This Simple Game Of Thrones Quiz Will Reveal Which Character's Fate Is Yours

Game of Thrones is the perfect example of a show that developed its characters well, and it had fans everywhere genuinely caring about the fate of each person involved in the series. Given that it was willing to do anything in order to tell a good story, Game of Thrones was wildly unpredictable, and many people are warned to not get attached to a character when they first start watching the series.

The fandom is huge, and people that have watched every episode have wondered what it would be like to venture throughout Westeros and live in this world. In fact, there are those that have even mapped out how their life would go, but we are here to help give a definitive answer to this question.

Today, people are going to take this quiz to see which character's fate is theirs. The questions will be trivia, situations and a little bit of everything else, meaning that each answer will play a part in shaping a person's fate!

Question 1

Live In Westeros or In Essos?

Question 2

Cersei Is Offering Her Support

Question 3

Which House Is Tyrion From?

Question 4

Escort Gendry To Storm's End or Stay In Winterfell?

Question 5

Join The Kingsguard or Join The Free Folk?

Question 6

Choose A House Sigil

Question 7

Name This Character

Question 8

Trust Shae or Avoid Her?

Question 9

Ramsay Assumed Control Of Winterfell

Question 10

Which Company Is Daario With?

Question 11

Where Is Jorah From?

Question 12

Marry Margaery or Cersei?

Question 13

The Golden Company Is Recruiting

Question 14

The Night King Has Come To Winterfell

Question 15

Who Was On The Iron Throne First: Robert or Joffrey?

Question 16

Go With Robb or Stay With Bran?

Question 17

Name This Character

Question 18

What Is Davos Seaworth's Nickname?

Question 19

Cersei Takes The Throne After _______

Question 20

Marry Ygritte or Osha?

Question 21

Train With Arya or Brienne?

Question 22

Trust Littlefinger or Trust Cersei?

Question 23

What Is Tywin's Greatest Strength?

Question 24

What Title Does Drogo Hold?

Question 25

Who Is Joffrey's Real Father?

Question 26

Renly Is Offering His Fealty

Question 27

Melisandre Claims The She Sees The Future In The Flames

Question 28

Theon Wants To Go Back To The Iron Islands

Question 29

What Is Lord Varys' Nickname?

Question 30

Name This Character

Question 31

Who Takes Out House Frey?

Question 32

Osha Was Caught Entering Winterfell

Question 33

Stannis Has Made A Claim For The Iron Throne

Question 34

Where Does A Person Become A Maester?

Question 35

Where Is Bronn From?

Question 36

Which House Does Euron Belong To?

Question 37

Who Does Missandei Serve?

Question 38

Jaime Has Offered To Train You

Question 39

Gendry Wants To Sneak Into King's Landing

Question 40

What Is The Hound's Real Name?

Question 41

Which Character Does Hodor Carry Around?

Question 42

Choose A Protector

Question 43

Which Group Is Benjen Stark Part Of?

Question 44

Choose A Hand

Question 45

Bran Becomes The Three-Eyed _______

Question 46

How Many Dragons Does Dany Start With?

Question 47

Choose An Animal

Question 48

The Unsullied Need A Leader

Question 49

The Night's Watch Has An Opening

Question 50

Dany Has Arrived In King's Landing

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