This Grey’s Anatomy Quiz Will Reveal Your True Sign

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most iconic medical dramas of all time. More than just a medical show, creator Shonda Rhimes produced a show that became a cultural phenomenon. With over 14 seasons, it set a new standard for television. Since its first episode in 2005, this show has won many awards for its characters, story, inclusivity, and more. It follows the journey of interns and surgeons at a fictional hospital in Seattle, and the patients they help.

As fans, we have been able to watch the show grow every season. Over the years, the show has definitely seen its fair share of characters, love, and loss. Interns and doctors have come and gone, someone gets married, someone splits up, someone has a baby, all while the show talks about important cultural issues. From interns becoming attending surgeons to the character's children growing up, the fans have been there for it all. Through every heart-wrenching episode that Shonda Rhimes creates, we keep coming back for more.

This quiz is for the ultimate Grey’s Anatomy fans! The fans that have been there since the beginning, and remember the original interns. A dash of trivia and a pinch of picking favourites, this quiz will reveal every fan's inner sign!

Question 1

Derek Shepherd or Mark Sloan?

Derek Shepherd, or Mark Sloan? Both are dreamy attending surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital. Derek is witty and a bit serious. Mark is confident, playful and flirtatious. Pick one!

Question 2

Derek Shepherd or Jackson Avery?

Derek Shepherd, or Jackson Avery? Both are dreamy attending surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital. Derek is witty and a bit serious. Jackson has an air of mystery and power, and is the grandson of famous surgeon Harper Avery. Pick one!

Question 3

Who Was Nicknamed "007"?

Fans who answered the previous McDreamy question correct may likely be a Grey's Anatomy whiz. In the earlier seasons, one of the surgical residents gained the nickname "007" after a tragic incident with a patient who passed away. Which character had this nickname?

Question 4

Who was never a couple?

Many couples have come and gone since Grey's Anatomy first aired in 2005. Every season has its fair share of love, loss, new relationships starting, and other relationships ending. It can be hard to keep track of who dated who. One of these was NEVER a couple - which one was it?

Question 5

Pick One

Grey's Anatomy has many dreamy doctors, surgeons, and interns, with new characters each season. With so many fresh faces, it can be hard to pick a favourite. But that's exactly what we're asking fans to do. Pick one of these dreamy doctors!

Question 6

What is Jackson and April's Baby named?

April and Jackson are definitely a favourite couple for many fans of Grey's Anatomy. At the end of season 12, we learn that April and Jackson are expecting a baby. This couple overcame many hardships, before having a beautiful baby girl. What did they name her?

Question 7

Jackson Avery or Andrew Deluca?

Jackson Avery, or Andrew Deluca? Both were newer characters at Seattle Grace Hospital. Jackson joined in Season Six, and Andrew joined in Season Thirteen as an intern. Jackson Avery is mysterious and smart, with a little bit of  an edge. Andrew Deluca has a charming personality and speaks Italian. Pick a favourite! 

Question 8

Pick A Couple

Grey's Anatomy has seen its fair share of couples over the last 15 seasons. Just like in real life, relationships start and end all the time. Couples have come and gone since the show first aired, with fans having strong opinions of each. These are a few of the most famous couples. Pick a favourite pair!

Question 9

Andrew Deluca or Alex Karev?

Andrew or Alex? While Andrew might be a newer face on Grey's Anatomy, he's amassed his fair share of fans. He's handsome, speaks Italian, and is smart. He had some major beef with Alex, one of the original interns. Team Alex, or Team Andrew?

Question 10

What is Meredith's Mom's name?

Meredith's mother was a famous surgeon, and inspired Meredith to follow in her footsteps despite their difficult relationship. She also had an affair with a member of the surgical team, resulting in Meredith to have a half-sister. What was Meredith's mother's name?

Question 11

Mark Sloan or Owen Hunt?

Mark Sloan, or Owen Hunt? Both are surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital. Mark is confident, suave, and flirtatious. Owen was introduced in season 5, after being an army surgeon. He is quiet, sensitive, and strong. Pick one!

Question 12

Who was McDreamy?

There was McDreamy, 007, and many more hilarious nicknames throughout the 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. McDreamy is the nickname of a surgeon many in the hospital were crushing on - one of the lead characters in particular. Any Grey's Anatomy fan will know who McDreamy is. So which surgeon was McDreamy?

Question 13

What Is The Name of Derek's First Wife?

In the first season, we're introduced to Meredith and her romance with Derek. To making things more complicated, we learn that Derek actually has a wife. This woman even came to Seattle Grace Hospital and confronted him in front of Meredith. She later made several appearances in the show. What is her name?

Question 14

Pick A Wedding

One of the most common themes in Grey's Anatomy is marriage. There have been many weddings throughout the course of the show, some which were unexpected, and some fans think never should have happened. However, each wedding offered something special to the show. Pick a favourite!

Question 15

Jackson Avery or Ben Warren?

Jackson Avery, or Ben Warren? Jackson is the grandson of famous surgeon Harper Avery. He was an intern at Mercy West Hospital before coming to Seattle Grace when the hospital merged with Mercy West. Ben Warren was a surgical intern that later switched to become a firefighter. Pick one!

Question 16

What Disease Did Meredith's Mom Have?

Meredith's mom was a world-renowned surgeon, and won several awards. Being one of the first few female surgeons in that area at the time, she worked very hard to prove herself early on. Later in her life, she had a very serious disease. What disease was it?

Question 17

Ben Warren or Andrew Deluca?

Ben Warren won over many hearts with his pearly white smile and romantic personality. He was crushing on Miranda Bailey for quite a while before she agreed to date him. And it's no wonder why she fell for him! Andrew Deluca may seem less suave, but he's just as charming with his witty attitude. Pick a favourite!

Question 18

Meredith Grey or Cristina Yang?

Meredith and Cristina are two of the original interns from season 1 of Grey's Anatomy. They're also best friends who go through a lot together. Both have a similar hard-working and focused attitude, while Cristina is a bit more sarcastic than Meredith. It may be hard to choose between the two characters. So, Meredith or Cristina?

Question 19

Pick A Wedding

If you are a Grey's Anatomy fan, then you are definitely no stranger to weddings. There's a wedding in almost every season since the show first aired. Some were simple and some were fancier. Whether it was an understated wedding, a spontaneous wedding, or a wedding that never ends up happening, it can be hard to choose just one. Pick a favourite!

Question 20

Which Character Had A Major Brain Tumour?

We have seen many injuries and diseases throughout the 15 seasons since Grey's Anatomy first aired. Conditions have affected both surgeons and patients alike. One character found out they had a major brain tumour, which was affecting their personality. Which character had major tumour in the brain?

Question 21

Meredith Grey or Lexie Grey?

Lexie is introduced in Season 3 as Meredith's half-sister. Beginning as an intern, Lexie eventually becomes a surgical resident at Seattle Grace with Meredith. Despite sharing a mother, the two sisters couldn't be more different. So, Meredith or Lexie?

Question 22

Meredith Grey or Miranda Bailey?

Two of the original characters, Miranda and Meredith have been there since the very beginning of Grey's Anatomy. Fans have had the pleasure of watching them grow together and change. When Meredith first began as an intern, Miranda Bailey was a stern and scary authority figure. As Meredith went from intern to attending surgeon and beyond, her relationship with Miranda also evolved. Pick a favourite!

Question 23

Arizona Robbins or Callie Torres?

Despite all the couples that have come and gone throughout the 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, Arizona and Callie are one of the show's power couples. They were definitely a fan favourite, even after they were no longer together. Both are spunky, bold and strong. Pick a favourite!

Question 24

Callie Torres or Amelia Shepherd?

Grey's Anatomy is full of strong female characters. In fact, the character stories and development have gotten show nominated for many awards. Two of the most strong-willed and independent characters are Callie and Amelia. Both are outspoken, bold, and always stand up for what they believe. Pick a favourite!

Question 25

Pick A Wedding

With so many couples and weddings throughout the shows history, it's easy to forget some of them. Grey's Anatomy has a large cast of characters that change every season. Many characters and romances come and go. Pick a favourite wedding:

Question 26

April Kepner or Maggie Pierce?

We first saw April as a surgical resident from Mercy West Hospital, who joined the team at Seattle Grace when the two hospitals merged. Maggie Pierce joined in season 10, when we learned she is actually Meredith's half-sister. Pick a favourite!

Question 27

Teddy Altman or Amelia Shepherd?

Teddy and Amelia are another 2 strong characters in Grey's Anatomy. They have both had a bit of a rocky history together, as they shared a romantic interest - Owen. Both are strong, smart, and independent women. Pick a favourite!

Question 28

Izzie Stevens or Jo Wilson?

Another two women who shared a love interest are Izzie Stevens and Jo Wilson. Both women are very smart, strong, driven, and ended up marrying Alex Karev at different points in the show. That's where the similarities end though, as the two women have very different personalities. Pick a favourite!

Question 29

Who Did Teddy Altman Marry?

Teddy Altman is a strong and caring cardiothoracic surgeon. So caring in fact, that when she met a patient with a rare condition who could no longer afford or access health insurance, she decided to marry him. This allowed the patient to be able to use her health insurance. The two ended up falling in love, before the patient's tragic passing. What was the patient's name?

Question 30

Who Was NOT One of the Original Interns?

Many characters have come and gone throughout 15 seasons. Surgical interns, residents, surgeons, nurses, and more. There are a new batch of interns nearly every season, however the original are the most well-known. Who was NOT one of the original interns?

Question 31

Pick A couple

How could anyone pick a favourite couple? So many couples come together and broken apart each season, but each couple has something different to offer for fans. Some are long-time fan favourites, and others are short-lived yet memorable. Pick a favourite pair!

Question 32

Where Did Cristina Yang Move To?

In season 10 we said farewell to Cristina Yang. With a sad and heartfelt goodbye, we felt some relief in knowing her exit from the show wasn't in the normal tragic Grey's Anatomy fashion. She was offered a position running the Cardiothoracic unit in another country. What country did she move to?

Question 33

Pick A Wedding

So many weddings, so little time! These are two of the most iconic weddings from Grey's Anatomy history. April and Jackson had a great love story, despite it being controversial for many reasons. Meredith and Derek are of course one of the most-loved T.V. couples. Each wedding was a little different. Pick a favourite!

Question 34

Who was never a couple?

Answering the previous couple questions correctly would definitely make someone a Grey's Expert. So many couples have formed and broken up since the first episode. Each couple has a special place in the fans' hearts. However, one of these was NEVER a couple - which one was it?

Question 35

How Did Derek Lose His Life?

There have been many tragic accidents throughout Grey's Anatomy. Many losses and tragic passings that fans will never forget. One of the most memorable and tragic moments in the show's history is the unexpected passing of Derek. How did he lose his life?

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