There's No Way You'll Pass The Ultimate Dragon Ball Z Quiz

From the beginning, it was clear that Dragon Ball Z was a compelling television show. Dragon Ball Z hit the western world with momentum and captured the imaginations of millions. A man who could fly, shoot energy blasts with his hands, and summon a dragon to make any wish he desired, are elements of Dragon Ball Z that have contributed to the show's success.

Before Dragon Ball Z, there was a television series named "Dragon Ball." Dragon Ball didn't have the ridiculously high Power Levels as Dragon Ball Z, but it did introduce many of the people who would later appear in DBZ. The majority of people would agree Dragon Ball Z significantly improved on its predecessor. The introduction of controversial characters, new powers, and intergalactic travel add to why Dragon Ball Z is enjoyed.

Even years after its release, Dragon Ball Z continues to remain relevant. A new series has replaced DBZ, but the stories and characters contained in DBZ should not be forgotten. A real fan has watched the series countless times and can answer every question thrown their way.

This quiz encompasses all of the sagas and movies of Dragon Ball Z. Only a Super Saiyan can pass the Ultimate Dragon Ball Z quiz.

1Which of these characters is NOT related to Goku?

Son Goku has been a recurring protagonist throughout various Dragon Ball series. Akira Toriyama once considered switching the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z to Gohan after the Cell saga. He later changed his mind and kept the main character as Goku. Goku's family and friends have shaped Goku into the person he is. Goku has changed drastically throughout the series, but his morals and hard work ethic remain the same. Which of the following characters is not related to Goku?

2Where would one find the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

The Hyperbolic Time chamber is a useful place to train because of its time dilation. One year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is the equivalent to one day on Earth. Because of this difference in time, one is able to obtain a considerable amount of time to improve their fighting power. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber also has more than enough food for a year, and they would need a lot to feed Goku. Where would one find the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

3Name the energy wave technique Piccolo used to defeat Raditz.

The Dragon Ball Z series kicked off with a dangerous foe arriving on Earth. The combination of Piccolo and Goku were barely enough to defeat Raditz. Raditz is the brother of Goku, but he had no interest in showing brotherly love. He was far more interested in destroying all life on Earth so that he could use the planet's resources. Goku was somehow able to hold on to Raditz long enough for Piccolo to deliver a finishing blast. Which energy wave technique did Piccolo use to defeat Raditz?

4Which of these Super Saiyan forms has Vegeta never attained?

From the beginning of the series, it was clear that Saiyans had enormous potential for power growth. Just how far their potential can go is uncertain, but it would seem as if it is unlimited. As Dragon Ball series progress, Saiyans are continually unlocking new Saiyan transformations. As the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta knew much about the Saiyans history and knew about the existence of Super Saiyans before everyone else. Vegeta's burning desire to become a Super Saiyan was strong. Which of these Super Saiyan forms has Vegeta never attained?

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