This Simple Dragon Ball Quiz Will Reveal Your Super Saiyan Form!

Deep down, almost all of us have a little Super Saiyan in us. Growing up many of us have attempted to mimic Dragon Ball characters like Goku, hoping they could fire a Kamehameha. Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime and has been for decades. It is a series that has barely aged.

Is it its dynamic characters, hyperspeed clashes, futuristic setting or malevolent villains that keeps the series captivating? Likely, it is a combination of Dragon Ball's interesting qualities. Although Dragon Ball kicked off as a martial arts cartoon, it developed into much more. With shady characters like Frieza wielding power comparable to Superman, there is much potential for devastation, which is mitigated by pure-spirited characters like Goku, Trunks, Krillin, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Gohan.

Whether it is Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT or the recently released Dragon Ball Super, there are too many reasons to return to this renowned franchise which continues to remain relevant. By completing a series of fun Dragon Ball related questions, this quiz will reveal your Super Saiyan form. Take this quiz multiple times to view each Super Saiyan result. This simple Dragon Ball quiz will reveal every fan's Super Saiyan form. Who's ready?

Question 1

Namek's Destruction Is Approaching! Make A Decision

Namek's impending destruction is approaching. Volcanic activity is rising, and magma is flowing through Namek's lakes and rivers. The planet is tearing apart from the core! Namek is about to explode. Make a decision!

Question 2

Choose A Dragon Ball Signature Move!

There are a plethora of Dragon Ball signature moves that add flair to each series. Signature moves can be physical attacks or Ki Blasts. As the series progresses, the average power of these moves exponentially increases. Choose a Dragon Ball signature move!

Question 3

Pick A Dragon Ball Series!

The first episode of Dragon Ball aired on February 26, 1986. Creator Akira Toriyama clearly knows television since each receives positive reviews. Arguably the worst series is Dragon Ball GT, but it wasn't written by Akira Toriyama and isn't considered canon.

Question 4

Pick A Dragon Ball Z Character!

Merely watching the Dragon Ball series isn't enough. One must play the video games, watch the movies and read the comics to experience Dragon Ball fully. Many Dragon Ball episodes are based on comics. Pick a Dragon Ball Z character!

Question 5

Which Frieza Race Member Is The Coolest?

Frieza's family member and beings who look like him are simply referred to as the "Frieza Race." Frost's debut appearance was in the episode titled "The Matches Begin! We're All Off to the Planet with No Name!" from Dragon Ball Super.

Question 6

Choose a Dragon Ball Friend

Who would make for the perfect best friend in the Dragon Ball Universe? Mr. Popo was always a true friend to Kame, and Piccolo shared a bond with Gohan and Krillin, while always being there for Goku. No, this is not a trick question. Choose a Dragon Ball best friend!

Question 7

Use the Dragon Ball Time Machine! Which Z Saga Will It Be?

In an alternate timeline, Trunks is on the receiving end of a surprise attack from Cell. Cell steals Future Trunks' Time Machine to go back in time. Time travel is frequently incorporated in Dragon Ball media such as in television series and Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Which Z saga will it be?

Question 8

Select A Location On Earth

Dragon Ball's version of Earth contains a slightly different reality than the Earth most of us know. Dragon Ball's Earth possesses the more advanced technology and animals can have human-like characteristics. Pick an Earth location!

Question 9

Choose A Method Of Transportation!

Many characters seen throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super can fly using Ki Energy. In the original Dragon Ball series, Goku's primary method of traveling was by using the Flying Nimbus. It is odd how the writers removed the Flying Nimbus without explaining why.

Question 10

Choose A Dragon Ball Human

Humans on Earth differ from humans on our own. Humans in Dragon Ball can develop Saiyan powers that rely on Ki Energy. There are still characters like Mr. Satan and Dr. Brief who are ordinary and do not possess unreal capabilities.

Question 11

Which Dragon Ball Super Character Is The Most Trustworthy?

Characters such as Vegeta and Piccolo have fought for both good and evil. Their alliances have shifted due to changing beliefs. Perhaps it was Vegeta's hatred of Frieza which caused him to join the Z-fighters. Which Dragon Ball Super Character Is The Most Trustworthy?

Question 12

Pick A Dragon Ball Saiyan

The Saiyans are part of an ancient race whose home planet, "Sadala," was destroyed by the Saiyans. The destruction of their home planet forced the race to migrate to a new world called "Planet Plant," which they overtook and renamed "Planet Vegeta." Pick a Dragon Ball Saiyan.

Question 13

Pick A Ki Blast!

Even though Krillin is one of the weakest Z-fighters, he is the fourth most powerful human being, and, his Destructo Disc Barrage is capable of slicing a Great Ape's tail. Krillin is one of the few fighters who use this move. Pick a Ki Blast!

Question 14

Select A Planet To Visit

Each planet in the Dragon Ball universe has a long history. An astounding number of planets such as Sadala, Planet Vegeta and Namek were all destroyed by evil entities. The Dragon Ball universe contains the same Solar System as ours but differs as you dive further into space. Pick a planet to visit!

Question 15

What Is A Super Saiyan's Best Quality?

A Super Saiyan is a godly being with powers beyond our belief. There is a heap of reasons to admire Super Saiyans. As the protectors of the Dragon Ball Universe, they bear much responsibility and ask for nothing in return.

Question 16

Pick A Kai!

As the overseers of the Dragon Ball Universe, the Kais influence the plot more and more as the series progresses. The Z-fighters are dependant on the Kais for their invaluable training, words of wisdom and foresight. Pick a Kai!

Question 17

Take A Senzu Bean!

Senzu Beans are capable of restoring a fighter's health. Unlike other medical aid, a Senzu Bean has confounding potential as it can bring an unconscious person back to full health in an instant. Visit Korin in Korin Tower to grab a batch of newly grown Senzu Beans. Take a Senzu Bean!

Question 18

Time To Dress. Pick An Outfit!

With the ability to expand to sizes large enough to fit a Great Ape, a Saiyan's Battle Armor is one of his or her's most important assets. A Gi Suit is the type of training clothing that Goku most often wears. It's time to dress. Pick an outfit!

Question 19

Pick A Member Of The Son Family!

Although Goku initially believed he was a human being, he later found out from Raditz that he was a Saiyan from the destroyed Planet Vegeta. Goku's entire family is talented in fighting! Pick a member of the Son family!

Question 20

A Spirit Bomb Is Approaching. Choose An Option

Goku's powerful signature move that he learned from King Kai gathers power from life forms found throughout the universe. It is one of the most powerful Dragon Ball moves in existence. A Spirit Bomb is approaching. Choose an option.

Question 21

Select An Aura Color

The aura colors don't have much of a significance. They do, however, make characters stand out and can make them look more powerful. One doesn't have to be a Super Saiyan to have a colored aura. Pick an aura color!

Question 22

Grab A Weapon To Combat The Androids

Future Trunks wowed viewers when he first appeared in Dragon Ball Z. Frieza was believed to be one of the most powerful entities in the galaxy until Future Trunks shattered this belief. Future Trunks' fear for the Androids in an alternate timeline gave him the idea to go back in time and defeat them before they can grow in power.

Question 23

Frieza Is Plotting To Take Down Earth. Make A Quick Decision

This is not the first time Frieza attempted to destroy Earth, or other planets. Frieza is an evil emperor whose power is not to be underestimated. Frieza is about to destroy Earth. Make a quick decision.

Question 24

Super Saiyans Eat A Lot! Pick A Food

Whether one is a Saiyan or Super Saiyan, they will consume enormous meals. Saiyans usually eat more than 30-40 times the amount a human would eat. Food is often a topic in Dragon Ball. If it weren't for Berrus' love for Earth's food, the planet would have been destroyed.

Question 25

Make A Wish To Shenron!

Shenron's power is only as great as his creator. Guru created Namekian dragon Porunga, and Shenron has been brought to life by Namekians such as Kami and Dende. Shenron is wise and almighty. All seven Dragon Balls have been collected. Now, make a wish to Shenron!

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