The Elena Quiz That Even The Salvatores Would Fail

The Vampire Diaries was an amazing TV show that first aired in 2009 and was so popular that it lasted for eight seasons, right until 2017. If you’re a fan of the show, then you probably know that the storyline of the show centered on a teenager named Elena as well as two vampires Stefan and Damon Salvatore who were both her lovers at one point or another.

However, while the show centered on Elena other characters appeared all throughout the show. Still, Elena remained the most important character of them all and this is what this quiz is all about – we will test your knowledge on Elena.

This quiz is rather difficult however so don’t be disheartened if you realize that you don’t know the answers to half of the questions here. After all, even Stefan and Damon would struggle to pass this quiz with flying colors. However, if you do pass this quiz we congratulate you – that means you are a true Elena fan!

1When was Elena born?

Only the real fans of The Vampire Diaries, and in consequence Elena Gilbert, will know the answer to this question. After all, birthdays are so difficult to remember. Most of us don’t even know the birth year, let alone the birth date, of our closest friends and relatives. This of course very often gets us into uncomfortable and awkward situations. So, do you know when Elena was born? Was it May 15 1990, June 22 1992, December 10 1993 or February 2, 1994?

2Elena has always wanted to be a...

When we first encounter Elena in season one of the show she is still in high school. She is still attending classes, doing her homework and thinking about her future. Of course that somewhat changes when Elena becomes a vampire, but only for a while. Indeed, at one point in the series Elena mentions that she has always wanted to be something specific when she grows up. Can you recall what it was? Did Elena want to be a doctor, a teacher, a writer or a researcher?

3What is Elena’s zodiac sign?

We don’t think that even Stefan or Damon would know the answer to the above question – what is Elena’s zodiac sign – so we’ll be very surprised if you get this one right. Zodiac signs are even harder to remember than birthdays and indeed, some find astrology and zodiac signs ridiculous and silly. So, how about you, do you care about astrology and the zodiac signs of those around you? And if so, can you recall what Elena’s zodiac sign is? Is Elena a Taurus, a Leo, a Sagittarius, or a Cancer?

4Why was Elena adopted by Miranda and Grayson Gilbert?

When we initially met Elena in season one, we assumed that she was the daughter of Miranda and Grayson Gilbert. However, as the series progressed we learned, alongside Elena herself, that she was not actually their daughter but that rather she was adopted by Miranda and Grayson Gilbert. But can you recall why Elena was adopted by them? This plot twist was certainly an interesting one but one that you may find difficult to remember – after all it happened all the way back in season one of the show.

5Who were Elena’s biological parents?

We’ve already established that Elena was not actually the daughter of Miranda and Grayson Gilbert. Rather, she was adopted by them. We found this out in season one of the show, alongside the clueless Elena herself, who just like us had no idea that she was adopted. Indeed, her adoptive parents had even faked her birth certificate to make it look like she was actually their daughter. However, it was also in season one that we got to meet both of Elena’s biological parents. Can you recall who they were?

6Is Elena right handed or left handed?

We’re not going to lie, the above question – is Elena right handed or left handed – is quite difficult and one that even Damon and Stefan would have difficulty answering. So, here you can showcase your knowledge of not only The Vampire Diaries but also Elena. Can you remember whether Elena is right handed or left handed? If you’re not sure, try to recall the scenes where she was writing in her diary and try to remember which hand she was writing with.

7True or False – Elena can speak fluent German

When we first meet Elena in season one of the show she is attending high school. However, we don’t get to see that many scenes of her being in class. Still, Elena continues attending high school, and in consequence, classes for a quite a few seasons. At one point we find out that Elena takes a specific language class in school. So, can you recall which language class it was? This is a tough question so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get this one right.

8Which of these classes did Elena NOT take in school?

We’ve already established that when we first met Elena she was attending high school and in consequence, high school classes. Indeed, Elena continues attending school throughout the show so can you recall which classes she took? This is another tough question and one that both Stefan and Damon would find difficult to answer so we won’t judge you too harshly if you get this one wrong. So, which of these classes did Elena NOT take in school? Was it French, German, History or English?

9How old was Elena when she received her very first diary?

When we first meet Elena in season one of the show we immediately learn that she loves writing in her diary, something she has in common with Stefan. She is clearly very much attached to her diary and writes in it constantly, a habit she has obviously developed over the years. Indeed, as the show progresses we learn that Elena was given her very first diary when she was a very young girl. Can you remember how old she was when she received her first diary? Was she 8, 9, 10 or 11 years old?

10Who gave Elena her very first diary?

In season one of the show, Elena could be seen constantly writing in her diary. But as we have already established in the previous question, Elena developed the habit of writing in her diary over the years. Indeed, she received her very first diary when she was still a child and clearly kept it up, documenting her life carefully. Indeed, this is a habit she shares with Stefan who has also kept diaries throughout the years, documenting his experiences and feelings as a vampire.

11When did Elena break up with Matt?

When we first started watching the show it didn’t take us long to realize that Elena and Matt were more than friends. Indeed, we soon found out that at one point in their lives they were dating. And because of that, we often feel tension and awkwardness in their relationship, at least at first – later on they return to being best friends they obviously once were. However, can you recall when Elena broke up with Matt? Or, in your opinion, was it the other way around – did Matt break up with her?

12True or False – Elena was a cheerleader in school

There’s no denying that high school can be incredibly fun. It’s a place where you get to meet your friends, learn new things, and try out various different activities and hobbies, such as cheerleading. Regardless of your thoughts on cheerleading (some love it whereas others find it silly), can you recall whether Elena was a cheerleader in school? While this is rather simple question you may have forgotten the answer to it over time. Indeed, we’re not sure that even Stefan and Damon would remember the answer to this question.

13Elena wears the daylight ring on her...

Being a vampire comes with certain perks such as immortality and immense speed and strength, not to mention the ability to compel other people. However, being a vampire also has its disadvantages. For example, vampires can’t walk in the sun unless they have a special daylight ring that protects them. Indeed, vampires that don’t possess this ring can’t lead fulfilling lives for they have to hide in the shadows and wait until night time to venture outside. When Elena becomes a vampire, Bonnie makes her a special daylight ring. Can you remember which hand and which finger Elena wears this ring on?

14What was the profession of Grayson Gilbert, Elena’s dad?

While Grayson Gilbert was not Elena’s biological father, Elena still considered him her read dad. After all, he was the one who brought her up, loved her and cared for her. It only makes sense that no matter who Elena’s real biological father was, she was always going to consider Grayson her dad. But can you recall her dad’s occupation? In your opinion, was Grayson Gilbert a doctor, an inventor, an antique store owner or a teacher? Go ahead and choose the answer you think is correct.

15Why couldn’t Elena quit the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant in season 1?

In season one, we saw Elena enter the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. Although it didn’t seem like Elena actually wanted to participate in the event (and we can’t say we blame her), she felt like she couldn’t quit it. Can you recall why Elena felt that way? Was it because she promised Caroline she would participate, because she didn’t want to seem like a coward, because she thought it would be good for her to attend a social event or because her mum wanted her to take part in it?

16True or False – Elena is a great cook

Throughout the series there were a couple of times where we saw Elena preparing dinner in the kitchen. While dinner is considered an essential meal and one that is usually cooked by women – at least when it comes to families – it doesn’t mean that every woman loves cooking, or is even capable of cooking. So, can you remember whether Elena was a good cook? Or did she, in your opinion, dislike cooking? This is a tough question so don’t be disheartened if you don’t know the answer to it.

17When did Elena realize Stefan was a vampire?

When Elena first met Stefan she had no idea that he was not a normal human being. Indeed, she assumed that he was just another regular student, albeit a very attractive one of course. However, as the show progressed Elena started noticing Stefan’s quirks and strange behavior and she started to suspect that he is not quite normal. However, there was a very specific moment when Elena fully realized that Stefan is a vampire. Can you recall that specific moment?

18What was Elena’s car in season 1?

Elena always struck as a very self-efficient and independent girl so it only made sense that she could already drive when we met her in season one of the show. She didn’t drive that often however so you would be totally justified not to know the answer to the above question – what was Elena’s car in season one of the show? We will be very impressed if you do know the answer however so go ahead and surprise us with the correct answer.

19True or False – both Grayson Gilbert and Miranda Gilbert were members of the Town Council

In The Vampire Diaries, the Town Council, formerly known as the Founders Council, is quite an important organisation. Officially its purpose was to commemorate the foundation of Mystic Falls. Unofficially however its purpose was much more serious – to protect the town from the threat of vampires. However, at the start of the series not all members of the council, who included high-ranking civil servants, knew about vampires and other supernatural beings. Can you recall whether Elena’s parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, were members of the Town Council?

20Where does Elena accidentally leave her diary in season 1 episode 1 of the show?

We’ve already discussed at length that Elena loved writing in her diary throughout the show and that indeed it was a habit she developed over the years. After all, Elena had been writing in her diary since she was a kid so it only makes sense that the habit stuck. Indeed, when we first meet Elena in season one episode one of the show, she accidentally loses her diary. Can you recall where she accidentally leaves it? Does she leave it at the school, The Grill, Bonnie’s house or the cemetery?

21How did Elena’s parents die?

When we first started watching the show it didn’t take us long to realize that Elena’s parents were dead. Indeed, even though their death occurred before the show started, it was obvious that Elena was still disturbed by it and that she couldn’t go back to her normal life. Of course, later we learn that Elena blames herself for her parents death too, a fact that made it much more difficult for Elena to move on with her life. So, can you recall how Elena’s parents died?

22What color are Elena’s eyes?

This question may seem simple but you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong. Indeed, we’re not sure that even Stefan and Damon would be able to answer this question, at least not if they were taken by surprise. So do you know what color were Elena’s eyes? Were they blue, green, hazel or brown? Eyes are said to be the windows into our soul but too often we fail to notice them. Indeed, very few of us can recall the eye color of those close to us.

23How tall is Elena?

This is a rather difficult question so don’t beat yourself up if you get this one wrong. In fact, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Stefan and Damon got this question wrong either. After all, it is so difficult to know the exact height of someone. We usually don’t even know the height of our friends and relatives, so you would be totally justified not to know the answer to this question. Still, if you’re a true fan of The Vampire Diaries and Elena then you should of course know the answer to this question.

24When do Elena and Stefan first kiss?

We could immediately tell that Elena and Stefan were intrigued by each other and attracted to one another the moment they met. We knew it was only a matter of time until they developed a relationship and then kissed. And when they did kiss, we rejoiced for it was a moment we had been waiting for forever. But do you know when exactly Elena and Stefan kissed? Did they kiss in season 1 episode 1 of the show, season 1 episode 2 of the show, season 1 episode 5 of the show or season 1 episode 7 of the show?

25True or False – Elena loves eggplant

This is another rather difficult question and one that you will probably get wrong. After all, it is a question we are sure that neither Stefan nor Damon would get right either so don’t be too upset if you don’t know the correct answer. But do go ahead and make a guess. There are only two available answers so there is a good chance you’ll get this one right anyways. So, in your opinion, does Elena love eggplant or not?

26Elena is the doppelganger of...

It was quite early on in the show that we realized that Elena has a striking resemblance to one particular character on the show. And indeed, later on we realize that Elena is actually the doppelganger of that particular character. Can you recall who that character is? Is Elena the doppelganger of Katherine, Isobel, Miranda or Rebekah? This is quite a tough question but if you consider yourself a serious The Vampire Diaries fan then you should have no trouble answering this question.

27When did Elena first kiss Damon?

While at the start of the show neither Elena nor Damon show much affection for each other it doesn’t take them long to become friends. And of course, friendship often develops into something else so we were not at all surprised when Elena and Damon started feeling romantic feelings towards each other. In fact, most of us were anticipating the development of a romantic relationship between Elena and Damon and we were ecstatic when they first kissed. Do you recall when that first kiss happened?

28Who originally owned Elena’s necklace?

After Stefan falls for Elena in season one of the show he wants to ensure that she is safe at all times. Of course, since he is a vampire he knows that other vampires could show up and exert their power, namely compulsion, over Elena. The only way to stop a vampire from compelling a human being is for the human being to have vervain in him or on him. Therefore, Stefan gives Elena a vervain necklace which is to protect her at all times.

29What color was Elena’s diary in season 1?

We’re already talked about Elena’s diary writing habit extensively but we don’t think there’s any harm in repeating ourselves. When we first met Elena in season one of the show she was constantly writing in her diary, a habit she developed over the years. After all, she was given her very first diary when she was still a child and naturally since then filled many notebooks with her thoughts and feelings. But can you recall the diary Elena owned in season one? Specifically, can you recall its color?

30Who does Elena feed off of in secret in season 4 of the show?

Ever since Elena learned the truth about Stefan, Damon and vampires in general we have been anticipating her turning into a vampire also. We knew it was inevitable so we were not that surprised when it actually happened. Of course, given Elena’s nature and character we assumed that she would be a good vampire – meaning that she would not feed on humans. Unfortunately, in season four of the show she is unable to resist the temptation of human blood and thus she ends up feeding on someone in secret. Do you know who that someone is?

31True or False – Elena loves drinking Chardonnay

This is another rather difficult question so we won’t judge you too harshly if you get this one wrong. After all, we are pretty sure that neither Stefan nor Damon would know the answer to this challenging question either. So, in your opinion, is the statement “Elena loves drinking Chardonnay” true or false? If you don’t know the answer just go ahead and guess. There are only two answers to this questions which means that there is a pretty good chance your guess will be correct.

32Why did Elena burn down her own house?

At one point during the show Elena ends up burning down her own house. Can you recall why she did that? Did she do it to cover up Jeremy’s death, for no reason whatsoever, to kill Elijah or to kill Katherine? As you can imagine, that house meant a lot to Elena because it was the house she grew up in. In short, there were a lot of memories there so Elena had to have a very good reason to do what she did.

33What does Damon say to Elena before he dies in season 5?

Most Vampire Diaries fans loved Elena and Damon together. They were a passionate and strong couple, even if they did run into many difficulties and issues. But there’s no relationship without drama and drama is what made Elena and Damon stronger, and indeed, what made them love each other more. Elena’s and Damon’s relationship was also not only full of drama, but also death, including Damon’s unfortunate death in season five. Can you recall his last, dying words to Elena?

34“He came into my life at a time when I needed someone and I fell for him instantly. No matter what I feel for you, I never unfell for him." Whom did Elena say this to in the last episode of season 3?

The above quote is one that Elena uttered at the end of season three. Can you recall whom Elena said it to? Did she say it to Damon, Stefan, Matt, or Jeremy? As you can imagine, the above words were rather hurtful although Elena’s intention was not bad. Still, these words made most of us quite sad and upset and we truly hoped that she would make it up to the person in the next season (even though it did not seem likely or even possible at the time).

35True or False – Elena was failing history class in season 1 of the show

We’ve already discussed that during the early stages of the show Elena was a student at high school which means she was attending classes. It certainly couldn’t have been easy going to school, doing homework and dealing with all the vampire drama. Yet Elena managed it. But how well did she manage it? Can you recall whether the statement you see above – Elena was failing history class in season one of the show – is true or false? This is quite a difficult question so we will understand if you can’t remember the answer.

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