Think You're The Number 1 Batman Fan? Then Ace This Quiz!

The Batman has been around for over 70 years. While he was largely overshadowed by Superman back in the day, DC's Dark Knight has easily become their biggest superhero. The Man of Steel struggles to get a good movie these days, but Batman has had fantastic movies, cartoons, and video games altogether.

Due to the popularity of the character, there are a lot of people who would call themselves Batman fans. However, when it comes down to it, they don't know as much about the superhero as they would claim to. After all, the character has a history that spans several generations, so only the most hardcore of Batman fans would be able to know everything there is to know about him.

That said, being the number 1 Batman fan is still quite possible. With the right amount of dedication and time, you could know everything about the Caped Crusader. Still, it's no easy task. Because of this, the uninitiated will be stretched to their very limits with this quiz.

Only the most hardcore Batman fans will be able to pass this quiz that references his entire history in comics, movies, and video games. How well do you know the Dark Knight of Gotham City?

Question 1

Which actor has NOT played Batman?

The Batman is an extremely profitable character, and Warner Bros is constantly willing to thrust him in another movie. Because of this, multiple people have been portraying the Caped Crusader on the big screen since his inception. Not only that, but Batman has led to some of the best superhero movies of all time, both Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan being celebrated as their talented directors. It seems that Warner Bros is looking to replace the Batman once again and boot out Ben Affleck.

Question 2

What is Alfred's last name?

Bruce Wayne would never have become Batman without the help of Alfred, his family's butler. Becoming a father to the orphaned child, Alfred would be concerned once Bruce started expressing violent tendencies. However, he would become Batman's greatest ally once he started fighting the criminal scum of Gotham City. Alfred is every bit as important to the story as Bruce Wayne himself, and is his most loyal friend. In some incarnations, Alfred was actually an ex-military who knew how to fight.

Question 3

Who had a child with Batman?

Batman would eventually learn what it meant to be a father. After a romantic fling with someone he would often fight, he left thinking nothing of it. However, years went by, and he came to find out that she had become pregnant with his child and gave birth to a son. This child was trained by the League of Assassins and returned to Bruce in the hopes that he would kill the Dark Knight and ruin his life for good.

Question 4

Which superhero did Batman fight in The Dark Knight Returns?

Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns gave audiences a look at what the world of Gotham would be like if superheroes were no longer legally allowed. Once Bruce Wayne returned to the Batman mantle, he quickly gained the attention of the government, who then sent their own superhero after him. Batman let things go too far and had to fight the superhero he used to be friends with. Their battle was brutal, but Batman was prepared for just about everything in it.

Question 5

Who plays Batman in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy?

After the infamous Batman and Robin, Warner Bros brought Christopher Nolan to direct a gritty new movie series for the Dark Knight. This new version of Batman was grounded, realistic, and still as awesome as we had all come to expect. Because of this, he had to bring on an actor who could bring a gruff and detached personality to the big screen, portraying the complexities of a billionaire being a vigilante during the hours of the night. No hockey pads either.

Question 6

Which show isn't real?

The popularity of Batman goes back decades and led to several TV shows being made about the character (the majority of them being cartoons). The original vision was to recreate Tim Burton's world in the 1989 Batman film but, since then, DC has been much more creative with the source material. There are several shows that follow the adventures of the Dark Knight. Most of them are fairly high-quality, but there are a few duds along the way that no one talks about.

Question 7

Who played Joker in the 60s Batman show?

When Adam West was called to play a campy version of Batman in the 1960s, they had to have an equally campy actor to play his arch nemesis, the Joker. Luckily, they found someone who was perfect for the whole. Having a bright set of makeup and a crazy look in his eye, he became a laughably brilliant version of the Clown Prince of Crime. However, the actor refused to shave his mustache for the role, so it had to be painted white.

Question 8

Which of these names is not commonly used to describe Batman?

Batman has a lot of different names thanks to the perceptions of the people of Gotham, and some are better than others. Over the years, some of his nicknames have stuck much more. As a matter of fact, a lot of the DC superheroes are given classic nicknames that originated in the olden days. Superman is known as the Man of Steel while the Flash is known as the Scarlet Speedster. Batman, on the other hand, has more than one nickname.

Question 9

In what comic was Jason Todd killed?

Jason Todd was the second Robin in Batman's history. After finding him trying to steal the Batmobile's tires, Bruce Wayne took the orphan troublemaker in. Unfortunately, Todd wasn't a huge hit among comic fans and they ultimately voted for him to leave the DC Universe. That said, he went out in a brutal way. After being kidnapped by the Joker, he was brutally beaten with a crowbar before being left to die in a warehouse explosion, Batman not getting there in time.

Question 10

True or False? There is a Bat Cow.

Comics were exceptionally weird when they began (by today's standards, that is). There are a lot of arcs, characters, costumes, and storylines that would never fly in comics today. Embracing the more campy side of the characters, we were given memorable moments like a pink Batman and a Lois Lane that became an African American. However, Batman has also had some interesting sidekicks along the way. Did he ever have a bovine friend become a member of the Bat-Family, though?

Question 11

Which of these is not a real Batman villain?

Batman has one of the best rosters of villains in comic history (next to Spider-Man). His arch nemesis sets the bar for how interesting antagonists can be, and many of his other rogues fit the bill well. That said, the characters that are used to fight the Dark Knight today are much different than the ones used in the past. There were some bizarre antagonists that don't get their own time in the spotlight these days. Any idea which one isn't real?

Question 12

Who took over Batman's mantle in Knightfall?

Batman: Knightfall signalled a big change for Bruce Wayne. After fighting criminals all night, he came home tired and worn. Unfortunately, Bane was there waiting for him. Due to his weakness, Bane was able to beat the Dark Knight and break his back. Because of this, Batman had to find someone else to temporarily take his mantle (crime in Gotham would never take a Family Medical Leave, after all). To accomplish this, he had to design a new batsuit as well.

Question 13

Who is the Arkham Knight?

Rocksteady was making Batman: Arkham Knight to be the exciting climax to the beloved Arkham series. After players had been invested in the stories up to that point, they promised a new direction in Arkham Knight. They introduced the new character, the Arkham Knight, as an original creation for the game. This had a lot of players excited and then immediately disappointed when the realized that it was someone they already knew from the comics. It was a serious letdown.

Question 14

True or False? Lord Voldemort appeared in a Batman movie.

Lord Voldemort is known as one of the most powerful wizards in the Harry Potter universe. However, is it possible that Warner Bros became brave enough to bring "He Who Must Not Be Named" into Gotham City and interact with the Dark Knight? After all, they were creative enough to allow Batman and Robin to be made and let Justice League get so poorly treated without batting an eye. Bringing in a wizard villain for a cameo certainly wouldn't be below them.

Question 15

Who voiced Batman in The LEGO Batman Movie?

There are several people who have voiced Batman over the years, and Warner Bros was ready to have an iconic yet comedic take on his voice when it came time for the LEGO universe. First appearing in The LEGO Movie, Batman had a funny version of his growl in The Dark Knight Trilogy. After that, the voice actor returned to play the character in The LEGO Batman Movie and bring the same level of brilliant and funny gruffness to the role.

Question 16

True or False? Batman always had a no-kill rule.

Batman is often cited as the character with the no-kill rule. The philosophy behind that is, if Batman decided to start killing criminals, he would become no different than the man that murdered his parents in cold blood. Not only does he typically not kill others, but he doesn't use guns as well. That said, the Dark Knight can still be quite brutal. On top of that, this led to criticism in Batman V Superman because Batman killed many people.

Question 17

Which Robin is the best detective?

What's interesting about the various men that became Robin is that they're all good at different things. While they're all competent fighters and can help Batman in the field, they each have areas where they excel. There is one who is clearly best at fighting, another who is adept at leadership skills, and even one skilled with a sword. However, there is one who is significantly better at detective work than any Batman that came before him. His brain capacity is impressive.

Question 18

True or False? There is a sequel to The Dark Knight Returns.

The Dark Knight Returns is often cited as one of the best Batman stories ever created. Penned by Frank Miller, it combines his bold art style with the addition of gritty and realistic storytelling. It still holds a powerful legacy among the comic world, having been given a two-part animated film and being partially adapted for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, it takes place in its own universe and isn't connected to other pieces of Batman lore and mythos.

Question 19

What is the name of Batman's dog?

Batman has had a lot of help over the years, and that includes a loyal dog. After finding a dog abandoned by its owner, Bruce took him in to the Bat-Family. Giving him his own mask and bat collar, he would help the Dark Knight in fighting crime. Being a useful ally in the field, he would become an important member of Batman's team. However, because dogs don't live very long, multiple hounds have been given the cowl and collar.

Question 20

Who is often credited for creating Batman?

Batman is DC's biggest character, and it's crazy to think that he was the result of one man's brain all those years ago. Technically, he was the result of multiple people working together, but one man is often given the official credit for the character. His name is tagged along most pieces of Batman media and has sometimes spurred the wrath of the comic community as a result. Still, he has a legendary place in history by helping create the Dark Knight.

Question 21

In what year did Batman first appear?

Not only is Batman one of DC's most popular characters, but he is also one of their oldest. Stretching back decades along with the Man of Steel, he was a part of the company before they ever called themselves DC. It's amazing that a comic superhero has become so prominent after all this time in the pages. It's a testament to the original writers that their character is not only still around, but has exponentially increased in popularity to this day.

Question 22

Who was Robin in The Dark Knight Returns?

With The Dark Knight Returns, we got a look at what Gotham could be like in the future- rotten, full of crime, and villains thriving without the Batman to fight in the streets. Once the Caped Crusader returned to his crime-fighting ways, he had to have another sidekick to fit the theme. This new Robin had a predisposition for getting involved in rough situations, but they were extremely determined to help restore Gotham to its former glory; even if it meant fighting Superman.

Question 23

True or False? Batman Forever is a sequel to Batman Returns.

In 1989, Warner Bros had a serious franchise on their hands. Once Tim Burton managed to revive the Batman into a darker and much more critically-acclaimed interpretation, the studio was quick to continue the series. After Batman Returns, though, Burton and Michael Keaton both left the franchise. However, Warner Bros wasn't about to give up on their character and quickly hired a new director and lead actor to bring the Batman to life once again. Does it still exist in the same universe as Tim Burton's movies, though?

Question 24

True or False? Stephanie Brown was the second female Robin.

Stephanie Brown was the daughter of one of the low-tier villains in Gotham City. Once she found out that her father kept returning to his life of crime, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Becoming a vigilante of her own (she dubbed herself the Spoiler), she started leaving clues so that Batman could find her dad. Eventually, the Dark Knight was impressed with her work and was willing to take her under his wing to become the next Robin.

Question 25

Which villain did not appear in Batman and Robin?

Of the many problems that were unfortunate enough to be present in Batman and Robin, the worst one is that there were too many villains in the film. While most superhero movies, these days, have more than one bad guy, there's usually one who gets his time in the spotlight. Everything else is just background noise. In Batman and Robin, each of the villains that appear get an equal chance to shine and get a lot of screen time- and it's not a good thing.

Question 26

True or False? Red Hood never became a member of the Bat-Family.

Red Hood was formerly known as Jason Todd, the second Robin. After being killed by the Joker, he would later be brought back to life via the Lazarus Pit through the help of the League of Assassins. Not quite in the same head space as he was before, Todd blamed Batman for his death and not enacting revenge on the Joker. Because of this, he became Red Hood and had a rivalry with the Dark Knight. He also isn't afraid to kill.

Question 27

Thomas Elliot is known as which Batman villain?

Thomas Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne's. While the Elliots and the Waynes were worlds apart, Thomas had an intellect that could surpass Bruce's. However, Elliot had a rough family life and started to be jealous of Bruce. After attempting to kill his parents, he was angered when Thomas Wayne saved his mother's life. He started to build a hatred of the Wayne family. After that, he suffered from a set of anger management issues and paranoia problems.

Question 28

What is the Joker's real name in the comics?

The Joker is the most mysterious of Batman's foes. Seemingly appearing out of nowhere and having nothing to trace, there isn't a soul on the Earth who knows who the Clown Prince of Crime really is. That said, DC has further explored the character's backstory as a way of providing some answers. Not only did Batman deduce how the Joker was such a poltergeist in Gotham City, but he also discovered what his identity was. Other comics, like The Killing Joke, give further insight into the Jester of Genocide.

Question 29

In what comic did Batman first appear?

Batman is a character that has seemingly been around forever, but even his origin can be traced. Back in the day, he had a significantly different costume that resembled a bat more than his outfit does know. On top of that, he didn't have any moral qualms with killing criminals if he deemed it necessary. Needless to say, his inclusion in the DC Universe would spawn an entire generation of fascinating stories and character work that would be celebrated for years.

Question 30

Who was given partial credit for Batman's creation in 2015?

The story behind Batman's creation is a fairly unfortunate one. While Bob Kane is often credited for the character coming to life, he wasn't the only person who helped with the hero. There was another man who put in a lot of work into bringing Batman to the comics. However, he was essentially screwed out of getting proper credit for his work. It wasn't until 2015 that his descendants managed to get their ancestor's name placed on Batman media going forward.

Question 31

Who took the mantle of Batwoman?

When Bruce began his crusade as Gotham's protector by night, little did he know that he would not only instil fear, but inspire others to be like him. Several people attempted to become vigilantes themselves due to the influence of the Batman. Among them was the woman who would take the mantle of Batwoman. After having her own military training, she decided the best use of her time would be to fight criminals by night and unofficially become a member of the Bat-Family.

Question 32

True or False? Bruce Wayne is the smartest person in the DC Universe.

Bruce Wayne is an extremely smart individual. From a very young age, he was adept in a lot of different studies, as he took after his father's excellent mental capacity. Once he became Batman, he was given the opportunity to apply this intelligence on a daily basis. Not only did he know how to fight just about any opponent, but his detective work is second to none. Furthermore, while he his money buys new equipment, he designs a lot of his new suits and improves on them.

Question 33

Which Batsuit is NOT real?

Bruce Wayne is a lot like Tony Stark because he creates a lot of different suits. Since the character debuted, he had several additions and refinements made to his costume that would improve his capabilities in battle. Along the way, he also had several costumes that were designed for a specific purpose. Those suits aren't needed much in more recent comics, but it hasn't stopped DC from being willing to make jabs at themselves for all of the ridiculous outfits they gave the Caped Crusader.

Question 34

What was Huntress' identity on Earth-2?

The Huntress of Earth 2 first appeared during the Golden Age of comics. She was created as a new vigilante who worked closely with Gotham City. Her adventures in crime fighting eventually got the attention of the Justice Society of America, which she joined promptly. The reason she was inspired to become a hero is because a criminal forced her mother to become a villain again, and her mother died as a result. She wanted to enact vengeance on those who killed her mom.

Question 35

True or False? Prometheus is a Batman villain.

Prometheus is a character who has multiple histories in the comics. As most people know him, he was the son of two criminals who were gunned down by the police at the same time. Because of this, he swore vengeance against all who upheld the law. Donning a very eclectic and dorky costume, he would go on to fight the police force as well as the Justice League. He was also the one credited for cutting off Roy Harper's arm.

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