This 2-Minute Quiz Will Reveal How Many Kids You're Destined To Have

There was a time when people were inclined to have as many kids as possible and it wasn't just because there were limited means of maintaining the average four-person household. People often thought that a growing family was equivalent to happiness and prosperity and people living in rural areas were inclined to want those added hands to help out around the property. Yet, it seems like times have certainly changed in recent years and more and more people are starting to think about the number of children they will have in the future.

The growing economic difficulties that will add to the financial hardship of a family has a great deal to do with it but people also think about the stresses that can come with having children. Let's take a quick quiz on certain aspects of life and see if we can reveal how many kids are destined in the future.

Question 1

Thoughts on a big family?

Question 2

Description of family meals?

Question 3

Thoughts on Sesame Street?

Question 4

Thoughts on taking kids to the movies?

Question 5

Best age for first photo shoot?

Question 6

Thoughts on virtual video gaming?

Question 7

Thoughts on board games?

Question 8

What if a child cut their own hair?

Question 9

How important is it to be in touch with nature?

Question 10

Ideal first pet for a child?

Question 11

How many languages should a parent teach a child?

Question 12

Favorite part of Frozen?

Question 13

Best way to talk to kids about monsters?

Question 14

Thoughts on Caillou?

Question 15

Thoughts on a professionally painted mural for a child's room?

Question 16

Thoughts on a gender neutral nursery?

Question 17

Tastiest pregnancy craving?

Question 18

Best pregnancy style?

Question 19

Thoughts on IVF?

Question 20

Thoughts on sports for young kids?

Question 21

Thoughts on co-sleeping?

Question 22

Thoughts on a gender-reveal party?

Question 23

Thoughts on kids in the kitchen

Question 24

Thoughts on a food fight?

Question 25

Thoughts on 16 & Pregnant?

Question 26

Thoughts on Kate Plus Eight?

Question 27

Thoughts on the Duggars?

Question 28

Worst part of being pregnant?

Question 29

Thoughts on working mothers?

Question 30

Thoughts on Curious George?

Question 31

Minimum number of toys for an infant?

Question 32

Thoughts on electronics for kids?

Question 33

Thoughts on being silly with kids?

Question 34

Thoughts on love at first sight?

Question 35

Thoughts on pageants for kids?

Question 36

Thoughts on kids sharing a room?

Question 37

Ideal number of pets for a child?

Question 38

Thoughts on kids dying their hair?

Question 39

Thoughts on educational television?

Question 40

Favorite Winnie the Pooh character?

Question 41

Ideal way to handle a temper tantrum?

Question 42

Thoughts on adoption?

Question 43

Thoughts on crafting at home?

Question 44

Rate the level of patience needed as a parent?

Question 45

How often should pizza be eaten?

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