Think You Know The Show 24? Only 5% Of Fans Will Get 90% (Or Better)


If you love a good story involving espionage, crime, affairs, conspiracies, and politics, then you’re probably no stranger to the hit television show 24. First airing on November 6, 2001, 24 took a different approach to the typical crime series, by creating a show that showed real-time action. Viewers tuned in every week to see just what kind of danger the infamous Jack Bauer would get into and out of, that week. The critically acclaimed series received several accolades, including a Golden Globe award and an Emmy. Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, battled terrorists, love triangles, and a whole lot of family drama over the series 8 seasons. Each episode left viewers itching for the next and let’s not start on how sad fans felt during the off-seasons.

Do you claim to be a fan of the series? How well did you really keep up with the crazy plot twists and web of lies that landed in your living room each night? Do you think you know how dysfunctional Jack Bauer’s work life really was? How about his dysfunctional family? Were you disappointed when the last season aired but felt hope when you found out they were reviving the series? Well, if you pass this quiz then you will beat out 90% of all 24 fans.

Question 1

Who was sent from Division to be the head of CTU in the second half of the 4th season?

At CTU, there is no shortage of drama. Division sent someone to replace Tony as Director, which caused quite a bit of office tension between Tony and his new boss. Being replaced would be tough for almost anyone. Tony was no exception. Nonetheless, the two were able to come together and work as a team. Despite a few bumps in the road, their working relationship eventually evolved and formed a deeper connection. They even joined forces and helped fake Jack’s death together.

Question 2

Who did Jack's little sweet (innocent looking) daughter Kim Bauer, kill?

Kim was the focus of an attackers rage and as she tried to flee she was forced to hit her attacker more than once with a crowbar. They ended up back at a house where the attacker pulls a gun on Kim. During the struggle, due to a faulty ceiling structure in the attic, Kim fell through the ceiling. When she came to, she was able to recover from her fall and use the gun which landed nearby to make sure this attacker never put their hands on her or anyone else, again.

Question 3

How does Paula die?

While working her dream job in Los Angeles at CTU, Paula grew nervous about the news of a terrorist threat somewhere in the city. Her boss George Mason, convinced her to stay a bit longer, as she was the only person who knew the codes that might help get intel on the threat. Before dying, she was able to stay conscious long enough to give the codes. While CTU gained a small victory in learning the access codes, Paula died.

Question 4

Who locked Kim in a bomb shelter?

Kim could learn a thing or two from her father, as far as keeping a secret goes. In season 2 of the hit show, in a conversation with her soon to be kidnapper, Kim revealed that she knew of a bomb threat coming to the Los Angeles area. This leads him to escort Kim down into his bomb shelter, where Kim discovers a lot of weapons in his possession. Frightened, Kim decided it’s time to get out of there. However, her kidnapper devised a plan to keep her in the shelter, longer. He told her that he believes the bombs have already gone off and that all of the radio stations are dead. Therefore, it’s best if they lock themselves in the bomb shelter and stay there.

Question 5

Who killed Reza Naiyeer?

In season 2, Marie Warner and Reza Naiyeer were celebrating the day they were to be wed with their families. Before they could even make it down the aisle, Reza was killed. After dating for a couple of years, the couple had gotten engaged. Their wedding day was ruined when Reza and an unsuspecting CTU agent were murdered in an office. Reza and the agent had just discovered who was involved in a terrorist plot, regarding a wire transfer to Syed Ali. This person figured out they were about to be caught and killed them both before allowing the newly discovered information to spread any further.

Question 6

Who reappeared in the last hour of Season 2 to give David Palmer an almost-fatal handshake?

This was the character's first appearance, since season 1. In Season 2, this character returned and stood in line to shake the hand of President David Palmer. They made it a point to interrupt the President’s walk to his limousine. Unbeknownst to him, they had successfully transferred a life-threatening virus to President Palmer then they disappeared into a crowd as the President passed out. Season 2 almost ended on a perfectly good note. However, we can't complain because if everything had been sunshine and roses we wouldn’t have been as excited for season 3.

Question 7

There is a mug with the cubs logo that appears in every season. Which character does this mug belong to?

Fans have so cleverly named this character’s mug “Cubby”. The mug shares some similarities to 24's main character Jack Bauer. Like Jack, Cubby had its own near-death experience, in season 2. There was a big bomb scene in season 2 and the 24 cast and crew decided that it was time for Cubby to blow up. Well, Cubby did "blow up" as a legend amongst 24 fans that is. While filming the scene, someone threw the mug up in the air and it caught on to some loose wires. Instead of falling and breaking into a million pieces, the mug survived and later became a symbol of strength to viewers and fans.

Question 8

Jack Bauer was forced to save Chase Edmunds' life by cutting off his __________?

When you think about it, losing a body part is a small price to pay for saving your entire life. In an act of bravery, Chase found himself in a position to risk his life to save some school students from a device containing a deadly virus. Both Jack and Chase tried frantically to stop the device from detonating, to no avail. Chase made the decision to ask Jack to cut off a part of his body so he could secure the device by throwing it into a nearby refrigerator that would contain the blast and save lives.

Question 9

Which season does Kim Bauer start working at CTU?

Kim had always needed her dad to get her out of binds since season one. However, in this season we see Kim trying to help others get out of tough spots. Kim wouldn’t be Kim if she didn’t bring some kind of grievance and angst to her father. Jack not only had to worry about his little girl working a dangerous job. He had to worry about her falling dangerously in love with a co-worker who also happened to be Jack’s partner. Jack is no stranger to office romances, so he knows first hand how working at CTU can severely impact his family.

Question 10

How did Edgar Stiles die in Season 5?

At the beginning of season 5, Edgar Stiles appeared to have been nervous about working so close to Jack. Edgar was surprised that Jack was even still alive, in the first place. Then to top it all off, you have to throw in the fact that Jack was a suspect in the murder of the previous President Palmer. The entire work environment was very nerve-wrecking to even the most confident and self-assured person. However, It wasn’t the stress of the office tensions that killed poor Edgar Stiles.

Question 11

What does CTU stand for?

This unit’s purpose was to protect the United States from terrorist attacks but it was also a source of intelligence for the Department of Homeland Security. The headquarters for CTU was based in Washington DC, but it also had several branch offices throughout the country. While the unit proved to be successful in very many ways of combating terrorism, it was eventually disbanded. Human rights violations and employee lawlessness were some of the reasons this unit couldn’t just keep it together.

Question 12

Who killed Teri Bauer?

Viewers freaked out at the cold-hearted mess that was the last episode of Season 1 of 24. After Tony saved Teri from another gunman, he bought her into the CTU offices. Rightfully so, Teri was freaked out, shook up, and just wanted to know where her husband was. After waiting patiently didn’t work, Teri went to search for answers. During her search, she overheard someone speaking in German. Teri also noticed some other things that weren’t quite right. Before she could go for help, Teri was shot and killed.

Question 13

Who was Jack's partner in Season 3?

Ever the lone wolf, it is hard to imagine that Jack Bauer would ever need a partner, let alone actually have one. But in Season 3, he gets one and it's more complicated than even he knows in the beginning. You can tell Jack is not happy about the partnership and that he suspects secrets are being kept by those closest to him. Seriously, if you cannot fully trust your partner to have your back, then who can you trust?

Question 14

What is the name of President Palmer's scheming wife?

At first glance, this beautiful lady seemed to be a loving and supporting wife to Senator turned presidential candidate David Palmer. However, not too long into the game, we realize she is one scheming momma. At times she left viewers wondering who wanted to be President more – her or David? She was so devious that she did not mind setting up her own husband to have an affair, just to get information. Between the lying, scheming, and plotting it was clear that she was willing to do anything to get inside the White House, even murder.

Question 15

How many times has the silent clock been used in the show 24?

Every single episode of every single season of 24 leaves fans wanting more. However, one cannot deny that some cliff-hangers are just a bit juicier than others. In those instances, we get the silent clock. Typically, anytime the infamous digital clock appears on the show, it is accompanied by the haunting beeping. However, there are cases when the clock goes mute. Commonly it happens in episodes where a major character dies off but there are also a few other instances.

Question 16

In what year did 24 first air in the US?

We knew the fall TV season was off to a good start when 24 premiered. Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, the creators of the show, made their mark on TV history but also left a footprint in the new millennium. There are many scenes and characters that TV viewers are likely to never forget. The series premiered on the FOX network and lasted for 8 seasons. American television fanatics had such a hard time letting go of this show that the producers revived the series.

Question 17

Who killed Curtis Manning?

"The man with 9 lives" is responsible for killing Curtis Manning. The death of Curtis reminded viewers that we can’t all be cats. Curtis and Assad had a very eventful history. Given that history, it was difficult for Curtis to pass up the chance to kill Assad. However, someone busted in on the two and ruined Curtis’ plan. Curtis refused to surrender his weapon, and let Assad go free. This person had no choice but to stop Curtis by use of deadly force but they always regretted it.

Question 18

Each episode of 24 is equivalent to __________.

One of the things that made this show such a cult hit is that the show was written in such a way that the viewers see and witness the events as they are happening in real-time. Some people might be inclined to feel bad about themselves when they compare what they get done in a day compared to a day in Jack Bauer's life. But really, who is to say sitting at home with a bowl of popcorn is not as productive as saving the world?

Question 19

What drug was Jack Bauer once addicted to?

In season three of the hit show, Jack needed to prove his loyalty to Hector and Ramon Salazar to stay safe while investigating the cartel. The Salazar brothers seemed to enjoy making Jack prove his loyalty over and over again. No good undercover agent wants to have his true identity revealed. We see Jack showing his loyalty by performing a host of tasks from picking up packages to picking up needles. As much of a tough guy as Jack is, he was not able to kick this habit alone. Luckily with the help of rehab, we see our hero (or rather our anti-hero) recover and fight on.

Question 20

Who said, "Bauer has more lives than a cat?"

In season 3 of the television show, the Salazars held Jack captive. We’ve seen Jack maneuver out of so many near-death experiences, and season 3 is no different. With the help of Jack’s old fling Nina, Ramon finally landed his hand on a deadly virus and decided he no longer needed Jack as an ally. In true Jack Bauer fashion, at the very last minute, Jack escaped this near-death experience. The Delta Force Commandos broke into the scene and saved Jack’s life. A battle ensured and there were casualties, but Jack seems to land on his feet yet again.

Question 21

Who killed Jack Bauer's brother Graeme?

If you think your family is dysfunctional, try living just one day as a Bauer. Sure, it may sound exciting at first, but then you must remember a lot of people would like to see you buried 6 feet under. Not to mention, some of the very people that want you dead are members of your own family. The saying goes that two can keep a secret if one of them is dead and someone in the Bauer family made sure their secrets were safe.

Question 22

What animal bit Kim Bauer in season two?

As if you needed another reason to stay home and binge watch 24, not getting bit hiking thru the woods is a really good one. In the woods, a trap set by humans ended up catching something unexpected – little Miss Kim Bauer. (Side note: Alanis Morissette is somewhere writing a song and singing about this right now). Anyhow, Kim tries to break free but the entire time the thing that bit her is still there somewhere lurking, just waiting to finish the job.

Question 23

Which city did a nuclear bomb go off in, killing over 12,000 Americans?

A bomb took its toll in this seemingly safe city, causing a death toll well over 12,000 people. This place is also the home of Kim Bauer and her husband Chase. Chase moved to the area to pursue a career in private security. Only a few days later, the attacks occurred and a nuclear bomb detonated, killing many. As the day continued, more bodies were added to the death count. At this point, viewers wonder if Kim, Chase and their daughter Angela will survive the vicious attack.

Question 24

What did Jack Bauer use to torture Paul Raines in Season 4?

Jack is forced to torture Paul for information in a very creative way with a household item. Some might argue that the secret love connection between Jack and Audrey was more torturous to Paul than anything else could ever be. Although he wasn’t armed with much more than a broken heart, Paul managed to undermine Jack by providing unfavorable information about the McLennen-Forster company. As if there wasn’t already enough drama, Jack and Paul’s relationship accumulates into a series of life-saving and dare we say, life-taking events.

Question 25

What is Jack's favorite vehicle to "steal"?

When you are trying to save the world or some one's life, time is of the essence. Jack will steal a car, van, or any other means of transportation he can but he does have a particular favorite. In season 6, Jack and Bill Buchanan steal his favorite mode of transportation in an attempt to save Josh Bauer, Jack’s nephew. Not that it was easy, but their heist led them to victory. They were able to help save Josh, who eventually reunited with his mother.

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