This NBA Trivia Quiz Will Reveal Which Fans Could Be A GM

The NBA season is coming to a close in the next few weeks, and there are only a few teams left that have a chance to win in the NBA Finals. The remaining teams have done exceptionally well for themselves, but at the end of the day, there can only be one team at the top, and many people believe that Golden State will get it done once again. After the Finals are over, the season will come to an end, and we are going to see some massive changes around the league, and this could lead to more parity in the future.

Many basketball fans have spent their entire lives watching the game and soaking in all the knowledge they can, and they would like to consider themselves experts on all things NBA. There are so many pieces of information to keep track of at home, and the biggest fans are able to cram in a surprising amount of information throughout the season.

Today, we are going to present an NBA trivia quiz for the ages. Questions will cover everything from stats to awards, and only people that have a true love for the game will ace this quiz.

Question 1

Where Do The Cavaliers Play?

Question 2

Where Did Aaron Gordon Play College Basketball?

Question 3

Which Team Drafted Andrew Wiggins?

Question 4

Has Anthony Davis Been An NBA MVP?

Question 5

Which Player Was NBA 6th Man of the Year in 2018?

Question 6

Did DeMarcus Cousins Ever Play For The 76ers?

Question 7

Who Led The NBA In Scoring In 2018?

Question 8

Where Did The Nets Play Before Brooklyn?

Question 9

Has Carmelo Anthony Won An NBA Finals?

Question 10

Where Is Damian Lillard From?

Question 11

Has Derrick Rose Won An NBA MVP?

Question 12

Which Player Did The Suns Draft In 2018?

Question 13

Did Donovan Mitchell Win Rookie Of The Year?

Question 14

How Many NBA Titles Has Dwyane Wade Won?

Question 15

Where Did Harrison Barnes Play College Basketball?

Question 16

What Is James Harden’s Nickname?

Question 17

What Is Jeremy Lin’s Nickname?

Question 18

Which Team Drafted Jimmy Butler?

Question 19

Has Joakim Noah Ever Been An All-Star?

Question 20

What Is Joel Embiid’s Nickname?

Question 21

Which Team Traded For Jordan Clarkson?

Question 22

Which Country Is Jose Calderon From?

Question 23

Which Team Drafted Josh Hart?

Question 24

Has J.R. Smith Been An All-Star?

Question 25

Which Of These Players Has Been A Defensive Player Of The Year?

Question 26

Who Is The Coach Of The Timberwolves?

Question 27

Which Team Does Kawhi Leonard Play For?

Question 28

Has Kevin Love Ever Played For The Lakers?

Question 29

Was Kyrie Irving A First-Round Draft Pick?

Question 30

Did LeBron James Attend College?

Question 31

Has Lonzo Ball Won An Olympic Gold Medal?

Question 32

Which Country Is Luka Doncic From?

Question 33

Which Of These Players Has Never Been An All-Star?

Question 34

How Many Titles Have The Boston Celtics Won?

Question 35

Which Team Drafted Markelle Fultz?

Question 36

Which Team Does Nerlens Noel Play For?

Question 37

Which City Did The Thunder Play In Before Oklahoma City?

Question 38

How Many NBA Titles Have The Rockets Won?

Question 39

Where Did Paul George Play Before Going To Oklahoma City?

Question 40

Which Country Is Ricky Rubio From?

Question 41

Which Of These Players Does Not Play For The Nets?

Question 42

Where Did Steph Curry Play College Basketball?

Question 43

Did The Utah Jazz Make The Playoffs?

Question 44

Which Of These Players Is Not On The Celtics?

Question 45

Has Thon Maker Ever Won NBA Defensive Player Of The Year?

Question 46

Which Team Plays In Atlanta?

Question 47

Has Trevor Ariza Ever Played For The Lakers?

Question 48

Which Team Has Tyson Chandler Never Played For?

Question 49

Which Year Was Vince Carter Drafted?

Question 50

What Were the Wizards Called Before Changing Their Name?

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