This Halloween Quiz Will Tell You Which Horror Movie Villain You Are!


Halloween is a time for scares and a time for fun. Halloween is an ancient tradition that originated as part of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago, believed ghosts were real and rose from the dead at the end of summer. The Celts created this tradition to ward off evil spirits during the winter. Halloween drastically changed over 2 millennia and eventually became what it is today. We now love Halloween for Halloween horror films and the villains who appear in them.

Villains in Halloween horror films have diverse backgrounds, which can be the root cause of their insanity. Some horror villains appear normal, while others are daunting and would have you running in the opposite direction. Horror villains can make or break a movie.

Horror films are a unique genre. While other genres can include violence and mystery, horror films deem them to be almost essential. Since horror films are widely aired on television during the Halloween season, it is a perfect time to watch a new horror film or catch up on a classic.

In this quiz you will find out which Halloween horror villain you are. If you are looking for a Halloween costume idea, this quiz may provide the answer.

We hope you survive this chilling Halloween quiz.

Question 1

What Do You Do On Halloween?

Everyone has their own experiences on Halloween. We love Halloween because there are endless ways to celebrate it. On October 31st you can go to a party, trick-or-treat, enjoy fireworks, watch a horror movie at home, or all of the above. The themes of this widespread event are truly unique. What do you do on Halloween?

Question 2

What's Your Favorite Type Of Horror Movie?

There are several popular horror movie types. This includes slasher flicks like Jason, possession films like The Exorcist, and found footage like Paranormal Activity. In their own way, each is deeply terrifying and can cause nightmares. Since movies are subjective, the best type of horror movie is debatable. What’s your favorite type of horror movie?

Question 3

Describe Your Halloween Appearance

Halloween is an opportunity to dress however you want. Women everywhere will dress in promiscuous costumes because oddly, it’s the social norm. Some other popular Halloween costumes are clowns, comic book characters, and ghosts. Halloween is only one day a year so its okay to dress however you want. Describe your Halloween appearance.

Question 4

What’s The Best Part About Halloween?

There are numerous options to keep you busy on Halloween. Malls remain open late for trick-or-treaters and Haunted Houses become an eerie reality for the unprepared. There may be one festivity that you value above all others. For this reason, you are joyous to see the Halloween season begin. What do you consider the best part about Halloween?

Question 5

What Would You Do If You Were Watching Television Alone, Late At Night, And Heard A Loud Noise From Inside Your House?

A recurring cliché in horror films involves friends sitting on the couch, watching television late night. While watching television, they hear a noise from outside or somewhere in the house. One friend will provide reassurances that the noise was probably nothing. Suddenly, they hear a loud bang and go to investigate. What happens after this is truly terrifying. What would you do if you were watching television, when nobody else was expected to be in the house, and you heard a loud noise from inside your house?

Question 6

What's Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

Children and adults everywhere go crazy for chocolate on Halloween. Trick-or-treating involves everyone from the community by having trick-or-treaters collecting candy and homeowners giving out candy. Safety is important so you should not eat candy if the package has already been opened. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Question 7

How Scary Is Your Appearance On Halloween?

You may not even dress scary at all on Halloween, but still, you will see one person who is dressed utterly terrifying. If scaring people is something you love about Halloween, you’ll dress in the scariest outfit possible. Halloween wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for psycho clowns, dead brides, blood sucking vampires, and ghoulish scarecrows. How scary is your appearance on Halloween?

Question 8

What Is Your Favorite Type Of Music?

If you are a human-being who exists on the planet Earth, then you probably listen to music. Music is listened to for artistic inspiration, relaxation, and for dancing. Your favorite type of music can say a lot about the type of person you are. What is your favorite type of music?

Question 9

What Is Your Normal Clothing Style?

For most of the other 364 days of the year we dress in our normal clothing. Some people choose their clothing to make fashion statements and others wear clothing for warmth or to stay cool. You and your group of friends may dress alike. What is your normal clothing style?

Question 10

Pick A Weapon

If you want to be a horror villain, then you have to at least try to kill people. Without a weapon you won’t be an effective horror villain, unless you have superhuman abilities. Horror villains wreak havoc on their victims with different weapons. Pick a weapon.

Question 11

Do You Have A Love Interest?

If you have a love interest, you will share this in common with sadistic horror movie villains. Horror villain's unhealthy fascinations with love interests can cause their insanity. They desire to have this person and will cross boundaries to get them. This love interest is rarely mutual due to the villain's freakish appearance. Do you have a love interest?

Question 12

Choose Your Favorite Animal

Halloween turns ordinary animals into scary ones. Crows, wolves, and black cats are among these Halloween animals. Animals may also play major roles in horror movies. Choose your favorite Halloween animal!

Question 13

Choose A Comedy Movie

Movies from different genres are like parallel universes. Their plots can intertwine, based on how similar they are. Comedy and Horror movies are polar opposite genres, since comedy is for laughter and horror is for scares. Still, there are many similarities between movies from different genres. Choose a comedy movie.

Question 14

Choose A Spooky Job

Many of us have worked, or heard of, spooky jobs. These jobs are not for the faint of heart and are not to be taken lightly. Spooky jobs' hours of work can take place in the middle of the night, making it chilling or ominous by nature. Choose a spooky job.

Question 15

Are You Afraid Of Swimming In A Lake?

If you have not learned to swim, then the thought of being in a lake or ocean without a life jacket can be terrifying. Not only do you have to consider the possibility of drowning, but the thought of aquatic creatures like a shark deep below is unsettling. Traumatic childhood events can also trigger a fear for water. If you nearly drowned when you were a child, you may fear the water for the rest of your life, or just don’t care about swimming. Are you afraid of swimming in a lake?

Question 16

Which Of These High School Stereotypes Are You?

If you went to, or are going to high school, you might be similar to one of these stereotypes. In High School, students will shift into groups whom they call their friends. If you are into athletics you may be labeled a jock. If you listen to bands that no one has ever heard of, have a sarcastic attitude towards everything, and don’t self-identify as a hipster, then you may be a hipster. Which of these high school stereotypes are you?

Question 17

A Stranger Sends You A Message On Facebook And Says They Can See You. What Do You Do?

A new wave of horror movies have surfaced. They are called Cyber Horror movies and involve misfortune through social networking and websites. In the movie Friend Request, Laura is befriended by an unknown girl on Facebook. The girl becomes obsessed with Laura and Laura’s friends begin to die one by one. What would you do if a stranger messaged you on Facebook and claimed they could see you?

Question 18

Describe Your Appearance

Only your figure can be seen in the shadows. In dark places you may look like a horror villain. Most of the questions on this quiz could be irrelevant since you already look like Frankenstein or another character. Hopefully you don’t, but just in case, describe your appearance.

Question 19

Where Would Your Evil Lair Be?

An evil lair is used for formulating plots and resting when you’re not out terrorizing people. Evil lairs can be located in unexpected places. A Horror villain’s evil lair can contain intimate photographs of people, creepy dolls, rusty tools, or snippets of hair from people. There is also usually dim lighting. Where would your evil lair be?

Question 20

What Would Your Jack-O'-Lantern Look Like?

A jack-o'-lantern can be carved into a thousand different faces. A jack-o'-lantern is a pumpkin or turnip that is carved into a face, filled with a candle, and placed for decoration. The faces are often creepy and can have fangs. Jack-o'-lanterns have a lid, which makes placing a candle inside easier. What would your jack-o'-lantern look like?

Question 21

Do You Have A Pool In Your Backyard?

Family pools in the backyards of horror movies become crime scenes after a teenage daughter or son is brutally murdered and left face down in the pool. Frantic screams follow this sighting. This teenager may have thrown a party while their parents were gone, which made finding the killer difficult. Do you have a pool in your backyard?

Question 22

Which Of These Annoy You?

Certain annoyances annoy us for different reasons. If you are annoyed easily, there may be a long list of things that annoy you. Which of these annoy you?

Question 23

Where Would You Attack Your Victim?

Haunting your subjects is only half of the job. In order to be a true horror villain you have to attack someone. It may sound dreadful, but there should be some physical contact between you and your subject. Ghosts appearing in apparitions hurl objects and do not physically touch the protagonists, in most cases. Where would you attack your victim as a horror movie villain?

Question 24

What Scares You The Most?

Everyone is scared of something. You could have fears caused by an event in your life or fears that you have always had. Horror villains such as Jigsaw will use your fears to his advantage. Jigsaw from the Saw movies is the master of manipulation. He will drive ordinary people to the edge of insanity, causing them to do something irrational. What scares you the most?

Question 25

Choose A Supernatural Horror Villain

Supernatural horror villains create excitement and a spooky atmosphere for Halloween films. Of course, these mysterious creatures are based on folk-lore and are not real. If you are superstitious, mentioning these creatures will be bloodcurdling. Which of these supernatural horror villains appeal to you the most?

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