This Pub Quiz Is Practically Impossible For Most People

Ready for some mind-boggling trivia? We're about to test your knowledge of the entire world around you, so get ready to be truly challenged. It won't be easy, but hey, maybe you'll learn something interesting when it's all said and done. This "Pub Quiz" might not be as challenging as the ones you might be familiar with on trivia night, but it'll definitely put those brain cells to the test. It doesn't matter if our readers are experts on history, animals, space, or even pop culture - getting a perfect score on this pub quiz is practically impossible.

Because even though you might be an expert on one topic, you just can't hope to know everything there is to know about the world. Even the wisest people on Earth accept the fact that there's still much more to learn. Only the most ignorant people out there assume that they know everything there is to know. And that's part of what makes life so wonderful... There's always more to learn! Every day should be full of discovery and insight. Let this quiz take you on a journey, and you might actually learn something new about this amazing world we all live in!

Question 1

Where Does Batman Live?

Batman is probably one of the most well-known superheroes in history. As such, there are a lot of people out there who love his comic books, his cartoons, and of course his movies. The last few Batman movies have been some of the best superhero movies we've seen in a while. Batman is a hero who doesn't have any powers, which makes him more human and much more relatable. But do any of our readers know where Batman actually lives?

Question 2

Which Sport Did Babe Ruth Play?

Babe Ruth is a legendary athlete, and one that plenty of sports enthusiasts today are familiar with. Even though this amazing guy had his heyday many decades ago, he continues to have a special place in our hearts (and in the sports hall of fame). This guy was famous for some seriously inspiring displays on the field, and he'll go down in history as one of the greatest to ever play the game. But wait... What game did he play, exactly?

Question 3

The Movie "Babe" Revolves Around Which Type Of Farm Animal?

Babe is a movie that most of us remember pretty well, and it was definitely one of the most memorable films of the 90s. It featured talking animals, some surprisingly inspiring scenes, and all kinds of "feel good" moments. The story revolves around a farmer who needs a new sheepdog to herd his sheep. But he never expected that a completely different type of animal would step up to take on that role. What type of animal was it?

Question 4

What's The Closest Planet To Earth (Most of the Time)?

The solar system is a magical, wonderful place. Even though the planets that revolve around our sun seem like they represent a massive world, all of it is just a tiny part of the overall galaxy. And the galaxy is just a small speck in the vastness of the Universe. But we humans try to understand what we can, and that starts with the planets that are actually closest to us. But which planet is actually the closest one to Earth?

Question 5

What Is The Tallest Mammal?

Mammals are some of the most interesting types of animals in the world, and they're also some of the most varied. These animals are found in basically every different corner of the globe. From the hot, baking sands of the Sahara desert to the icy slabs of Antarctica, you'll find at least a few mammals roaming around. There are big mammals and there are small ones. And let's not forget that WE are actually mammals too. But which mammal is the tallest?

Question 6

Which Sign Has The Symbol Of A Centaur?

Astrological signs hold massive importance for some people. These signs are very old, and they're actually based on the constellations that highlight our beautiful night skies. We track the procession of the equinox by observing these astrological signs, as we move from one "age" into another. One of the most interesting astrological signs is the centaur - the mythical beast with both human and horse-like features. But which sign uses the centaur as its symbol?

Question 7

Everest Might Be The Tallest Mountain In The World, But ________ Is Considered To Be The Most Difficult To Climb

Mountain climbing is both extremely rewarding and very dangerous. This pastime is something that can fill our veins with pumping adrenaline, and professional mountain climbers take on peaks which are almost impossible to ascend. The most famous peak in the world is obviously Mount Everest, which is also the tallest peak in the world. But contrary to what some might think, Everest isn't actually the most difficult mountain to climb. That honor goes to another mountain. But which one is that?

Question 8

Tinkerbell Is A ______ In The Story Of Peter Pan

Tinkerbell is a character that most of us love, and she's appeared in all kinds of different films over the years. She's quite an interesting character, with all kinds of unique characteristics. She's playful, intelligent, but above all she's loyal to Peter Pan. This amazing character helps Peter Pan in any way that she can, and she often proves to be crucial to his success. So many people love this character. But do any of our readers remember what she IS?

Question 9

The Main Antagonist In The Movie "Jaws" Is A...

Jaws was a movie that none of us will be able to forget soon, and it's one that remains one of the most iconic films ever. Part of the reason it made such a huge impact with so many people was because of its antagonist. This antagonist was definitely a villain, and it definitely had a mean streak. But when compared to many other movies, this antagonist was a little different than the rest. So what exactly WAS the main antagonist?

Question 10

Who Wrote The Harry Potter Books?

Harry Potter is probably one of the biggest franchises ever to rise up during the last few decades or so. Before there were the movies, the books enchanted an entire generation of children and young adults. Even middle-aged people and older enjoyed these books. They weren't just well-written, they were extraordinarily imaginative. The writer had dreamed up an entirely different universe, full of magic and wonder. This writer will probably go down in history as one of the greats. But who was she?

Question 11

Where Do The Simpsons Live?

The Simpsons is a cartoon that is probably the most well-known in history. Characters like Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa are so widely known that people in every country would probably recognize them. But another important part of The Simpsons is the setting. At first glance, it might just seem like an average town. But we all know that there's plenty of interesting things going on in this town, and there's a lot more than meets the eye. So where do the Simpsons live?

Question 12

"Live Long And Prosper" Is A ________ Phrase

"Live Long And Prosper" is one of those phrases we hear just about everywhere. It's an old phrase, and it's unique in that it was actually born in a completely fictional universe. In this fictional world, this phrase serves as the honorary greeting and farewell used by an advanced alien race. These people actually teach humanity a lot of interesting lessons, and they somewhat reject their emotions in favor of logic. The phrase is usually accompanied by a unique hand signal.

Question 13

What Is Chandler's Last Name In "Friends?"

Chandler was definitely an important addition to the hit 90's TV show, Friends. This character was played by Matthew Perry, and he was one of the most entertaining characters. He was a little wacky and eccentric, but then again, ALL of the characters had their own unique and quirky personalities. Chandler eventually marries Monica, and they seemingly live happily ever after. During the course of the series, we learn a lot about Chandler. But what is the last name of Chandler?

Question 14

Which Planet Is Closest To The Sun?

The sun is without a doubt one of the most integral parts of our solar system. Without it, there simply wouldn't be any life on Earth. It's no wonder why early civilizations and cultures actually worshiped the sun. They understood, as we do now, that the Sun dictates so much of what happens here on Earth - even though it's incredibly far away. There are many planets which orbit the sun, but only one has the honor of being the closest to its fiery embrace...

Question 15

A Hammerhead Is A Type Of What Animal?

Sometimes, animals have very interesting names. These names sometimes make no sense, but most of the time they include words which accurately describe some of the animal's unique features. Of course, every animal also has a scientific, Latin name. But those are usually quite boring. One of the coolest animals out there is known as a "Hammerhead," although technically this is a TYPE of animal, not a distinct species in of itself. But what kind of animal IS a Hammerhead?

Question 16

Robin Hood Stole From The Rich And Gave To The...

Robin Hood is one of the most legendary figures in folklore. Maybe he really did exist. We'll never truly know, although the tale has clearly been around for some time now. In the old days, Robin Hood only existed in books and folk tales. But today, we've seen all kinds of movies about this legendary figure. He lived in Sherwood Forest, and some legends say he was actually a nobleman himself. But one part of the story always remains the same: He stole from the rich and gave to the...

Question 17

Captain Hook Appears In Which Story?

Captain Hook is another amazing character, and plenty of us remember exactly where he's from. This character was bad, yes, but he was also incredibly entertaining. He was a pirate first and foremost, but he also was also something of an aristocrat in many ways. He surrounded himself with treasure and luxurious things. But there was one thing that he couldn't stand - and that was the mere presence of a single clock. But what story did Captain Hook appear in?

Question 18

The Grinch Famously Stole Which Holiday?

Of all the characters that came from the brain of Dr. Seuss, The Grinch is probably one of the most famous. This awesome character is technically a villain, although he learns the errors of his ways by the time the story is over. This disillusioned creature lives alone on a tall mountain with only a small dog to keep him company, and there's something very bitter and tragic about his lifestyle. He most famous act was stealing a particular holiday...

Question 19

What Is The Name Of The Vehicle Used By Scooby-Doo And His Friends?

This characteristic dog has appeared in cartoons, movies, and many other forms of media. He's famous for one thing - solving mysteries. But he can't do it alone! He relies on his "gang" of friends to help him out. Everyone brings their own unique talents and abilities to the table when it comes to solving mysteries - even if those talents mainly including eating a lot of food! But this gang needs some type of transport. What's the name of their vehicle?

Question 20

Tadpoles Later Grow Into...

Tadpoles are creatures that many of us know pretty well. Our readers might have spotted them in ponds or other bodies of water. They're interesting creatures, and they seems to behave almost like small insects. But upon closer inspection, they definitely behave differently, and are somewhat more advanced life forms. These creatures also look a bit like a small fish. But is that really what they are? As a matter of fact, Tadpoles are actually the young versions of different animals...

Question 21

Pharaohs Ruled Which Place?

It's amazing to think that the legendary Pharaohs of old still have such a integral part in our history and understanding of the past. These amazing figure were not only incredible builders and visionaries, they also managed to preserve their names and even their bodies with careful planning of the afterlife. They preserved their remains with mummification, and wrote many hieroglyphs about their accomplishments. We still talk about them today. But what land did these legendary Pharaohs actually preside over?

Question 22

In Which Country Would You Find A Kangaroo?

Kangaroos are some of the most interesting creatures we'll ever see. They are technically classified as marsupials, which means they have some really cool features and characteristics. What sets them apart is the presence of a marsupial pouch. The young actually hangs out inside of this pouch for quite some time before it eventually matures to the right age. Kangaroos are also famous for their powerful legs, which they use to hop around and compete with each other. But where would you find a Kangaroo?

Question 23

The Iris Is The ____ Part Of The Eye

The iris is without a doubt one of the most beautiful parts of the eye. But as a whole, the entire human eye is a beautiful thing. Think about how advanced this structure is. Our eyes allow us to see the world. They allow us to see colors, shadows, and track objects as they fly through the air. Eyes are incredibly important to most people, and we should always be thankful of our eyes. But what IS the iris, exactly?

Question 24

What Do Pandas Mostly Eat?

When most of us go to the zoo, a big attraction is always the Panda exhibit. These animals hold a special place in many of our hearts, and they truly are extraordinary. These creatures are native to Asian nations, and they're impossible to miss when we see them. They have tons of interesting features and characteristics, but one of the most notable things about Panda is their diet. They mostly eat just one thing. But what kind of food is this?

Question 25

What Does Willy Wonka Make?

Willy Wonka isn't actually a real person, but rather a fictional character invented by Roald Dahl, the legendary novelist who wrote the book "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory." Willy Wonka is famous for having a factory that invents something that all children know and love, and he makes these products better than anyone else the world has ever seen. He truly is a master of his work, and many people appreciate him in the story. But what does he make?

Question 26

What Caused The Titanic To Sink?

Even though the Titanic sunk over 100 years ago, it's still something which is very fresh in all of our memories. Perhaps it's down to the fact that there was a very famous film made on the subject. After that movie came out, almost everyone knew the story of this unfortunate ship in impressive detail. The ship was the largest of its kind when it set off into the horizon, but it would never make it to its destination. What sunk it?

Question 27

Princess Fiona Famously Married...

There are fairy tales, and then there's this story. Although the movie focused on classic fairy tales as inspiration, it definitely took that genre in a completely different direction. So many of the moments in this movie were incredibly funny, and tons of people all around the world enjoyed this film to the fullest. It featured many characters, but one of the most memorable was Princess Fiona. This character actually ended up marrying someone very special indeed... But who was it?

Question 28

What Is A Group Of Lions Called?

Many thousands of years ago, lions were some of the most feared beasts for humanity's earliest ancestors. We lived in caves and painted the walls with images of these monsters, and it was clear that no humans wanted to tangle with these creatures. Today, we look at lions differently, although there is definitely still that primalness to contend with. More than anything else, most of us want to protect this species from harm and extinction. But what is a group of lions called?

Question 29

What Is The Fastest Land Animal?

Speed is always a good trait to have. This is true with humans, and it's definitely true with animals. Speed means the ability to run away from predators. It can also give predators the edge needed to catch speedy prey. There are many fast creatures on this Earth, but there's only one which holds the honor of being the absolute fastest. This creature is an incredible example of honed, perfected evolution. Its entire body is built for speed. But what animal are we talking about?

Question 30

How Many Legs Do Spiders Have?

Many of us have freaked out after seeing a spider scurry across the floor. And to be honest, they're not the most pleasing creatures to the eye. There's something about their bodies which makes them appear somewhat nightmarish, and plenty of people wouldn't touch them unless they really had to. But, as many of our readers have probably heard, spiders are actually helpful creatures. They eat flies, after all. These creatures have pretty distinct bodies. But how many legs do they have?

Question 31

What's The "Aloha State?"

It's one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. Plenty of people go there each year, and it's rare for these people to come back and say anything but positive things about the so-called "Aloha State." Technically, it's part of another nation, although it's definitely way out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There's surfing, beaches, great weather, and a rich culture that is totally unique, vibrant, and unforgettable. But what exactly IS this Aloha State?

Question 32

The Organization "NHL" Oversees Which Sport?

Sport is one of the most important parts of human culture. Some sports are many years old, and we've been competing with each other in these athletic activities for quite some time now. There are many different sports out there in the world, and they're all very interesting and demanding in their own unique way. In the modern era, sports have become heavily organized, with governing bodies put in place to dictate everything that happens within a sport. What does the "NHL" oversee?

Question 33

What School Did Harry Potter Attend?

Like so many young adults and children of this generation, we were transported to the magical world of Harry Potter when we read those books or watched the movies. The characters were engaging, unique, and thoroughly entertaining. But in many ways, it was the setting of Harry Potter that really reeled us in. Specifically, the school that Harry Potter attended was one of our favorite places to escape to in our imaginations. But what was the name of this school?

Question 34

The Loch Ness Monster Is Supposed To Be From...

Even today, we still tell stories about monsters and strange creatures lurking here and there. There's Bigfoot, the ape-like creature who seems like a giant human. There's the Mothman, who recently made an appearance in Fallout 76. But in other corners of the world, there are animals who seem to have been around for countless years. Who knows if this creature is really real... But they call it the Loch Ness monster. It's a sea creature that many people say they have seen... But where's it from?

Question 35

Which River Flows Through London?

London is perhaps one of the most recognizable cities in the entire world. Not too long ago, it was the beating heart of a vast empire stretching across the entire globe. Now, it's slightly less central in the world's power structure, but it still holds massive influence. It's also a place of incredible history and heritage, where normal people live in houses that are hundreds of years old, and they don't think twice about it. But which river flows through London?

Question 36

What Is The Name Of The Cowboy In Toy Story?

If there's one movie that made a huge impact on many of us when we were growing up, it was Toy Story. This was the very first feature film released by Pixar Animation Studios, and it showed us a brand new way in which stories could be told. But this wasn't just any story. This was a story about a boy and his box of toys, who could all talk and had their own lives. But what was the name of the cowboy?

Question 37

Who Is Batman's Sidekick?

In many ways, Batman is one of the biggest "loners" of the superhero world. He seems to enjoy solitude. Although he lets some people get close to him, we get the feeling that no one out there really understands who he truly is... Except perhaps his arch enemies. Still, Batman has been known to accept help in the past, and there's one sidekick that is best known for working with the "Dark Knight." What is the name of this sidekick?

Question 38

How Many Days Are There In A Fortnight?

In the past, there were all kinds of phrases and words that have fallen out of use in today's parlance. Some of these "archaic" terms are actually quite interesting, and it's too bad that people have stopped using them. There's usually rich history surrounding various words. The roots of the various words in the English language are always fascinating to explore. One word that we don't hear too often anymore is "Fortnight." A fortnight is actually a length of time. But how many days are in it?

Question 39

Which Galaxy Are We Currently Inside Of?

Sometimes, it's a little staggering to imagine just how big our galaxy is. Plenty of our readers have probably seen diagrams that show how minuscule the Earth is in comparison to the vast, spiraling galaxy all around us. Yes, it reminds us of how small we are... But it also reminds us that there is an entire universe out there of endless possibilities. It's both an unsettling and a strangely comforting thought at the same time. But what is the name of our galaxy?

Question 40

Who Painted The Mona Lisa?

There are many paintings out there which are considered classics. These paintings have stood the test of time, and they're considered to be utterly priceless. It's hard to fully appreciate why they are so revered until we see them with our own eyes. These paintings have the power to send chills down our spine, and take our breath away. Such is the unbridled energy of fine art. One famous painting that seems to hold a spell on us is the Mona Lisa. But who painted it?

Question 41

Who Was The First Actor To Play James Bond?

James Bond wasn't always on the big screen. Before he starred in his first movie, James Bond was just a character in a series of novels by Ian Fleming. He didn't have a face, and people just used their imaginations to picture him. But the day finally came when the first James Bond film was made, and the casting decision was extremely difficult. In the end, they went with an actor that no one expected... But who was this actor?

Question 42

What Is The Tallest Mountain In Africa?

You'd be hard-pressed to find a continent with more diversity than Africa. There are all kinds of different climates, environments, animals, and cultures within this massive land mass. There are even isolated islands such as Madagascar which contain some of the rarest and most unique life forms on Earth. But the land itself is also quite varied, and Africa is home to many biomes. Africa also has a few mountains, although one is much bigger than the rest. What is the name of this mountain?

Question 43

Where Were The Very First Olympic Games Held?

Every few years, the eyes of the entire world turn to the Olympic Games, where professional athletes compete for the honor of their nation. These athletes compete in many different sports these days, although it wasn't always the case. The history of the Olympic games go back many years. In this era, events were limited to things like running, Javelin, Discus, wrestling, and a few others. It was a simpler time. But where were the very first Olympic games held?

Question 44

Which Is Bigger, Mars Or Earth?

Of all the planets in our solar system, we probably know the most about Mars. This planet is relatively close to Earth, and we've even been able to send probes and rovers to its surface to discover more about its properties. Mars is famous for being the "Red Planet." Who knows, maybe someday we will be able to actually land people on its surface. Mars and Earth are similar in a lot of ways. But which one is actually bigger?

Question 45

Who Played The Role Of Indiana Jones?

Of all the film franchises in the world, Indiana Jones was one that tons of people enjoyed. Although it's been a while since we've seen another movie added to the series, people still enjoy watching these films over and over again. It's a wild mix of archaeology, adventure, and action. Of course, the main story revolves around Indiana Jones himself, who's actually a university professor with tons of experience "in the field." But which actor actually played the role of Indiana Jones?

Question 46

Which Came First, The Stone Age Or The Bronze Age?

It's crazy to think of how old humanity really is. Before we started to build civilizations, we spent many years as hunter-gatherers, living in caves and surviving to the best of our abilities. Looking back in time, these historical periods of humanity's development are divided into "ages." For example, there's the stone age and the bronze age. These were very different periods in human history, and they're typified by varying levels of technological expertise. But which age actually came first?

Question 47

In Which Sport Is A LOWER Score Better?

In most sports, the premise is quite simple: the one with the highest score at the end of the game wins. This is true in all kinds of sports, including team sports. Scoring systems vary with each sport though. In some sports, players might get more points for doing certain things, such as scoring a goal from very far away, or kicking a ball through a target from a distance. But in one sport, a LOWER score is actually better. Which sport is this?

Question 48

What Does A Meteorologist Study?

One of the most interesting things about science is that there are simply so many disciplines. Scientists can specialize in all kinds of different things, and many spend their entire lives deeply analyzing just a tiny little section of our known world. Of course, some sciences are much more broad than others. All science is challenging, and every scientist out there has a brilliant mind well-suited to his or her discipline of choice. But what exactly does a meteorologist study?

Question 49

In The Context Of The Internet, What Does "WWW" Stand For?

The birth of the internet was something that changed our lives forever. Some of our younger readers might not actually know what it was like to live in a world without internet. And for those of us who grew up in the 90's, we actually remember what it was like to be young when the internet was still taking its first baby steps. Today, the internet is a part of pretty much everything we do. But what does WWW stand for?

Question 50

What is the name for the shape of DNA?

The miracle of life is something that we still don't fully understand. Perhaps it will be a question that'll never be fully answered. However, we do know that the building blocks of life are contained in something called DNA. This strand of information contains all the "code" needed to build a living creature. DNA contains information for all the traits imaginable, from hair color down to personality and athletic ability. We know what shape DNA takes. What is this shape called?

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