This Quick Test Will Reveal How Much Each Fan Knows About Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is one of the most popular shows on television and has been for over a decade. The show tells the story of a bunch of doctors who work at one of the busiest and most prestigious hospitals in Seattle. Throughout the series fans have been along for a wild ride and seen the surgeons go from scared interns to some of the most sought after doctors in the world. Over the course of the series all of the doctors have suffered their fair share of traumatic events and have almost always come out on the other side stronger then before thanks to their friends and co workers at the hospitals .

Meredith Grey was the main character when the show first started but since then almost all of the doctors have become pivotal and important to the show. One of the things that makes Grey's so impactful and important is that they don't shy away from at subject and they are able to tell stories in compelling ways that grab the audience. Even the stories about the patients that only last one or two episodes have viewers sitting on the edge of their seats wanting more. Who thinks they can get 100% on a Grey's Anatomy quiz?

Question 1

What does Meredith's mother call her?

Meredith and her mother did not have the best and closest relationship. Meredith's mother, Ellis, was so obsessed with her job and proving herself that she sometimes neglected her job as Meredith's mother. Nonetheless they were all each other had at some points and Meredith took care of her when she became ill.

Question 2

Where does Meredith meet Derek?

Meredith and Derek have one of the most epic love story's of all time and once they get together they form one of the strongest power couples in TV history. They have their fair share of problems and obstacles but in the end they are perfect for one another. Do you remember how to two of them met and this whole love story started?

Question 3

Who does Meredith work with on her first case?

When the new interns start at the hospital they are all super nervous and don't really know what to expect. When they are introduced to the staff and patients they get even more nervous because they don't want to do the wrong thing and end up in trouble, or worse, kicked out of the program for good.

Question 4

Who finds out about Meredith's mother first?

When Meredith first starts her internship at the hospital she has a ton going on in her personal life as well. Her mother is suffering from Alzheimer's and she has made Meredith promise not to tell anyone at the hospital about it. Meredith does her best to keep it a secret but someone eventually finds out about her.

Question 5

Why does Addison come to Seattle?

Addison comes to Seattle with a specific mission in mind. She never imagines that she would actually make true friends at the hospital or that she would end up staying in Seattle for as long as she did. Although she came on the show in a bit of a negative way she quickly proved herself as a doctor and decent human being.

Question 6

Why did Derek leave Addison?

Derek and Addison seemed like the perfect power couple from the outside. They were both respected and successful doctors in their field and were living the dream in New York. However Derek left New York after breaking up with his wife and decided to start over anew in Seattle. Things obviously didn't go as he planned.

Question 7

Who is the father of Callie's baby?

Although it may not seem like it at first Callie is actually super eager to find someone and start a family. She has always dreamed of having kids and once she becomes a mom she realizes that it was what she was always meant to do. She has a daughter but do you remember who the father of this little one is?

Question 8

Why does Callie have her baby prematurely?

One of the biggest fears of most moms is that they will have their baby too early on in their pregnancy. There are so many complications that can occur if you have your baby earlier then expected and it can be life threatening for both the mother and the baby. Callie had her baby super early but luckily they both survived.

Question 9

What kind of pet does Meredith adopt?

When Meredith loses Derek the first time, after he decides to try again with his wife, she finds herself a bit depressed and lonely. Therefore her and Izzie go out and adopt a pet to keep them company when they are home alone. However it is a bit more then they realized and they find it hard to take care of this new pet.

Question 10

Who ends up taking Doc?

When Meredith realizes that she can not give her new pet, Doc, the right kind of care and attention she sets out to find him a new home where she can at least visit him. She grows very attached to him and finds it extremely hard to give him up but she gives him to someone that she knows and trusts.

Question 11

What is the name of Meredith and Derek's first child?

Once they realize that they love each other and cannot stand to be apart Meredith and Derek become inseparable. Eventually, like many couples do, they realize that they want to have a family of their own and set out on having a baby. This baby journey takes a lot of twists and turns that they didn't see coming but eventually lands them into a wonderful spot.

Question 12

Who gets married on the same day?

There are a couple of different marriages, and divorces, that occur on the show. This is not surprising seeing as the show has been on for a pretty long time and these characters have literally grown up in front of our eyes. So which two characters got married on the same day, to different people of course!

Question 13

Why does Cristina divorce Owen?

Cristina and Owen were a bit of a strange couple in the beginning but over time they became very close to one another and the people that each of them turned to when they needed something or support. Cristina helped Owen through some of his toughest times and vice versa so why did they end up getting divorced?

Question 14

What was the hospital never named?

Over the course of the series the hospital has had a ton of different names, some of them lasted for a while and others seemed to fade rather quickly. The name that the hospital started with was a lot less meaningful then the name that it has now but nonetheless they all were important in their own time.

Question 15

Who was not part of the original cast?

The show has been on for a pretty long time and over the course of the series there have been many characters who have come and gone. When one doctor leaves there is usually another one standing in line waiting to take their place so it is never empty. Out of the names below, who was not part of the original cast when the show started?

Question 16

Who transferred to the hospital when it merged with Mercy West?

When the hospital merged with the neighboring hospital, Mercy West, all of the doctors from both of these hospitals were reeling. No one was happy that they would have to acclimate to a whole new team of surgeons but they all ended up becoming pretty good friends and co workers. Without this merge a lot of surgeries never would have happened.

Question 17

Who was April supposed to marry?

Out of all of the cast members April was the one who was most optimistic about the future and believed that the "fairytale" actually existed. Therefore when she got proposed to in the most magical way and planned a huge wedding that most could only dream about everyone expected that it was set in stone, April however had other plans.

Question 18

Why does she walk out on her wedding?

Of course April never married this person because that would be the easy thing to do and the doctors at Greys Anatomy are always taking the harder route. Nonetheless she walked out in the middle of her own wedding to everyone's dismay, even her groom. Do you remember why she walked out of her wedding?

Question 19

What is the award most doctors work towards?

Even as adults, humans are competitive creatures who love to have a goal to work towards. For the doctors in the Grey's Anatomy universe there is a prestigious award that many hope to be nominated for, never mind win. The awards are given to doctors who have made extensive advances in medicine and demonstrate hard work and perseverance.

Question 20

Who was nominated for a Harper Avery?

A couple of the doctors were nominated for a Harper Avery Award for their continuous efforts in medicine and out of the box ideas. However once the hospital became a part of the Avery Foundation every doctor that worked at the hospital lost all possibilities to ever win one of these awards again.

Question 21

Why does Izzie leave the hospital?

Izzie is one of the original inters that started at the show and she was loved by many of the fans. She went through a lot over the course of her time on the show so when she decided that her time was up at the hospital there was not a dry eye in the house. Why did she decide to leave the hospital?

Question 22

What is Izzie's first sign that she has cancer?

Izzie was a young and healthy surgeon who worked the entire time that she was in college in order to be able to relieve herself of any student loan and also afford to go to the schools that she wanted to go. So when she was diagnosed with cancer everyone was shocked and upset at the possibility that they might lose her.

Question 23

How many seasons of Grey's are there?

Grey's Anatomy is one of the most popular television shows on air right now even though it has been on for a decent amount of time. Over the course of the series fans have become so attached to the characters and their stories that it feels like they actually know them and are going through everything with them.

Question 24

Why does Adele leave Richard for good?

Adele and Richard were married for a long time. She stood by him through a lot and even gave up having a family because he was so focused on and busy with his career. He didn't always do right by her but she always stayed with him and eventually they fall back in love with one another. But then she pulls the rug out from under him and leaves him.

Question 25

Who is Maggie Pierce?

Maggie Pierce comes onto the show in a bit of a blur as she is not properly introduced at first and the main thing that everyone focuses on is that she is Yang's replacement. Over time she becomes loved by most of the staff and very close to some of the main characters on the show. Who is Maggie Pierce really?

Question 26

Who moves in with Meredith after Derek leaves?

When Derek passes everyone is shocked and confused about what will happen. Most of the doctors at Grey Sloan are worried about Meredith as she is now the single mother of three kids. She eventually gets back on her feet but it takes some time and help for her to adjust to her new life. Who moves in to help her raise her kids?

Question 27

Why did Maggie come to Seattle?

Maggie comes in to the hospital during a confusing and busy time so most don't question her too much on why she decided to pack up her life and move across the country. Eventually her true intentions for coming to the hospital are revealed and they shock literally everyone, even Richard who isn't the easiest person to shock.

Question 28

Who is Jackson's mentor?

Most of the young doctors at the hospital have at least one older doctor who is their mentor, or at least helps them figure out which specialty they want to pursue. Jackson was very confused as to where his career was going when he first started at the hospital but he met one doctor who helped guide him in the right direction.

Question 29

What name does Mark make up for him and Jackson?

Mark is super excited to have convinced Jackson of the magic behind being a plastics surgeon. The two become inseparable for a long time and Mark acts as Jackson's go to when he is having a problem at work or even in his personal life. Mark even comes up with a name for them and says it until everyone else is sick of it!

Question 30

How does Meredith react when Lexie first starts at the hospital?

It was no coincidence that Meredith and her half sister, Lexie, ended up working at the same hospital. Despite never knowing her, Lexie was desperate to get to know her sister and made it a point to get an internship at the same hospital as her. Eventually the two became close like real sisters and when Meredith lost Lexie she was devastated.

Question 31

Who has a long lost daughter that shows up pregnant?

Over the course of the series there are a ton of crazy things that happen that are a bit hard to swallow, and sometimes even believe. At one point in the show one of the doctors find out that they have a daughter they didn't even know existed and she is pregnant! This means that they are about to be a grandfather and a father at the same time!

Question 32

Why do Lexie and Mark break up?

Lexie and Mark are a bit of a strange couple when they first get together but at the end of the day they make each other better people when they are together. Although Lexie is young she helps Mark to see a whole new world and side to life that he never even knew existed outside of his bachelor lifestyle.

Question 33

Why do Arizona and Callie break up?

Arizona and Callie are another power couple who no one thought would ever break up. They went through a lot together but they always came out on the other side stronger then ever, or at least it appeared so. They both fought for their relationship and tried to make it work but at the end of the day they couldn't do it.

Question 34

Where does Callie end up moving?

Callie decides that her job at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is done shortly after she gets divorced from Arizona. She is offered another job in a new place and is eager to try it out. She is excited about new experienced and meeting different people, especially when Arizona grants her permission to take their daughter with her.

Question 35

When does George marry Callie?

George and Callie were a bit of a strange couple from the beginning and none of their friends were too happy about their relationship. However when George is presented with a very emotional situation he decides that Callie is the woman he wants to be with forever and he marries her without pretty much anyone knowing.

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