There’s No Way You’ll Pass This Rick And Morty Quiz… But You Can Try!

Rick And Morty is one of the most successful television shows of the past few years. It gives audiences something that they would struggle to find anywhere else, offering some sci-fi mixed in with a family narrative, pulling people into a world that they want more and more of. This is why so many people find themselves getting fully engrossed in the show, picking up loads of different knowledge.

We wanted to test this trivia, put together a quiz that will truly test whether or not someone is a proper fan of the show. Below is a collection of questions about the show that we want everyone to try and get through, see how many they can actually get right. Anybody that hasn't been properly paying attention will find that they can't make it to the end of this quiz without getting a couple of answers wrong!

So, we think it's about time that we gave people a chance to show us just how much they love Rick And Morty. If everyone is ready to have their understanding of the show tested, it's about time to dive right in, so let's do it!

Question 1

Which Sauce Does Rick Want McDonald's To Bring Back?

This was one of the rare occasions where a ridiculous joke on television was actually able to influence something in real life. Yes, after Rick made a joke about this sauce, McDonald actually chose to bring it back on a one time basis, and people absolutely lost their minds when they did...

Question 2

What Was Rick And Morty Originally A Parody Of?

Anyone that doesn’t think there’s a point to making those weird little things that pop into people’s heads should take a look at the history of Rick And Morty. From a single short parody video, an entire show was born, allowing two people to create something truly bizarre and unique.

Question 3

Who Did Ethan Dump Summer For?

One of the best things about Rick And Morty is that it mixes sci-fi with the standard and usual homelife of the Smith family. Audiences are able to take a look at their day to day life, including the people that they find themselves getting into relationships with when not out adventuring with Rick.

Question 4

To What Age Does Roy Live When Played By Morty?

We think that everyone has considered the possibility that they’re not really in control, that their whole lives are a simulation put in place by somebody else. Well, Rick And Morty take this to a ridiculous extreme when they play a game that has them go through the entire life of a video game character!

Question 5

What Hospital Does Beth Work At?

While Rick might spend his life jumping between dimensions, dragging Morty and Summer along when he wants to, the rest of the family have to keep working to make ends meet! A lot of jokes are made about what Beth does for a living, but can people remember the name of where she works?!

Question 6

What Does Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Mean?

There are a lot of different catchphrases that Rick throws out there, and most of them seem pretty nonsensical. However, the audience finds out that one of his most used catchphrases actually does have a meaning when Bird Person tells Morty that it means something serious in his native language.

Question 7

What Is The Name Of The Girl Morty Has A Crush On?

Nobody can really sympathize with what Morty is going through when he struggles as Rick’s sidekick, but we definitely can understand what it can feel like to be young and in love! Can anybody remember the name of Morty’s long-term crush?! This is a girl that he has liked ever since the first episode.

Question 8

How Long Did Rick Leave Beth And His Family For?

One of the main reasons that the Smith family have to put up with Rick’s behavior is because Beth has some real abandonment issues. Rick left his family for years and years before finally returning, so Beth never wants to lose her father again if she can stop that from happening.

Question 9

Who Did Birdperson Get Married To?

It was interesting to have an entire episode dedicated to Bird Person’s wedding, especially seeing as Rick was so against the union in the first place. However, the writers quickly turned the whole thing into a very important half hour, one that revealed some major plot twists and narrative moments.

Question 10

What Is Beth Always Drinking?

We learn a lot about the Smith family as the series progresses, but can everyone remember what drink it is that Beth will turn to quite a lot? The writers make a big deal of reminding the audience that this is a drink Beth seems unable to put down sometimes...

Question 11

What Was Rick's Theme Park Called?

One of the early Rick and Morty episodes sees Morty travelling through a body as he attempts to save a theme park that Rick has created within the body of a homeless man. Can anybody remember what the name of that theme park was?! We always wish we could've seen it...

Question 12

What Does Rick Use To Go To Different Dimensions?

No matter what situation Rick might find himself in, he is able to change those circumstances just by jumping into a portal to get him to a different dimension. This is obviously great news for the writers as it means they have infinite possibilities as to where they can take an episode!

Question 13

Who Does Beth Think Is A Parasite But Is Actually A Family Friend?

Living with Rick means that people can never really know what is and is not reality. In one episode, the entire family have to question everything they know to be true when a group of parasites start to spread throughout the family home. Who does Beth end up attacking when she mistakes them for a parasite?

Question 14

What Is The Name Of The Song That Saves The Earth From Destruction?

Rick And Morty is filled with some absolutely ridiculous storylines that take people right up to the edge of absurd. In a clear parody of the numerous reality television shows that are on the US television, the Earth is forced to come up with a hit song to please giant heads floating in space...

Question 15

What Is Rick's Last Name?

Even though it doesn’t need to be explained, we don’t ever hear why Rick has the last name that he does. We keep getting more and more backstory about the various characters, but it would be nice to get more on where Rick came from, especially what his childhood was like!

Question 16

What Is Beth's Job Title?

Working with animals isn't something we could all do, but Beth manages to work with horses every single day. It's no surprise that people make fun of her though, as it definitely doesn't sound like the sort of job that exists outside of the world of Rick And Morty to be honest!

Question 17

Which Episode References Needful Things By Stephen King?

Stephen King is one of the most famous writers of all time, so it's no surprise that a show so obsessed with popular culture would end up using some of his work in an episode. One of the best episodes concerns Rick going up against a demon and actually winning.

Question 18

What Is The Name Of The Character Obsessed With Helping Others?

Nobody can deny that it is usually Rick that is getting the family into trouble, but nobody can blame him for what happens in the episode with these guys. He explicitly warns the family to only give them easily achievable goals, but Jerry should've known he was too much of a loser to have any goals...

Question 19

What Is The Name Of The Arcade That Rick Drags Morty To?

There is a lot of science fiction out there that has some ridiculous names, truly odd things that just don't ring true in the real world. Rick And Morty seems to get away with it quite well. More than anything, it's the conviction with which the characters deliver all the lines!

Question 20

Who Is Rick's Best Friend?

We have yet to truly see the sort of past that follows Rick around. While we have had glimpses, we can only hope that the upcoming season actually delves into it more. For example, what happened in this galactic war that brought him into contact with all of his friends?!

Question 21

What Is Morty's Child Gazorpazorp Called?

Of all of the characters that we have been introduced to throughout the show, it has to be said that Morty is definitely the character least capable of looking after a child. Anybody doubting this can see just how bad he is at it when trying to look after a Gazorpazorp.

Question 22

Which Movie Is Jerry Obsessed With?

Even though he is surrounded by constant irregularities, the sort of science fiction adventures that would have the rest of us crying and worrying what might happen next, Jerry is still obsessed with the most boring things! He would rather watch his favorite movie or play with an app on his iPad than travel the universe...

Question 23

What Breed Of Dog Is The Smith Family Dog Based On?

Rather than come up with a dog from scratch, this dog was actually based on Justin Roiland's dog. The question is though, are you a good enough fan to know what breed of dog the creator has?! This is a question that only the real fans will be able to answer.

Question 24

What Is The Name Of The Slug Creature That Carries Rick And Morty Down The Giant Stairs?

One of the funniest things about the show is that it is filled with truly nonsensical characters and names. These are the sorts of things that would have people turning away from other shows, but because Rick And Morty leans into it, they get away with it every single time.

Question 25

Which Ex-Partner Leaves Rick Alone?

The thing about Rick is that he is unable to hold onto anyone that he cares about. Even though he pretends not to care, he has genuinely loved people in the past. In a lot of ways, he would like to settle down if he could, but he finds it impossible.

Question 26

What Is The Name Of The Freddy Kruger Parody?

Many of the characters in Rick And Morty are openly based on characters found in popular culture, with the characters often calling themselves out for it. The whole thing has a connectivity not found in many other shows, a meta-narrative that many have found fascinating to watch unfold on the screen.

Question 27

What Is Morty's Math Teacher Called?

This character has been in the show ever since the beginning, and we've been enjoying how much the writers have decided to keep him about. It wouldn't be as good if they treated every character as someone that could just walk in and out of a single episode. Keep adding them guys!

Question 28

What Does Rick Give To Morty That Leads To Them Cronenberging The Whole World?

While we can understand that being related to Rick must come with its own troubles and worries, the sort of thing that we see happen in the show all the time, it must be pretty great at times as well. Imagine having a family member that was the smartest human being to ever live?!

Question 29

What Vocal Tick Does Rick Have?

It is clear that the creators of Rick And Morty didn’t want the show to be like anything else out there, which is why it can get pretty weird. For example, from the first episode onwards, we see that Rick had an odd verbal tick that is never explained by the show!

Question 30

Why Does Rick Turn Himself Into A Pickle?

In what has since become the most viral moment of the entire series, there is an episode in which Rick turns himself into a pickle. The family quickly realize that he’s done this for a very specific reason, but what is that reason in the end? Surely it was for a very good reason?!

Question 31

Why Does Rick Take Summer And Morty To A Mad Max Style World?

The writers of Rick And Morty clearly spend a lot of time ingesting popular culture, as they choose to take from it on a regular basis. One of the episodes they wrote takes place in a world that is styled on the movie Mad Max. Why does Rick go there?

Question 32

What Is The Name Of The World That Rick Created For Beth When She Was A Child?

We have to wait until the third season to find out exactly what Beth’s childhood was like. We’re taken to a fantasy land that Rick created for Beth, and he lays down some home truths about the sort of child she was. It seems that she wasn’t too interested in flowers and rainbows...

Question 33

What Is The Rough Neighborhood On The Citadel Called?

One reason that the audience loves Rick And Morty so much is that they keep expanding on the lore, spreading out the narrative further and further into different universes and dimensions. A place that we continue to learn more and more about is The Citadel where many different Rick and Mortys have gone to live.

Question 34

What Is The Name Of This Superhero Team That Ask Rick & Morty For Help?

It should come as no surprise that Rick wouldn’t like a group of superheroes like this, as he feels that they are only doing it for the glory. However, even he takes it too far when he decides to set up a bunch of trials for the group of heroes.

Question 35

What Crystals Does Rick Send Morty To Get While He's Partying?

In the episode where Rick and Summer decide to throw a party, Morty accidentally transports the entire house and party to a different dimension. When they get there, Rick sends a group of people out into the unknown so that they can get him something, which Morty believes will get them all home...

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