This Quick Test Will Reveal How Much Each Fan Knows About Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is a great show full of drama, romance and comedy, although it can make you queasy at times. Being the sixth longest-running show currently airing at 14 seasons, it might become difficult for the fans to keep track of all the stuff that has happened (even if you've seen every single episode at least three times). There have been characters coming and going, relationships on and off... and then on again, and off again. Major tragedies have occurred and we've lost quite a few of our favourite characters. The show has also given us a lot of tender moments and not to mentions some of our favourite romances in TV history. Let's face it, the show has also been very educational. Of course, we all think we can be doctors now!

If you think you can remember all 14 seasons of it, this quiz will test just that. Do you know what happened to some of our beloved characters? Can you name some of the secondary characters? Are you able to keep track of all the relationships that have been on again and off again throughout the seasons? Can you remember some specific episodes and random details that only a true fan would know? It's time to test yourself!

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1In season 1, what is the name of the hospital where the main characters work?

The name of the hospital changes quite a few times and sometimes we have a hard time keeping track of what to call the hospital. It can get pretty confusing and we end up looking like Arizona and Amelia in this picture. The name changes for the first time in season six after a merger with another hospital and then gets changed yet again in season nine due to another major event. Can you remember what the original name of the hospital was?

2How do Derek and Meredith meet?

From day one, Derek and Meredith had a connection that could not be cut (even though they often tried). This show is full of literal life-or-death situations, but nothing got us biting our nails as much as the anticipation of the countless times we waited to see whether Derek would pick Meredith and vice versa. This relationship is one of the best parts of the show. They were the perfect couple and although we agree that Meredith should be able to move on and be happy with someone else, we can't help but feel betrayed.

3How many of the original interns are still regulars on the show?

With a series running as long as this one has, there have been so many characters who have come and gone, and while some shows defy the rules of nature by keeping their characters alive and together, Grey's Anatomy does a great job at being a little more realistic in terms of relationships standing the test of time. When our beloved characters started off as interns, they were young, scared, and lacking experience. It's hard to believe that Bailey's little puppies have grown to be such hardworking and incredibly innovative doctors.

4Who was not in the plane crash in season 8?

These characters always seem to get caught in the middle of disasters and accidents. Luckily, this is a show about doctors and they all have the necessary training in order to keep people calm and most importantly to keep them alive. This one was a big one though and had tremendous lasting effects for many of the characters (even the ones who weren't on the plane). Needless to say, all the characters on that plane developed a crazy fear of flying that took a lot to get over.

5Which of these characters has not won a Harper Avery?

The Harper Avery is a prestigious award that only the five best surgeons get nominated for each year. The creator of the award is Jackson Avery's grandfather who makes appearances in season six and in season fourteen. The nominees for the award get a call at 5am Seattle time on the same Friday every year. In one episode we see Cristina preparing herself for the call with a bit of lipstick. Each of these surgeons was nominated for the award, but one didn't make the cut. Do you remember who?

6How many children do Derek and Meredith have?

As if they didn't have enough to worry about with the stress of their jobs and their on again off again relationship, Derek and Meredith didn't really have it easy in the kids' department either. Between miscarriages and hormone shots (giving us this funny scene), adoptions gone wrong and all the other unfortunate events, it has been a bumpy road for our favourite surgeon couple. In the end, it all works out for the best with these two. Do you remember how many kids they end up with?

7What is the name of Callie's child?

Callie announces her pregnancy in season seven, and while she didn't have the easiest time during those nine months (car crash and all) she did turn out to have a beautiful and healthy baby girl that she raises with Arizona. When Callie leaves, they still share custody of her daughter, and we get appearances when she comes to Seattle to stay with Arizona. She's a very lucky child to have grown up surrounded by doctors who have been able to support her through life... but what is her name?

8What is Cristina Yang's specialty?

Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh, is one of our favourite surgeons. She's sassy and funny, but a little cold-hearted at times. Her step-father is an oral surgeon, but she says that her reason for becoming a doctor is watching her father bleed out in front of her after being in a car accident. Throughout her career at Seattle Grace/Grey-Sloan Memorial, she is studying under the leading surgeons in the field until she herself becomes a world-renowned being the first fellow to be nominated for a Harper Avery Award.

9Can you name this doctor?

This surgical intern was with us for two seasons before leaving to work under Dr Yang at Klausman Institute for Medical Research. His original interest is in Neuro, but when he becomes more interested in Cardio and starts working under Cristina, she starts calling him "Shark" and he really starts to fall into his element. It's no wonder that he follows her to Zurich, not to mention their relationship wasn't always strictly professional. Though he was with us briefly, he developed into a pretty important character.

10Who is the creator of the show?

This amazing creative is not only the creator of Grey's Anatomy but also some of our other favourite shows such as How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal. This Chicago-born writer/producer has not only given us our favourite medical show, she has also been named one of TIME magazine's 100 People Who Have Help Shape the World. She creates wonderful and strong female leads such as Meredith Grey, Annalise Keating and Olivia Pope. Fun fact: she also worked on The Princess Diaries 2.

11How does Derek Shepherd die?

Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd was with us for eleven seasons before he left us so abruptly. With such an important character, one would think that he would get a bit more of a lengthy death that would allow us to come to terms with it before it happens. I'm sure Shonda has her reasons, and as much as we miss him and are still mourning his death, it was time for things to move on. Dempsey leaving gave him the chance to pursue other creative paths.

12How are Lexie and Meredith Related?

Lexie first appears in season 3 and grows tremendously as a character up until the plane crash in season 8 that ultimately causes her death. This, along with Derek is probably one of the most heart-wrenching deaths in the show and it takes a long time to get over. At first, Meredith doesn't Lexie and is annoyed by her presence, but over the years, she learns to love her and she is devastated by her death... but how are these two related?

13Who is Maggie Pierce?

Maggie Pierce, played by Kelly McCreary, is the head of her department at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She is a brilliant surgeon who was always top of her class throughout medical school. She was also always the youngest in her class because she always moved ahead. She first shows up at the end of season ten where she joins the Grey Sloan Memorial team. She is a bit of a control freak and can be pretty awkward in conversations at times, but that's what we love about her!

14Why do Callie and George get divorced?

The relationship between Callie and George is very sudden and doesn't last very long. She is there for him when his father passes away, and so George seeks comfort through Callie. When this happens, he rushes to marry her because she is the only thing in the world that makes him feel better. Everyone tells him that it's a bad idea and that he shouldn't rush into things. In the end, George realizes his friends were right that maybe he should have thought about it a little longer before getting down on one knee.

15Can you name this doctor?

This intern played by Tina Majorino is a little bit of a weirdo, which is actually one of her nicknames, along with Mousey and Circus Act. She comes in as one of the new interns in season 9 although we didn't know her that well, it sucks that she had to die. Couldn't she just move away like everyone else? But hey, at least Derek liked her. That's a pretty big compliment... even though she did eat dirt as a child.

16What is Jo Wilson's real name?

Jo is one of the residents introduced in season 9, who later becomes chief resident. She develops a friendship with Alex Karev. This relationship later develops into a romantic one, which has almost as many dips and turns as Derek and Meredith's relationship. As we learn more about her character it becomes evident that Jo Wilson hasn't always been Jo Wilson, and that she may have left a completely different life behind when joining the team at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

17Who is April's first?

In one episode of Grey's Anatomy, Alex, Cristina, Meredith, and Jackson share the stories of how they lost their virginities. When asked about her experience, April says that it's a "private memory" and then proceeds to say that it happened "on the beach at sunset". The others are very critical leading to a later confirmed suspicion that April is, in fact, a 28-year-old virgin. Later on, however, in season 8, Kepner does end up losing her virginity... but to who?

18What's McSteamy's Daughter's name?

In season 6, we are introduced to Mark's daughter that he never knew he had. He thought that the mother had had an abortion and was shocked when his daughter shows up looking for him. She appears for the first time at 18 years old and pregnant. Mark decides to step up his game and become more responsible by taking care of his daughter and making sure his grandchild get a good life. This causes Lexie to freak out because she is too young to be a step-grandmother.

19What is Kepner's nickname in season 14?

April Kepner has developed so much as a character over the years. Throughout her development, she has acquired many different nicknames. In season 14, however, she starts to lose her faith and goes through a bit of a rough patch, she shows up to work drunk, becomes friends with her interns and even turns to the creepy Dr Thomas Koracick at her low. It's not all bad for poor April. At least she got a pretty kickass nickname out of it!

20Who is Sofia's father?

When Arizona moves to Africa, Callie sleeps with this guy and becomes pregnant with Sofia. The mystery man didn't get the chance to be a present father for his first daughter so this time he wants to be as implicated as Callie is. When Arizona gets back and gets on board with this new family, he even has to compete with her for baby rights and attention. Sadly he doesn't last long enough to see his daughter grow. Who is this man?

21Why does Derek get blacklisted by the FDA?

Derek starts a clinical trial to try to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease since Meredith's mother has it and Meredith may develop it too. Richard's wife, Adele, also has Alzheimer's disease and asks Derek to have her in his clinical trial so that matters may be helped. But as we all know, it is never good to mix work with personal feelings because this is where all the problems start for Derek. The team was unable to cope with the fact that Adele may have been getting a placebo.

22How are Meredith and Amelia related?

Amelia makes her first appearances as a special guest/doctor coming in to help Derek on a surgery by offering her skills as a neurosurgeon. At first, she and Meredith don't really get along, because let's face it, when does Meredith every like someone right away? However, as with most others, Meredith starts to warm up to her as Amelia becomes a regular on the show. She even takes her into her home and lets her in on all the little details of her life.

23Chief Hunt organizes a softball game against which other hospital?

This episode in season 8 shows how Owen's competitive side as he puts all his effort into creating the perfect team that will win this year's softball game. Grey and Yang are no help as they spend their field time laying on the grass and pointing out shapes in the clouds. Teddy tries to convince Hunt to let her be a pitcher, but he is reluctant, especially since her husband is a pro ball player. Teddy turns out to be a horrible pitcher and Meredith and Cristina get drunk during the game.

24Where does Dr Altman move to?

Teddy Altman, portrayed by Kim Raver, is with us for three seasons before she moves away to be the chief at MEDCOM. She later returns in season 14 when Owen finally admits his feelings for her. In the time that she is with us, she becomes known as the "cardio god" and Cristina worships her, even though she doesn't always give her what she wants. She doesn't want to leave Owen without a head of cardio, but he fires her so that she can move on to bigger things.

25Grey's Anatomy is owned by which network?

The first season of Grey's Anatomy was aired on this network in 2005 and in May of 2018 it was renewed for a fifteenth season. Grey's is actually the longest-running series on this network along with "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" that aired from 1952-1966. The network is also home to some of our older classics including "Three's Company", "Bewitched" and "Laverne and Shirley". Grey's Anatomy is definitely one of the greatest shows of our time and the network, as big as it is, gets a lot of recognition for it.

26Who is the current Chief of Surgery?

Over the seasons there have been quite a few Chiefs of Surgery, most of which are surprisingly still working at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The current chief, however, has had it coming for a while now. This person was born ready for this role, even though sometimes it was a bit too overwhelming. The current chief of surgery has always been a surgeon who plays by the rules but has not been afraid to push their limits. This person is a total control freak, but only where it counts.

27Which of these surgeons decides to join the army?

Owen Hunt was the one who convinced this surgeon to join the army. His decision was later followed by April as well who also decided to leave the hospital for a while to be a military surgeon. The military crew at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doesn't end there. Teddy Altman was also in the military before and also one of the newer additions, Nathan Riggs. Unfortunately, the surgeon in question was stopped by an unforeseen an unsurpassable obstacle and never got the chance to serve.

28What do Meredith and her friends like to do to let out their frustrations?

Being a doctor is a stressful job. Being a surgeon, every day, everything you do is literally a life or death situation. Even routine surgeries can sometimes go terribly wrong. As if that weren't stressful enough, you also have the patients, their families and everyone around you counting on you to make things right. To top it all off are the stresses of regular everyday things like relationships, family and friends, which for the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial are so dramatic. Everyone needs a way to let it all out.

29Who does Jo say "you're like my brother" to?

Jo starts to develop a friendship with one of the male doctors at Seattle Grace. They hang out and make bets at the hospital about whatever fun thing is happening that day. This man in question wants to be sure that they are just friends as this is something that is unusual for him. He says: "we're not doing it if that's what you're thinking" to which Jo responds "that's disgusting. You're like my brother, we drink beer and hand out."

30Where does Derek move into Seattle from?

Season 1 Derek may seem pretty fresh-faced, but he didn't come to Seattle to start his career. Derek Shepherd was already a pretty well-known neurosurgeon when he started working at Seattle Grace Hospital. Chief Webber offered him the job as head of the department and implied that he intended for Derek to take over as chief once he retired. He left a whole life behind from where he was coming from, but where did this dreamy-eyed, life-saving angel come from?

31Who says this quote?

One of these characters actually was drowning in one of the episodes. Thankfully though, they were saved by a hero. This quote, however, is a bit more figurative than it is literal. The person saying it is explaining how important the love of their significant other is to them and how life-changing it was when they first met. There are so many beautifully romantic quotes like this one throughout the seasons and that is one of the things we love so much about this show!

32Can you name this doctor?

This cardio surgeon previously worked at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital, but when Preston Burke leaves the head of cardio position open at Seattle Grace Hospital, she comes in to fill it. For this, she gets the nickname The New Burke. Cristina, being "married" to cardio (her words) quickly learns how difficult it is to stay on this new surgeon's service. She also comes off as very cold and these are the types of things that land her a nickname like The Wicked Witch.

33How many sisters does Derek have?

Derek Shepherd grew up mainly with women as his father died when he was quite young. He and all his siblings grow up to be doctors. Amelia is one of his sisters who becomes a neurosurgeon just like him. Derek was destined to become the Dr McDreamy that he is. His early jolt into a life of responsibility to be the man of the household combined with the womanly compassion of his sisters and mother made for the perfect mix to create our perfect McDreamy.

34Why can't Jo marry Karev?

We've already touched upon the mysterious spirit that is Jo Wilson. We can never really be sure with her and we already know that she's been using a fake name. What else is she keeping secret and why won't she tell Alex the truth? Is she in love with someone else? Is she not being truthful about her emotions? Or is she hiding something bigger? We all know that, in the end, it all gets resolved and they get their happy ending.

35Which of these characters was shot during the hospital shooting?

In the season 6 finale, Gary Clark, the husband of a deceased patient of the hospital, enters the hospital with a gun. His wife was taken off life support while at the hospital and he meets his grievance with anger toward the hospital and its staff. He injures many people, including some doctors and, in the end, commits suicide. This is a crazy action-packed episode and Cristina ends up suffering a lot from this event. You might that she never really recovers from the PTSD.

36Which of these characters has not slept with Alex Karev?

Alex quickly gets the "player" reputation at the hospital. When living with Meredith, he brings a different girl home almost every night. At first, it's pretty tame, and he does get over the phase eventually, but the bit in the middle gets very dicey as he's slept with so many women that it's hard for us to keep track. It's not very good for his job either as it creates for awkward vibes in the hallways and the operating rooms. Hey, it's not his fault he's beautiful!

37Which new spin-off does the show have a crossover with in season 14?

Much to Miranda Bailey's objection, Ben Warren decides to leave his surgical residency to become a firefighter. In this episode, Ben finds himself returned to the hospital when the firefighters answer a call to a science experiment gone wrong. Ben and his new boss, Andy, stay at the hospital longer than necessary to make sure the boys turn out okay. The crossover episode leads to a new respect for the doctors and firefighters going both ways. As for Ben, does he regret leaving the hospital? Only time will tell.

38Which of these couples was never married?

Trying to keep track of all the couples that have gotten together and broken up or gotten married and divorced might give you a headache. When you spend so much time in the same place with the same people your bound to date a few of them and have drama. Each of these couples, except one, was married at one point or another. The one that didn't could have had a great life together and probably would've been great parents.

39Who is Meredith's first date since losing Derek with?

It's definitely hard for the viewers to see Meredith with anyone other than Derek Shepherd. It's just a constant reminder that Derek is gone, forever. As hard as it is for us, it's even harder for Meredith who has to raise three kids on her own and can't even bring herself to feel love for another man that can even compare to what she had with Derek, but she deserves to be happy. All we're saying is that if Grey's Anatomy were to become a science fiction show, we wouldn't be opposed to Derek coming back as McZombie.

40What was the real reason why Bailey missed work in season 14?

Bailey doesn't go into work for a few days. Why? Maybe the stress of being the chief is starting to catching up with her. Maybe she can't handle the thought of her hubby going off to fight fires on a daily basis, or maybe she just needs some time to relax. Is she having family troubles, marital problems? Maybe. She's keeping everything under the radar for now and all her staff knows is that she was "on vacation" but was she?

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