This 30-Second "Build A Burger" Quiz Will Reveal Everyone's Celebrity Wife

Who doesn't love a giant, drool-worthy burger? Burgers are pretty much the perfect food; they have the doughy satisfaction of the bun, the meaty goodness of the patty inside, gooey cheese paired with tangy sauce and crispy lettuce and tomato. Throw in a perfect pickle and we have a winner! Burgers are also a highly personal food choice. There are a million different ways to customize them to fit the perfect meal of anyone's dreams! For example, one could opt for a rare patty, a pork, chicken or fish burger instead of the traditional red meat and any number of different toppings.

Want peanut butter? No judgment here! Craving a little crunch? Why not toss some chips on the patty for a satisfying crunch in every bite? We haven't even gotten started on the sides yet! From coleslaw to comfort-food classic Mac & Cheese there are no limits to what one could pair their masterpiece burger with! From standard fries to kimchi, burgers go well with just about anything and everything- which leads us to this quiz. Customize the burger of dreams and we'll reveal a celebrity wife that will happily share that delicious plate! Who is hungry? Let's get started!

Question 1

Tell us about the bun

Buns are the foundation of the perfect burger- those delicious building blocks that we can use to create the masterpiece of our culinary dreams! Who loves traditional buns? Who goes for a more modern twist, like a charcoal bun or a multi-grain choice? Who tosses the bun aside for a lettuce wrap instead? There is no wrong answer! Choose below.

Question 2

Is the bun toasted?

To toast or not to toast- that is the question and the answer is a totally personal preference! Some people prefer their burgers tucked between two perfectly toasted buns. Others like the taste and feel of an untoasted, fresh roll. Who is Team Toast and who is not? Who is on the fence about whether to toast or not? Let us know!

Question 3

Tell us about the patty

We've checked the bun off and now it is time to talk about that tasty meat! The patty is one of the most important parts of the burger and everyone has a different opinion on what makes that patty sing! Who loves traditional beef? Who prefers a healthier option like a veggie or salmon burger? Let us know from the choices below!

Question 4

How is the patty done?

Here is another highly personal question that can only be answered individually. Yup- we are talking about the crispness and doneness of that tasty patty. Some people love their burgers well-done, while others consider cooking to that degree to be an abomination against the almighty burger! The doneness of the patty is always a subject of controversy. Who stands where? Choose below.

Question 5

Stuff the patty with something awesome

It was a beautiful day when we all realized that we didn't need to settle for merely putting toppings on the top of our burgers, but that we could actually fill up those meaty patties with all sorts of goodies. The stuffed burger was born! Now, even novice chefs are popping all sorts of amazing ingredients into their burgers. Choose below!

Question 6

How many patties are in the stack?

This is a question that pertains to that age-old debate of whether or not more is always better! Some people say why have just one patty when there can be multiples stacked up on those toasted or untoasted buns? Who is one and done when it comes to their burger? Who wants everyone to come to the patty party? Choose an option.

Question 7

Who wants their burger deep fried?

There was a time about a decade ago when we collectively realized that the best food was made even better by deep frying! The deep-fried craze touched on pretty much everything from Oreo cookies to butter! Burgers have also gotten the deep-fried treatment. Is it a logical leap towards deliciousness to deep-fry an already amazing food, or are traditional burgers the way to go?

Question 8

Tell us about the cheese

There is little room for debate that the best part of the burger is not the bun, nor the patty, nor the toppings. It is the ooey-gooey cheese that drips off the side of the patty and pools deliciously on our plates. Mouths watering yet? Building the perfect burger means crowning it with some tasty cheese! Choose a fave from the options below.

Question 9

How much cheese is on the burger?

This is "Part 2" to our patty question and it really gets to the heart of the matter by begging the question; is more always better? When it comes to cheese who loves to stack it up high and enjoy a big hit of cheese in each and every delicious bite? Who prefers to keep it light and flavorful? No wrong answers here!

Question 10

How about topping it with an egg?

Some people think that eggs on burgers are very weird, but bear with us because there is a great argument for crowning the burger with a perfectly cooked egg. Eggs break and coat the burger, cheese, bun, and toppings with creamy, yolky goodness that takes the burger straight up to the next level! Who wants this breakfast fave on their burger?

Question 11

Let's make the burger "surf and turf"!

Surf and turf- it's one of the things that people gravitate to on every menu. There's a good reason for this- there is something magical about pairing some delectable red meat with fresh seafood. For years we've seen filet mignon paired with lobster, but why do the high-end restaurants get all of the fun? What seafood is best to pair with the burger?

Question 12

Pick a fruity compote to toss on the burger

Back in the olden days, people used to combine fruit and meat all of the time. The line between sweet and meaty was often crossed- with delicious results! Mincemeat pie, fruit glazes and stews flavored with berries are just a few examples of the cross-over. Let's get a little wild and go back to our ancestral days! Top the perfect burger with a little fruit.

Question 13

Pick a standard topping for the burger

Now that we've let our freak flag fly, let's rein ourselves in just a little bit and get back to reality. Specifically, let's talk ketchup. Ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayo! These are some standard burger toppings that one will find on almost any menu all over the world! Pick a favorite topping to toss on the patty from the four options below.

Question 14

Pick another topping

Since this is the burger of legends we can pick as many toppings as we want! How exciting for us! We've included some additional standard burger toppings for maximum eating pleasure, including a sprinkle of onions, jalapeno, barbecue sauce, and bacon. Who doesn't love yummy, yummy bacon? In the quest to build the perfect burger, we are totally winning! Choose below.

Question 15

How about one exotic topping for good measure?

These days the world is smaller than it has ever been, which is great news for food enthusiasts. We get to check out exotic flavors from all over the world- ones that we would never have the option of tasting before! Fusion is a beautiful thing, so we invite everyone to top their burgers with something from far, far away. Choose one.

Question 16

Choose a wildly expensive topping for good measure

There is no budget for this build-a-burger project that will reveal a celebrity wife. Since we all know that celebrities love all things fancy and expensive, it is time to show off some taste by picking a wildly expensive burger topping to crown the patty with! All of these toppings are over-the-top, sure to impress, and oh so delicious! Yum!

Question 17

What kind of pickles are on the burger?

Any good hipster or hipster adjacent person knows that there are tons of varieties of pickles out there for the tasting. The canning craze of the early 2000s has resulted in pickles that we never dreamt could have existed. What hasn't been pickled these days? More to the point, what pickled goodness doesn't belong on a tasty, juicy, meaty, cheesy burger?

Question 18

Now choose a healthy topping

As much as we all hate to eat our veggies, we really should throw a little healthiness on the burger, right? Or should we not and say we did? Which one of the options below looks the tastiest? Who can stomach a slice of tomato, or a crunchy bit of lettuce? Who prefers some red onion or a slice of avocado?

Question 19

Pick something to give the burger a little crunch

Burgers are delicious all in their own right, but sometimes that texture can get a little boring. Don't get us wrong, we love the tasty burger but occasionally we might crave a little crunch. We might want something to break up the monotony of burger and bun. Who is with us? Choose a crunchy little add-on that will take the burger next level!

Question 20

Pick a sauce to top the burger

All that crunch is making the burger just a little bit dry, so let's drench it in something tasty! It's sauce time! Choose a sauce that will make that burger sing. One that really ties the burger together! Whether it is a more traditional sauce or something a little off the rails, there is no wrong answer! Choose one option below.

Question 21

Throw on a second sauce

We said it before and we'll say it again- this burger is the ultimate masterpiece. That means that there are no limits to the deliciousness! Why have one sauce when we can have two tasty sauces to top our patties? Think outside the burger box on this one and choose something that would really compliment the creation so far. Pick below.

Question 22

Choose a crazy side to go on your burger

Chefs and home cooks are taking sides from the edge of the plate to the main attraction by putting them directly on the burger! Combing burgers and sides might just be the tastiest and craziest idea that we have ever heard of, but it is catching on like mad and more and more people are incorporating sides into their burgers.

Question 23

How about a dollop of peanut butter for good measure?

Who is cringing right now? Give us a shot to defend the idea of peanut butter on a burger! Peanut butter has long been loved by people from all over the world. Elvis Presley famously devoured mountains of the stuff. Recently, peanut butter has been making its debut on burgers. Why? The creamy peanut butter and sweet kick pairs with the meat.

Question 24

How about a touch of hot fudge on the burger?

We are coming back to reality soon, we promise- but before we do that let's talk about the ultimate dessert and entree mix up that combines a burger with hot fudge. Premier restaurants all across the world are mixing up these two ingredients with great success. Why? Salty, umami, and sweet pair beautifully together! Who is brave enough to give it a shot?

Question 25

Choose a second meat to toss on the burger

All of those toppings are making us realize that we need to get a little bit more meat on this burger of dreams! Go big or go home, right? Why not have a little variety with a different kind of meat? Bigger burgers are always better and the sky is the limit, so select the meat that sounds the best.

Question 26

Now go crazy- choose a third!

We did just get through saying that bigger was better, so why not make the burger the ultimate hat-trick of flavors by selecting another meat to round off the perfect meal? This time we have offered up some exotic options so this masterpiece burger will truly be one-of-a-kind. Ready to take the burger to the next level? Choose one below.

Question 27

Last minute game change- choose a funky new bun for the burger

Time to throw a little curve ball! There are plenty of awesome buns or bun-like-creations that can swap in for traditional burger buns. Let's explore what else there is out there and change the bun for a new bun. Since this is all theoretical, there is no muss or fuss- we'll just pretend like this was the choice all along.

Question 28

Choose something decadent to crown your burger bun

Now that we have a brand new bun let's make it sparkly and pretty! Or maybe sophisticated and elegant. Or maybe just really, really delicious! Either way, let's give that bun a little love by crowning it with something super elegant and decadent. Restaurants all over the world are embracing buns with bling. Pick one awesome option from the choice below.

Question 29

Now choose a side to be served with the burger

The burger is a work of art, but we are not quite done here yet. We still need to talk about the supporting actors- and by that, we mean sides! No burger is complete without some tasty sides that take the overall dish to the next level. Select a side that will make the burger sing! Choose one side below.

Question 30

What goes along with the side?

The side chosen is nearly perfect but it is missing just a little something. What is it? Is it a sauce or a seasoning? Let's get real- most sides need a little boost to really shine on the plate, especially when we have such an amazing burger to accompany them. What needs to be served with the side to make it burger-worthy?

Question 31

One more side for good measure

A burger with only one side can get a little bit lonely, so let's cheer it up with another side that will make this burger plate the envy of all other burger plates! For the best burger ever, choose a side that makes sense with the burger and also the first side selected. Up for the challenge? Choose one below.

Question 32

What the heck,- how about a third side?

Who is hungry? For the ultimate plate of food, we need a third side that will complete the picture of culinary satisfaction that is this delicious meal! There are so many different options for sides, but we've selected another four tasty option to pick from. We know it isn't easy but choose wisely because this side rounds off the entire meal!

Question 33

What is the meal served on?

Let's talk logistics. The perfect plate of food really needs the.... perfect plate in order to be a great meal! These days food is served on any number of different objects, from traditional plates to shovels so there is no wrong answer here. Go traditional, go whimsical, go for the ultimate presentation- it is a personal choice! Choose one below.

Question 34

Choose a drink

We have the perfect burger. We have three amazing sides that will fill us up and make this meal one to remember forever. The big question is, what are we washing down all of this tasty food with? Choose a drink that sounds the most refreshing, delicious and pairs the best with the ultimate burger and three delicious sides. Pick below.

Question 35

Choose the perfect location to enjoy the burger

We've all heard that old saying- location is everything. Who has noticed that certain foods taste better when eaten in certain places. What is mundane in the kitchen can be delightful for a picnic on the beach! Where is the perfect location to enjoy the perfect burger? Choose one spot that sounds like the best backdrop for the best burger ever!

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