Think You Remember Pitch Perfect? Take This Quiz To Prove It!

Pitch Perfect is a comedy that focuses on the events of an a capella competition in America. This film has a combination of dry sarcastic humor, as well as classic physical comedy that was widely accepted well by film and comedy critics. The film was nominated as a whole, as well as earning many nominations and wins for the actresses starring in the film. Pitch Perfect cleaned house at the Teen Choice Awards winning Choice Movie: Comedy, as well as Rebel Wilson winning Choice Movie Actress, and Skylar Austin winning Choice Movie Actor. Adam DeVine even managed to win for Choice Movie Villain. The film also managed to win MTV Movie Awards, for Best Musical Moment, and Best Breakthrough Performance.

As well as being recognized for its comedic success, the film's soundtrack was highly praised. Pitch Perfect won an American Music Award for Best Soundtrack, as well as the Motion Picture Sound Editors award for Best Music in a Musical Feature Film.

Pitch Perfect brought a capella out of obscurity and gave it a platform and a stage. The success of the first film led to Pitch Perfect being turned into a trilogy. Think you're aca-awesome? How much of the first film do you remember?

1What is the first song performed in the film?

The film opens up with musical numbers from the previous year's ICCA championship competition. It is during these performances that we get an introduction to both the Treblemakers and the Barden Bellas. The Treblemakers win, and the Barden Bellas suffer a particularly embarrassing defeat when a member projectile vomits into the audience. Showing the prior year's ICCA competition frames the film well, as it shows the journey from 1 year to the next. But what was the first song performed?

2Which of the following is NOT one of the a capella groups?

Pitch Perfect is the first movie to shed light on a capella competitions, and popularize the idea. Before then, a capella music was not a known concept to many. The film's university has a large a capella following, with many various groups that sing both for fun and for competition. The groups have some pretty funny names, and a lot of them are musically themed names or involve musical puns. The Footnotes, and the Sockapellas are some of the other groups the Bellas compete against.

3Who has a problem with projectile vomiting?

Projectile vomiting is a particularly gross problem for one of our lead characters. It occurs in the first Bella performance in the opening scene of the film, and then again once more later on in the film. The second time, is during a Bella practice, in which the group decides to share secrets about themselves in an attempt to bond. And what could bond people more than projectile vomiting experiences? Which member of the Barden Bellas faces public embarrassment due to projectile vomiting?

4What is the name of Beca's roommate?

Before joining the Barden Bellas, Beca spends quite a bit of time in her dorm room. With all that time spent in close quarters, you would think that Beca and her roommate would become close. This is not the case, Beca and her roommate are involved in different groups on campus. They also do not seem to have much in common. The roommate tends to have short little one line comedy quips that make her a non-essential, but funny addition to the cast.

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