This Extremely Easy Test Will Tell You Which Johnny Depp Character You Are!

A leather-clad man with scissors for hands. A fast-talking pirate with a knack for getting in and out of trouble. A murderous barber who takes a straight-razor to the throats of his clientele. An animated young man who accidentally marries a corpse. This sample of eclectic characters couldn't possibly be attributed to anyone but Johnny Depp, who first burst onto our screens some thirty-odd years ago and is now one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. How did he get here? First, by working with Tim Burton, who was kind enough to put him in a multitude of unique roles. Second, by acting alongside Helena Bonham Carter, who is always a fantastic second to his lead. Depp knows who to work with, and he works wonders with them.

Depp's friends don't deserve all the credit, though. Depp himself has showcased his acting chops by playing plenty of more serious characters, too, from the family-burdened Gilbert Grape to the big screen version of the infamous crime lord Whitey Bulger. Further, Depp somehow managed to conjure up the unique mix of ridiculousness and black-hearted attitude that became Jack Sparrow, one of the most iconic film characters in recent memory. Whether quirky or serious, goofy or pure evil, Depp's performances are, as a general rule, memorable.

If you're fond of Johnny Depp and remember plenty of his roles, try your hand at this quiz, which will determine which of his characters you're most like. If you get Sweeney Todd, London's psychotic demon barber, you may want to start worrying about where your head is at. Or you could retake the quiz and pretend you never got that result. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Question 1

Describe your hairstyle in one word!

Whether you're someone who likes to meander about in your best suit or prefers to rock a good old leather jacket, you've got some serious style, so of course you've got an awesome hairdo to go with it. You should love your hair no matter what shape it's in, but how would you describe it to someone who's never experienced its magnificence?

Question 2

Pick an '80s movie!

The '80s were a long, long time ago. Johnny Depp wasn't yet a household name and none of the characters in this quiz were around yet. So why is this relevant? Well, it's not, but the '80s did have some great movies that are still cherished today. So, uh, pick one. You know, just because.

Question 3

What feature do you want for your dream home?

We can't all live in mansions or castles, but everybody's got some kind of dream home. Yours might be a simple country house with tons of green space, or an apartment in the city, or even a mobile home. When thinking about your perfect living space, what's one feature you would absolutely want?

Question 4

What pisses you off?

No matter how kind and even-tempered you are, everybody has some kind of behavior they can't tolerate no matter how hard they try. You might be one of those people who loses your mind when people cut in line and thereby upset the entire established order of society just to save a second or two. Alternatively, you might want to strangle people who listen to their music at a stupidly high volume in public places. Your options are a bit less specific than those examples.

Question 5

How much do you love Tim Burton?

If you're a Johnny Depp fan, you'll know full well how instrumental Tim Burton was with respect to the development of Mr. Depp's career. The two really can't seem to get enough of each other, and they've collaborated so many times that they might as well be adopted siblings. Or actual siblings. Or conjoined twins. You get the point.

Question 6

Who do you live with?

Hopefully you're content with your current living conditions, but if not, it might be because of whoever you're living with. Perhaps you're still with your parents, which means they're always on your case. Or maybe you've got a roommate who leaves smelly cheeses out in the sun because he's convinced he's the world's best tyromancer. If you've never heard of tyromancy, I highly recommend looking it up for your own entertainment.

Question 7

You're having a nightmare! What do you see?

Dreams can provide some of the scariest stuff in our lives, and with Johnny Depp's often creepy film pedigree, you're sure to have a good deal of nightmare fuel to choose from. That said, hopefully your nightmares aren't influenced by Johnny's movies. I had plenty of them after watching Edward Scissorhands as a kid, though.

Question 8

Who's your Disney inspiration?

Just about everybody loves Disney and can recall with great fondness multiple formative films from their childhood (and probably after childhood, too). Disney movies are key in teaching us about the important things in life and differentiating good and bad in the world. That said, most Disney characters are likable, not just the heroic ones, so it's fully possible to take a shine to the villains, too.

Question 9

How do you feel about having kids?

You may not be at that point in your life yet, but you must have an opinion on whether you'd like to have kids in the future. Perhaps you think on the idea with great fondness, dreaming of wee little tykes running around the yard. Or maybe you think children are the spawn of evil and want to distance yourself from them as much as humanly possible.

Question 10

You're throwing a party! What's your theme?

You have friends. You do things together. Fun things. And now it's your turn to host a fun thing. You can do it, you hope. You've done some research and discovered that themed fun things are usually the ideal fun things, so you decide to do a themed fun thing. You picked a cool theme, so you've got this in the bag. Maybe.

Question 11

How do you show your love?

Chances are, you've been in relationships. If you're lucky, you've fallen in love to boot, and that's something special indeed. Oh, and of course you love your family and friends, too, because they're special people who've stuck by you and cared about you for a long time already. For any loved one, though, it's important to show you care. How do you go about doing that?

Question 12

What job would you like?

You've met plenty of people in your life, and you've likely come across a few with some pretty cool jobs you were deeply envious of. Maybe, for example, one of your friends has become a top-notch pastry chef after going to culinary school and now consistently produces the most exquisite desserts on a daily basis. How dare they create delicious pastries for a living! Anyway, what would your dream job be?

Question 13

Pick a Helena Bonham Carter role!

If Tim Burton is the creative mind behind some of Johnny Depp's most iconic roles, Helena Bonham Carter is the pillar that supported them and made them shine. Whether she's casting avadakadavra at every goodly wizard she sees or tending to, um, frogs as the Red Queen, Bonham Carter has been a force of nature in all her roles. And when you put her, Depp, and Burton together, there's no telling what magical madness will ensue.

Question 14

What's your drink of choice?

Ah, alcohol. It's magical stuff that can enable even the most prude or shy person to come out of their shell and become a dancing fiend. If there's such thing as liquid courage, this is it, so it's no wonder people happily consume it at a social event. Socializing is hard, awkward work. What are you drinking to get you going?

Question 15

What sweet treat is your weakness?

Whether your sweet tooth is underdeveloped or so powerful that it threatens to control every action you take, there's some kind of sweet thing that you would happily sell your soul for. Perhaps your taste is simple and tends towards a good old-fashioned pie, or maybe you're on the decadent side and demand the finest crème brûlée. It's amazing how burnt cream can be so good.

Question 16

What do you do when you're feeling down?

We all get a little down in the dumps sometimes, whether it's because you couldn't get a burger at your favorite restaurant or something grave has happened in your life. In either case, it's dealing with that negative energy that's key to start feeling better. What do you usually do when you're down in the dumps?

Question 17

What's your favorite holiday?

Holidays are some of the most enjoyable times of year, whether you're partying in your spookiest costume or nursing a mug of hot cocoa around a fire on Christmas Eve. The only problem is that you now have to choose one over the others. Hey, Jack Skellington could do it, so you can, too.

Question 18

Pick a Johnny Depp movie!

You're sitting quietly at home doing a quiz to determine which Johnny Depp character you are, so it's safe to assume you're well-versed in his movies. That said, choose one from the list below that you liked more than the others. Or just pick Finding Neverland because of all the wonderful memes it's generated over the years.

Question 19

How do you deal with confrontation?

Conflict is inevitable in life, and how you respond to conflict and the need for it says a lot about your personality. Maybe you're someone destined for defusing and navigating confrontational situations, like a lawyer. Or maybe the very thought of confronting someone terrifies you. Either way, sometimes you just have to pluck up your courage and say what you need to say. Make John Mayer proud.

Question 20

How would your friends describe you?

Friends are important people in life. You're always there for each other and they see you at your best and at your worst, sometimes knowing you even better than your own family. That said, what do your friends think of you? Pick one word to encapsulate their thoughts on how they see your distinctive personality.

Question 21

A homeless person is begging for money. What do you do?

Imagine you're walking about in a big city. You're in a rush to get somewhere, but you see someone begging for money on the sidewalk. You know for a fact you have some bills in your wallet and some change in your pocket. Further, the homeless person looks malnourished and isn't dressed for the cold weather. How do you react?

Question 22

Pick a sport!

Working hard is key, but having a good time when downtime is the flavor of the day is just as important. Today you've decided to try your hand at a new sport with some friends, just for the hell of it. This sport has interested you for a while, and you're excited to finally give it a shot.

Question 23

What's your main hobby?

When you have downtime and you're not preoccupied spending some quality time with friends or loved ones, what do you get up to? Are you a total bookworm who reads hundreds of books every year? Are you an aspiring musician who practices so much you get sore? Whatever your passion, make it known now!

Question 24

Pick a TV show!

Movies, books, and video games are great and all, but binge-watching TV shows is the trend of the day, especially now that everybody under the sun has Netflix. That said, what show is your big craze? Are you absolutely losing your mind over the next season of Riverdale? Or, alternatively, are you one of those people who can't get enough of your favorite comedy reruns?

Question 25

What's your Halloween costume?

It's October, and that means Halloween is right around the corner. You need to start thinking about a costume, unless of course you're someone who starts planning it six months in advance. In either case, what sort of pop culture-influenced garb will you be donning this year?

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