How Many Of These Country Stars Can You Name In 90 Seconds Or Less?

Country music fans will enjoy naming as many of these country stars as they can. This quiz won't take long to complete and it's jam-packed with male and female country stars from today and yesteryear.

These talented singers are the types that fill arenas or stadiums. They're all famous, but some are more famous than others.

This quiz has great pics of these country music legends, as well as entertaining write-ups. Moving through the quiz will be a great way to pass the time. Some will ace this quiz. Others may need to take the quiz more than once in order to ace it.

To complete the quiz, just click on the right responses to each question. Isn't it time to test country music knowledge? Don't wait another second to begin this quiz.

Question 1

Who is this popular country music star?

Question 2

Name this country music sensation.

Question 3

Who is this country superstar?

Question 4

Name this country music queen.

Question 5

Who is this?

Question 6

Name this country music diva.

Question 7

Name this famous country star.

Question 8

Which country star is this?

Question 9

Who is this guy?

Question 10

Name this talented star.

Question 11

Who is this country megastar?

Question 12

Name this country music legend.

Question 13

Who is this country music icon?

Question 14

Who is this famous musician?

Question 15

Name this country megastar.

Question 16

Who is this famous singer?

Question 17

Name this popular country artist.

Question 18

Name this talented guy.

Question 19

Name this country music celebrity.

Question 20

Who is this?

Question 21

Name this person.

Question 22

Name this crossover artist.

Question 23

Who is this gifted musician?

Question 24

Who is this famous country singer?

Question 25

Name this star.

Question 26

Who is this country music star?

Question 27

Name this popular country artist.

Question 28

Name this legendary artist.

Question 29

Who is this musician?

Question 30

Name this acclaimed country musician.

Question 31

Who is this guy?

Question 32

Name this country sensation.

Question 33

Name this charismatic country star.

Question 34

Who is this?

Question 35

Name this country superstar.

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