This Quiz Will Tell You Your Future Husband's Zodiac Sign In 3 Minutes Or Less

Ever wonder who your future husband will be? Every girl has spent countless hours wondering who that special someone will be; let’s be honest. Will he be compassionate? Will he be kind? Will he be a good cook, or will he love to work? Will he love to travel as much as you do, or will he be inventive like you are? These are all great questions to ask, but have you ever though that maybe your sign will come into play when it comes to the answers? If you’re more conservative maybe a down to earth Taurus is the one for you, or if you’re artistic maybe a Pisces is the man of your dreams.

There is a match for every sign and personality type out there, but what is yours? Answering a couple questions about yourself and your lifestyle might give you the answers you need in order to find the man of your dreams. If you don’t like traveling, then a Sagittarius probably isn’t the guy for you, but a Cancer might be. Take our quiz to figure out which sign is the perfect husband for you. Who knows, maybe your future husband is right in front of your face and you don’t even know it yet!

1What's your favorite movie?

There are so many awesome movies t choose from, but out of this sample which is your favorite? Would you pick Ouija: Origin of Evil because you like the thrill of a scare? How about Alien: Covenant because it is ahead of our time and is so wonderfully sci-fi? Or how about Notting Hill because it is so cute and quirky? What about Mission Impossible because it's so full of action?

2What's for dinner?

It's dinner time and you have to pick what you're having. Well, at least your man seems to have a good idea of what the two of you will be having tonight anyway. Will you be having a hearty and satisfying beef stew? How about rotisserie chicken with a multitude of sides like mashed potatoes and green beans? Or what about sashimi or even a fresh all vegan meals?

3What is your spirit animal?

If you had to pick a spirit animal, which would you pick? There are so many to choose from, but out of this list, which would you choose? Would you pick a dog because they are good at communicating? Would you pick a cat because they are pretty independent? Would you pick a hedgehog because they are humble and down to earth, or would you pick a bull because they are strong?


4Describe your personality

Of course your personality is so much more than just one word, but if you had to boil it down to only one single word, what would that word be? What word would you choose to describe yourself? Would you say that you are traditional? Would you say that you are passionate? How about fun; would you say that you were fun? Or would you say that you're adventurous?

5How many children do you want to have?

Here's one of those questions that everyone asks once you get a many children do you want to have? Think about it because this answer can reveal more than you think. Would you want to have one child because you're too focused one your career? How about two? Would you want a lot because you are more traditional? Maybe you don't want any?


6What's your favorite band/artist?

Think hard because this is a tough one. What is your favorite band or artist? Think about the sound you like and what really gets your adrenaline rushing. Do you like the old school Beatles? How about the over passionate Niki Minaj?Do you like the more mellow and thought out Arctic Monkeys? Or do you like the full energy and blood pumping WEEKND?

7Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

Think about it, who is your favorite Harry Potter character? Yeah they are all awesome in their own way, but who would you choose if you had to pick? Would you pick the honorable and adventurous Harry? Would you pick the social and fun Ron? Would you pick the analytical and straight and narrow Hermione? or would you pick the ambitious and kind of mean Draco?


8Which element speaks to you most?

There are four elements, fire, earth, air, and water. Of the four, which one speaks to you the most? Does fire speak to you because it radiates adventure and energy? Are you drawn to water because it is more calm and usually shows more introversion? Do you like air because it shows freedom and won't be held down by anyone? Or do you like earth because it is grounded?

9What's your favorite color?

There are so many colors to choose from, but we have a short list for you to pick from. Which color are you drawn to from our selection of colors? Are you drawn to the grounded and earthy brown? Do you like the passionate and fiery red? How about the lively and money-driven green? Do you like the regal and social purple? The choice is yours!


10What time do you wake up?

We all wake up at different times of day, but what time do you wake up? When you wake up can say a lot about the sign you are drawn to. Do you wake up as soon as the sun is in the sky at 6am? Do you wake up mid morning at around 9am? Do you wake up in the late morning around 11am because you are out partying way too late? Or do you wake up whenever you want to?

11What's your dream job?

What would you dream job be? If you could pick any job in the whole wide world to have, which one would you pick? Would you pick to be an inventor and work on your own schedule? Would you be a celebrity chef and cook amazing dishes all of the time? Would you be a wedding planner and make people happy? or would you a forensic analyst and work on your own?


12What decoration are you for Christmas?

It's the holiday season and you need all of your decorations on display for the yuletide season! Out of all of your decoration, which one do you think closest resembles you? Do you think you are a green and natural wreath? Do you think you are bright, shining lights? Do you think you are the literally star shining on top of the Christmas tree, or do you think you are the serving platter for your Christmas cookies?

13What's your favorite time of day?

Out of all the times of day, what time is your favorite? Are you more of a morning person because you get most of your work done during the morning and you also get your alone time in? Do you like the afternoon because you get your adventure time in? Do you like the evening because you get you social time in? Do you like the late night because you like to party?


14What's your favorite holiday?

Holidays are always fun times of the year when we can celebrate with friends and family, but which one is your favorite? Do you like Christmas because you get to cook for everyone and be together with your family? Do you like Thanksgiving because it's a more social holiday? Do you like Halloween because it is more dark and ominous? Do you like New Year's Eve because it is kicking off the new year?

15What type of dessert do you like the most?

Which type of dessert do you like the best? We all have a little bit of a sweet tooth, so there has to be something that you like out of all the desserts out there? Do you like creamy ice cream where you can make a crazy concoction out of many different flavors/ Do you like rich chocolate cake? Do you like grab and go candy? Or do you like pineapple upside down cake, which is fun to share?


16What's your favorite soft drink?

Soda is a fun thing to drink with its carbonation and awesome flavors. Which one would you say is your favorite to drink? Would you say the traditional Coke is your favorite? Do you like a soda that isn't going to put a whole lot of weight on you, so you opt for diet coke? Do you like the clear and no nonsense Sprite? Or are in for the more fun and social orange soda?

17Which sport is your favorite?

Sports are a great way to enhance your team spirit and it'll also help you cooperate with others. Which sport is your favorite? Do you like baseball because of all of the analytics involved? Do you like swimming because it is a good way to relax your busy mind? Do you like mountain climbing because it is adventurous and gets your blood pumping? Or do you not like sports at all?


18Do you like to travel?

Some people love the very thought of travel and some people can't stand the notion of it. Where do you stand when it comes to travel? Do you love every bit of it because it's a new adventure? Do you not really care for it because it tears you away from home? Do you only really do it because of work? Do you like it from time to time but not really all the time?

19What political affiliation do you fall in?

there are different views when it comes to your political views and affiliations? Where would you say yours lie? Are you more of a traditionalist and stick on the conservative side of things? Are you looking for something new and exciting so you stick on the liberal side of the equation? Do not want to conform so you remain independent? Do you have no idea where you fall?


20Do you like the outdoors?

What do you think of the great outdoors? Some people just love venturing out while others prefer the coziness of being indoors. Do you just love going out and getting lost in the outdoors? Do you like staying inside where you know you can stay safe and warm? Do you prefer your office where you can get work done, or could you do both the indoors and outdoors?

21What gift would you like to receive?

If there was a gift you could receive what would you like to get? Limit it down to what type of item you would really like to get from someone. Would you like to get something that would help you invent things? Would you like to get something that would help you out in the kitchen a little bit more? Would you like to get office supplies? Or would you like something to help make you look good?


22What's your favorite Disney movie?

There are so many wonderful Disney movies out there that it is so hard to pick only one, but you have to. Which Disney movie would you name as your favorite? Would you pick The Little Mermaid because she longs for freedom? How about Alice in Wonderland because she's so social? How about The Nightmare Before Christmas because it's kind of creepy, or Cinderella because she is a traditional princess?

23Would you ever stalk your ex?

Would you ever stalk your ex after everything was said and done? not always the best way to go, but hey, some people do it. Would you absolutely do it without shame? Would you be over it so fast that you wouldn't even think twice about them? Would you not stalk them, but it would take a while to get over them? Would you stalk them on social media?


24Are you good at cooking?

When it comes to meal making, would you say you are good at making the feast or not so much? Are you the super star in the kitchen and everyone should pretty much stay out of your way? Are you good at being the chef's sous chef? Are you just god awful at anything that involves food? Or are you good at packing down the food that someone else prepared?

25Do you like your job?

What do you think of your job? Not everyone is love with their job or work for that matter, but some people really like what they do. Where do you fall on the scale? Do you really love what you are doing? Do you think it is just alright? Do you think it puts food on the table and leave it at that? Would you rather be doing just about anything else on the planet?

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