This Quiz Will Tell You Your Future Husband's Zodiac Sign In 3 Minutes Or Less

Ever wonder who your future husband will be? Every girl has spent countless hours wondering who that special someone will be; let’s be honest. Will he be compassionate? Will he be kind? Will he be a good cook, or will he love to work? Will he love to travel as much as you do, or will he be inventive like you are? These are all great questions to ask, but have you ever though that maybe your sign will come into play when it comes to the answers? If you’re more conservative maybe a down to earth Taurus is the one for you, or if you’re artistic maybe a Pisces is the man of your dreams.

There is a match for every sign and personality type out there, but what is yours? Answering a couple questions about yourself and your lifestyle might give you the answers you need in order to find the man of your dreams. If you don’t like traveling, then a Sagittarius probably isn’t the guy for you, but a Cancer might be. Take our quiz to figure out which sign is the perfect husband for you. Who knows, maybe your future husband is right in front of your face and you don’t even know it yet!

1What's your favorite movie?

There are so many awesome movies t choose from, but out of this sample which is your favorite? Would you pick Ouija: Origin of Evil because you like the thrill of a scare? How about Alien: Covenant because it is ahead of our time and is so wonderfully sci-fi? Or how about Notting Hill because it is so cute and quirky? What about Mission Impossible because it's so full of action?

2What's for dinner?

It's dinner time and you have to pick what you're having. Well, at least your man seems to have a good idea of what the two of you will be having tonight anyway. Will you be having a hearty and satisfying beef stew? How about rotisserie chicken with a multitude of sides like mashed potatoes and green beans? Or what about sashimi or even a fresh all vegan meals?

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