Think You Remember Pitch Perfect? Take This Quiz To Prove It!

Pitch Perfect is a comedy that focuses on the events of an a capella competition in America. This film has a combination of dry sarcastic humor, as well as classic physical comedy that was widely accepted well by film and comedy critics. The film was nominated as a whole, as well as earning many nominations and wins for the actresses starring in the film. Pitch Perfect cleaned house at the Teen Choice Awards winning Choice Movie: Comedy, as well as Rebel Wilson winning Choice Movie Actress, and Skylar Austin winning Choice Movie Actor. Adam DeVine even managed to win for Choice Movie Villain. The film also managed to win MTV Movie Awards, for Best Musical Moment, and Best Breakthrough Performance.

As well as being recognized for its comedic success, the film's soundtrack was highly praised. Pitch Perfect won an American Music Award for Best Soundtrack, as well as the Motion Picture Sound Editors award for Best Music in a Musical Feature Film.

Pitch Perfect brought a capella out of obscurity and gave it a platform and a stage. The success of the first film led to Pitch Perfect being turned into a trilogy. Think you're aca-awesome? How much of the first film do you remember?

Question 1

What is the first song performed in the film?

The film opens up with musical numbers from the previous year's ICCA championship competition. It is during these performances that we get an introduction to both the Treblemakers and the Barden Bellas. The Treblemakers win, and the Barden Bellas suffer a particularly embarrassing defeat when a member projectile vomits into the audience. Showing the prior year's ICCA competition frames the film well, as it shows the journey from 1 year to the next. But what was the first song performed?

Question 2

Which of the following is NOT one of the a capella groups?

Pitch Perfect is the first movie to shed light on a capella competitions, and popularize the idea. Before then, a capella music was not a known concept to many. The film's university has a large a capella following, with many various groups that sing both for fun and for competition. The groups have some pretty funny names, and a lot of them are musically themed names or involve musical puns. The Footnotes, and the Sockapellas are some of the other groups the Bellas compete against.

Question 3

Who has a problem with projectile vomiting?

Projectile vomiting is a particularly gross problem for one of our lead characters. It occurs in the first Bella performance in the opening scene of the film, and then again once more later on in the film. The second time, is during a Bella practice, in which the group decides to share secrets about themselves in an attempt to bond. And what could bond people more than projectile vomiting experiences? Which member of the Barden Bellas faces public embarrassment due to projectile vomiting?

Question 4

What is the name of Beca's roommate?

Before joining the Barden Bellas, Beca spends quite a bit of time in her dorm room. With all that time spent in close quarters, you would think that Beca and her roommate would become close. This is not the case, Beca and her roommate are involved in different groups on campus. They also do not seem to have much in common. The roommate tends to have short little one line comedy quips that make her a non-essential, but funny addition to the cast.

Question 5

What is the iconic audition song?

At Barden University, you do not audition for the specific a capella group you want to join. All of the a capella groups or leaders gather in a theater and watch the auditions together. Everyone auditioning is asked to perform the same song. In the film, different people's auditions are layered together to produce one rounded out rendition of the song. This technique allows the film to focus on certain singers at certain times for comic relief or to highlight their singing abilities.

Question 6

T/F: The Barden Bellas are an all female a capella group by choice.

Throughout the film there are announcers that comment on the performances during competitions. Early on in the film, the announcers debate the effectiveness of an all female a capella group, like the Barden Bellas. They typically tend not to do as well as other groups in competitions because of their lack of ability to hit the incredibly low bass notes that tend to round out a performance. Are the Bellas an all female group by choice? Or are those the only members willing to join the counterpart to the all male Treblemakers?

Question 7

What song does Beca sing at the auditions?

Beca had no initial intent to audition for an a capella group. So, in typical Beca fashion, she shows up late and does not have the proper song prepared. Chloe and Aubrey are just so excited that she decided to show up that they let her sing whatever she wants. Beca decides to merely sit cross legged on the stage, take a cup from the audition desk, and sing this song. The audition didn't really showcase what skills Beca had as an a capella singer, but it all works out.

Question 8

Who said "that's high ... Jesus" during their audition

Anyone who has tried to sing Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone knows that there are some really high notes towards the end. Some of the people that auditioned changed the octave to make it easy for them to sing. Other singers went for the high notes, only to have their voice crack. But one auditioning member outright said "that's high" and then "Jesus" to get through the ending. Luckily this person does make an a capella group and is able to redeem themselves later on.

Question 9

What song is Beca singing in the shower when she is interrupted?

Anyone who has attended a school where they are subjected to a shared open bathroom/ shower space knows that this scene is pretty much a nightmare. Beca is minding her own business, singing in the shower, when Chloe pulls back the curtain and exposes Beca for not telling the truth earlier when she said she can't sing. She also exposes her nude body. It just gets weirder when the two stand there singing a duet together naked. Talk about bonding.

Question 10

What unique style of dancing does Fat Amy demonstrate?

Fat Amy meets the Barden Bella leaders, Chloe and Aubrey, during the student activity fair early on in the film. She definitely makes an impression with her large personality and musical talent. She is able to read music and match pitch. Fat Amy also takes it one step further by showing off her dance abilities. What uniquely crazy style of dance does Fat Amy claim to be a master at? I will give you a hint: she says it contains a lot of floor work.

Question 11

Where do Beca and Jesse work together?

Jesse and Beca have a friendship outside of the world of a capella competitions. First, when Beca is pulling up to the university in a cab, Jesse is in the car beside her singing and playing air guitar while playfully serenading her. Then they end up working together too. Jesse shows an obvious interest in Beca by saying "you're one of those a capella girls, I'm one of those a capella guys" and surprising her with movies and juice pouches. These two definitely spend a lot of time together.

Question 12

What song does Beca THINK she won the riff off with?

The riff offs have become a staple in the pitch perfect franchise. Each of the films has their own specific rules for the variations of the riff off. In the first film, the competitors must stick to the category in play and match the word when they interrupt the opposing teams. Sadly, the Barden Bellas lose the riff off when Beca sings "it's", when the word that needed to be matched was it. This led to a particularly crushing victory for the Treblemakers.

Question 13

What is Fat Amy's real name?

Fat Amy shocks the Barden Bellas and many viewers when she introduces herself as Fat Amy. When Chloe and Aubrey ask her why she calls herself Fat Amy, she claims that she "does it so that twig b****** don't do it behind her back". If that was not funny enough, towards the end of the film Fat Amy reveals that her name is not even really Amy. She reveals her real name later on in the film when the members are sharing secrets to bond.

Question 14

What medical condition does Chloe have?

After their performance for one of the Barden University Frat houses, Aubrey confronts Chloe about her voice. Aubrey wants to know why Chloe does not sound as good as she normally does. This is when Chloe reveals to the Barden Bellas that she is suffering from a medical condition that is affecting her vocal chords and her ability to sing. Beca asks her why she keeps singing since it is incredibly painful, this leads to Chloe giving a speech about how she is limited.

Question 15

Bumper gets a job as a personal assistant to a famous singer... who was it?

Bumper is the front man and lead singer of the Treblemakers. But right before the groups have to compete in the ICCA finals once again, Bumper announces that he is leaving. This means the group has to add a new member to keep their choreography. It also means that the new member should be able to fit in as a lead vocalist, alongside Jesse. Being a personal assistant does not seem like a particularly tempting job, but when it is for a famous singer, apparently sacrifices can be made.

Question 16

What movie do Beca and Jesse watch in the park?

Jesse and Beca have a fairly obvious musical connection between their jobs at the campus radio station as well as both participating in a capella groups. Jesse also attempts to bond with Beca over critically acclaimed film soundtracks. This is where their common interests diverge as Jesse loves movies and wants to one day help choose the music that goes into films. Beca, however, does not like movies at all and finds them too predictable. What movie do the two begin to watch together in the park?

Question 17

Who does cardio by "horizontal running"?

Both the Barden Bellas and the Treblemakers take their a capella competitions very seriously. They must endure very strict schedules to regulate their practices. These practices even incorporate cardio. This character tries to get out of cardio by simply stating "no, no, do not put me down for cardio". When they learn it is not an option to just opt out of cardio, they get even more creative by stating that instead of running up and down stairs, they are "horizontal running".

Question 18

Who ends up in jail?

After one of the competition performances, there is a fight between a capella groups that gets too rough. This results in public property being damaged. An older a a capella group, formed by 4 men who miss the thrill of competing in collegiate level a capella. During this scuffle, a large pane of glass is accidentally shattered. A lot of members from different groups are involved in the fight. But which character ends up facing charges in jail over the group fighting and debauchery?

Question 19

What is the name of the sock puppet a capella group?

Pitch Perfect has become a movie for the kids that love music but do not always have a place where they fit in. Before their final performance, Beca says "I love you awesome nerds" to her Bella sisters. Every character is incredibly unique, and sometimes odd. This includes the other a capella groups they compete against. One group performed their whole set through sock puppets. They performed "F U" by Lily Allen. But what was the name of this sock puppet a capella group?

Question 20

Who got hit by the burrito bomb?

Not all of the competitions are close to the university. For the competitions that are slightly out of the way, the groups get to take a team bus. The Barden Bella's bus was running low on gas, so they made a pit stop to fill up. The Treblemakers bus happened to pass the girl's bus on the way to the competition. One of the Treblemakers throws a burrito at the unlucky lady that got out of the bus to pump the gas.

Question 21

What does Fat Amy say to things that she sometimes has a feeling that she can do but probably shouldn't?

Fat Amy definitely has some of the best one-liners in the entire film franchise. One of her most iconic being her response to a come-on from Bumper. Bumper approaches Amy and says that she is gross, and she snarks back saying "you are no pantie dropper yourself". The clap backs go one step further when Bumper tells Amy he has a feeling they should make out, Amy replies saying "sometimes I have a feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think ______". You go Amy!

Question 22

T/F: Benji takes Bumper's place in the Treblemakers.

Many viewers were heart broken when Benji did not initially make the Treblemakers after auditions. He is very obviously talented, but he did not get off to the best start with Bumper and the other members. Seeing Benji being left out of the riff off and other a capella activities. When Bumper leaves the group to become a personal assistant, the Treblemakers are stuck in a lurch. But will Benji come to the rescue and help Jesse in leading the group to another win?

Question 23

How many times is "The Sign" by Ace of Bass performed throughout the film?

"The Sign" by Ace of Bass is an amazing song. But, sometimes it seems as though it is the only song the Barden Bellas can sing. Every time I watch and rewatch Pitch Perfect, the more it seems like they perform the number. The set list of "the sign" and "percussion" was passed down from Bella years prior. Beca shares in the frustration and often urges the group to shake up their set list. But how many times do they perform the number?

Question 24

What song does Beca mashup into the Barden Bella's set unannounced?

During the semi finals of the ICCA championships, Beca notices that the Barden Bella set is boring the judges. In order to avoid getting ignored, Beca decides to use her production and DJ skills to help the team by adding another song as a layer to the arrangement. However, when the Bellas lose, Chloe and Aubrey, as well as some other members, blame Beca because her sudden change caught them off guard. Whether or not they would have advanced had Beca not made any changes is unknown.

Question 25

Which song does Beca incorporate into their final set as an apology to Jesse?

This is a movie, so obviously one of the two a capella groups from Barden University will take home the win. Both groups put on amazing and complex performances, with intricate choreography and medleys. The Barden Bellas came a long way to be so successful as a cohesive unit. But, the Treblemakers really stepped up after being left behind by former lead man, Bumper. The winners are not revealed until the auditions the following year, where the reigning champs get to choose the audition song.

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