This Simple Test Will Reveal Who's Book Smart And Who's Street Smart

In general, people tend to fall into one of two categories: those who are book smart and those who are street smart. Those who are book smart can’t be beaten when it comes to showing off in situations that require information that has been acquired by reading or studying. As such, everyone wants to have a book smart person on their pub quiz team or their school project. Book smart people tend to be bookworms and they are proud of it. They get straight A’s on their tests and they don’t mind explaining a difficult concept over and over again.

Street smart people, on the other hand, might find it impossible to remember historical dates but they will know exactly what to do in a tough situation that requires one to think on his or her feet. Street smart people know what to do if they run out of gas on the road and they know the best course of action to take when caught up in an unsavory situation that could very well turn dangerous. There is no way a street smart person is going to get scammed and they won’t let their friends be fooled either!

Of course, everyone wants to be both book smart and street smart but more often than not, people fall into one specific category!

Question 1

Best thing to do if one runs out of gas on the road?

Running out of gas is without doubt one of the most annoying things that can happen to us on the road. Ideally, we want to always make sure that we have more than enough gas to reach our destination. Still, sometimes we are a little careless and when we do realize that we need to fill up the tank there isn’t always a gas station nearby. So, in the event of running out of gas on the road, which one of the above four options seems like the best course of action to take?

Question 2

Where is sushi from?

You’ve probably tried sushi at some point in your life. But do you know where it is from? If so, go ahead and pick one of the four options above. If not, keep reading for hints! Sushi is a delicious dish that is popular in all four corners of the globe. Many people associate sushi with raw fish but sushi simply means a dish of rice that is sweetened with sweet-rice vinegar. Of course, this dish consists of more than just rice. Indeed, it comes with various fillings, toppings and condiments. One popular filling is raw fish but cooked fish, tofu, shellfish and even vegetables and fruit are just as common (Taste Essence)!

Question 3

The best way to get a good grade is by...?

We all want to get good grades, regardless of whether we’re in school or college or if we’re taking a class just for fun. Of course, grades don’t actually reflect our ability – or our intelligence - but they do reflect our work ethic and our dedication. Good grades are not always easy to achieve though, no matter how hard we might try. This is why coming up with an action plan, and knowing what works for you as an individual, is absolutely essential.

Question 4

How long did it take God to create the world according to the Old Testament?

Whoever practices their faith or has an interest in Christian religion probably knows the answer to the above question. But even if you don’t you should still have a fairly good idea as to which one of the above four answers is the correct one. According to the Genesis, the heavens and the earth were the two things that God created first. He later developed his creation by positioning the sun and the stars, by separating the water from the land and by creating plant, animal, sea and human life (Every Student).

Question 5

What is the best thing to do when one comes across a stray dog?

We have all been there – we’re walking along, minding our own business, when suddenly we come across a stray dog. The reaction that we have in this situation depends not only on our personality and the way that we were brought up but also on the condition that the dog is in. Those who are sensible will of course stay away from it. After all, you never know what kind of diseases it might be carrying. Those who love all furry creatures on the other hand will probably feel sympathetic towards it. They might buy it food or bring it to a local pound. Some might even decide to bring it home.

Question 6

Who wrote A Game of Thrones book?

You don’t have to be a bookworm to know who wrote A Game of Thrones, the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire novel series. Thanks to HBO and its fantasy drama TV show Game of Thrones, pretty much everyone is aware of the genius behind the wonderfully intricate, magical and enthralling world that takes place on two fictional continents known as Westeros and Essos. Still, you might be surprised to learn that the first book in the series – A Game of Thrones – on which the show is based was published more than 20 years ago, all the way back in 1996 (Spark Notes)!

Question 7

What is the best skill/talent to have in life?

Some of us are naturally good at certain things. For example, some people are exceptional athletes who don’t break a sweat while running a marathon whereas others have been blessed with an amazing voice. Some have a knack for public speaking whereas still others can’t be beaten when it comes to critical thinking. Out of the four talents above, which one would you like to have the most? Running and critical thinking might very well save your life one day but singing and public speaking are also great skills to have.

Question 8

True or False – flying is the safest mode of transport?

We live in an era of cheap flights which means that hopping on a plane on one side of the world and finding ourselves on the other takes less than a day. Flying is easy, cheap and according to some people, incredibly fun. There is something exciting about being mid-air. It’s almost as if we can sense the adventure that awaits us on the other end. Still, some people would drive hours upon hours and take as many ferries as necessary if it meant that they could avoid getting on a plane.

Question 9

What is the best way to navigate a city that is new to us?

You’re in a new city. How do you navigate it? Would you opt to use a paper map? Or would you follow the directions on Google maps instead? Not feeling like keeping track of where you’re heading? Then you could always ask the locals for directions or else you could simply allow yourself to get lost and wander around. Of course, keep in mind that not a single option from the four options above is ideal. A paper map is difficult to follow whereas Google maps are not very reliable (you could run out of data, the app could stall or your phone could run out of battery). Relying on others for directions also sounds risky, but not as risky as getting lost!

Question 10

Name the world’s largest desert.

Pretty much everyone knows the definition of a desert. Still, just in case you’ve skipped one too many geography classes, let us explain. A desert refers to a landscape that is characterized by very little precipitation. According to Geology, as much as a third of the earth’s land’s surface is a desert. When most of us think of deserts, we think of lots and lots of sand and maybe a palm tree or two in the distance. Of course, while not wrong, the picture that we paint in our minds is a bit simplistic. After all, there are as many as four different types of deserts out there – polar, subtropical, cold winter and cool coastal.

Question 11

Best thing to do in a robbery situation?

Hopefully none of us will ever find ourselves in a robbery situation. But if we do, it is important to have a plan. And by having a plan we mean just knowing what to do. So, if you ever find yourself in a robbery situation, which course of action would you take from the four options available above? Would you immediately give up all of your belongings, attempt to make a run for it, ignore the robber and hope that he leaves you alone or flat out refuse to give the robber so much as a dollar?

Question 12

Yoga originated in which country?

We all know at least one person who is into yoga or perhaps we are into yoga ourselves. Yoga has become incredibly popular as of late. There are countless of yoga classes out there that one can join and numerous yoga books that one can read. Not feeling like joining an actual class or leafing through a boring book full of seemingly ridiculous looking poses? Then you can always watch a YouTube video that will walk you through all of the poses and that will help you to perfect your downward facing dog pose!

Question 13

Buy a new expensive car or a cheap used car?

The way that you answer this question will say a lot about you as a person and your attitude to personal financial matters. It will of course also help us to determine whether you are book smart or street smart. Both buying a new expensive car and buying a used cheap car have their benefits and drawbacks. If you buy a new expensive car you will obviously spend a lot of money but you’ll also be guaranteed a car that functions. If you buy a cheap used car on the other hand you will spend much less money but you might not end up with the car of your dreams (or even a car that works properly!)

Question 14

What was the name of John Lennon’s famous second wife?

It was in the late 50’s that John Lennon met Paul McCartney and asked him if he would like to join his band. McCartney replied in the positive and The Beatles, one of the most famous bands in the history of music, was born. Less than a decade later, Lennon left the band and focused on releasing albums with his second wife. Who can remember the name of his second wife? As most are probably well aware, his first wife was Cynthia Powell, but she proved too conventional for him (Biography).

Question 15

When late for work it’s best to...?

It’s early in the morning and your alarm is going off. It’s time to get up, get dressed and go to work. But it’s cold outside and you are sleepy. So you hit the snooze button, promising yourself to get up the next time the alarm rings. Only it never does and now you are late for work. The traffic jam on the way does not help either. You are late for work, and considerably so. What do you do? Do you notify the boss that you’ll be late or do you attempt to sneak in late and hope that he or she won’t notice?

Question 16

Which country is shaped like a boot?

Another question that tests your geography skills, this one is incredibly easy. Anyone who has ever glanced at the map of the world will know the answer to the question above – which country is shaped like a boot? Of course, we’ll give you a few hints regardless. According to Fact Retriever, this country is around 116,400 square miles big. Interestingly enough, almost four-fifths of the country is either hilly or mountainous and the country has barely any natural flora or fauna left as a result of extensive cultivation.

Question 17

Take a crowded train or wait for the next one when we are in no particular rush?

It’s Friday evening and you have just finished work. You’re in a good mood and you are in no particular rush to get home. You walk to the train station and wait for the train. It finally comes, a little later than usual, and is jam-packed. Do you get on and stand? Or do you wait for the next train? Keep in mind that the next train is not due to arrive for at least another half an hour and there is no guarantee that it will be any emptier.

Question 18

What is the capital city of Australia?

Let’s be honest – most of us wouldn’t mind visiting Australia (unless of course we live there!) As far as countries go, it is pretty exotic and in turn, pretty exciting. Still, we’d want to take plenty of time off before we head over there for, according to Nation Facts, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, at least in terms of its land mass. It is said that around 23 million people inhabit Australia, with almost 5 million people living in the country’s largest city.

Question 19

What to do if we get a call from an unknown number?

Most of us don’t particularly like talking on the phone to strangers hence why we never know what to do when we get a call from an unknown number. We know that we are expected to answer it. After all, it could be something important. Or it could be a loved one calling from their friend’s phone. Sometimes we decide to ignore the first call but answer the phone if they ring again. Most of us however are tempted to simply ignore it. Indeed, we might even turn off our phone so that we don’t feel guilty!

Question 20

Which of the below is NOT a play by William Shakespeare?

We all know who William Shakespeare was. After all, we all studied his plays in school, and for good reason. Shakespeare was a talented dramatist, poet and actor. According to Britannica, he is often cited not only as the English national poet but also as the greatest dramatist that has ever lived. He is responsible for countless amazing plays which is why it is rather surprising that so little is known about his life! According to The Guardian, some people are not even so sure that Shakespeare even existed!

Question 21

When a stranger starts talking to us on the street, we...?

Navigating social situations can be pretty tricky. For example, most of us never really know how to act when a stranger starts talking to us although of course our reaction depends on the way that the stranger behaves and on the way that the stranger looks. In this case, let’s say that the stranger in question is non-threatening and appears to be pretty normal. What is your reaction? Do you ignore the stranger, talk to the stranger out of politeness, invite the stranger to lunch or walk off in the opposite direction?

Question 22

Which country has the largest population?

Who thinks that they know which one of the above four countries is the most populous country in the world? According to Info Please, this country has a population of more than 1.4 billion people! Perhaps that is why, according to Business Insider, this specific country uses up half of the world’s cement and almost half of the world’s ore and coal. Although curiously enough, this country has more than 60 million vacant homes and some of its cities are also completely empty!

Question 23

Our credit card is missing. What do we do?

Imagine this: you’re about to make an online purchase when you realize that your credit card is missing from your wallet. What is, in your opinion, the best course of action to take in this situation? Do you panic and cancel the credit card immediately? Do you decide to wait for an hour or two in the hopes that it might turn up? Do you ring your significant other and possibly even your friends and inquire if they have seen it? Or do you try your best to remember the last time that you had it?

Question 24

True or False – The English language is the most commonly spoken language in the world?

Native English speakers consider themselves blessed. After all, they can communicate pretty much anywhere they go for almost everyone in the world speaks English as their second language. This is both good and bad. It’s good in that it means that English speakers can communicate with locals while on holidays in Spain or France for example but it’s also bad in the sense that only too often English speakers don’t put in enough effort when learning a foreign language themselves.

Question 25

Someone accidentally spills their drink on us. What do we do?

The only thing that is more annoying than spilling our drink on ourselves is having someone else spill their drink on us. Let’s say you are in a bar, having a good time with your friends, when someone accidentally bumps into you, loses their balance and spills their drink over your white tee. What is your reaction? Do you shrug it off, scream at them, insist that they buy you another drink or spill your own drink on them in return?

Question 26

True or False – The Great Wall of China is the one and only man-made object that can be seen from space?

The Great Wall of China is pretty impressive. It is not only the longest wall in the world – according to China Highlights its official length is 21,196.18 km although the remaining relics are only 8,851 km long - but also the biggest ancient building out there. The imposing wall, which is at least 2,300 years old, crosses as many as 9 provinces and municipalities, including Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Tianjin, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Liaoning, and Hebei. But can one really see this magnificent architectural wonder from space?

Question 27

What should be done when a friend who has had one too many drinks insists on driving?

There’s always that one friend who, no matter how many drinks he has had, insists that he is okay to drive. Of course, we know that he isn’t – far from it - but we don’t really want to argue. What is the best approach in this situation? Should we let him go but ask him to text us when he gets home, drive him home ourselves even if we are a bit tipsy ourselves, call him a cab or walk him home?

Question 28

What is the largest mountain in the world?

Here we have another simple question! So, who thinks that they know the name of the largest mountain in the world? According to Trip Savvy, this mountain is 29,029 feet high. That’s pretty astounding. Climbing this famous mountain is no easy feat and yet that does not stop countless of adventure seekers from attempting to reach its summit every single year. Usually it takes people at least a couple of days to climb this mountain. However, back in 2003 a man named Lakpa Gelu Sherpa managed to reach the summit in less than 11 hours!

Question 29

We get a flat tire while on our way to brunch. What do we do?

You’re on your way to have brunch with your friends when you realize that you have a flat tire. You park your car in a safe spot and start weighing up the four options above. Which one do you decide on? Do you make up your mind to fix the flat tire there and then yourself, do you call your parents so that they can walk you through the process of fixing a flat tire, do you call roadside assistance and wait for their help or do you call Uber (since you’re late for brunch as it is)?

Question 30

How old is the earth?

Those who paid attention in geography class should ace this question. And those who didn’t... well, we encourage them to read on! According to Space, scientists have spent hundreds of years trying to determine just how old our planet earth really is. They succeeded of course, although they do admit that there could be an error range of around 50 million years. So how did they do it? Apparently, they dated the rocks in the crust and also took the neighboring meteorites – and the moon – into account.

Question 31

The most important thing to take when going camping is...?

It’s Saturday afternoon and you are about to go camping in the wilderness with your friends. You are almost good to go - all you need to do is finish packing the essentials. Out of the four options above, which one is, in your opinion, the most important thing to take with you when going camping? Would you refuse to set off on a camping adventure without a tent, a flashlight, a sleeping bag or lots and lots of water?

Question 32

True or False – Iceland is completely covered in ice?

We’d all love to visit Iceland. If it wasn’t for the fact that it is incredibly expensive as well as for the fact that we have limited holidays we’d all head over there straight away. Iceland is a truly impressive country, in many regards. According to The Fact File, it was the very last country in Europe to be settled and populated. Furthermore, it is the youngest country in the entire world in terms of landform. Iceland also has quite a few volcanoes. In fact, it is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world!

Question 33

What to do when we find ourselves locked out of our own house?

We’ve all found ourselves locked out of our own house at one point or another in our lives (and for those who haven’t – we guarantee that you will!) But what was it that you decided to do when you found yourself in this frustrating situation? And what would you do if such a situation was to occur again sometime in the future? Would you call your parents and ask them for their advice, try to climb in through the window, break into your own house or call a locksmith?

Question 34

How many classic Wonders of the World are there?

The world is a wondrous place full of not only amazing natural features but also manmade structures. As such, it comes as no surprise that there are countless lists out there that detail the numerous wonders of the world. The very first list documenting such wonders focuses on the ancient world. According to New World Encyclopedia, the first such list was created sometime around 305 – 240 B.C.E. The list itself did not survive, but references to it did. Antipater of Sidon later included the seven wonders in one of his poems written sometime around 140 B.C.E.

Question 35

Where is the best place to keep money while on holidays in a foreign country?

Traveling in a foreign country is always a little stressful. We don’t quite grasp the culture and we don’t always understand the language that is spoken around us. As such, it makes sense that tourists are robbers’ top targets. It is thus essential that tourists are extra careful on their travels and that they always keep an eye on their money and their passports. If you were on holidays in a foreign country, where would you keep your money - in your back pocket, in your front pocket, in a handbag or a backpack or in a money bag?

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