This Simple Grey's Anatomy Quiz Has Stumped Even The Biggest Fans

So much has happened in the last the fifteen seasons, it is a little difficult to keep up. Yet, we do try! Some moments, and relationships, are way more memorable than others. These are made up of some really funny ones, and some not so funny moments. There's way too much drama that needs to be kept contained.

Older fans will remember how the original interns (Grey, Karev, O'Malley, Yang and Stevens) set the pace. These doctors were the ones to watch, the ones who played the game with their whole hearts. Some of them have left the show, but maybe they will return soon. There are a few we can be sure won't be coming back. These include Derek, Lexie, Mark and George too. That’s because they have moved on from this world.

This quiz is about the details that old fans should know, if they have been paying attention. Of course, fifteen seasons is a long time, and it can be difficult to remember everything. After all, the very first episode, of the very first season aired on 27 March 2005 (Wikipedia). New fans might not know all the older details but they can definitely give it a bash anyway.

Question 1

True or False: Izzie was engaged to a patient

So, let us start with Izzie. She was known as “Dr Model”. This is the woman who modeled her way through college and was debt free by the time she started the internship at Seattle Grace Hospital. Izzie was romantically involved with a few different men. This included George (who was married at the time) and Alex Karev. She also fell head over heels for someone who was named Denny. He was very sweet and easy on the eyes. Although he started pursuing her from the moment they met, she wasn't sure that he was actually serious about their relationship.

Question 2

Which doctor was Ellis in love with?

Dr. Ellis Grey is Meredith Grey's mother. She was a surgeon who was on the forefront of medicine and always did her best to take a stand for what she believed in. Ellis was a no-nonsense woman who often challenged the folks around her. She used to be married to Thatcher - but that also didn't last very long... She had a romantic relationship with a fellow surgeon, and they actually ended up having a child together. She never ever told him that she was pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption as soon as she was born.

Question 3

What is McDreamy's real name?

McDreamy was the nickname given to one of the male surgeons at the hospital. He was a brain surgeon - so everyone expected him to be pretty smart. He was, except with some relationship do's and don'ts. He was also married but his wife had moved on so he left town. Sadly, it was his BFF (and Best Man) who was guilty of pursuing his wife. Nevertheless, he also had a few other nicknames as well. Some of these included, but were not limited to, McMarried, Mr Impossible Tumour, Post-It Husband, Great God of Neurosurgery and Mr Perfect Married Guy.

Question 4

What is the name of the child adopted by Grey and Shepherd?

Derek and Meredith got their act together eventually and settled down. They then decided to start their own little family. They adopted a child who was from Africa. She was part of the program that Alex was running. They faced some challenges in securing her adoption, but luckily it all turned out perfectly. This special child is probably one day going to follow in her family's footsteps and become a doctor herself. Her parents, aunts and grandmother were all doctors. No matter what she decides to do with her work situation, it will surely be a great success in any case.

Question 5

How many sisters did Derek grow up with?

Growing up with, and without, a sibling has its pros and cons. Through the seasons in Grey's Anatomy we often meet new siblings related to Meredith. She has three half-sisters: Maggie, Lexie and Molly. They all share the same mother but their fathers are different. Maggie's father is Richard. Derek also had siblings. They didn't always get along, but even in his adult years they always had each other's backs. Amelia is his sister and she is also a neurosurgeon. She wasn't around during the first few seasons, but she has become a main cast member, or character, in recent seasons.

Question 6

Select the correct name for Mark, Callie and Arizona's daughter.

This may sound a little odd. How can this child have three parents? Well, it is easy. Callie and Arizona were romantically involved. But Callie was also romantically involved with Mark Sloan. They ended up conceiving a child - a girl. Because of Callie's relationship with Arizona, they agreed to also make her a legal guardian. This was a wise decision since Mark passed away. This means that she'd still be lucky enough to grow up with two parents, both of whom are phenomenal doctors. There are a few other children in this series as well, both boys and girls.

Question 7

Finish this sentence: 'The carousel never stops...'

It is amazing how series can make something popular. It can be a phrase or even just one word. One of the words Grey's Anatomy is famous for is "Seriously'. There was one phrase which Meredith's mother also said often. It was about a carousel and the scene often flashes back to when Meredith was a child. A carousel is a children's ride which goes round and round. Usually there are horses that they sit on and they go up and down. There is also music and colorful lights. These rides are often found at fun fairs and children's parks.

Question 8

What does Meredith name her last born child?

Meredith ends up pregnant three times, with Derek's babies. The first pregnancy didn't end well. That was right in the very beginning when Derek and Meredith were still finding their feet. A rogue man went through the hospital, leaving a mess everywhere. Some people were unlucky and never made it out of the hospital that day. They then adopted Zola. After that, Meredith had two more pregnancies. Both of these pregnancies carried to term and Meredith gave birth to two lovely babies. Sadly, Derek never got to meet his last born as he passed away before Meredith even knew she was pregnant.

Question 9

Complete this scene: Pick me, choose me...

One thing Grey's Anatomy fans can all agree on is the way their quotes and sayings are just phenomenal. Oh, and their speeches - there's always something valuable to take from this and use in our own daily living. One of the most famous speeches was when Meredith cornered Derek and she gave him the 'pick me' speech. This was all about choosing between her and Addison. Derek had a tough choice to make, leaving his wife after so many years together. Viewers know what choice he made eventually - he picked Meredith Grey. They almost had their happily ever after...

Question 10

What was the hospital's first name?

Change is the only constant when it comes to Grey's Anatomy. The characters are not the only thing that change throughout the show - so does the hospital's name. The hospital's name has been changed at least three times. This must confuse some of the patients... Nevertheless, let's flash back to the first season of Grey's Anatomy... This was when we first met our favorite interns and the love triangles started. While this was happening, did anyone stop to pay attention to the name changes? If the answer is 'yes', then this should be a pretty simple question to answer.

Question 11

True or False: Cristina and Burke had a relationship before working together.

Cristina and Preston did embrace their feelings for one another at some stage, although it did take a while. Eventually we discovered that Cristina also enjoyed a relationship with one of her professors while she was still in college. This was only disclosed when he randomly showed up a few episodes or seasons later. So, who is to say that Preston and Cristina didn't enjoy a similar relationship before they started working together at the hospital? Was it perhaps when they met briefly at the intern mixer? Or did they first notice one another only long after she started her internship?

Question 12

What kind of surgeon is Preston?

Preston is a good doctor. In fact, he is superb! He is well known, and even started working overseas. At one point, he also won the Harper Avery award. Burke sustained an injury and it was Cristina who stepped up and helped him to get through his recovery. She even helped him to operate during this difficult time because his hand wasn't fully functional. He never really gave her any credit for the amazing work she did, or how well she did it. For an intern it was a tough decision to make, but Cristina really stepped up to this challenge.

Question 13

Who ends up moving in with Cristina and Burke?

Very soon in their relationship Burke gave Cristina a key to his place. She was a little taken aback by this gesture and wasn't very comfortable with the idea to begin with. After much contemplation she eventually agreed, and they moved in together. They were complete opposites. She was messy and he was clinical, but somehow they balanced each other out perfectly. Then, to make things a tad more complicated, someone else moved in and lived with them for a short while. It put a bit of strain on their relationship, but Cristina quickly figured out a way to remedy the situation.

Question 14

Who sings Christmas carols while Owen plays the guitar?

Christmas isn't celebrated by everyone, and that is OK. Izzie loved to celebrate these holidays, so she went out of her way to make it special. Eventually, there was one Christmas where Owen ended up at Meredith's house with some of the other doctors. Owen started playing guitar. And then there were a few who jumped in and joined in on the fun. But there's one specific person who sang too - one that we wouldn't even have suspected. Together, they all joined in the festivities and they all had fun. Who was the doctor who sang along with him?

Question 15

What gift does Sloan get her dad for Christmas?

Mark Sloan had no idea that he had a daughter. Out of the blue, a woman knocked on his door, claiming to be his daughter. At first, it was a shock but he soon embraced the idea of being a dad. This lady was called Sloan. Of course, she was unemployed and needed her father's help. She couldn't afford to buy him a gift, so she asked to lend some money from Lexie. Lexie wasn't really that fond of Sloan, but she caved anyway. Sloan used a small amount of the money she got to buy a gift. What was it?

Question 16

True or False: Cristina enjoys Christmas?

Since we're speaking of Christmas, let's talk about Cristina. She actually doesn't seem to enjoy much other than surgeries. So it's not surprising that she doesn't always celebrate certain holidays. In fact, she often tries to avoid them. Once, during Thanksgiving, she upped and headed to the hospital. Preston and Izzie were left to prepare the meal while everyone did their best to avoid helping. In George's defense though, he was dragged off with his dad and brothers to go and hunt a turkey as part of their tradition. This is how George's father ended up at the hospital too.

Question 17

Who did nurse Rose date?

After Addison and Derek hit a rough patch, it was only natural to expect that Meredith and Derek's relationship also took a bad turn. Derek eventually moved off to explore other options, and so did Meredith. They all briefly dated other people. Even Bailey once dated a male nurse, but their relationship fizzled down quickly. George, Alex and Mark all dated nurses as well... But who was Nurse Rose, and who was it that she dated? At first, the man Rose dated had no idea who she was or what her name was. This was after they worked in the same OR together for ages.

Question 18

Who was Alex married to first?

Looking at Alex as the intern he was years ago, it is very surprising to think that he even got married. Never mind that he actually got married twice! That's right - he tied the knot with two different women. It wasn't really his fault that the first marriage wasn't fantastic. It was his wife who walked out on him and disappeared. Eventually she served him with divorce papers so that he could move on with his life. And so he did, that relationship ended and Alex moved on to find another woman. He didn't know they'd get married when they first met...

Question 19

True or False: Leah dated Arizona

Leah Murphy was one of the newer interns who joined along with Jo Wilson, Shane Ross, Heather Brooks and Stephanie Edwards. This group of interns was almost as exciting as the original group of interns. It seems that every new intake comes with their own bunch of problems. Leah wasn't one of the only doctors who got involved with her seniors. They all actually ended up dating a more senior doctor at some stage. Jo and Heather got involved with Alex. Shane was involved with Cristina. Stephanie also dated Jackson at some stage. Leah was unlucky, since this relationship didn't end well.

Question 20

Did Miranda ever date a nurse?

Miranda was married when we first met her. Not long after the series started she fell pregnant. After nine months, she eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. It was George who helped her during the birthing process because her husband was in the OR. After a few years, her marriage seemed to dwindle and eventually they called it quits. For a while, Miranda was single. Eventually she did start dating again. She didn't date many different men, but eventually she fell head over heels for Ben Warren. Ben was an anesthetist who became a surgical intern. Now he is a firefighter.

Question 21

Where do Stephanie and Jackson break up?

We previously mentioned that Stephanie Edwards started dating one of her seniors, Jackson. Jackson initially moved to Seattle Grace Hospital because of a merger. Mercy West Hospital was the other hospital involved in the merger. Stephanie was one of the interns who started with Jo Wilson - they were pretty good friends at one stage. Jackson and Stephanie had a bumpy ride because he was still in love with April. Eventually April moved on and so did Jackson. Stephanie and Jackson attended a wedding together, and they were a very happy couple. But it was at this wedding where things changed...

Question 22

Who left Cristina at the altar?

In keeping with the wedding theme, let's take a look at Cristina's wedding. She was once engaged. And on her wedding day, she was left high and dry at the altar. It is surprising that she even showed up at her own wedding after all the drama she went through. Her eyebrows were shaved off before the wedding took place. Any bride would be less than impressed if this was them. Things need to be perfect on one's big day - it's how dreams are supposed to work! Anyway, even after losing her eyebrows she dressed up, and showed up.

Question 23

How did Matthew propose to April, the first time?

Matthew was an EMT who fell for April Kepner. Their relationship was not the easiest one, given their working circumstances. But because they came from similar backgrounds, they had a similar belief system and were a match made in heaven. Matthew surprised April when he proposed - in fact everyone was truly surprised. It was a very unique and happy moment. There is no woman in the world who wouldn't say 'yes' to such a sweet person who went through so much effort to make the perfect proposal. After their first wedding didn't work out, he even proposed a second time!

Question 24

True or False: Lexie was dating Avery when her plane went down.

Lexie was Meredith's half-sister. They both had the same father, Thatcher Grey. Lexie was a lot younger than Meredith. She also spent some time playing the field in terms of relationships. She really was infatuated with George, but he liked her more as a sister than as a romantic partner. She pursued relationships with Alex, Jackson and Mark as well. When Mark's daughter showed up unannounced, this added some pressure on Mark and Lexie's relationship. Both Lexie and Mark were on a trip by plane when it crashed. Was she still dating Jackson Avery or Mark Sloan when this happened?

Question 25

Teddy Altman married a patient named...

Teddy Altman was a doctor who Owen Hunt eventually encouraged to move to Seattle. She was secretly in love with Owen but never really acted on her feelings for him. Teddy wasn't one of the first doctors on this show to marry a patient, or to get romantically involved with a patient. There was Denny, who Izzie got engaged to. Ava (or Rebecca) and Alex were involved too. Teddy also married someone to help keep his medical insurance going. He needed treatment, and getting married was the only way to help him. Initially, it was just business, but not for long.

Question 26

Who was the first woman that Callie dated?

Callie was the ortho doctor who fell for George. They upped and rushed to Las Vegas where they got married. She had a rough time with her folks after this, so they ended up living in a hotel for a while. Callie wasn't the only one who wasn't popular - George also had a few challenges from his friends. They couldn't believe that he would rush into a commitment like that. Needless to say, things didn't pan out as they wanted because George moved onto other endeavors and pursued the feelings he had for Izzie. Of course, this also faded quickly.

Question 27

Who was the vet that Meredith dated?

Meredith also moved on to other adventures after finding out that Derek was McMarried... She ended up adopting a dog, and his name was Doc. Initially, it was just love and cuddles with a new dog in the house. That didn't last long since Doc started playing way more vigorously and chewing up things. He also decided to use the house as a loo, which upset George terribly. Eventually, Doc got sick and was taken to a vet. This is where Meredith met the vet and they also started dating. Sadly, Doc had to be put down because he had bone cancer.

Question 28

Who does Callie move to New York with?

Moving on a few seasons, Callie and Arizona’s marriage didn't work out and their relationship came to an end. Callie found new love, and moved to New York with another doctor. This person had some history with Derek. Not romantic history, but this doctor was there after he had his accident. Meredith, and most of Derek's friends, blamed this doctor for him not making it out of the hospital. Callie was able to look past this mistake and move on. Initially, Sofia also moved with her mum. After a while though, she did spend some time in Seattle with Arizona.

Question 29

Why do Cristina and Owen go to couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a long standing method of treatment, but very few couples would like to actually go to therapy. In fact, many couples will deny that they even need to go, or only one person in the relationship thinks it is needed. Owen and Cristina dated for a while. Eventually they got engaged and then they got married. They got married in Meredith's house, actually! Derek wasn't there because he was caught for speeding... But something happened between Cristina and Owen which resulted in them going for couple therapy. What was the reason that these two had to make this choice?

Question 30

Who was Nathan romantically involved with in the war?

Nathan Riggs is one of the doctors who we met in recent seasons. He was the guy who had an on-going feud with Owen Hunt. Their history seems to go way back - a good couple of years! They worked together in the war. This was the same place where Teddy worked. During this time, Nathan was romantically involved with another lady who was also clinically trained. They ended up getting engaged, and were supposed to get married. Things went south, and this relationship did not go as planned. They actually thought that this lady would not be seen ever again....

Question 31

What is a '10-blade'?

What is really great about this medical drama is that they use terminology which is accurate when they discuss medical cases and even the equipment. Yes, some of the cases and methods are extreme and not always something that could be done in reality. Often, while in the OR, the doctors ask for a '10-blade'. They also ask for a few other things, like suction and expanders. These are usually sterile items which are used in theatre. After fifteen seasons of Grey's Anatomy, even a non-clinical person should know what a 10-blade is. What other medical things has Grey's Anatomy taught us?

Question 32

What does 'ER' stand for?

Ah, the acronym ‘ER’. This is something we hear at least a hundred times during every episode... There is always someone shouting something about this. Is it a place? Is it a race? Is it an emergency ream of paper? Does it mean the patient needs to eat regularly? The options are endless.... Here's a hint though - this is also synonymous for 'the pit'... It is not the place that was named after the patient who passed away, Denny Duquette. That name was given to the clinic which Izzie opened in his honor, using the money she inherited from him.

Question 33

What does 'DNR' mean?

This is another acronym that we often hear in Grey's Anatomy. It isn't the thing that some families like to hear either, but this is usually a choice that is made by the patient themselves, and it involves them signing a document. This is an instruction which needs to be followed by everyone who treats the patient. Not following this instruction can result in some legal issues and a very unhappy patient. Not to mention that the medical professional involved may even lose their license to practice medicine. This is something that is taken seriously in real life and on Grey's Anatomy.

Question 34

Finish this hospital's name: Grey ____ Memorial Hospital

We have previously mentioned that the hospital's name was changed a few times. We are not sure if Shonda just likes to keep viewers guessing what may come next, or if it is just because the old name is boring. The hospital started off as Seattle Grace Hospital. Then there was the merger, with Mercy West Hospital. This resulted in the name being changed to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Then, after the plane crash, there was another name change that was done. This was basically done in memory of the doctors who passed away as a result of this unfortunate event.

Question 35

What does "You’re My Person" mean?

This is a phrase which was introduced to us in season one. It was first used by Cristina Yang, while she was talking to Meredith about her pregnancy. She had made an appointment and the clinic refused to help her without an emergency contact - so she put Meredith's name down. Meredith had some concerns about this, and she eventually pressed Cristina to tell her why she'd put her name down. Cristina's reply was, 'because you're my person'. Cristina went on to elaborate a little bit more about what she meant. Since then, this has become a very popular phrase.

Question 36

True or False: 'The Pit' is the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic.

We have already mentioned ‘The Pit’ as well as the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic. The clinic was Izzie's way of giving back to the local community while honoring the loss of her fiancé, Denny. Denny left her with a very large sum of money. She had no clue what to do with all of it, so she opened the clinic. The Pit is also something that is often referenced to during the show. From beginning to end, it is almost mentioned in every single episode. Is this because this is actually the same thing, or place, as the memorial clinic?

Question 37

What is so special about the 'Sparkle Pager'?

Flash back a few seasons to the challenge for the sparkle pager. That's right - there was an actual competition to see who would win this pager. All the interns fought tooth and nail to try and secure this prize. Eventually, the winner was declared Meredith Grey - go figure. Cristina ended up going through a rough time, so like a good friend, Meredith surrendered the sparkle pager to her friend and colleague. Cristina was more than thrilled to be the new owner of this lucky device. But the real question is; what was so special about this particular pager?

Question 38

What is a 'Whipple'?

Remember the time Nurse Fallon was admitted? Cristina Yang was the intern who came in super early to do rounds and she thought she'd bagged this case. She was hoping for a whipple. She really did try her best to cling to this case so that she could be in the limelight as well. As we know, Nurse Fallon was actually the scrub nurse who spent years working alongside Ellis Grey. Fallon knew that Meredith wasn't being very honest about her mother's whereabouts. She knew that it wasn't like Ellis to quit working so that she could travel the world.

Question 39

'Code Pink' means...

The hospital has many different codes. These are literally code words for something that is happening, without having to explain it, and without having the untrained ear know about it. It's mostly to keep panic at a minimum as well. Code Blue is what is used when a patient is crashing. Code Black is used when there's a device in the hospital that could easily blow up. Code Red is used when there is a fire in the hospital. Code Orange is used when a staff member is in danger. So what could Code Pink be used to describe them?

Question 40

True or False: 'Derek was an orthopedic doctor

Each hospital is full of a number of different types of doctors. It takes a variety of doctors to make a success of the hospital. At Seattle Grace Hospital, patients will be able to find neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, general surgeons and even pediatric surgeons! Some of the other doctor types include gynecologists and psychiatrists too. An orthopedic doctor is someone who works with bones, and fixing them. One of the doctors that enjoyed working with bones was Callie. She really enjoyed making magic and miracles in her everyday life. She often put her patient's needs way before her own.

Question 41

Which intern was not part of the original four friends?

In the first episode, of the first season, we met the initial interns. There were five: George O'Malley, Izzie Stevens, Alex Karev, Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey. But of these doctors, only four of them were initially assigned to Miranda Bailey as her interns. Only later was the fifth one sent to join her team. A few seasons later, a new group of interns started working at the hospital. One of these was Lexie Grey. George also redid his intern year, alongside her. There were more interns after that: Jo Wilson, Shane Ross, Stephanie Edwards, Leah Murphy and Heather Brooks.

Question 42

What does George refuse to buy for Izzie?

When Meredith moved to Seattle she moved into her mum's house. It's a pretty big house for one person to live in alone. So, she decided that she'd shop around for some roommates. She put up applications, and after a long process (and loads of begging) Meredith allowed Izzie and George to move in with her. There was some conflict about who got the bigger room. Izzie also took the liberty of unpacking some of the boxes that were lying around. They became a close knit group, and took turns doing shopping. There was however, one item George refused to buy.

Question 43

Who is Molly?

Throughout all of the seasons we often meet new doctors and new people. We even have the pleasure of meeting some of the siblings these doctors have as well. Meredith Grey had three half-sisters. One of these was Lexie Grey and the other was Maggie Pierce. Maggie was given up for adoption by her mother, Ellis. Her father is Richard Webber. Derek also had four sisters. We got to meet most of them as well. Amelia is also a neurosurgeon who appears more regularly now. Another one of Derek’s sisters donated a nerve to help Derek’s hand recover from an injury.

Question 44

What is on Derek's scrub cap?

Every doctor that works in the hospital, or that goes into theatre, has to wear scrubs. These often come in different colors. Sometimes the colors can be used to show rank and even the specialty of the doctor wearing it. For example, Addison wears pink scrubs because she is involved with moms and babies. Every doctor also has to wear a scrub cap while they are in theatre. Some of these are plain colors or patterns. Others have pictures of flowers and even birds. After Derek passes away, Meredith starts wearing his scrub cap. What was on the cap?

Question 45

True or False: Cristina had an ectopic pregnancy.

There is no denying that Grey’s Anatomy has seen a number of pregnancies. Not only for patients, but for the doctors who work at the hospital as well. Some of these were planned, others weren’t. Some of these carried to term, and some didn’t. Ironically, couples usually seem to get the opposite outcome to what they really wanted. One day, Cristina and Meredith went jogging. Later, Cristina collapsed while in surgery with Preston. No one knew what was wrong at that stage but she managed to tell Izzie that she was pregnant. Addison was called in to help assist her.

Question 46

How many siblings does Alex have?

We have discussed siblings already, but let us take a look at just how many siblings Alex Karev has. We don't know too much about his past, but we do know that it wasn't an easy childhood. We have seen that Derek was lucky enough to have four sisters. Meredith had three half-sisters. George had a few brothers as well. There is no doubt that having siblings influences how we grow up, and what our outlook is on life. Siblings make life interesting and they help to keep everything exciting too. Considering all of this, how many siblings did Alex have?

Question 47

Who is Harper Avery's grandchild?

Harper Avery was a very popular doctor and his name was used for a very prestigious award - the Harper Avery Award. This wasn't easy to attain, and even being nominated was a very big deal. Harper Avery once came into the hospital and asked Richard to operate on him while he was awake. They tried to do this, but when things didn't go as planned Derek put a stop to it. At the time, Derek was chief so he had the power to override strange requests that he didn't believe would be good for the patient or hospital.

Question 48

Where did Jo previously live?

We know that Meredith lived in her mum's house. Derek lived in a trailer. Richard practically lived in the hospital, just ask his first wife Adele. Alex, Izzie, George all lived in Meredith's place at some point. Even Cristina and Preston moved in together at one point. Eventually, Jo Wilson and Alex also moved in together. The living arrangements between all of these doctors changed fairly often, and sometimes it is rather tricky to try and keep up. But if we rewind, to when Jo Wilson first made an appearance, she was very forthcoming about where she used to live.

Question 49

Which doctor rides a motorbike?

All of our favorite doctors have some or other quirk about them. This is what keeps things so interesting and exciting. For example, Derek lived in a trailer when we first met him. That's right, a trailer out in the woods! Dr Webber decided to wear a strange looking hat after his brain surgery - he even colored his hair once... One of these doctors used to be a high school wrestler as well. Jackson was the blue-eyed boy since he had Harper Avery for a grandfather. Owen Hunt was a ‘quick fix guy’, who used whatever was lying around to save lives.

Question 50

Who is Alex's second wife?

Who would have even expected Alex Karev to settle down? Let alone settle down twice! That's right; Alex was married before his recent marriage. The first marriage didn't turn out that great since his wife upped and left town - literally vanished into thin air. Alex also had many other romantic relationships. He even had some brief romantic encounters with a nurse named Olivia. He also got involved with an intern who was named Jo Wilson. Was he involved with April Kepner, the surgical intern from Mercy West Hospital? Was Izzie the woman he married the first time or second?

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