This Quiz Will Reveal How Much Of A Fan Of Friends You Truly Are

Could you be any more of a Friends fan? Everybody loves this classic sitcom about Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey - and their adventures (and misadventures) in work, love and friendship. From the first episode, when everyone was single and struggling, to the finale, when everyone had found their own versions of success, Friends is filled with laughs (and more than a few oft-quoted lines).

But only a true Friends fan will remember every last detail of the show, from the secondary characters' names to the places that each character has worked over the years, and a whole host of other things in between. If you think you know everything that there is to know about Friends, prove it, by taking our quiz on the little things that most casual viewers will have missed while watching the show.

If you get it right, you deserve a coffee at Central Perk for being such a huge Friends fan, but if you don't, it might be time to give Friends another try! Maybe you just didn't get into it the first time, or maybe you did, but it has been nearly fifteen years since the series ended, so it's understandable to forget a few things in the meantime. Good thing it's on Netflix, ready to binge!

Question 1

Why did Joey break up with this girl?

Joey has dated plenty of women over the course of Friends, but none of them ever turned out to be 'the one'... especially not this girl! Katie was adorable and seemed extremely sweet, and for the most part, Joey was crazy about her... but she had just one habit that he couldn't stand. In the end, she broke up with him because he wouldn't stand up for her to Rachel, but he was happy to see her go - and not have to deal with this any more!

Question 2

Who was the runner up at this auction?

When Rachel takes Joey and Phoebe to a charity auction to impress her boss, she doesn't expect either of them to actually bid on anything... but forgets to tell that to Joey! He doesn't understand that it's an auction, rather than a guessing game, and ends up buying himself a boat (which he manages to keep). At first, though, they try and sell it to the next highest bidder instead - what was the name of the man who nearly bought it?

Question 3

What was the name of the girl who had a blacklight?

Ross has also had more than his fair share of dating mishaps, including one where he tried just a little too hard to impress his date! In this episode, Monica set Ross up with a girl from work, and Ross got his teeth whitened in honor of the occasion... except he left the gel on too long, and was left with a freakishly white smile! He managed to hide it from her throughout dinner, but when they turned off the lights, he was betrayed by the blacklight...

Question 4

What went wrong with Phoebe's date with Ryan?

Phoebe has a few old flames that appear throughout the show, including Ryan, a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy that Phoebe calls 'my submarine guy' (because he visits her on the rare occasions that he's not in his submarine). She loves these visits, but there was one that was totally ruined - leading to both of them getting extremely sick, and not being able to do any of the romantic things they usually would. What was it that made them sick?

Question 5

Which series had a crossover with Friends?

There have actually been multiple mini-crossovers with Friends from the '90s sitcom world, including Mad About You, which itself crosses over with Seinfeld. However, this particular show also had a mini crossover of sorts with Friends - although there are a few inconsistencies. Two of the doctors from this show turned up to play emergency room doctors that see (and then date) Monica and Rachel... but they aren't exactly the same doctors as they are on their own show! Which show were they borrowed from?

Question 6

How did Joey injure his arm?

Behind the scenes, Matt LeBlanc actually hurt his arm doing a physical gag on the show - which meant that he had to have his arm in a sling while filming for a few days. The series decided to write in his injury as a typical 'Joey' thing to do, which is only mentioned as an aside in the episode, and then ignored for the rest of it. How did they claim that Joey hurt his arm in this episode?

Question 7

Who did Phoebe accidentally make Monica look like?

Phoebe has many talents that crop up throughout Friends, such as her ability to speak perfect French, or to give great haircuts. In this episode, when the gang find out that Phoebe is especially good with a pair of scissors, Monica begs her to cut her hair - although Phoebe thinks that Monica will be a little too high strung to let her work comfortably. Monica promises to be totally silent... which leads to her getting a terrible haircut, when Phoebe mistakes Demi Moore (who Monica wants to look like) with someone else..

Question 8

What was the name of their downstairs neighbor?

In the early seasons of Friends, Monica and Rachel dealt with a particularly annoying neighbor... and no, we don't mean Joey constantly stealing their food! This was their downstairs neighbor, who was constantly complaining about them making too much noise, even when they weren't doing anything louder than just sitting around hanging out. The character ended up passing away in the second season though, so you'll only remember this one if you watched Friends from the very earliest days of the show...

Question 9

What does Chandler's Mom do?

Chandler has some major issues with both of his parents - not just because of their divorce when he was a kid, but because he is horrifyingly embarrassed by what they both do for a living. His father, Charles, performs in a drag revue under the name Helena Handbasket, which he hates and makes jokes about all the time. His mother, however, also has a job that Chandler is embarrassed by, although the rest of his friends think that what she does is cool! What is it?

Question 10

What was the name of Joey's agent?

Joey's acting career definitely had its ups and downs - from his early days trying to land parts in commercials (and ending up as the face of an STD campaign), to the heights of his career as Dr Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives, Joey has had one agent from the start (until she sadly passed away). This chain smoking, brash, bottle blonde lady was never the best agent to Joey, but he was loyal to her nonetheless. What was her name?

Question 11

How many pages was Rachel's letter to Ross?

Ross and Rachel are the definition of an on-again, off-again relationship, breaking up and making up what often seems like every other season! At the beginning, Ross cheated on Rachel when he believed that they were 'on a break', and Rachel was furious... but they managed to make up again after Rachel wrote Ross a long letter, including one very important question. However, Ross answered that question without knowing what it was, because the letter was so long he fell asleep reading it!

Question 12

How big was the turkey that Joey ate?

Friends has some amazing Thanksgiving episodes - as every year, the gang gets together to celebrate... and eat a lot of food! One year, however, Monica was going to leave out the turkey, because only she and Joey would be eating it - but Joey insisted, saying that he could absolutely eat almost an entire turkey all by himself - he managed it, too! He even asked for a slice of pie for dessert after... how big was the turkey that Monica made him?

Question 13

What's the name of Chandler's white ceramic dog?

When Joey first found real success, he went a little overboard with decorating his apartment - buying thousands of dollars worth of ceramic animals, art, and fancy furniture... and then had it all repossessed when he couldn't pay the bills. He did manage to keep one thing, though - a white ceramic dog, that Ross bought for him, and that he later gave to Chandler (much to Monica's disappointment!). The boys even gave the dog a name - what was it?

Question 14

What's Phoebe's sister's name?

We don't see her very often, but Phoebe is actually a twin, and her twin sister also lives in New York. She and Phoebe are very different, though, as her sister works as a waitress, wears all black, and even spent some time as a porn star (using Phoebe's name...). The sisters don't get along, either (not just because she did porn as Phoebe Buffay!) - but every now and then, they find a reason to talk to each other. What is her name?

Question 15

Who was trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre?

In The One With The Blackout, one of the Friends gang gets trapped in an ATM vestibule because the loss of power means that the doors won't open. They aren't alone in there, either - there's one other person also stuck - Victoria's Secret model Jill Goodacre! This person was thrilled to have a chance to hang out with a famous model, but also was so intimidated that they were extremely awkward at first... who was it who was trapped?

Question 16

Which of these is a song that Ross wrote in college?

As well as seeing flashbacks to Monica and Rachel's time as best friends in high school, Friends includes several embarrassing flashbacks to Ross and Chandler in their college days - including Wham-inspired suits, bad hair, and the two of them starting a band. In one flashback, Ross and Chandler are talking in the kitchen, and Ross says he's thinking of playing Rachel the new song that they just wrote - what is the title of the song that he wanted to play for her?

Question 17

Whose parents did Rachel meet in her underwear?

There have been plenty of awkward romantic encounters for the Friends gang over the years, but this has to be one of the most embarrassing! Rachel was dating a new man, and they headed to his parent's house for a date (because the chick and the duck freaked him out, so they couldn't stay at Rachel's). His parents were meant to be on vacation, but they came home early... to find Rachel clad only in a sexy negligee - that she tried to pretend was a new style of dress.

Question 18

What game did Monica and Mike play in Barbados?

It's no secret that Monica can get extremely competitive - and even gave someone a scar after the Pictionary incident! But while the gang were in Barbados to see Ross speak at a conference (and to enjoy a holiday), they discovered that someone else was just as competitive as Monica - Phoebe's future husband, Mike. The two end up getting into an intense game, and while Phoebe actually finds it attractive, Chandler definitely doesn't feel the same.. what are they playing?

Question 19

What word does Ross say means to be constantly vigilant?

When Phoebe and Rachel take a self-defence class, Ross tries to convince them that it's not enough, and that his experience in 'studying' karate means that he knows how to stay truly safe - by having a state of mind that means you are always aware of danger and being vigilant. He ends up trying to test them over the next few days... and it always goes wrong for him - starting when Rachel points out that the word he is using is also a kind of sushi!

Question 20

Why is Monica wearing an eyepatch?

In this Thanksgiving episode, Monica ends up cooking dinner while wearing an eyepatch (and putting up with all the obvious pirate jokes as a result!) - as well as making out with her ex's son! After injuring her eye in the kitchen, she goes to the eye doctor - Timothy, the son of her ex Richard. He's cute and single, so she invites him over after he takes care of her eye, but when they finally kiss... he reminds her too much of his Dad!

Question 21

Who was Joey 'butt double' for?

Of the many different acting jobs that Joey has had, one of the ones he was most excited about was when he got cast in a big movie - as the lead actor's 'butt double'. When the character would go into the shower for a scene, Joey would step in and play him so that the shot could include his butt... but he ended up getting fired from the film because he tried to hard to 'act', instead of just showering.

Question 22

Which bakery is this cheesecake from?

In this episode, Rachel and Chandler become Cheesecake thieves, when a cheesecake is accidentally delivered to the wrong apartment... and instead of taking it downstairs, Chandler takes a few bites - and discovers the best cheesecake he's ever had. He and Rachel end up splitting it, and then a second one which is also delivered to the wrong apartment, and even though they feel bad - it's just so good that they can't help it. They'll even eat it off the floor!

Question 23

What inappropriate song does Rachel sing to baby Emma?

After Ross and Rachel had baby Emma, it took a little while before she laughed for the first time... and it only happened when Ross was singing to her, and started to sing a song that is definitely not appropriate for babies. But it seemed to work, and every time he sang it to her, she would laugh! At first, Rachel was appalled, but when she couldn't get Emma to laugh any other way, she gave in and sang it as well... what was that song.

Question 24

Who did Rachel date in high school?

Rachel and Monica have been friends since high school, and thanks to some home movies and flashback scenes, we're able to learn a lot about what they were like before Rachel got her nose job and Monica lost all that weight... including who they dated. When watching their prom video, Rachel was upset because her date took a long time to show up, making her think that he was standing her up - what was the name of her date?

Question 25

What was the name of Joey's penguin?

Although Joey might have a 'cool guy' exterior, he's certainly got a softer side as well - and even has a 'bedtime penguin pal' - a stuffed penguin that he keeps in his room. It's something that he kept secret for most of the series, but everyone knew by the end of the final season. The penguin also featured heavily in an episode when Rachel gave it to Emma, who loved it... and Joey struggled to give up his favorite stuffed toy, even to a baby!

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