There's No Way You'll Pass The Ultimate Dragon Ball Z Quiz

From the beginning, it was clear that Dragon Ball Z was a compelling television show. Dragon Ball Z hit the western world with momentum and captured the imaginations of millions. A man who could fly, shoot energy blasts with his hands, and summon a dragon to make any wish he desired, are elements of Dragon Ball Z that have contributed to the show's success.

Before Dragon Ball Z, there was a television series named "Dragon Ball." Dragon Ball didn't have the ridiculously high Power Levels as Dragon Ball Z, but it did introduce many of the people who would later appear in DBZ. The majority of people would agree Dragon Ball Z significantly improved on its predecessor. The introduction of controversial characters, new powers, and intergalactic travel add to why Dragon Ball Z is enjoyed.

Even years after its release, Dragon Ball Z continues to remain relevant. A new series has replaced DBZ, but the stories and characters contained in DBZ should not be forgotten. A real fan has watched the series countless times and can answer every question thrown their way.

This quiz encompasses all of the sagas and movies of Dragon Ball Z. Only a Super Saiyan can pass the Ultimate Dragon Ball Z quiz.

Question 1

Which of these characters is NOT related to Goku?

Son Goku has been a recurring protagonist throughout various Dragon Ball series. Akira Toriyama once considered switching the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z to Gohan after the Cell saga. He later changed his mind and kept the main character as Goku. Goku's family and friends have shaped Goku into the person he is. Goku has changed drastically throughout the series, but his morals and hard work ethic remain the same. Which of the following characters is not related to Goku?

Question 2

Where would one find the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

The Hyperbolic Time chamber is a useful place to train because of its time dilation. One year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is the equivalent to one day on Earth. Because of this difference in time, one is able to obtain a considerable amount of time to improve their fighting power. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber also has more than enough food for a year, and they would need a lot to feed Goku. Where would one find the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

Question 3

Name the energy wave technique Piccolo used to defeat Raditz.

The Dragon Ball Z series kicked off with a dangerous foe arriving on Earth. The combination of Piccolo and Goku were barely enough to defeat Raditz. Raditz is the brother of Goku, but he had no interest in showing brotherly love. He was far more interested in destroying all life on Earth so that he could use the planet's resources. Goku was somehow able to hold on to Raditz long enough for Piccolo to deliver a finishing blast. Which energy wave technique did Piccolo use to defeat Raditz?

Question 4

Which of these Super Saiyan forms has Vegeta never attained?

From the beginning of the series, it was clear that Saiyans had enormous potential for power growth. Just how far their potential can go is uncertain, but it would seem as if it is unlimited. As Dragon Ball series progress, Saiyans are continually unlocking new Saiyan transformations. As the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta knew much about the Saiyans history and knew about the existence of Super Saiyans before everyone else. Vegeta's burning desire to become a Super Saiyan was strong. Which of these Super Saiyan forms has Vegeta never attained?

Question 5

Can you name this member of the Ginyu Force?

The Ginyu Force is Frieza's most elite squadron that only comes to assist Frieza in rare situations. They would seem like buffoons (and they are), but they are actually powerful fighters who would give most of Earth's fighters difficulty. The presence of people such as Vegeta and Piccolo on Namek and the fact his henchmen were proving to be not effective was more than enough reason for Vegeta to summon the Ginyu Force. Can you name this member of the Ginyu Force?

Question 6

Who delivered the final attack on Nappa?

It is a shame we didn't get to see more of Nappa. He is a bald Saiyan so it is uncertain what his transformed appearance would like, but it probably would only involve his eyebrows and eyes changing in color. Nappa was a powerful foe for Earth's fighters, yet he was no match for Goku after Goku had received training from King Kai. Nappa's end came with a blinding blast that had him disappear. Who delivered the final attack on Nappa?

Question 7

Which of these is NOT one of Frieza's attacks?

Throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, Frieza has continued to return and challenge Goku and his friends once more. Frieza was destroyed by Goku on Namek during one of the most lengthy and brilliant battles of Dragon Ball Z. Frieza's Power Level on Namek was over a million, and by now in Dragon Ball Super, it must be in the billions. A true fan can answer this question correctly. Which of these is NOT one of Frieza's attacks?

Question 8

How did Goku forget his mission to destroy all life on Earth?

When Goku (Kakarot) was a little boy, he was placed in a space pod and sent to the planet Earth before Planet Vegeta's pending destruction. As one of the last few Saiyan survivors, Goku's mission was to rid all life from planet Earth to prepare it for takeover. Before Goku could start his mission, there was an incident that caused him to lose all his memory including his mission. Raditz was furious that Goku forgot. How did Goku for his mission to destroy all life on planet Earth?

Question 9

Can you name this Dragon Ball Z character?

You probably recognize this face from one of the various Dragon Ball Z episodes he appeared in. It's creepy that he was watching the Z-fighters during all their battles on Earth, and the fact he gathered a bunch of intel on them that would be used to manufacture his Androids. After creating a few destructive androids, he converted his own body into that of an Android. He became much more powerful and would be able to live long this way. Can you name this Dragon Ball Z character?

Question 10

What is the name of Bulma's father's company?

Throughout the series, despite being a human-being with a low Power Level, Bulma has stayed close to the Z-fighters and been there on the battlefield with them. In preparation for the trip to Namek, Bulma's father's company built a spaceship that would provide transportation for Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma. Her father's company is one of the biggest technology companies on Earth. Her father, Dr. Brief, is incredibly wealthy from the profits of his company. What is the name of Bulma's father's company?

Question 11

Name this Dragon Ball Z Kai!

This question could be potentially difficult since she has had few appearances in Dragon Ball Z media. Good luck trying to answer this questions. The Kais are the overseers of the universe, and each has a different purpose. Some train fighters and others run sections of the universe. You can recognize a Kai based on their appearance. They often wear a certain style of clothing or have a special type of earrings on. Can you name this Dragon Ball Z Kai?

Question 12

How many Dragon Balls must be collected in order to make a wish?

Namekians created the Dragon Balls and possessed more power than most could imagine. Collecting all of the Dragon Balls will allow the summoner to make a wish. Each ball is orange and has one or more stars depending on their number in the lineup. If one summons the Namekian dragon, Porunga, they are able to make three wishes. The number of Dragon Balls required to make a wish on Namek and Earth is the same. How many Dragon Balls must be collected to make a wish?

Question 13

Who did Piccolo fuse with on Namek?

Piccolo has fused with a few different individuals in Dragon Ball manga, and this is a reason for why he has been able to keep up with high Power Level fighters like Vegeta and Goku. Piccolo has been referred to as the "Super Namekian" in the past. He uses various powerful techniques and has been something of a mentor to Gohan throughout the years. Although Piccolo looks nothing like the other Z-fighters, he remains an integral part of the team. Who did Piccolo fuse with on Namek?

Question 14

Who is the Legendary Super Saiyan?

This is not a photo of the Legendary Super Saiyan (probably), but it there is a Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z who is also named the Legendary Super Saiyan. We are not referring to the Super Saiyan from the legend Vegeta told, which was about a Saiyan who live thousands of years ago and whose power was so vast that it consumed him. Probably if you've seen DBZ movies, you can answer this one correctly. Who is the Legendary Super Saiyan?

Question 15

Name this Dragon Ball Z planet!

There are millions of planets in the Dragon Ball Z universe, but only a handful of planets are contained in Dragon Ball Z's story. This is a red planet that has multiple suns. It was inhabited by a species after they left their home planet. The planet has various cities and a big desert. At the risk of revealing too much information, and making this question too easy, we won't. Name this Dragon Ball Z planet from the Dragon Ball Z universe.

Question 16

What animal was Captain Ginyu turned into when he used Body Change?

The Ginyu Force was immensely formidable and seemed to have had the upper-hand in combating Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, and Gohan until Goku arrived. As soon as Goku arrived, he took out most of the members of the Ginyu Force with ease. Captain Ginyu and Goku later went head-to-head in an electric battle that Goku maintained the advantage in. Captain Ginyu's appearance is likely not his original since he uses a Body Change on his opponent whenever it seems like he is going to lose. What animal did Captain Ginyu accidentally turn himself into?

Question 17

Can you name this ultimate attack?

In desperate times, Goku will use a particular attack that he learned while training under King Kai. Goku is one of the most powerful fighters in the Dragon Ball Z universe, but there are times when he has limits. By using this attack, he is able to lend the power from all life in the universe to unleash an ultimate attack. Goku has used this attack on Earth and Namek. Can you name this ultimate Dragon Ball Z attack?

Question 18

What came out of Buu's body when the evil was removed from him?

Buu's many different forms make him almost impossible to defeat. Dragon Ball Z characters fought Buu over a few different sagas. Buu was one of the final villains that the Z-fighters encountered in the Dragon Ball Z series. Just when the Z-fighters thought they had destroyed Buu, another form appears and is even more powerful. In the end, Buu's reincarnation came back, and Majin Buu lived on so Buu never actually disappeared. He did, however, turn to the good side. What came out of Buu's body when the evil was removed from him?

Question 19

Can you name this Dragon Ball Z character?

This Dragon Ball Z character was once caught terrorizing a village before Gohan came to rescue it. This character has been seen in the original Dragon Ball series, and at one time, he used to be a formidable foe. Now that years have passed, and Goku and Gohan have trained tirelessly to increase their Power Level to mind-blowing levels, this villain from Dragon Ball Z doesn't stand a chance against either him. Can you name this Dragon Ball Z character?

Question 20

Which of these is NOT a Dragon Ball Z game?

Diehard Dragon Ball Z fans have undoubtedly played at least a few Dragon Ball video Z games. The opportunity to play with your favorite characters and utilize their techniques is an opportunity that one cannot pass up. If you have been following the Dragon Ball Z video game franchise carefully, you'll be able to recognize which of these video games is not a Dragon Ball Z video that released. Which of these video games is not a Dragon Ball Z video game?

Question 21

What is Piccolo's home planet?

Just because Piccolo appears to be an alien doesn't mean that he can't be originating from Earth. In the Dragon Ball universe, there are plenty of different creatures that live on Earth, but appear to be alien-like. We first met Piccolo in the original Dragon Ball series, and we didn't find out about his home planet until later in Dragon Ball Z. Kami and Piccolo share the same home planet but live on Earth. What is the name of Piccolo's home planet?

Question 22

Why is Broly so angry with Goku?

Broly is a Saiyan who is from the Planet Vegeta and was separated from the rest of the Saiyan race after the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He does not appear in the main series, but he does appear in several films. Broly is usually filled with anger over what seems like no reason at all. His father uses a unique device to contain Broly's fiery rage. Broly is always angry and even more so with Goku. Why does Broly dislike Goku?

Question 23

Which of these moves does Cell NOT use?

Cell is one of the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball universe. Created by Dr. Gero, he is made up of cells from almost all of the Z-fighters. Because he is part of all these different people, he can mimic their energy blasts and other techniques. In this photo, Cell is absorbing Android 17. Soon after, he evolved into his almost perfect form which was much more powerful. Which of these moves does Cell not use in Dragon Ball Z?

Question 24

What is the hair color of a Super Saiyan God?

A Super Saiyan God is a transformation in Dragon Ball Z. It is more powerful than Super Saiyan 1,2 and 3. It was a miracle that Goku was able to obtain this form since it required a wish from Shenron the dragon for him to gain a god-like form. As a Super Saiyan God, Goku conquered a few different foes. This form would later evolve into a variation with different hair color. What is the hair color of the original Super Saiyan God form?

Question 25

What does the RR stand for in Dragon Ball Z?

Most of the Androids and several other characters in Dragon Ball Z wear a specific emblem on their clothing that represents a certain organization. You may have seen this logo on hats or apparel in Dragon Ball Z television series episodes and films. It represents an organization made up of people who are usually antagonists in the Dragon Ball episodes they appear in. What does the RR in this logo stand for that appears on various articles of clothing in Dragon Ball Z?

Question 26

Who is the creator of Dragon Ball Z?

We a owe much to the creator of Dragon Ball Z. The decisions to keep various characters and the overall direction of where the series headed was nothing short of brilliance on the creator's part. This creator of Dragon Ball Z has been quoted saying he has frustrations for Vegeta, and he may have removed Vegeta from the television series if it weren't for the enormous following he gained from fans all over the world. Who is the creator of Dragon Ball Z?

Question 27

Which of these is NOT the name of a Dragon Ball Z character?

Dragon Ball Z has many different sagas and hundred of episodes. Since the series ran for so long, of course, there would be an abundance of characters appearing in the show. We have grown to love the diverse set of characters that the writers of Dragon Ball Z have given us. They have unique, outfits, personalities, and fighting abilities. A real fan knows the name of all the Dragon Ball Z characters. Which of these is NOT the name of a Dragon Ball Z character?

Question 28

Can you name this small character?

This character doesn't appear that often in the series, but he does significantly help the Z-fighters because of what he does for them. He is similar to a cat except he can speak and is quite intelligent. This white character probably saved the lives of the Z-fighters during the Cell Saga. He doesn't talk that often, but usually does when he is on-screen. Don't feel bad if you answer this one incorrectly. Can you name this character from Dragon Ball Z?

Question 29

What is this Android's number?

Of course, we are not talking about Vegeta in the foreground, but we are talking about the guy who is lying the dirt. He has a pale complexion and an odd outfit that would make him look like a clown. Do not be deceived by his silly appearance since he is an Android with energy absorption capabilities and an enormously high fighting Power Level. What is the number of the Android who is lying in the dirt in this screencap?

Question 30

Which Dragon Ball Z movie is this screenshot from?

This is yet another screenshot taken from a Dragon Ball Z film. The characters we see in this picture are young Trunks and adult Gohan. They are talking about something while Trunks is holding a book. Perhaps based on the fact that Trunks is young in this film is a hint of what the title could be. Trunks grows up to be exceedingly powerful in flashbacks, and he turns Super Saiyan at a young age. Which Dragon Ball Z movie is seen in this screenshot?

Question 31

What wish did Vegeta want to make while on Namek?

The Namek sagas were some of the most impactful adventures in the series because of the enormous jump in Power Levels and the introduction of intergalactic travel by the Z-fighters. It was a space race between different alliances who all desired the Dragon Balls for their purposes. Goku and friend wanted the Dragon Balls so they could revive their fallen friends. Vegeta was acting alone at this point and wanted the Dragon Balls for himself. What wish did Vegeta want to make with the Dragon Balls while on Namek?

Question 32

What can restore a fighter's health?

Fighters in the Dragon Ball universe have limited power that is drained every time they are struck by an opponent and every time they make an attack. There are a few different ways for a fighter to regain their energy; they can wait a period, be healed by a Namekian, or healed by being gifted power from another fighter. Below are a few different possible ways to heal someone's fighting power. What can restore a fighter's health to full again?

Question 33

Which of these wishes can Shenron NOT grant?

Shenron is the mighty dragon that grants wishes on Earth. Originally, he was created by the Namekian Kami. It is said that dragons' power in Dragon Ball Z is limited to their creator's. Porunga has more power than Shenron because Grand Elder Guru has more power than Kami. By gathering all the Dragon Balls in a single location, one can make a wish that is within the dragon's power. Which of the following wishes can Shenron not grant?

Question 34

What is required for a Saiyan's Great Ape transformation?

A Great Ape is incredibly terrifying and exceedingly powerful. Earth's inhabitants would have been doomed if it weren't for the luck the Z-fighters received during their encounter. Once a Saiyan's tail is cut off, it is nearly impossible for them to transform into an ape again. The ape we see in this screenshot is Vegeta. He created an artificial moon which would produce the Blutz Waves required for him to transform. How many Blutz Waves does a Saiyan need to transform?

Question 35

Which Dragon Ball Z movie is this screenshot from?

This is a screenshot from one of the various Dragon Ball Z films. Goku has transformed into Super Saiyan, so it is clear that he is battling a powerful foe. Take a look at the style of animation. Try to guess what this Dragon Ball Z movie is based on what year this movie probably released in. We don't want to give away too many clues at the risk of revealing the answer. Which Dragon Ball Z movie was this screenshot taken from?

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