This Super Quick Quiz Will Reveal Everyone's Sweetest Quality

All the sweethearts in the room raise their hands!

Who prides themselves on being a great person? Maybe they're the kind of friend that always is ready to lend a listening ear in times of trouble? Maybe they have that great perspective on problems that turn mountains into tiny hills and make life seem a little less stressful? Maybe they're always there with an encouraging card, or even a yummy cake to congratulate someone on a job well done? Whatever it is, we all have a sweet side that we love to let shine! No matter how much of a sweetheart anyone is, there is always that one quality that stands out from the rest, their real superstar sweetest quality that draws people to them like bees to honey.

We have compiled a list of the ten sweetest qualities that anyone could hope to have. They range from honesty to a sense of fair play and cover everything in between. Everyone has one stand-out sweet quality and it is time to find out exactly what it is! This super quick quiz will give everyone a deep insight into what makes them so unique and special. Who is ready to get started?

Question 1

What is the best quality in a friend?

To really dig into what makes each person so sweet, we need to know what they look for in their nearest and dearest, and that means which qualities are most prized in their friend group! Check out the options below and choose a quality that leaps out as being the most desirable.

Question 2

Never Have I Ever- Traveled abroad

Who is the kind of person who loves to pack up the suitcases and set forth on a brand new adventure? Who thinks that the best things in life are closer to home? If the passport is stamped with all sorts of exotic visas, let us know. Choose the right option from the two below.

Question 3

Which celeb is the most admirable?

We all love our celebs, but we love them even more when the do really good work outside of the silver screen! Sometimes, celebs have the ability to surprise us with their good deeds. Check out the four celebrities listed below and tell us which one is the most admirable.

Question 4

Never Have I Ever- Gotten a love letter

Ooh la la! Let’s talk about that fantastic four letter L word - LOVE. Love letters might seem a little old-fashioned but they are far from a thing of the distant past. Many people get love letters these days. Who is among the lucky ones that’s received a love letter from a romantic prospect? Let us know!

Question 5

Never Have I Ever- Told a lie

Let’s stick with the “Never Have I Ever”, but this time the subject matter gets a little more personal. We think that just about everyone has told a little fib or lie from time to time, so it is time to get honest and fess up about it! Be truthful- who has told a lie?

Question 6

What do people think is your best quality?

We will reveal everyone’s sweetest quality at the end of this quiz, but we’d like a little info on what others are saying too! Who is told that they’re totally authentic? Who is completely compassionate, or has respect for others? Who has a brilliant sense of humor? Tell us below!

Question 7

Pick or Pass on this sweet little dress

Check out that pattern! Isn’t it super cute with the pink color and all of those delicate little birds? We love the way it drapes and the adorable little ruffles. Who agrees with us? Who would prefer to take a pass on this dainty little number? Pick or pass below!

Question 8

Never Have I Ever- Cheated on a test

We’ve all been there- late night the night before, too much procrastinating and not enough studying. We totally get it. People get wandering eyes when they don’t know the answers to the test that’s in front of them. The question is- who has given into temptation and peeked at another paper during a test?

Question 9

What celeb would be best to meet?

It’s time to get all starry-eyed! The scenario is this- we can meet any celeb we’d like for a one-on-one conversation, an awesome day hanging out, a coffee break, or whatever! We’re curious to know who wants to meet up with which celebrity. It’s time to check out the four options below and pick the best one!

Question 10

Name a guilty pleasure

We all have guilty pleasures. They’re the things we really don’t like to admit- at least not to anyone who isn’t nearest and dearest to us, but we know that there are those certain activities that we like to do. Maybe it’s pressing snooze a few times on the alarm or eating all the junk food! Let us know!

Question 11

Never Have I Ever- Had someone cook an amazing meal for me

Now, anyone who has ever cooked an amazing meal for someone else is a total sweetheart already but we want to flip this question on its head a little bit and find out who has been treated to a delicious dinner courtesy of a romantic partner. All the lucky ones, raise their hands and answer below!

Question 12

Tell us a dealbreaker quality in a friend

We’ve covered the most desirable qualities in friends and now it is time to flip the script a little bit and talk about the not-so-nice qualities. We all have certain boundaries that we will not stand to be crossed. We’re interested to know where the line in the sand is.

Question 13

What's the best holiday?

A person’s favorite holiday tells us a lot about the kind of qualities that they have, so it is time to get a little festive and tell us what gets the holiday spirit started. Is it a loud and fun St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe Thanksgiving with the family, or an old-fashioned Christmas. Who loves New Years?

Question 14

Never Have I Ever- Been a bridesmaid

Anyone who has been a bridesmaid knows that it is a true honor when someone asks them to share in their special day. It means that they are valued by loved ones and friends! Who has been asked to participate in someone’s wedding? Who hasn’t had this great honor (yet)?

Question 15

Choose a challenge to take on

It is time to step just a little bit outside of that comfort zone and talk about some challenging activities. Whether they are physically or emotionally challenging, it is good to engage in tasks that make us push ourselves. Choose one challenge to take on from the four listed below.

Question 16

Pick a favorite animal

If we don’t have the absolute favorite animal below, just choose the one that is most appealing. The way we connect with the animal kingdom says a lot about our best qualities and attributes. We are well on the way to finding out what sweet quality is the standout. Choose an animal friend below.

Question 17

Never Have I Ever- Given a friend awesome advice

Some of the best people in our lives are great listeners- and even better, sometimes they are there to offer some really important advice. Whether it is encouraging, or just something that we really need to hear, our friends often help guide our way. Who has returned the favor to their friends?

Question 18

Tell us a quality no one wants to have

There can’t be sweetness without just a little bit of sour, so it is time to explore that side that we really don’t like talking about- those qualities that make us just a little bit uncomfortable. Don’t be shy! We’ve all got one (or several) of these qualities. Choose one that no one wants to have.

Question 19

Would You Rather- Eat a delicious burger or a slice of cheesecake?

Decisions, decisions! We never said that this quiz would be easy, and here’s a tasty question that makes everyone choose between two of the yummiest foods on the planet. Will it be a delicious burger just oozing with cheese and toppings, or a piece of decadent cheesecake crowned with delicious fudge and strawberries?

Question 20

Never Have I Ever- Overspent my money

There are those of us who love to save, and others who get a paycheck that just burns in their pockets until they spend every last cent. We want to know who is a careful saver and who has overspent their money and totally regretted it. Absolutely no judgment here, just answer honestly!

Question 21

Would You Rather- Have an indoor pool or an outdoor pool

There is something so luxurious and amazing about ending a tough day with a refreshing dip in the pool. Indoor or outdoor- it doesn’t matter. Both have the calming and restorative effects of water. This question is totally personal and completely up to individual taste. What is better- an indoor or outdoor pool?

Question 22

Pick or Pass on these cute blooms

Who doesn’t love flowers? They fill up the room with a pretty scent, they look beautiful, and having plant-life around always seems to get people into a better mood. Flowers rule! Check out the accompanying picture. Who loves these pink blooms? Who wants to take a pass on them? Choose below.

Question 23

Never Have I Ever - Done a risky activity like skydiving

There are some people who voluntarily jump out of planes- and then others who look at them quizzically and wonder why on earth they would want to do that! This question speaks to the adventurousness of each individual person- which is a great indicator of the secret sweet quality. Tell us the best answer below.

Question 24

Pick or Pass on these adorable puppies

Look at those cute little faces! Who doesn’t want to cuddle with some adorable little puppies? There is a reason why dogs are man’s best- and cutest friends. These little guys are just the most lovable and loyal creatures around. Who wants to pick these precious canines? Who will give them a pass?

Question 25

Would You Rather- Be a supermodel or a famous actress

In the world of this quiz everyone gets to choose between being a supermodel and being a famous actress. There are pros and cons to each, of course, and it is a totally personal choice with no wrong answers. Tell us which one sounds best and pick one option below.

Question 26

Would You Rather- Have chocolate or vanilla

Unfortunately, the option to pick all of the delicious cupcakes is not available for this question so everyone has to choose which flavor sounds best to them. Most of us favor either chocolate or vanilla, so just think about which one would be best if one could only have it forever.

Question 27

Pick or Pass on this sparkly tiara

This tiara is the most delicate and cute thing, with pretty pink stones and a beautiful design. It would go with just about anything- or even be perfect for bumming around the house in. Talk about looking regal all the time! Who would love to pick this tiara? Who will pass on it?

Question 28

Would You Rather- Run a mile or do yoga?

We all have our preferred types of exercise and generally, there are two camps of people. There are those who love to lace up their running shoes and get a quick mile in, and those who love the stretchy health benefits of yoga class. It is time to choose one!

Question 29

Pick or Pass on these adorable throw pillows

These throw pillows could really tie just about any room together. The sunny yellow and the cute white pattern make these pillows a total keeper. Just looking at them puts us in our happy place. Who agrees? Pick or pass on these cute little yellow pillows? Choose one option below.

Question 30

Pick or Pass on these delicious cupcakes

These cupcakes are just the cutest things. Not only do they look completely delicious, they are also crowned with perfectly piped buttercream frosting and decorated with bright candy sprinkles that would make anyone’s taste buds happy. Who has a sweet tooth? It’s time to pick or pass on these tasty little cupcakes.

Question 31

Would You Rather- Go out all night or stay home with Netflix

Let’s be honest- there are serious pros and cons to each. Going out means socializing with friends, having a great time, maybe getting a little flirt on. On the other hand, when it’s time to chill out and watch Netflix we can do it in our comfy clothes with some buttery popcorn. Decisions!

Question 32

Never Have I Ever- Volunteered for a great charity

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things that anyone can do. It’s selflessly donating time or talent to a really good cause, and making the world a better place in the process. Who has ever given their time or resources to a cause that they truly believed in? Let us know below!

Question 33

Pick or Pass on this fabulous milkshake

Some people look at this milkshake and think, “it’s everything that I ever wanted in a dessert”. Others wonder how they will drink it without it turning into a sticky mess! There is no wrong answer to this question, so just go with the first instinct and pick or pass on this fabulous milkshake.

Question 34

Would You Rather- Take a tropical vacation or head to a mountain retreat?

Let’s talk about getting away from it all. There are several different types of vacations that anyone can take, but for the purpose of this quiz we have narrowed it down to two. Choose between a warm, balmy beachy vacation or a isolated but invigorating retreat up in the mountains.

Question 35

Pick or Pass on this cute palette

This palette has just about everything. There are muted colors that would delicately highlight the best features, plus more saturated colors for a little bit of drama when we need it. Plus, it looks so sophisticated and classy in its pretty gold case. Who love this palette and wants to pick it? Who will pass on it?

Question 36

Choose the most important thing

We are almost to the end of the quiz, so this is the time where we really get into some of the big issues. Yep, that’s right, we want to know what important issue speaks loudest from the four choices below. Is it ending world hunger? How about clean air and oceans? Choose one.

Question 37

Pick or Pass on this kitten

Back to the cute animals. Check out this sleeping little kitty. Who doesn’t love this little ginger ball of warm, cuddly adorableness? Kittens are just the best! Who agrees? Pick or pass on this tiny little furball and we will reveal what the sweetest quality is. Choose an answer now.

Question 38

Pick or Pass on this yummy scented candle

Candles are great because they make the whole house smell warm, yummy and totally homey. We love a nice candle that can transition from season to season without a problem- like this delicious vanilla scented one that will smell just as good in the summer as it does in the winter. Who agrees?

Question 39

Would You Rather- Have sweet or salty food

We know- we’re teasing everyone with this picture of sweet and salty cupcakes, but we can only let everyone pick one answer. Most of us have either a sweet or salty tooth, so just pick the one that is most appealing. Who loves sugar? Who will go for savory, satisfying salt?

Question 40

Would you Rather- go to a party alone or not at all?

Final question! Let’s talk about outgoing versus introverted personalities. There’s a big party coming up but nobody else can go. Who decides that they’ll just go alone and have a good time? Who would rather skip the festivities if they don’t know anyone there? Choose the best answer from the two below.

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