

Question 10

Name This Movie

Question 11

In Clueless, What Does Cher's Father Do For A Living?

Question 12

Which Of These Is NOT An Adam Sandler Movie?

Question 13

What Color Hair Does Vivian Have When She First Meets Edward?

Question 14

What Cheer Squad Is Torrance Part Of In Bring It On?

Question 15

How Many Stepsisters Does Cinderella Have?

Question 16

Reese Witherspoon Is Known For Starring In Which Of These Movies?

Question 17

Where Does What a Girl Wants Take Place?

Question 18

In Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz's Character Is Forced To Teach Because...?

Question 19

What Candy Do Jenna And Matt Enjoy Together?

Question 20

Where Does Ariel Live In The Little Mermaid?

Question 21

What Happens To Mike In 17 Again?

Question 22

Why Are These Two Lovebirds Covered In Paint?

Question 23

Name This Movie

Question 24

In 27 Dresses, How Are These Ladies Related?

Question 25

Did Zach Galifianakis Appear In What Happens in Vegas?

Question 26

Where Does Beauty and the Beast Take Place?

Question 27

Which Of These Movies Is Bradley Cooper NOT In?

Question 28

True Or False? This Is A Screenshot From The Princess Diaries.

Question 29

What Is Flynn's Real Name In Tangled?

Question 30

What Fun Word Did Andie Inspire Ben To Use For A Jewelry Ad?

Question 31

Does Juno Keep The Baby For Herself?

Question 32

Does Drew Barrymore Appear In Just Go With It?

Question 33

Name This Movie

Question 34

Is Lady and the Tramp A Disney Film?

Question 35

Which Girly Movie Did Sofia Vergara Appear In?

Question 36

Does Iris End Up With Miles In The Holiday?

Question 37

Name This Movie

Question 38

Did Scarlett Johansson Appear In The Holiday?

Question 39

Name This Movie

Question 40

Which Camp Do The Girls Meet At In The Parent Trap?

Question 41

What Is The Name Of The Magazine Jenna Works For In 13 Going On 30?

Question 42

Who Does Drew Barrymore Play In Never Been Kissed?

Question 43

Is Nancy Drew Based On A Novel Series?

Question 44

Is Sebastian A Pilot In La La Land?

Question 45

Who Does Dakota Johnson Play In How to Be Single?

Question 46

What Princess Is Ever After Based On?

Question 47

Where Is Giselle Transported In Enchanted?

Question 48

Who Does Colin Firth Play In Bridget Jones's Diary?

Question 49

Name This Movie

Question 50

Did Taylor Schilling Appear In Valentine's Day?

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