This Quiz Will Separate The True Friends Fans From The Casual Fans

The TV show Friends is a very popular show from the 90’s, the pilot aired September of 1994, and the last episode aired May of 2004. It follows a group of very close friends: Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe along with a host of surprise guest. Even though they have a lot of happy fun times, filled with memories and joy, they also have heartbreak and disappointment. There are a lot of breakups and fights, and hardships, but we also get to see reuniting couples and marriage and babies, and fun exciting thanksgivings and Christmases. It really is a bit of a roller coaster ride watching but who doesn’t like a good roller coaster?

A lot of people watched the show and fell in love with it but few became true fans, those that know every little hidden nugget and every little tidbit of information. The show is a treasure trove of secret information just ready to grasp. I for one can say I am a full-on fan, there is nothing in the show I don’t know about and no fan theory I haven’t read. Prove to me that you are a super fan and show your vast knowledge of Friends!

Question 1

How many times does Ross get divorced?

Ross is a sweet, loving, caring person who has shown himself to be very romantic and at times a bit dramatic. He has had a lot of relationships throughout the series and even got married as well, with a son with his first marriage. But for whatever reason, he ends up getting divorced or breaks it off relatively early on. Perhaps it is because he can be a bit strange at times. However, only a true fan will know exactly how many times Ross gets divorced throughout the series!

Question 2

What is the first thing Joey says when flirting?

Joey is a fun-loving character; he is always doing something to make you laugh and smile. One thing that always makes me smile is how he flirts with a woman. He swears that his method is the best one yet and he has slept with so many women it makes one wonder. The number of women he has slept with is unknown, but he is proud of it! Only a true fan will remember his trademark method of flirting: What is the very first thing he says to a woman when he flirting?

Question 3

How old is Ross in Season 3?

In one of the episodes, we get to find out Ross’s age, however, you have to really pay attention or you will miss it. Chandler is making some chocolate milk, like a little kid, and is kind of made fun of for it. He offers a glass to Ross, who then responses with his age. It is one of the only times that they reveal someone’s age so outright and without a riddle. Only a true fan will have caught it: how old is Ross in Season 3?

Question 4

What was the big break that made Joey a star?

Joey, being an actor, has been in a lot of shows and commercials, even staring in a few plays. He has always shown potential to do amazing things, and having this special kind of talent if only things wouldn’t get in the way. In the show, he gets his big break, finally, and even though it ended quicker then he would have liked, he always talks about it. What was the big break that finally put him on the board and caused him to be a star?

Question 5

Who is Phoebe's mom in the show?

Phoebe Buffay would be considered an eccentric, oddball character, being in tune with the spiritual realm and the like. She is easy to like though, being the center of attention at times and frequently giving her friends advice or encouragement. In the show, she doesn’t really know her parents at all and she has an idea of who her mom is, it turns out she is wrong on both accounts, both her parents are not who she thinks they are. Who is her real mom in the show?

Question 6

What is in Monica's closet in season 8?

In Season 8, Monica Geller has a secret: a locked closet that she won’t let Chandler see what is inside. After He pesters her over and over he decides to take matters into his own hands and set himself the task of getting that door open. Joey comes over to help and the two of them finally get it open. What they find inside shell shocks them both and leaves them speechless. Only a true fan remembers what sight greeted them, what is in there? Richard His Credit Card A pile of junk It is empty

Question 7

What was Monica's nickname after Ben bumped his head?

Ben is Ross’s son, born to him after Carol broke up with him since she became a lesbian. He is the most adorable character in the whole show. We get to watch him grow up from a tiny little baby all the way to a young boy. In the beginning, he obviously doesn’t talk much, but eventually, he becomes a talking toddler, able to say a few words. When Rachel and Monica are watching him for Ross, they accidentally bump his head, which causes him to say a few words, reminding every one of the little incident. He calls her something, a little nickname to commemorate it, what did he call her?

Question 8

Who's Elizabeth's dad in season 6?

Season Six brings a big surprise guest: Bruce Willis who stays for a few episodes, third total. He plays as Elizabeth’s dad, a college student that dates Ross for a while. Her energy and spunk are good for him, but as we all seen she was simply too young for him. Obviously, her dad doesn’t approve and does everything he can to separate the two, even threatening him and his job. He finally stands up to him with a little trickery, but still breaks up with Elizabeth in the end. What is Bruce’s Character’s name in the series?

Question 9

When did the owner come over for mac and cheese?

In Season one, Monica gets offered a position as head chef in this restaurant, her dream job she has wanted for a very long time. She would be able to order things by herself and be in charge of the kitchen. In a somewhat unusual twist the owner asks her to cook for him in her apartment, and comes over, but he is stoned and doesn’t want any of the food she made for him, instead he wants her to cook mac and cheese. Only a true fan can recall what time and day he came over for the meal: when was it?

Question 10

How does Ross like his potatoes?

In the first Thanksgiving that we get to see, Monica is doing her usual thing: taking on all the work and refusing help in the kitchen. It all comes crashing down on her when people start requesting different kinds of food. She has to make three different kinds of potatoes: one for Joey, Ross, and Phoebe. Even though she makes it all, the food gets burnt, and it seems ruined. But the gang gets together anyway and has a great time. Only a true fan will remember: how does Ross like his potatoes?

Question 11

What was Ross's substitution for cussing in the show?

Although Friends has some adult content, it is all mostly off stage, and there is never any cussing. However, Ross is very clever and he comes up with a way to cuss anyway, without saying anything. He invented it when they were kids and came up with it so his parents wouldn’t know. We see the rest of the gang slowly pick it up throughout the series and use it a few times. What was his workaround for cussing on the show?

Question 12

How many sisters does Joey have?

Its Joey’s birthday and they are all throwing him a party. In this episode, we first see all of Joey’s sisters, and he has a lot! Chandler, unfortunately, has a lot of Jell-O shots and get very drunk, being him he, of course, he kisses one of Joey’s sisters. Because they all look the same, and because he was so drunk, he just can’t remember which sister he kissed last night. He has to confess to Joey, and it does not end well for him at all. How many sisters does Joey have?

Question 13

How many times do Chandler and Janice break up in the show?

Chandler has an on again off again relationship with Janice Hosenstein throughout the show. Right from the start, he has to break up with her because of her nasal voice and laugh that sounds like a machine gun. He goes back to her throughout the show, mostly because he just doesn’t want to be alone. But in the end, he is not destined to be with her. Only a true fan will know this: How many times do they break up in the show?

Question 14

What does Dr. Green call Ross?

Rachel’s dad, despite clearly loving her and caring about her, has a hard time showing it. He can be a bit of a rough person, always saying exactly what he thinks and feels, and is very hard on Rachel. He is a hard person to get along with but most of all, he hates Ross. He shows it from the get-go, and even though Ross doesn’t like him either, he tries his best for Rachel to get along. Instead, Dr. Green simply insults him and comes up with interesting nicknames. What does he come up with to call Ross?

Question 15

How many zones does Monica mention to Chandler?

In one of the most memorial episodes, Monica helps Chandler understand a woman and how to make her happy. She begins to describe all the erogenous zones a woman has and in what order to do them in. She clearly enjoys describing it and Chandler leaves with a lot of information. Every guy remembers that scene and has probably memorized it. But regardless not everyone will remember exactly how many zones she said there were: How many are there?

Question 16

What is the name of the realtor that Monica believed Chandler was involved with?

The last season is bittersweet as Chandler and Monica, now married; start making plans to move on with their lives. They start by finding a nice house in the suburbs and then getting ready to move. No one likes it of course, but they have to accept it. Before they tell everyone, they accidentally see Chandler when he goes with the realtor to check out the house and think he is cheating on Monica. What is the name of the Realtor?

Question 17

How many stages of grief are there according to Joey?

After Chandler breaks it off with his long-time girlfriend Kathy, he falls into grief. She was one of his few long-lasting relationships and he took it hard when she cheated on him and they broke it off. He has to go through all the stages of grief in order to get over her. However, he doesn’t go through the normal stages, he goes through the stages according to Joey. How many stages are there according to Joey?

Question 18

What was the last Geller Cup ever played?

In a memorial episode The one with the Geller Cup we can really see the intense competition that Monica and Ross grew up with. Every year they held the Geller Cup, an intense football game, with both of them as captains, and whoever won got the cup. As the competition grew more and more, so did the fighting, until eventually they were forced to stop. Only a true fan can remember exactly which Geller Cup was the last one they ever played. Which one was it?

Question 19

What does the officer tell himself to buy?

Season 5 shows us Phoebe dating a police officer, after pretending to be one herself. The boys are very excited, of course, and one night he takes them out on patrol. While they are following a witness, a car backfires and it sounds a lot like a gun. Thinking he has had a near-death experience he leaves himself a message on his phone to enjoy life. He also tells himself to get something. What did he tell himself to get?

Question 20

What is the name of the stuffed animal Joey gives to Emma?

In Season 7, Rachel has a beautiful baby girl that she names Emma. She has to stay with Joey for a while and they have to set up a nice little area for her to sleep in. One day when He gets home, he sees his beloved stuffed animal I bed with Emma, and despite being ok with it outwardly, he really wants it back. He gets a different one but Emma can tell the difference and eventually he has to find a way to be ok with it. Only a true fan will know what is the name of the stuffed animal?

Question 21

What did the duck swallow to cause throwing up everywhere?

We see the addition of some very unusual characters in Season 7. Joey buys Chandler a baby chick, and later on, they add a duck to the mix as well. They appear quite a bit throughout the series until they eventually begin to be phased out. One day Joey comes in and says that the duck has been throwing up all over the place because he swallowed something. Only a true fan will know: what was it that he swallowed to cause this?

Question 22

What is Rachel's favorite movie?

As loveable as the birds are they are also very loud. One day the rooster is crowing very early in the morning, Monica and Rachel freak out and decide that the bird has to go. Since they don’t want that but they want the girl's apartment they bet that they know more about the girls then they do. They come up with a contest, with Ross’s help, and see who will win. During that quiz, one of the questions was: what is Rachel’s favorite movie?

Question 23

What did Chandler and Joey get from the coin flip?

When Monica begins dating Richard, the boys don’t really like him, mostly because he is so much older than them. But then they bring him to a game and realize that he is really cool. Deciding that they want to be just like him, they agree to each mimic one thing about him. They flip for it and the next day start sporting their new looks, each having something different. Only a true fan will know who got what?

Question 24

What is the name of the poem Julio wrote?

When Monica starts working at the Moondance Café, she is single, but she ends up dating two people while working there. She first meets Julio, the dishwasher, who is charming and handsome and writes poetry. They share a kiss in the café after work and then decide to date. After going on their first date he writes a poem for her, which ends up being about all of womankind. Only a true fan will know this: what was the name of the poem he wrote?

Question 25

How old was Ross when he last wore the shirt Rachel had of his?

After Ross and Rachel break up, which no one is happy about, Rachel decides that she need closure so she gives Ross his stuff back. This causes a mini-fight, and Ross demands the rest of his stuff back, even the things he gave her as presents. He also demands the shirt that she likes to sleep in, and even though he takes it, he ends up giving it back. Only a true fan will remember: how old was he when he last wore it?

Question 26

What is Peter's last name?

Monica starts dating the second person while she is working at the Moondance Café: Peter, the aggressive Millionaire. Despite the fact that he has everything, literally, she is not attracted to him at all, but he continues to pursue her. Eventually, she does like him a little but ends up breaking it off. He didn’t stick around for long but he was sweet and caring and good for her, even if she didn’t like him all that much. What was his last name?

Question 27

Where did Pete buy the ring from?

Peter Becker, though a sweet caring very passionate individual, he wasn’t able to date Monica for long. In his passion, he decided to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion, which finally caused Monica to break it off with him. Leading up to the breakup, the gang head to his house, where they find the expense report for the ring, thinking he was going to propose. One easily missed detail was where he bought the ring from, and only a true fan will spot it: where did Pete buy the ring from?

Question 28

What game did kids play with Ross?

When Jill is furious at Rachel and goes to Ross’s apartment in an attempt to seduce him to get Rachel mad, Ross thinks that the neighbor kids are at the door and rushes to open it. He is obviously relieved that it is only Jill and happily lets her in but not before taking a last peek around. Apparently, the kids like to play a game with Ross, which infuriates him to no end, but he has to deal with it anyway. Only a true fan will know: what game did the kids play with him?

Question 29

How many categories of towels does Monica have?

Monica Geller, the clean freak of the show, and the powerhouse of the entire group. What Monica says goes, and no matter what you say or do she will have her way, especially when she is cleaning the house! Even when she needs help getting the house in tip-top shape, no one I allowed to touch her system. One such system is her towel organization for the bathroom: there is a towel for every little thing possible. I bet you can’t remember exactly how many categories of towels she has!

Question 30

What trail does Chandler have to follow?

Another new concept that is introduced in the series is the trail from the women you slept with to women you hope never finds out. We hear about this after Ross sleeps with Chloe, the copier girl everyone likes when he and Rachel are apparently on a break. Chandler finds the trails and despite Ross following it, he is too late and Rachel finds out anyway. Only a true fan will remember: What is the trail he has to follow?

Question 31

What name does Chandler use to get the reservation?

Season Three has a lot going on, Ross and Rachel breaking up, Pete making Monica worry about him with his fighting deal, Chandler’s boss patting his behind at work. Despite all this, they still find time to go to the restaurant together as friends. However, when Ross makes the reservation he doesn’t use his own name, he uses a special name in hopes that he will get better treatment, but it is a name easily missed. What name does he use to get the reservation?

Question 32

How much did the herbal tea cost for Phoebe?

After Joey gets the job at the Central Perk, he has to start charging his friends for their various orders and of course giving the hot girls free stuff. They all get different things with different charges, and Phoebe gets something much simpler Staying true to herself she orders an herbal tea. It goes by very quickly but Joey says the price for everything. Only a true fan would know this so tell me what was the cost of the herbal tea for Phoebe?

Question 33

Where is Tank from?

When Pete, takes his aggressive tactics to the fighting ring, he trains very hard with the best trainers in the world. In his first debut, he takes on Tank Abbott, a huge guy, with lots of missing teeth. He is still confident that he can beat him, but unfortunately, he gets beaten badly and quickly. Only a true fan will remember: where is the tank from?

Question 34

What kind of stick did Phoebe use to poke the neighbor?

Phoebe is a bit of an eccentric, very spiritual person, who believes in curses and the like. One such curse she believes in is that when she goes to the dentist, someone she knows passes away. When she is forced to go one day, she calls everyone she knows when she gets back and just when she is convinced all is good she notices that their neighbor is now moving. They fashion a long stick to poke him with and it turns out he is alive and well! What did they fashion the stick out of?

Question 35

What was Elizabeth's nickname?

He basically skips Wednesday and goes right to the third day One day Ross gets a note from a secret admirer, which happens to be one of his students. Even though he could find out who she is he lets it go, until she approaches him and they begin to see each other for a while. Her name was Elizabeth, but Ross apparently has a hard time remembering names so he comes up with nicknames for all his students, that can be a little colorful. He, of course, had a one for Elizabeth, what was her nickname?

Question 36

What is Chandler's job?

There isn’t much that everyone doesn’t know about each other, it the effect of being around each other for so long. However, there is one thing that the girls didn’t know about Chandler that they should have. Because they didn’t know they lost the challenge and also lost the apartment. It is also a source of stress for Chandler as it can be for most people. Only a true fan will laugh at this and will remember the correct answer: what is Chandler’s job?

Question 37

How many muffins did Joey give away?

In the 6th season, Joey is having a hard time with acting, an ends up a little short on cash. Unable to make ends meet, he gets a job at the central perk. Of course, being him, Joey used it as a way to hit on women and starts giving out food to the hot women. When he is told he can only give out birthday muffins, he changes to that. Only a true fan will know: How many muffins did he give away on that day?

Question 38

Where did Mike go after he got home with Phoebe from their wedding?

In a Joyous season, Phoebe gets married to Mike and head off to their Honeymoon. The wedding had a very rocky start but ended very sweet when they got married outside in the snow. It was all very romantic and when they got back from the honeymoon, Phoebe said it was just as romantic and amazing. However poor Mike did not have a good time at all. Because of this, he had a very important place to go to once he got home, where did he go?

Question 39

What does Phoebe do right before answering the phone?

In a two-part series, the series does what----if scenario, covering such things as what if Chandler had left his job and what if Phoebe had gone into stockbrokers. Their lives are almost unrecognizable and have changed in so many ways. One such way is that Phoebe is a very aggressive stockbroker who is always on the phone with something. Only a true fan will know: what does she do right before she answers the phone?

Question 40

What color was the shopping bag Ross saved for Jill?

When Jill came to Rachel for help, she was cut off from her father’s financial assistance. Rachel thinks it is a great thing for her and tells her that she needs to learn responsibility. Of course, Jill goes on a shopping spree instead of using her father’s credit cards. When Rachel finds out she takes everything away except for one bag that Ross saves for her. Only a true fan will know: what was the color of the bag he saved for her?

Question 41

Who is the janitor in the yearbook that Chandler is eating with?

In one episode, they find that Chandler can’t cry and has never cried his whole life. Determined to break that, they get out his yearbook in an attempt to bring back fond memories and the waterworks. It fails however and they end up having to try different techniques. In his yearbook, there is a picture of him eating with the school janitor. Only a true fan paid close enough attention to this: what is the janitor's name?

Question 42

What department was Bob from at Rachel's work?

In one episode, Jill comes over needing help from Rachel. During her stay, she starts dating Ross which infuriates Rachel since it’s her sister. So, she decides to break the two up and when Jill comes to talk to her about it Rachel reveals it was her that did it but offers to set her up with Bob from work. She, of course, doesn’t take her up on it, but only a true fan will remember this: What department was Bob from at Rachel’s work?

Question 43

What is Jill's one flaw?

After Rachel reveals that she broke Ross and her up, Jill is furious! She dates Ross again just to get even with her, and even though nothing happens, it works. In this episode we see Jill questioning herself, including her fashion sense. We find out some important details about her, however, including the one and only flaw that she has. She yells it almost flippantly as she storms away in a huff. Only a true fan will Remember: what was her one flaw that she has?

Question 44

Which of Joey's sisters punched Chandler?

As previously stated Chandler slept with one of joeys Sisters and can’t remember which. After trying different techniques to figure out which, and they all fail, one of the sisters approach him. He thinks it the one he slept with only to find out it is a different one. Once Joey gets involved they all want to punch him, but he can’t because he knows he is sorry. Finally, one of the sisters punches him. Only a true fan will now this: Which sister punched Chandler?

Question 45

What color are Ross's curtains?

Ross, later in the series, moves into the apartment across the street from Monica, which he takes full advantage of the window view. He does fake surfing and fake shark attacks. Everyone else seems to enjoy the convenience, and we get to see the inside of his place quite a few times, like when we see his new table. One detail that may have gone unnoticed however is his curtain. Only a true fan will know: what color are his curtains?

Question 46

How long after watching Bambi did Phoebe's mom pass?

In the series, there is a lot thrown around about Phoebe’s mom, a lot about her passing. In one episode we learned a lot more about her passing, specifically when it happened. According to Phoebe, she passed a specific amount of time after watching Bambi, and she cried for both of them. She started crying because of Bambi but afterward she switched to her mom's passing. Only a true fan will remember this: how long after she watched Bambi did her mom pass?

Question 47

What causes Chandler to cry for the first time?

In one episode they complain over the fact that Chandler can’t cry. Despite trying everything to get him to cry, from showing him his high school yearbook to trying to guilt trip him with notes from the beyond, he still can’t shed one tear. At the end of the episode, he finally begins crying which causes him to start crying over everything. Only a true fan will remember: What causes Chandler to cry for the first time?

Question 48

What did Rachel and Monica do to get their apartment back?

In one episode they do a challenge in which Joey and Chandler manage to get Rachel and Monica’s apartment. They keep the place for quite a while before the girls get tired of their new small place: so, they try to get their old place with another challenge but lose again. So, they come up with a new proposal so they can get it back which works out perfect for them. What did Rachel and Monica do to get it back?

Question 49

How many pages were in Carol's list of women?

In the what if episodes, they wonder what life would be like if Carol had never figured out she was a lesbian. Of course, not much has changed for Ross; he is still not being intimate with her and doing a lot of Karate to make up for that. When he suggested that they should spice it up and gives a few suggestions, Carol becomes very excited about having a threesome and writes out a long list of women she knows who would be up for that. How many pages long was her list?

Question 50

What does Chandler call Thursday to help Joey remember the interview?

In one episode, Chandler’s old friend comes to visit after having not seen her in 10 years. Joey really wants him to ask her to get him an interview for the new Al Pacino Movie, but Chandler doesn’t just want to ask her outright, so he has to woo her of sorts until she can ask. In order to make sure Chandler remembers that the interview is on Thursday, he gives him a limerick of sorts to remind him. What did he call Thursday?

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