This Avengers Quiz Will Reveal Who Will Make It Out Of Endgame Alive

As if it wasn’t already abundantly clear, the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has officially been released — confirming that some of the characters who met their demise in Avengers: Infinity War will indeed still be sticking around in the MCU for the foreseeable future. While Spider-Man is one of the few heroes who has immediate plans following the events of Avengers: Endgame, we can also safely assume that characters like Black Panther and Doctor Strange will also be getting sequels in the not so distant future. In other words, the heroes are bound to undo Thanos’s actions in the upcoming Avengers movie — at least, in part.

That being said, the Marvel Cinematic Universe currently boasts an enormous cast of characters, and it’s unlikely that all of them will make it out of Endgame alive. Heroes like Iron Man and Captain America often top the list of characters most likely to meet their demise in the coming film, but there are a number of others Avengers and Guardians whose fates also seem largely up in the air. Not to mention that characters like Gamora and Loki met their demise prior to the snap, meaning it might just be harder to bring them back.

So with that in mind, let's see which players would be lucky enough to make it out of Avengers: Endgame alive!

Question 1

Pick a strategy to defeat Thanos now that he’s won.

From the first Avengers: Endgame trailer, it’s clear to see that the heroes have a plan to try and undo Thanos’s actions. But so far, we have no idea what that plan actually entails. Of course, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating any number of ways the heroes will be able to bring about Thanos’s defeat. Some of the most popular theories seem to involve the heroes traveling back in time. Others suggest that they will be able to use the Quantum Realm to literally enter the Infinity Stones, as was previously done in the comics.

Question 2

Is it better to keep the Infinity Stones together, or scatter them throughout the universe?

Throughout Avengers: Infinity War, it seemed like the heroes were basically bringing the Infinity Stones straight to Thanos. Or, at the very least, they weren’t doing a very good job at trying to keep them away from the Mad Titan. Of course, if the heroes had a strategy for making the Infinity Stones work together, it would have made sense to keep them close by one another. But otherwise, wouldn’t it have been best to scatter them as far away from each other as possible in an attempt to at least buy more time?

Question 3

What was the smartest thing the heroes did in Infinity War?

The heroes made a lot of mistakes in Infinity War. That much is at least clear considering Thanos’s victory. But it’s not as if they spent the entire movie just sitting on their hands. Some of the heroes put in a very noble effort trying to take down the Mad Titan, even if it eventually proved fruitless by the film’s end. So what do you think was the smartest thing that the heroes did throughout the course of the movie?

Question 4

What was the dumbest thing the heroes did in Infinity War?

One of the biggest criticisms that fans had about Infinity War was that the heroes weren’t exactly on their A game. On countless times they seemed to play straight into Thanos’s hands. For instance, if Gamora knew she was the only one preventing Thanos from obtaining the Soul Stone, why would she have gone with the faction of the Guardians that was physically trying to stop him? Of course, the list doesn’t end there. So who do you think did the most damage despite their best intentions?

Question 5

Which other MCU villain could have easily stopped Thanos?

With the fully assembled gauntlet, Thanos is easily the most powerful villain we’ve seen in the MCU to date. He does wipe out half of all life in the universe, after all. However, the heroes have actually come up against far more powerful villains than Thanos in the past. Beings like Ego and Dormammu were some of the oldest entities in the universe. Meanwhile, someone like Hela was able to neutralize Thor’s hammer without breaking a sweat. Surely one of these adversaries could have taken down Thanos.

Question 6

Pick a place to hide an Infinity Stone:

It was never fully explained how Thanos and his Black Order were able to track down the Infinity Stones to such a precise degree. We can only assume that they’d been doing their research and continually keeping tabs on the stone’s individual locations. But that still meant that all the heroes would have had to do was get clever about hiding their stones to prevent Thanos from getting his hands on them. So where should they have hidden one or all of the stones?

Question 7

Pick a suit of armor:

The last few years of the MCU have given us a whole new slate of suits to feast our eyes upon. In Black Panther, T’Challa gets an upgraded habit that is not only able to protect him from physical strikes but also able to store the kinetic energy from these attacks and use it against his enemies. Then in Infinity War, we got to look at two totally new Spider-Man and Iron Man suits — both of which came courtesy of Tony Stark’s nanobot technology. So which one of these four suits of armor would you rather don?

Question 8

Which missing hero in Infinity War could have made the biggest difference in defeating Thanos?

Infinity War already had such a ballooning cast of characters that a few heroes were inevitably going to get left on the sidelines throughout the story. There were even a few characters who didn’t have so much as a cameo in the film, including Hawkeye, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Valkyrie. We already know that Endgame will bring some of these characters back into the fold. But which hero do you think could have really helped turn the tide had they been in Infinity War?

Question 9

Is saving one person’s life worth handing over an Infinity Stone?

Throughout the latest Avengers installment, we watch as the heroes continuously hand over the stones in exchange for the life of a single individual. Doctor Strange does it for Tony Stark, and Gamora does it for Nebula. But surely these characters knew that with the fully assembled gauntlet, Thanos could wipe out all the life in the universe if he wanted to. So is it really worth handing over an Infinity Stone to save just one life? Or did the heroes make a grave mistake?

Question 10

Which team of heroes is stronger?

In Avengers: Infinity War, we get to watch as these two teams of superheroes finally get to meet and work alongside each other for the first time. But the Avengers and the Guardians don’t exactly get off on the right foot. For instance, when Stark and Quill first cross paths on Titan, they almost end up knocking each other off. The two sides seemed pretty evenly matched throughout the small fight. But if both teams had their remaining members to help them, which one do you think would ultimately come out on top?

Question 11

Which character has the biggest ego?

With many heroes meeting each other for the first time in Infinity War, there was inevitably a clashing of egos. For instance, Tony Stark and Doctor Strange don’t exactly see eye to eye about what they should do over the Time Stone. And Stark once again clashed with Peter Quill when the Avengers and Guardians both end up on Titan. It would be fair to say that it’s these characters’ egos that ultimately cost them in the fight against Thanos. But which character do you think has the biggest one?

Question 12

Which character will most likely make it out of Endgame alive?

Plenty of characters met their demise in Avengers: Infinity War. But we already know that some of them are definitely coming back. For example, the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has already been released despite the fact that Peter Parker met his demise as a result of Thanos’s snap. So which other character do you think has the best chance of making it out of Endgame in one piece? After all, these four characters are all rumored to have future movies in the works.

Question 13

Which character is least likely make it out of Endgame alive?

While the fate of characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther seems pretty safe for the time being, we can’t say the same for characters who have been a part of the MCU since the very beginning. Things look pretty bleak for Tony Stark in the Endgame trailer. Meanwhile, Chris Evans has been outspoken about parting ways with Captain America for some time now. So which one do you think is most likely to meet their ultimate demise in the film?

Question 14

Which character was never worthy enough to wield an Infinity Stone in the first place?

If someone had been keeping better tabs on the Infinity Stones and their powers since the very beginning, stopping someone like Thanos from getting their hands on these all-powerful objects could have been prevented long ago. While you can’t blame the Avengers and the Guardians for anything that happened with the stones before the heroes came into play, it seemed like there were numerous occasions where the heroes could have better protected the stones. For instance, was it really smart of the Asgardians to give the Reality Stone to the Collector?

Question 15

Pick a place to live:

In the MCU, where you live isn’t just where you work, hang out with your friends, and go to bed at night. The location you live and grow up in could define your powers or give you greater access to advancing technology. For instance, being born in Asgard would make you far more powerful than most beings in the universe. Meanwhile, growing up in Wakanda could mean that you get to work with the most advanced technology currently available on Earth. So do either of these sound intriguing to you?

Question 16

Which surviving hero has the best chance of defeating Thanos?

Though Tony Stark may be nothing but a mortal man, he’s the first character who is actually able to draw blood out of the Mad Titan. Many have speculated that this is the reason why Doctor Strange traded Tony’s life for the Time Stone; Strange believes that Stark could be the one to ultimately bring about Thanos’s demise. Or do you think that it would have to be a character like Thor who has any real chance of taking down the Mad Titan?

Question 17

With the Time Stone, I would…

The Time Stone was easily the most underutilized item in Avengers: Infinity War. Many wondered why Doctor Strange just didn’t create a time loop like he previously did to defeat Dormammu. That being said, Strange does use the stone to look forward to all possible futures. So if the Master of the Mystical Arts is really as smart as he seems, it’s fair to reason that everything he does in the story is to make the one future where the heroes actually defeat Thanos into a reality.

Question 18

Without an Infinity Stone, which character would win in a fight?

Before the movie had even begun, Thor had already been bested by the Mad Titan Thanos. However, Thanos already had the Power Stone within his possession, making it not really a fair fight. But if the Infinity Stones weren’t in play, do you think the Asgardian would have a leg up on Thanos? Thor is a god after all, who has been defending life in the universe for thousands of years. Meanwhile, Thanos is just a descendant of Titan, who has definitely not been around for nearly as long.

Question 19

Which Infinity Stone is the strongest?

Infinity War did a good job at defining many of the individual powers of the Infinity Stones. For example, the gauntlet showed us when each stone’s powers were being utilized. But do you think all the stones are on the same playing field in terms of power? Or does one stand head and shoulders above the rest? Some have argued that the Time Stone is the strongest simply because it can act as a reset button. But do you also think that’s the case?

Question 20

Which Infinity Stone is the weakest?

While the powers of the Time Stone and Power Stone seem abundantly clear, there are other Infinity Stones whose powers seem less defined. For instance, we know that acquiring the Soul Stone demands a huge sacrifice. But do we even know what the Soul Stone is capable of yet? The same goes for the Mind Stone. Sure, it was able to create life for Vision and grant powers to Scarlet Witch, but what exactly does it do? At the same time, not knowing what these stones do doesn't inherently make them weaker than the others.

Question 21

Pick a superpower:

There is no shortage of superpowers in the MCU. Yet the shared cinematic universe has gone to great lengths to ground their characters’ abilities in the real world. This is no doubt helped by the fact that many of the characters are geniuses, such as Tony Stark and Hank Pym — which makes their super-powered suits seem all the more plausible. But even heroes like Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Peter Parker have gotten their powers as a result of a science experiment.

Question 22

Pick the smartest character:

As we’ve already said, one of the reasons that these heroes’ abilities are so believable is because many of the characters in the MCU are extremely intelligent. But do you believe that one of these characters is undeniably smarter than the others? Tony Stark was long thought to be the most tech-savvy individual on Earth. That is until Shuri came around and showed everyone up. But does that necessarily make her smarter? And we certainly have to give credit to the doctors as well.

Question 23

What could the heroes have done differently in Infinity War?

People have pointed out no shortage of mistakes and missed opportunities that the heroes made in Avengers: Infinity War. But that still doesn’t answer the question as to what they could have actually done to emerge victoriously. Though creating a time loop or using the Sling Ring to severe Thanos’s arm might seem like easy solutions, would they definitely have prevented Thanos from carrying out his act of genocide? Or would they have only caused a brief hiccup in the Mad Titan’s masterplan?

Question 24

Pick a weapon:

Because many of the characters have such impressive powers, weapons have been kept to a minimum in the MCU. Even Thor has recently learned how to channel his immense powers without the use of a weapon. Though that still didn’t stop him from forging Stormbreaker in a last ditch effort to try and bring down Thanos. But would this new ax be your weapon of choice? It might not even be able to be lifted by a mortal, after all, possible making Cap's shield seem a bit more practical.

Question 25

Pick a sidekick:

When you’re going up against an enemy like Thanos, headed into battle without an ally is a sure-fire path toward defeat. While these four characters may very much be heroes in their own right, they’re usually still presented as a sidekick or ally to the franchise’s tentpole heroes. That being said, with many of the characters currently out of the picture, these four may be graduating from sidekicks to solo heroes in no time at all. So which one these sidekicks would you want watching your back?

Question 26

Who is the more powerful magic user?

Easily two of the most powerful Earth-bound characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch’s powers need not be grounded in scientific understanding. They both draw their powers from mysterious and unknown sources. Both characters have also demonstrated abilities far beyond their fellow heroes, with Strange able to control time itself. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch was actually able to disintegrate an Infinity Stone — something that was previously thought to be impossible. But which one do you think is stronger?

Question 27

Pick a use for the fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet:

As far as we know, Thanos is the first being who has ever used all six Infinity Stones at once. This is because Eitri the Dwarf forged him a gauntlet capable of channeling the stones' powers. At the end of Infinity War, it looked the gauntlet had been largely nullified, which might make it hard for Thanos to use the stones as he once did. Of course, he — or the heroes — could always try to forge another gauntlet. So what would you do with a fully assembled gauntlet?

Question 28

Which DC character could easily defeat Thanos?

One of the reasons that the characters in the MCU are so interesting is because their powers are very limited. This means that they have to work together if they have any hopes of taking down an enemy like Thanos. However, characters from the DCEU wouldn’t have the same problem. Heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman seem like they could easily defeat a character like Thanos in a one-on-one fight. Or maybe the Mad Titan would be smart enough to exploit these powerful characters’ weaknesses.

Question 29

Thanos asks to join him or face the snap. Pick a response:

After a number of individuals failed him — including Loki, Nebula, and Ronan — Thanos didn’t seem all that interested in recruiting new allies. He still had his Black Order to aid him in his quest, after all. But let’s say that Thanos offered you an ultimatum to join him or face their end, what would you decide? Of course, any respectable person wouldn’t want to help Thanos carry out his evil plan. But you could always join him under the hopes of buying more time while trying to secretly defeat him during the process.

Question 30

Is it better to be loved or feared?

Thanos may be a Titan, but he certainly wants people to think of him as a god. While the villain dusts half of the universe under the guise of a savior — one who must protect the resources before they’re all used up — the reality is that Thanos wants people to revere him. Otherwise, the Mad Titan could have simply used the Infinity Gauntlet to make more resources and protect all life forms. But he would rather have people bow down to him in fear rather than offer him thanks in love.

Question 31

Pick a location to rendezvous with the other heroes:

In the comics, the superheroes seem like they’re constantly holding secret meetings with one another to try and strategize a plan. They have no shortage of hideouts and headquarters where they rendezvous with one another during a crisis. But this is something that was really missing in Infinity War. With the Avengers fracturing off into two factions in the years prior, the heroes have no plan in action to rejoin forces should a threat like Thanos present itself. So where do you think they should have gotten together sooner?

Question 32

Who is the strongest Avenger?

When it comes to sheer physical strength, many have pointed to the Hulk as being able to edge out his fellow Avengers in this arena. But we can’t not factor in the other heroes abilities when it comes to measuring power. For instance, the Hulk may be infinitely stronger than Tony Stark, yet Stark had the know-how to create the Hulkbuster armor — which he then uses to subdue the Hulk in a time of need. So does this make Stark stronger than the Hulk? Or simply smarter? ?

Question 33

Who is the weakest Avenger?

The thing that makes the Avengers so relatable is that many of the members are mortal men and women. Many of them don’t have any superpowers at all, only the bravery and training to go up against foes far stronger than they are. For example, Black Widow is able to stand toe-to-toe with Proxima Midnight. There’s no way that Natasha is stronger than this member of Thanos' Black Order. But she still has the fighting abilities that allow her to hold her own.

Question 34

Which departed character was the hardest to see go in Infinity War?

We already know that many of the characters who met their demise in Infinity War will be back for future installments. The trailer for the next Spider-Man movie has already been released. Meanwhile, there’s no way that Marvel isn’t going to make another Black Panther movie. But that still leaves room for a number of characters to not return. So does that make the departure of characters like Gamora and Loki seem all the more heartbreaking in Infinity War? Or do you think these characters will inevitably return as well?

Question 35

Which Marvel character who has yet to appear in the MCU could have easily helped defeat Thanos?

Out of these four characters, the only we know who will definitely be making it into the MCU anytime soon will be Captain Marvel. The heroine’s solo outing is the next MCU movie on the docket, and Captain Marvel is also already slated to appear in Avengers: Endgame as well. But that doesn’t mean she’d have an easier time taking down Thanos than, say, Adam Warlock — who was the one who ultimately outsmarted the Mad Titan in The Infinity Gauntlet limited series.

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