This T/F Star Wars Quiz Will Reveal Who Could Take Down The First Order!

Star Wars is the most loved film franchise of all time, and it has been this way since the franchise first came to the big screen back in the 70s. Since its initial rise, we have seen more movies, books, comics, toys and everything else that could possibly have a Star Wars logo on it. In Disneyland, there is a whole new land dedicated to Star Wars, and it will take people into an immersive story, which is sure to please fans of the franchise.

Over the years, we have seen some lengthy gaps between Star Wars films, and it is during those gaps that people have taken it upon themselves to learn more about the overall lore of Star Wars. Few franchises in history are as dense with information as this one is, and the biggest fans have made sure to learn every single thing they can as time has gone on. These fans would be perfect to be in the films, as knowledge is a major factor in taking down the forces that oppose a peaceful life for the rest of the galaxy.

So, with this in mind, let's see who out there can ace this Star Wars quiz and prove they have what it takes to bring down the First Order!

Question 1

Admiral Holdo Is A Jedi

Admiral Holdo is a character that was introduced in The Last Jedi, and she was second in command only to Leia during the film. Holdo would be the person responsible for a number of lives being saved when she conducted a maneuver that the enemy did not see coming. (Wookieepedia)

Question 2

Baze Malbus Was Introduced In The Film Rogue One

Baze Malbus was a character that left more questions than answers for the franchise, but people still appreciated the contributions that he was able to make during his time on screen. Perhaps we will get the chance to see more of his character in other installments that are released. (Wookieepedia)

Question 3

This Is An R2 Droid

As we have come to see in the movies over time, there are a number of different droids for people to get their hands on and use. These droids all do specific things, and they can come in handy when they are used to their best abilities. This little droid has become exceptionally popular. (Wookieepedia)

Question 4

Beckett Helped Luke Skywalker Get To Naboo

This character was teased as being someone that was going to make a huge impact on the franchise, and as it were, he wound up having a profound impact on the main character that he spent time with. Mentors have a way of shaping and molding the heroes we have come to love. (Wookieepedia)

Question 5

Bib Fortuna Works For Jabba The Hut

Bib Fortuna is a character that came along in the earlier films in the franchise and wound up being turned into toys for people to buy. He was not the main character, but Star Wars figures made sure to include a lot of characters for people to buy. He was someone that worked for another character. (Wookieepedia)

Question 6

C-3PO Was Built By Anakin Skywalker

There are few characters in the history of the franchise that are as known and as popular as this guy, and he has been around since the very beginning. He is a droid that is as cautious as any other in the galaxy, and he likes to give his friends a stronger sense of the odds at hand. (Wookieepedia)

Question 7

Phasma Holds The Rank Of Captain

Phasma was a character that was introduced in the modern Star Wars films, and the marketing campaign made it seem like she would end up having a much larger role in the films. She was around for the first two installments, though it does not look like she will be back for another. (Wookieepedia)

Question 8

Cassian Andor Is A Sith Lord

Sith come in all shapes and sizes, and they have done a good job at blending in and pouncing when people least expect them to. This man may not look like much, but he showed himself to be someone that had plenty going on below the surface while he was in the franchise. (Wookieepedia)

Question 9

Chewbacca Is A Wookie

There have been tons of amazing and fantastical creatures that have been introduced in the franchise, and many people know the names of the most famous ones. Chewbacca has been around since the beginning, and he spent his days helping out Han Solo and going on missions with him. (Wookieepedia)

Question 10

Chirrut Imwe Appeared In The Film A New Hope

Chirrut Imwe is the perfect example of a character that left behind a lot of mystery, and fans are still wondering why they did not get more of a story about this character. Even though his time on screen was short, he did some incredible things while believing in the Force. (Wookieepedia)

Question 11

Luke Skywalker Is From Coruscant

Every person has to be from somewhere, and for this entry, we want to shine a light on Luke’s origins. Luke came from humble beginnings to become the hero that the galaxy needed, and we got to see his home planet multiple times on the big screen over the years. (Wookieepedia)

Question 12

Darth Vader Is Leia’s Father

The theme of families has permeated throughout the entire Star Wars franchise, and today, we want to see which people out there know the lineage of Darth Vader. Before he turned to the dark side, Vader was someone that was living a life that had lots of temptation wherever he went. (Wookieepedia)

Question 13

DJ Helped Finn On Canto Bight

Characters come into the picture when we least expect them, and when this performer was announced to be in the franchise, people were ready to see what he would do. DJ is a character that had a lot of knowledge, but his lack of loyalty was a hallmark of his character. (Wookieepedia)

Question 14

Emperor Palpatine Is Darth Sidious

Emperor Palpatine was someone that claimed to have the interest of the people in mind, but this proved to be false. He was able to make his way up the ladder by being sneaky, and his actions were a focal point of the prequel trilogy. He has appeared in multiple Star Wars films. (Wookieepedia)

Question 15

Finn’s Stormtrooper Designation Is FN-2187

Before helping out the Resistance, Finn was someone that was serving as a stormtrooper for the First Order. It was clear that he knew the difference between right and wrong, and as soon as he was able to, he made a run for it and never looked back at his old life. (Wookieepedia)

Question 16

Hux Holds The Rank Of Admiral

Hux is a character that debuted in the modern trilogy, and he has appeared in each of the first two films. He has delivered passionate speeches about the plan that the First Order wanted to carry out, and he has been at odds with other figures jostling for power in the regime. (Wookieepedia)

Question 17

Han Solo Is A Smuggler

Han Solo is many things, but scruffy isn’t one of them. He is an original member of the Star Wars franchise, and he spent a lifetime looking out for himself and his best friends. Occasionally, he has done little things like complete the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, and this made him a legend to many. (Wookieepedia)

Question 18

Luke Met Obi-Wan On Hoth

Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi did not get to spend a whole lot of time together on screen in the original trilogy, but their time wound up being meaningful for Luke and his overall development. The two men met one another on what has become one of the most famous locations in franchise history. (Wookieepedia)

Question 19

Jyn Erso’s Father Helped The Empire

As we got to see in Rogue One, Jyn Erso is a character that wanted nothing more than to take down the Empire, and the road she went down led her to fulfill a mission that did wonders for innocent lives around the galaxy. We also got to learn about her history in the film. (Wookieepedia)

Question 20

Kylo Ren Is Luke Skywalker’s Son

Kylo Ren has a family tree that is as impressive as any other person’s in the galaxy, and he is able to tap into the Force because of his heritage. He is a powerful character that has a lot of raw power, and he has been an antagonist in the franchise since The Force Awakens debuted. (Wookieepedia)

Question 21

Lando Calrissian Piloted The Millennium Falcon

Lando Calrissian is a popular Star Wars character that came along during the original trilogy of films. After being absent for some time, fans got to see him back on the big screen in Solo, and he will be returning once again in the upcoming Star Wars film later this year. (Wookieepedia)

Question 22

Luke Skywalker Is The Son Of Qui-Gon Jinn

Luke’s ability to tap into the Force and become an incredible Jedi had to come from somewhere, and we want to spend some time focusing on Luke and his parentage. His parents did not raise him, but as time went on, he would learn the truth about them from other people. (Wookieepedia)

Question 23

Obi-Wan Gave Luke His First Lightsaber

Obi-Wan Kenobi is the first prominent character that Luke Skywalker meets early on in his journey, and it is Obi-Wan that tells Luke some key information about where he is from and where he needs to be going. Luke would go on to become the most famous hero in the entire galaxy. (Wookieepedia)

Question 24

Poe Dameron Is A Pilot In The Resistance

Poe Dameron is a newer character when compared to Luke and Leia, but he has been able to find a lot of love from fans thanks to his actions on the big screen. He has appeared in the first two modern trilogy films, and he will be coming back to finish out the story. (Wookieepedia)

Question 25

Leia Holds The Rank Of General

Leia is one of the most incredible characters in the history of film, and we have watched her grow as a character over the years. She always had a tenacity to her and a will to do what is right, and she proved herself to be a fearless leader that could inspire hope. (Wookieepedia)

Question 26

This Is The Logo Of The Jedi

Over time, we have gotten to see some prominent logos appear in the series, and the biggest and most loyal fans around the world have gotten some of these logos tattooed on them. This logo here is one that has been in the franchise ever since the first trilogy debuted. (Wookieepedia)

Question 27

Rey Is From Canto Bight

Rey is the lead character in the modern trilogy, and while there was little known about her at first, we have slowly gotten a peek behind the curtain to learn about her beginnings. She appears to be the strongest person in the galaxy, and her strength continues to grow. (Wookieepedia)

Question 28

Saw Gerrera Is A Senator

Originally appearing on the small screen, this character came to life on the big screen in what wound up being a shorter than expected run on the big screen. His character had a lot to like about him, and the casting director made sure to put a talented performer in the role. (Wookieepedia)

Question 29

Finn Wears Poe Dameron’s Jacket

Finn only knew one life before he was able to get away from the First Order, and once he was free and able to think for himself, he wound up making some new friends. Finn has been a lead character in the modern trilogy, and he has helped the Resistance make it as far as they have. (Wookieepedia)

Question 30

Han Solo Was A Stormtrooper

Han Solo may not be around in the franchise anymore, but he left a lasting legacy while he was still appearing in the films. He did a lot of tremendous things while he was still alive, but there were also moments that saw him cave in and veer off the straight and narrow. (Wookieepedia)

Question 31

Chewbacca Is From Tatooine

Chewbacca is a hero that people have come to know and love over the years. While we may not be able to understand what he is saying, there is always someone that is around to translate. As time has gone on, we have gotten a bit more of a backstory on this beloved character. (Wookieepedia)

Question 32

The Last Jedi Is Episode VIII

Outside of two films that have been made so far, each Star Wars movie has been an episodic entry, and they have fleshed out a story that has been going on for decades. With there being a ninth entry coming out this year, fans are ready to see the story finish once and for all. (Wookieepedia)

Question 33

Jyn Erso Is A Tie Fighter Pilot

Jyn Erso managed to see and do a lot during her time in the Star Wars franchise, and she ended up being a character that people wished to see more of by the time her film ended. Jyn was capable of doing some incredible things, but was she ever a Tie Fighter pilot? (Wookieepedia)

Question 34

This Type Of Vehicle Is An X-Wing

One of the more remarkable things that the Star Wars has done is bringing vehicles into the fold and having them become popular as well. These vehicles are used to carry out missions and they help suck people into the story at hand and transport them into another galaxy. (Wookieepedia)

Question 35

Yoda Trained Luke Skywalker

Yoda is one of the most powerful and popular characters to emerge from the franchise, and he has found a way to appear in every trilogy that has been made so far. As we saw in the films, he is a character that has an abundance of sage advice for younger Jedi. (Wookieepedia)

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