If You Score 100% On This Pub Quiz, You're Smarter Than 80% Of The Population

When it comes to having some innocent fun with friends, few things can be as entertaining as a pub quiz. These quizzes cover just about every topic under the sun, and they can be exceptionally competitive, especially later in the game after a few drinks have gone down the hatch. A lot of it can be filled with basic knowledge, but some of the questions can be rather difficult, making us stop and think quickly before someone else pounces on the answer.

The people that regularly take part in pub quiz events make sure to stay sharp and take in as much information as possible, and these people can end up making a handsome sum along the way. Sure, these events are meant to be fun, but many of us have a competitive spirit, and we cannot help but give it maximum effort to secure a win and a chunk of change. Since people want to stay prepared in between showdowns, we thought it best to present a quiz that covers just about everything a person could hope for!

Today, we want to see who out there is among the elite by waiting to see who can ace this pub quiz!

Question 1

What Type Of Dessert Is This?

Question 2

Name This Brand

Question 3

What Type Of Creature Is This?

Question 4

Is Barcelona In Germany?

Question 5

The Center Of A Target Is Called The...

Question 6

Which Franchise Is C-3PO From?

Question 7

Redheads Are Often Referred To As...

Question 8

What Are Churros Covered In?

Question 9

Who Hosted The Crocodile Hunter?

Question 10

Disneyland Is An Example Of A...

Question 11

What Is Captain America's Real Name?

Question 12

Name This Rapper

Question 13

What Is The Colored Part Of The Eye Called?

Question 14

What Is Leather Made From?

Question 15

Which Of These Songs Is By AC/DC?

Question 16

Which Word Is Misspelled?

Question 17

What Type Of Apple Is This?

Question 18

Which Show Did Daenerys Targaryen Appear On?

Question 19

Is A Gorilla A Monkey Or An Ape?

Question 20

Name This Brand

Question 21

How Many Points Is A Slam Dunk Worth?

Question 22

Is Deadpool From Marvel or DC?

Question 23

Cleveland Is The Capital Of Which State?

Question 24

Which Character Did NOT Appear In The Lion King?

Question 25

Name This Snack

Question 26

What Is It Called When Your Hotel Room Is Cleaned During The Day?

Question 27

What Is A Mini Burger Called?

Question 28

Which Country Is Copenhagen Located In?

Question 29

A Group Of Three Is Called A...

Question 30

What Is The Primary Ingredient In Guacamole?

Question 31

Which Song Is NOT By Cardi B

Question 32

Name This NBA Star

Question 33

Name This Brand

Question 34

Did Pinocchio Start Off As A Puppet?

Question 35

What Do Competitive Video Gamers Take Part In?

Question 36

Does McDonald's Sell The Big Mac?

Question 37

What Does Nike Make?

Question 38

Which Man Was NOT A Member Of Nirvana?

Question 39

What Type Of Facial Hair Does Mario Have?

Question 40

A Person In Prison Is Called An...

Question 41

Name This College

Question 42

How Many Points Is A Field Goal Worth?

Question 43

Which Band Was Paul McCartney In?

Question 44

What Does Chunky Peanut Butter Have In It?

Question 45

Which Country Is Rio De Janeiro In?

Question 46

Which Company Makes The Switch Console?

Question 47

How Many Super Bowls Has Tom Brady Won?

Question 48

Is Toronto Located In New York?

Question 49

Which Fast Food Restaurant Serves The Whopper?

Question 50

Which Word Is Spelled Correctly?

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