There's No Way You're Naming Over 50% Of These Cartoons If You Weren't Born In The 90s

Get ready everyone! We are going to be heading back to simpler times in this quiz. Remember back when the only thing we had to do with our free time was watch awesome cartoons? While we may all be busy with real life tasks and chores now, we can still always think back to these carefree days when we are in need of a cheer-up! These characters and their wacky adventures will always hold a special place in our hearts. It is time to see which of them everyone here remembers best!

Today, we have listed 50 of the most memorable cartoons to come out of the 90s. We have added a photo and a brief description of each, and all everyone here has to do is pick out the right title to each of em'! Since everyone used to have their very own favorites, scoring 100% on this one is going to be almost impossible. Being a 90s kid is going to be everyone's best chance at passing this ultimate cartoon quiz. Time to get the milk and cereal out, and head back on over to the days of Saturday morning cartoons! Who here is ready for this epic adventure down memory lane?

Question 1

Name this cartoon

They might look a little strange, but these creatures are not all that different from us! These funny little guys are all currently students at a top-rated monster school. It seems that even in the world of spooky monsters and bizzare creatures, everyone still has a part to play. While for now these three are all just students, they will one day graduate and become important members of the monster society. The only difference between our two developed societies, would of course have to be the fact that the monsters do not use money, but instead toenails as currency! Name this show!

Question 2

What cartoon is this?

This series is all about a young aardvark. Even though he is an animal, he lives a very regular life along with his aardvark family and various animal buddies. While most of the time he is having fun hanging with his pals or walking his beloved dog, he does have to deal with some of the less-fun kid stuff too. This aardvark is no stranger to teachers, homework, and worst of all, little sisters. Even though all of these things can be tough to deal with at times, this show teaches kids that everyone has to deal with stuff they don't always like!

Question 3

Pick out the right title

Ever wonder how all of our favorite cartoons characters landed such amazing jobs? Well as it turns out, before they were allowed to start running through our television screens dropping anvils on one another for our amusement, they had to complete quite a few years of cartoon training first! In this series, there is a whole new batch of looney cartoons, all waiting for their chance to prove that they are going to be the next big thing. With the energy these young cartoons have, we have no doubt that they will all make it big one day! Name this show!

Question 4

What is the name of this show?

The best thing about hanging with kids all day? Their overactive imaginations of course! In this classic show, we follow around one boy with a particularly strong imagination. While sometimes he prefers to not live on Earth at all, and will venture out into different worlds, sometimes he is totally fine with just altering the boring reality we have here for a moment. Whenever he finds himself stuck in a dull moment, this kids flips a switch and everything is instantly more amusing for everyone around! Is this one ringing any bells? We have listed four titles, but only one is right!

Question 5

Which answer is right?

Okay, so we are thinking many kids from all different decades will remember this one. While the first episode did in fact air back in 1989, the series is still pumping out new episodes today. We are now on season 30 and the fans still can't seem to get enough of it. The show focuses in on one specific family. Homer is the father, though he seems the least in charge out of the household. Marge, the wife, is definitely the rule maker of the home. Daughter Lisa is all kinds of brainy, and son Bart is the best prankster in town.

Question 6

Select the correct title

Penny is almost an adult. While all she wants in life at this point is independence, she still has to make it through the rest of middle school first. Even though Penny is certainly mature for her age, there are certain life experiences that can only come by going through the steps. Finishing middle school is first, then it is off to high school! To Penny this sounds like it is going to take a million years, but with the help of her family and friends, she should be able to breeze through it. Can anyone here name this classic series?

Question 7

Name this animated series

These two brothers know exactly how to have a good time. Now that they are on summer vacation, they are determined to make the best out of every single second. This is made even easier to do by the fact that one of them is a genius. Whatever crazy idea they can think up, they can basically achieve. They have built roller coasters in their backyard, traveled through time, and even thrown a spontaneous beach party or two. Even though their older sister is constantly trying to rat them out to their parents, these two are sneaky enough to never get caught!

Question 8

Which of these titles is right?

While some children may like playing on jungle gyms or skipping rope, this bunch of rascals is far too extreme for any of that. In this show, we watch as young Otto and the rest of his pals take on all kinds of wild adventures. Not the imaginary kind either, these kids are the real deal. They can pretty much master any dangerous sport out there. They have won skateboarding competitions, they love surfing, and you don't even want to see what they can do with a few pairs of roller blades! Moms and dads don't have to worry though, helmets are always involved!

Question 9

What show is this?

While she may spend a lot of time fussing over things like boys, popularity and homework, when her pager beeps, this girls jumps into action. Even though she is a high school cheerleader, she is also the best darn crime fighter our world has ever seen. She along with her sidekick and computer expert assistant, go after all kinds of villainous bad guys. Most of the time the villains underestimate her, but that just makes her victories so much better! Looking at the four listed titles, is anyone here able to pick out the only right one for this show? Take a guess!

Question 10

Match this show to its title

Here we have a show about an unlikely cop. This guy is definitely not the brightest bulb in the box, but his large supply of super cool high-tech equipment usually helps him to get the job done. These gadgets and gizmos would not be enough for him to bring an end to all bad guys in town though. When this cop knows he is in over his head, he enlists the help of his young niece and his overachieving dog. With the three of them on a case, no criminal stands a chance! Can anyone here name this classic animated series? Take a guess!

Question 11

Pick out the right answer

Brendon Small has a lot to deal with for an eight-year-old. His parents have recently been divorced, his soccer coach isn't exactly full of helpful advice, and he's even got a crying baby sister at home. All of that being said, Brendon does have one perfect hobby that is always able to help him forget all of his worries. All Brendon has to do is call up his buddies, and take out his beloved video camera. As long as he has a camera in his hand, there is nothing in the world that can bring this kid's spirit down. Which is correct?

Question 12

Does anyone recognize this show?

They may not look like the most likely pair of best friends, but who knows what really goes on at the bottom of the ocean, right? This sponge and starfish are closer than a barnacle is to a boat. When they are not out getting themselves into all kinds of trouble, our young sponge can usually be found at his place of work. He is a fry cook for a local burger joint, and nobody has ever enjoyed flipping burgers as much as this guys does. He's also got an adorable pet snail named Gary! Try naming this popular show!

Question 13

Pick out the right title

There is no denying that this show is one of the stranger cartoons to come out of the 90s. In this Nickelodeon series, our two main characters are actually conjoined twin brothers. The really weird thing about these brothers, is that one half is a cat and the other a dog. Instead of learning how to compromise with each other, these two are usually arguing over classic cat and dog disputes. Dog wants to spend most days chasing the mailman, whereas Cat feels like that is a superb waste of his brain power. Can anyone here correctly name this series?

Question 14

What cartoon is this?

In this Nickelodeon original series, we meet a young junior high student, who is trying desperately to climb the social ladder at her school. For the most part, she along with her pals are considered to be the "geeks", but by staying up to date on gossip and trends, they are thinking they will be able to change this reputation. Our main girl keeps track of her daily events in her diary, so we always know exactly how she is feeling. No one ever said junior high was going to be easy! Try picking out the right title of this series!

Question 15

Match this show to its title

Before the modern world was what it is today, many different kinds of creatures used to roam free. Before getting cursed into a stone sleep for thousands of years, this gang of creatures were some of the fiercest warriors the world had ever seen. Their curse has just been broken, but the world is not at all as they remember it to be. They are living right in the middle of Manhattan now, and they have just sworn to keep the humans of their new city safe from all kinds of dangers. Can anyone name this animated series? Take a guess!

Question 16

Match this show to its title

Life can be difficult for a 10-year old. Young Timmy Turner just can't seem to catch a break. His teacher is mean, his parents are busy, and most nights he is left in the care of wicked babysitter Vicky. Luckily though, Timmy has a set of fairy godparents. They are not exactly the best at spells and their wishes usually wind up causing Timmy more problems than anything else, but their company is always welcome! Does anyone here know what series we are talking about in this question? Try picking out the only correct title to this popular animated series!

Question 17

Name this animated series

Many might not know this, but our favorite animated duck, Donald, was once a soldier in the Navy. Before he took on this heroic role though, he had to first find an appropriate home for his three small nephews. This is how Huey, Dewey and Louie, all wound up staying with wealthy Scrooge McDuck. While Scrooge is still first and foremost a business-duck, he has warmed to the young children and has become quite the father figure. This became easier for him once he realized the kids had a real knack for treasure hunting! Can anyone name this popular series? Take a guess!

Question 18

What is the name of this classic show?

Here we have a series that is still airing new episodes today, though season one did launch back in 1999. This award-winning series focuses on the Griffin family. Peter is the father, and while he is not the brightest, he does do his best to support his family. Lois stays home to care for the children, with their youngest being by far the hardest one to handle. Meg and Chris are both old enough to be away at school most days, and their pet dog Brain can usually be found at a local bar. Does anyone know this popular series?

Question 19

Which title is right?

When it comes to high school outcasts, this girl may just be the best one of all time. The main character in this series, is a sarcastic teenager who could not care any less about the popular kids, teachers, or classes for that matter. With everyone around her fussing over things like school dances, makeup and boys, this girl only has her best friend Jane Lane to turn to. It is going to take everything she has to make it to graduation, and even that may not be enough. Can anyone here pick out the correct title of this show?

Question 20

What show is this?

Being the older sibling can have both its ups and its downs. For this 11-year old chicken, being the older siblings means having to always look out his younger sister. This is made even more difficult to do, by the fact that his younger sister happens to be a large cow. Not only is chicken forced to play babysitter at home, but even when they are off to school, this job falls to poor chicken. Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible titles, but only one of them is going to be the right match to this show!

Question 21

Name this series

This guy is not exactly a typical superhero. Once just a geeky teenager, Dexter Douglas changed forever after getting absorbed into the internet. Now that he has escaped, he has somehow left with every bit of information on the internet now stuck in his brain. Not only did he gain all of this useful knowledge, but he somehow wound up with super strength, agility and speed as well. With his brain jam packed with useful (and not so useful) facts, this guys goes after some of the wickedest villains known to man. Can anyone name this series? Try taking a guess at it!

Question 22

Match this show to its title

This tiny pink pup is all kinds of nervous. Born with big time paranoia problems, this pooch was lucky enough to get adopted by two very loving elderly people. Bad new? Well, while this dog loves both of his owners very much, they just happen to live on a farm filled with all kinds of ghosts and spirits. In every episode, this dog must gather the courage to face some new mystical force, in order to be able to protect his beloved humans. Ringing any bells? Try picking out the only right title from the four options we have listed!

Question 23

Pick out the right answer

Here we have a real classic series right out of the 90s. Professor Charles Xavier has taught a group of young mutants how to harness their unbelievable powers, and ultimately how to use them to save mankind. With new wicked villains popping up everyday, these unlikely heroes are never truly safe. However, if they stay banned together, they should be able to face anything, even the brilliant yet devious Magneto. Does anyone here know which of these series we are talking about in this questions? Let's see who can pick out the correct title to this one! Who's got it?

Question 24

Which of these titles is right?

Max and Emmy are a couple of the luckiest kids ever! While the pair of siblings were playing one afternoon, they accidently came across the magical Dragon Land. Both being brave enough to go exploring through this new land, they were able to make great friends with a handful of friendly dragons. These dragons are always around when Max and Emmy need some advice, or even just a laugh or two! Every episode of this one also offers fun sing-along tunes for the kids watching at home! Does anyone here know the right title to this animated series? Take a guess!

Question 25

Pick out the only right title

Even though Earth is no longer a functioning planet, things seem to have turned out pretty well for both humans and aliens alike! Now they all live together in Space Stations, and life has returned to a somewhat normal state. When it comes to teenagers, it seems like aliens and humans are both pretty much the same. They must attend classes, deal with crushes, and of course, learn how to win food fights. Is this ringing any bells for anyone here? We have listed four possible titles, but only one of them is going to be the right match to this series!

Question 26

Name this show

This show is all about the new kid in town. Our main character just moved into a town called Bluffington, with his family and his beloved dog Porkchop. Luckily, it didn't take long for him to make a few good friends in this new hometown of his. While he has also made a brand new enemy, our leading man tries to focuses on the positives as much as possible. When things aren't going his way, he likes to imagine himself as the crime-fighting Quailman! Does anyone here know what show we are talking about in this question? Try naming it!

Question 27

Does anyone recognize this show?

When a gang of human kids were at a camp one summer, they all mysteriously wound up in the strange Digital World. It was not long before they found out that they were in fact the "DigiDestined". These kids were each hand picked to save not only the Digital World, but our human world as well. They won't be at it alone though! Each one of these kids has been partnered up with their very own digital monster friend. With friends like these, there isn't anything these kids can't face! Try picking out the correct title to this popular anime!

Question 28

Which title is right?

Eliza and her older sister tag along with their parents as they work their jobs as wildlife photographers. While Eliza love her life of traveling the world and seeing all kinds of new animals every day, her older sister would much prefer a simpler life (maybe one that involves more boys and malls). Eliza would not change a thing about her life though. Obviously, it also helps that she has the ability to talk to animals! Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four titles, but only one of them matches to this animated series. Who knows which one?

Question 29

Pick out the right title

When it comes to world saving inventions, nobody has a better mind for creating them than this small kid! He may be young (and tiny), but this guy is the real deal. Born with an incredible mind, this youngster has actually managed to build an entire secret laratory right in his home, without his parents having any clue about it. Unfortunately though, his older sister has discovered the lab, and is now constantly trying to ruin all of his hard work. UGH! Is there anything more annoying in the world than older sisters? Try matching this show to its title!

Question 30

Match this series to its title

Now this classic would be a hard one for fans to forget about! In this series, we meet three very energetic siblings. While they live up in a tall tower, there is nothing they enjoy more than descending from the tower for the sole purpose of causing mayhem down below. All three of them are skilled pranksters and excellent trouble makers. This show also featured animated shorts involving different stories and characters. Does this sound familiar to anyone? We have listed four possible titles, but only one of them is going to be the right match for this animated series!

Question 31

What show is this?

Becoming a superhero may not actually be as easy as everyone thinks. Before this guy was put in charge of protecting one of our largest cities, he first had to go through rigorous training and tryouts. While he did make it through all of these stages, it was certainly not an easy process. Now that he is a certified hero though, things are going to be even harder than they were during his training. He must go head to head against some of the most wicked villains of all time. Luckily, every hero is entitled to a sidekick of their choosing!

Question 32

Does anyone know the right title?

This show is about a 4th-grader who lives with his grandparents. Everything about his life is pretty normal. He goes to school, has a best friend or two, and he even has his very own arch-nemesis. That being said, his head also happens to be shaped like a football. While this does not affect the way he does anything, it does give local mean girl Helga more than enough reason to pick on him. While she may enjoy being mean to his face, whenever he is not around, she secretly confesses how much she loves him. Try naming this one!

Question 33

Name this classic series

Leaving all of the kids and teenagers behind for a moment, here we have a series that is all about the babies! This gang of babies is all kinds of adventurous. As soon as their parents turn their backs, these kids are off crawling towards their next big adventure. Usually they don't make it too much farther than their backyard, but in their minds, they are roaming through rainforests or off saving the world. Does anyone here know which of these series we are talking about in this question? Try picking out the only right title to this animated series!

Question 34

What is the name of this show?

These two brothers think they are finally ready to leave their parents, and start their very own lives as independent men. While they thought that living on their own was going to be a blast, they did not account for all of the things that could also go wrong with their plan. Now, they are alone in the forest, and the only friend they have is a local tree stump. They should be alright though, just as long as they stick together! Does anyone recognize the characters in this photo? Try picking out the only right title to this series!

Question 35

Select the correct title

Now here is a series we are certain many will remember. While it was in fact a beloved 90s cartoon back in the day, this franchise has now become something much bigger than just a nostalgic television program. While during the day these brothers stick to the sewers, when night falls, they patrol the streets for all kinds of bad guys. They have never met an enemy they could not take down, but it is essential that after the hard work is done, they get a huge pizza to bring back down to the sewers with them. Name this series!

Question 36

Pick out the right answer

What could possibly be more important to a group of teenagers, than ensuring that their weekend is spent the best way possible? The four teenagers of this series, try to make the absolute best of their two days off a week. They fill their days with trips to the beach, amusement parks and malls, plus they always make sure there is time left for some chilli cheese fries! The only thing in the world capable of bringing these guys down, is the thought of Monday morning. Can anyone here pick out the only correct title from the four listed options?

Question 37

Does anyone recognize this show?

By day they may just be regular teenage girls, but when the moon is shining at its brightest, these girls all transform into the incredible Sailor Soldiers. Each of them represents a different planet, and has their very own powers and unique color for their outfit. While these powers do not help them at all in their daily teenage struggles, they do play a big role when these girls are called upon to face some wicked villain who is threatening the universe. Looking at the four listed titles, can anyone here pick out the only correct one that matches to this show?

Question 38

Match this show to its title

Here we have one of the most popular animated series featured in today's lineup. This show is all about the kids taking charge of the schoolyard. While they are forced to listen to their teachers while in the halls of their school, once the bell rings, the power becomes theirs. On this schoolyard, there are certainly rules to follow, but all of them have been put in place by the kids themselves. The most important rule they have, is the one about avoiding the kindergarteners at all costs! So then, who here knows exactly what series we are talking about?

Question 39

Name this show

back in 1997, this unique series made its debut. It is still on the air today, and given this show's use of current events in every episodes, we do not see it slowing down anytime soon. This series mainly revolves around the four young boys in this photograph. While they are kids themselves, and have been dressed in bright colors, this show is not exactly a child friendly series. Every episode is chock full of adult themes, that even some grownups may not be totally impressed with. Ringing any bells? Try picking out the right title to this popular show!

Question 40

What show is this?

A young wallaby was looking to change up his life, so he decided to go after a fresh start in a whole new town. Thinking some new surroundings would be just the ticket to brightening up his days, he did not realize that regular everyday problems follow us no matter where we go. Still faced with annoying neighbors and boring chores, this wallaby is coming to realize that being an adult stinks no matter where he lives. Does anyone here recognize this animated series? We have listed four possible titles, though only one of them is right! Take a guess!

Question 41

Which of these titles is right?

We once knew these characters when they were babies, though those days are long gone now. Our beloved characters have said goodbye to their diapers and are now preteens! While escaping their playpen is no longer a daily issue, they do face other kinds of struggles now that they are in middle school. It seems that no matter how old we get, our problems do not leave us, but instead just change into new ones. Is this ringing any bells for anyone? We have listed four possible titles, but only one of them is the right match to this show!

Question 42

Name this classic cartoon

These two mice are not just any old rodents. These guys both have uniquely advanced personalities. While one of them is a super-genius who dreams of one day taking over the world, the other is more simple minded and just happy to be included in the plan. In every episode, the smarter of the two mice puts together a plan for world domination, though including his cage buddy almost always leads to the plan failing. Even still, he remains determined to one day escape and take over! Can anyone here match this popular animated series to its only correct title?

Question 43

Pick out the right title

This show proves to everyone that it doesn't matter who we once were, but instead it is who were are now that counts the most! Before this guy was the star of the Safety Patrol, he was just a trouble making kid. After getting caught trying to raid the school's supply closet, he was offered the choice to leave school or to join the Safety Patrol. Clearly he made the right choice, since now he is the best darn officer the patrol has ever had! Does anyone recognize this series? Try picking out the right title from the listed options!

Question 44

Match this show to its title

To this guy, nothing is more important than appearance. He may be in his 30s and still living with his mother, but he knows that if he keeps his hair and muscles right, he is winning at life. Instead of looking for a job, this guys spends all of his time combing his golden hair, perfecting his karate chops, and trying to impress the local girls. His best friend is a young kid who lives next door. Everyone is entitled to their own priorities! Can anyone here name this animated series? We have four titles listed, but only one is right!

Question 45

Does anyone recognize this show?

The main character in this show, once lived in our time. However, while out delivering a pizza one day, he was accidentally frozen. Now he has woken up, though he is 1,000 years in the future. He has found his only living relative and has joined his crew of space delivery people. Everything about the universe has changed, but at the end of the day, this guy is still just living his best delivery-man life! Was anyone here a huge fan of this series? Looking at the listed options, can anyone pick out the only correct title? Take a guess!

Question 46

Which of these titles is right?

In this popular anime, we meet young Ash Ketchum. His only dream has ever been to catch and train the strange creatures that inhabit his world. While others have pursued this goal in the past, Ash seems to be the only one with the creatures best interest at heart. Not only does Ash want to train these creatures to be the best they possibly can be, but he wants to love and nurture them as well. Every episode of this series is packed with action and adventure! Does anyone here know which of these series we are talking about in this question?

Question 47

Pick out the right answer

Now here we have a series that truly made learning fun! Some may not believe this to be possible, but back in the day, when it came to learning a new lesson, this show was the best teacher we could ask for. In this series, we meet an energetic teacher and her class of students. Instead of boring lessons taking place in a classroom, this teacher takes her students on all kinds of informative adventures. These kids have so much fun, that they do not even realize they are learning most of the time! Which of these titles is correct?

Question 48

What show is this?

These three sisters may be all kinds of adorable, but they are not the siblings we would want to upset. These girls were accidentally created by their scientist father, when he mistakenly added too much "sugar, spice and everything nice" to a potion he was brewing. The result was these three unlikely heroes! While they each have their own unique personality and abilities, when bad guys are lurking, they are each capable of bring them down in their own style! Does anyone here recognize this popular series? We have listed four possible titles, but only one of them is correct!

Question 49

Select the right title

While the two main character of this show were in fact a cat and a dog, they were just about the strangest cat and dog duo the world had ever seen. While our chihuahua character is all kinds of angry all the time, his large cat buddy levels him out by being very happy-go-lucky about most situations. They do not act like typical best friends, but they do always seem to have each other's backs while out on their wild adventures. One can never be sure where these two are going to end up by the end of any given episode!

Question 50

Name this animated series

Hank is a typical family man. He is very passionate about his job as a propane salesman, and he loves his wife and son dearly. However, he did always dream that his son would one day grow up to either be a sports player, or to take over the family propane business. That being said, all his son wants to do is become a stand-up comedian. While Hank deals with this slight disappointment, the boy's mother encourages him to do whatever he pleases! Can anyone here pick out the only right title from the four listed options? Take a guess!

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