There's No Way You'd Be Able To Name All These MCU Heroes

It’s hard to believe that the Marvel Cinematic Universe started ten years ago. In the span of a surprisingly short decade, the MCU has produced 18 films and nearly ten television series spanning multiple seasons (except for the Inhumans which seemingly imploded well before filming even began). To completely view the entire MCU from beginning to its current point would take the better part of two weeks.

And this is Marvel Studios without the rights to the X-Men or the Fantastic Four. Could you imagine how endless and all-encompassing their shared universe would be then? Sweet Christmas!

Anyway, look, the point is, the MCU wouldn’t be anywhere without its heroes. And despite not having access to their entire catalogue, there’s been more than enough to keep audiences satisfied and their wallets empty. This quiz is going to see how well you know the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we’ve got virtually all of them; from 2008 to 2018, spanning virtually every entry in a universe whose history spans thousands out years, starts on Earth and expands across the Milky Way galaxy.

You’re going to need that Cosmic Cube. Or maybe just be a big fan. I’ve noticed that helps. But, frankly, There's No Way You'd Be Able to Name All These MCU Heroes.

1Who is this hero?

Sure, he might be a complete rip-off of Martian Manhunter, and he might be lightly underpowered in the movies, but Tom King wrote a great maxiseries starring this character just a few years ago. The android created a family for himself and tried to live a relatively normal life. What unfolded was a Greek tragedy by way of Blade Runner. It asked questions of human emotion, technological development, and the very nature of loss. In the MCU, however, he’s a cross between a plot device and a secretary.

2Who is this hero?

Yeah, we’re giving some of these away. Despite Marvel not owning the films rights for some of their biggest franchises (including this one), a deal was made for this wall-crawler to return to the fold after a series of truly terrible movies. The latest reboot was a good re-introduction. Tom Holland plays the lead with a sense of wonder, and Michael Keaton’s Vulture is easily one of Marvel’s best villains. Unfortunately, it looks like Sony is already tainting the well with a Venom movie that looks like DC’s Catwoman movie.

3Who is this hero?

Sometimes simplicity works best. This character is essentially an armory with Kevlar duct-taped around it. And it works. Worked for Ben Sisko when he got the Defiant and it works for this character here. More heavily-armed than Iron Man, who focuses more on flashy tech, this is a true soldier’s version of a superhero. And it’s badass. Just not in the climax of Iron Man 2. That was terrible. There are few problems in the MCU that can’t be solved by a lot of bullets and a few missiles. Just as Frank Castle.

4Who is this hero?

This is a little confusing, and not just the obvious question of how Marvel was never sued for stealing the Flash. The rights to this character belong to both FOX and Disney. He ended up appearing in two movies in the same year, portrayed by different actors and written completely differently. Obviously, we’re focusing on the main Disney-Marvel side of things. This character lived fast and died young; sometimes it doesn’t matter how fast you are because you can’t outrun a bullet. (The Flash can, though.)

5Who is this hero?

The quip-machine himself. If you don’t care for Marvel’s reliance on humor, then, well, you can make the argument that he’s the biggest villain in the MCU. Even if you like this character’s humor, you probably still could make the argument considering the sheer amount of damage and chaos he leaves in his wake as he smiles and giggles to safety. He has a nice leather jacket, though. Have to give him that. And the fact he’s managed to lock down Gamora.

6Who is this hero?

After an incredibly cool and creepy introduction in Age of Ultron, this character quickly (and in the same movie) devolved into little more than a glorified extra with a wandering accent. Given this character’s incredible power level in the comics, we’re still eagerly anticipating the MCU equivalent of her “No more mutants” moment. They have elevated her character and helped with her storyline and to show her compassion by linking her with Vision. We can see as two, more robotic characters (one an actual robot), fall in love and find their more human side.

7Who is this hero?

Star-Lord’s constant quipping is tedious. So is this character’s. But at least his supporting cast includes the awesome Michael Douglas and the lovely Evangeline Lilly. Here, this newly-made hero battles evil by becoming small like an insect (hint, hint) and then large and then very large. He does this to be a better role model for his daughter. And because it seems that throughout his life he has always tried to look out for the little guy. Who is he?

8Who is this hero?

Yes, technically Rhodey wore this suit, too. You might say this entry is redundant because of that, but I had to include it anyway because I love America and I love the design of this suit. It’s the kind of thing you would imagine Captain America himself wearing, were it not for the terrible armor Cap actually wore in the comics in the 90s. That was a rough decade for Marvel. Anyway, this sadly underutilized armor was only seen briefly in Iron Man 3. Love ya, miss ya.

9Who is this hero?

If Marvel and DC were to ever crossover again, I would love to see this character team-up with Sodam Yat. If you get the reference, bless your overeducated heart. Of all the Guardians of the Galaxy, this one is the most capable and competent. Really, she’s the only capable and competent one. Being created and trained by Thanos basically guarantees that. She’s often the straight-man of the group of Guardians, usually not cracking jokes—or at least not laughing at them. But she also seems to be their conscious.

10Who is this hero?

In a world of gods, monsters, and technology so advanced it made Ray Kurzweil’s hair disappear, this character decided the best way for a non-powered hero to fight evil is with a bow and arrow. Sure, it's not the most effective weapon we have seen, but there is more to Clint that meets the eye, and his eyes see all. He is patient, and a well trained fighter. He also ends up becoming somewhat of a father figure to the Maximoffs.

11Who is this hero?

This one is a fan favorite. What Chris Hemsworth brings to the table is virtually everything to this character. What we mean is, we don't know where this character ends and Hemsworth begins, they seem to be, very much, one in the same. Hemsworth has shown that he has a serious and a pretty hilarious side as well, especially in the most recent movies. To us, he is definitely worthy. Sadly, we saw him lose Mjolinar in one of his films, but he has a new weapon in IW.

12Who is this hero?

When this character was introduced in Thor 3, she undermined what we expected for the Asgardians—mirthlessness and obsession with duty—and added more complexity to the world these characters inhabit. And she’s adorable. This character is played by Tessa Thompson and she is the last of her kind. She is what Wonder Woman is to the Amazonians (not the last part, but the powerful, protector part). She stumbles into our hearts in Thor: Ragnarok, but sadly we haven't seen her again. We hope to soon though.

13Who is this hero?

Here’s an audacious statement: the film adaptation of this character is the best version of him since Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s original comics. And I’m not just saying that because the MCU version has a real individualist streak. Well, it’s part of the reason. The other, is that the films have distilled the character’s essential elements—nobility, calm leadership, sacrifice—without making him appear like a corny parody of a bygone era. Sure, he’s still an old-fashioned man, but sometimes you need that.

14Who is this hero?

I love film-noir, but there are very few superheroes that can work in that genre. This character is one of the rare ones. The New York she lives in is seedier. Her backstory is as necessarily tragic. She’s complex and so is the world around her. She also can punch through brick and drink like William Holden on a Friday. Oh, and she’s a PI. Yes, perfection does exist. The best part about this character, however, is that her powers are almost immaterial. It’s about her emotional journey; the way the world has affected her and the way she affects the world in turn.

15Who is this hero?

Why is she blonde in Avengers 4? Why did she never have a Russian accent? Why isn’t she as cool as she is in the comics? These are many of the questions we have about this character, but recently, the most frequent one we've been asking is, why don't we get to see more of her? They have changed her character quite a bit from the comics, but Scarlett Johansson has made this character her own and shown a kick-butt version of a hero without powers.

16Who is this hero?

Man, this guy has an oddly suggestive name. Oh, and a bad TV show. Poor guy. The butt of many jokes on the internet as well as to his fellow teammates in the Defenders and the controversy-filled production leading up to his botched debut Netflix series hasn’t helped his stature in the MCU. Sure, he’s getting another chance with season 2 (and a new showrunner), but it might already be too late. But, all things considered, Marvel’s Netflix shows are still batting a high average.

17Who is this hero?

When this character was resurrected in an amazing Captain America comic story, we all assumed he would be returning in a sequel film as well. And he did. And we’re happy. Okay, we weren’t in love with the eyeliner he was wearing; you don’t often see special forces trained emo singers, but it’s a minor complaint. Captain America’s first friend, first sidekick, and likely heir-apparent may be dealing with PTSD from being forced to be an assassin for 50 years, but he’s probably going to work it out.

18Who is this hero?

For you history fans out there, here’s a fun clue: this character’s last name is the same as former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s middle name. Then again, given how much money this movie made combined with the trove of memes that developed from it, you probably know who it is anyway. For me at least, the best part of this movie was seeing Steve Ditko’s amazing art translated vividly and lovingly onto the big screen. It’s a damn shame he didn’t receive a single dollar from it.

19Who is this hero?

No, she hasn’t technically debuted in the MCU yet, but with the amount of attention the character has been receiving, along with the heavy speculation coming out of the surprisingly secret production, we’re guessing there’s a good chance you know who she is already. I personally liked the character’s old costume better, but I understand why they chose the more military-influenced look. Still. You can’t go wrong with black leather. But that may say more about me than it does about the character.

20Who is this hero?

I think I saw his cousin eating through my garbage last night. I tossed a brick at him and he bolted. If it was this character, well, he’d probably still be rifling through my trash, but he would’ve shot me for throwing a brick at him. To call this character the comedic relief of the Guardians of the Galaxy would be redundant when the entire team is comprised of quippy characters, but this one sure is the loudest. And the only one with rabies.

21Who is this hero?

Remember when Netflix was patting itself on the back for having a TV series featuring a blind lead character, but didn’t release the series with an audio description option for the blind? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Anyway, the much anticipated third season of this character’s show inches closer by the day. Personally, I’m hoping to Bullseye debuts, but I’m most excited for the possible adaptation of the seminal “Born Again” storyline.

22Who is this hero?

Speaking of Daredevil, this character not only stole the second season from The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen with his cold but not unsympathetic arc. The best episodes of the season dealt with their conflicting philosophies, particularly with this soldier dealing with crime the way he dealt with war: bullets, bombs and the occasional boot-knife. Daredevil didn’t care for this, but it was rather effective. This character shot his way into our hearts and received a series of his own.

23Who is this hero?

This one-eyed secret agent once used a rocket launcher to blow up a fighter jet. Did I mention he did this despite having one eye?! It’s undeniably cool. But then, so is both the character and the actor portraying him. He hasn’t been seen much in recent movies, which is a real shame. That man and his SHIELD helicarrier would probably come in handy. They’re probably saving it for the sequel. Jackson vs. Brolin: Who Growls Best?

24Who is this hero?

Captain America’s original love interest received her own spy show on ABC a few years ago. Set post-WWII, the show had the chance to really absorb the film-noir influence of the era and mix that into the dark tones of similar set spy films of the time. Unfortunately, Disney doesn’t enjoy getting too dark (or wants its characters to smoke) so while the series was good, we all know it deserved to be much better. Sadly, we don’t know when we’ll be seeing the character again, but we appreciate the odd cameo.

25Who is this hero?

This one is going to be a tough entry to write. Since I can’t use his name, I have to—like with everyone else—describe his character traits and powers. The thing is, there really isn’t a lot going on here. He has…supernatural powers? Something involving nature itself? The power of love and friendship? He also might be part Pokémon because all he does is repeat his name. He’s essentially just a tree with a face. But he’s not particularly vulnerable to fire.

26Who is this hero?

Well, we never quite got the Demon in the Bottle story, or a decent Mandarin, but if you want to see the wellspring of the MCU, it’s this character. Played with charm by Robert Downey, Jr., the actor’s own difficulties over the years fed into the flaws of the character. It was a perfect match—as good, if not better than Michael Keaton as Batman. And given that Downey, Jr. gets paid untold millions to simply have his face shot in close-up to CGI some 3-D readouts from his suit, it sounds like the best job ever.

27Who is this hero?

This is one of the “youngest” characters in the MCU. She only made her comic debut in 2005. Like her film counterpart, she is an agent of SHIELD and works closely with Nick Fury. Sadly, she hasn’t had much to do in the MCU, particularly after the Civil War film, likely because SHIELD was essentially decimated. Actress Cobie Smulders was only able to appear in a few episodes of Agents of SHIELD due to her contractual obligations to How I Met Your Mother.

28Who is this hero?

Okay, the amount of damage done by the two Nicholas Cage movies and the bizarre comic redesign from a few years back seemed insurmountable. It also didn’t help when we heard he was going to show up in the cheaply made and lazily written Agents of SHIELD series. But then we saw him as the character onscreen for the first time and were exposed to Gabriel Luna’s performance. Suffice to say, we were pleased. Too bad it took this long to get it right.

29Who is this hero?

This is Gamora’s sister, and one of the few characters to have a complete narrative arc in the MCU; she truly does change from her first appearance to her latest. Originally presented as a simple villain with a resentment for her sister, she grew more complex. She wanted her father Thanos’ respect and affection. To do that, she’d have to defeat Gamora, something she could never do. She eventually turned on Thanos when it was clear he didn’t care about her either way.

30Who is this hero?

Like many of her fellow Runaways, she’s a young radical, looking to change the world. Of course, like many modern activists, she can usually be found complaining on Tumblr and dying her hair purple. When she’s not doing that, she’s on the run from her parents who are members of the Pride: a group of Berkeley parents who run Los Angeles’ mafia. Yeah, it’s an odd concept, but it works at a satirical level. Like her parents, this character has the ability to travel through time and be smug.

31Who is this hero?

Well, if you’re mad that the Inhumans have essentially replaced the X-Men in Marvel Comics’ value system, the TV show adaptation of this nascent franchise probably tickled you pink. This was the silent but dead (tee-hee) leader of the (good) Inhumans on the series. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help his coolness factor that he can’t speak. His voice causes massive shockwaves, so all he really does is frown. When he has to communicate, he uses sign language or a spokesperson.

32Who is this hero?

She was the only thing good about Iron Fist. And one of the few good things about the Defenders. Anytime she would beat up or reply with annoyance to Danny Rand’s whining made me giggle like a schoolgirl. Of course, we all know at some point they’re going to get together, which is sad. But the scene should be played with honesty. As they kiss for the first time, Elvis Costello’s “Is She Really Going out with Him?” should blast over our speakers.

33Who is this hero?

You can’t help but feel bad for this character. Poor taste in men, a superpowered best friend who is also a moody alcoholic, and she’s a radio show when it’s clear it’s a medium that is being destroyed by YouTube and podcasts. Hell, in the comics she was a superhero called Hellcat. That would at least give her something to do. But no. Two seasons of her regular series and one go-around of the Defenders, and she hasn’t even mentioned liking cats yet.

34Who is this hero?

Portrayed by Ming-Na Wen (Street Fighter), this character’s a bright spot in Agents of SHIELD. The semi-retired but still competent secret agent hasn’t lost a step. She continues to fight for what’s right (figuratively and literally), even once setting her own broken wrist so she could continue punching people. She proved so popular that she was adapted into the comics after the first season of Agents in 2015. While the series looks to be ending now, we’re hoping that Wen’s character will transfer to the film branch of the MCU shortly.

35Who is this hero?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Letitia Wright’s smile should be bottled and sold. Playing the clever and vivacious Wakandan scientist and sister of Black Panther, she’s responsible for her country’s technological advanced and achievements. Namely: she makes badass nanotech that is super-powerful but also seems very comfortable. She also made these quiet shoes made for sneaking. One guess what they’re called. Obstinate and sarcastic, she has the kind of humor Marvel should adopt more often.

36Who is this hero?

He doesn’t understand humor or metaphors and that’s funny. Get it? You do? Oh, well we’re still going to drive this point home every eight seconds. Here’s a fun fact, this Guardians of the Galaxy character is portrayed by Dave Bautista, a former WWE wrestler. After the first movie, his character was given a solo comic, which was co-written by CM Punk, also a former WWE wrestler. The two are both former World Champions and fought over the gold several times before they both left the company.

37Who is this hero?

She is the daughter of a supervillain and has earthquake powers. A talented hacker (whose comic book counterpart was inspired by Angelina Jolie's character in the film Hackers), this polymath current works undercover for SHIELD. Her television counterpart is only on the beginning of that journey; on Agents of SHIELD, she’s only starting to get a handle on her past. Actress Chloe Bennet is given good material to work with and her character has clearly developed from the first to final episodes.

38Who is this hero?

There are some women who smile at you and it makes you smile too. And then there are some women who smile at you and you know they’re dangerous. This character is certainly the latter, and you have to give actress Élodie Yung credit for adding in something as simple as that smile to convey that message, which was even more effective than the consistent use of her famous twin sais. We’re less than pleased with her story in the Defenders, but we’re hoping Daredevil season 3 rectifies it.

39Who is this hero?

Okay, look, hear me out. Sure, he’s not technically part of the MCU right now, but here’s the thing: between Disney’s possible takeover of FOX (thereby just destroying any monopoly laws in the US, not that the Mouse cares) this fourth wall-breaking character could cameo as early as Infinity War Part 2. We’re not saying that he will, only that he might. And if there’s the slightest opportunity to appear when you least expect it and tell a dirty joke, he’ll be there.

40Who is this hero?

Anger management and skin pigmentation issues have plagued this character for decades. You’d think he’d just take some valium or something. Always worked for me. As for the pigmentation thing. I don’t know. Maybe dialysis. Or, you know, asking the extremely advanced societies of Wakanda or Asgard for help with his Jekyll and Hyde problem. That would probably help. Oh, and if that’s too complicated, $40 for some spandex pants. Maybe in purple. I think that would look rather sharp.

41Who is this hero?

Speaking of Asgard, here’s its godly ruler. He looks like a bearded Hannibal Lecter to me. But also seems kinda bored, like he was just here to collect a paycheck. Anyway, the father of Thor and Loki certainly wasn’t above allowing the two of them to compete for his affection and praise, so they could, in the end, rule their glossy kingdom and throw hammers at people. To be fair, you don’t need a hammer. I did just fine against that racoon with just a brick. But, then, a magical hammer would’ve been nice to have too.

42Who is this hero?

That this series didn’t win an Emmy for its music is a travesty. It easily boasts one of the best soundtracks on television and should receive some attention for it. Of course, lead actor Mike Colter deserves a great deal of credit as well. His character is super-strong and almost impossible to injure. It can be difficult for feel for a character who, well, doesn’t. However, Colter’s performance is warm and human. He has his flaws, regrets and frustrations. Despite his powers he truly feels like an ordinary man stuck in extraordinary situations.

43Who is this hero?

Oh, just give her the robot arm already. This NYPD detective has certainly been through enough. Corrupt partners, incompetent co-workers, and being the only person affiliated with a superhero team with any common sense, and we’re including the entire team on that list. That said, the best part of the character is that she has a normal, grounded point of view. She is literally a regular person, which makes her instantly identifiable and easy to empathize with.

44Who is this hero?

Unlike real-life goth kids, this one actually can use black magic. Like the rest of her cohorts in the Runaways, however, she’s full of angst and is on the run from her mobbed-up dark wizard parents. But, then, who hasn’t been in that situation? As the defacto leader of the group (at least in the comics), she’s arguably also the most powerful. She literally becomes more powerful when she bleeds. This is a very useful consequence in a fight, if she's being hurt, she just gets stronger.

45Who is this hero?

The butt of every joke, the taker of every beating. This character is to the Guardians of the Galaxy what Waspinator was to Beast Wars. And they’re both green! And insect-adjacent. The only difference is that this character is cute and exceptionally caring and sweet. Herself something of an outcast, she was a perfect fit among the Guardians, though clearly a character who was placed into the script for the sake of adding more comedy. Because that’s what the film needed.

46Who is this hero?

She’s a possible love interest for Luke Cage, but then again, he has sexual chemistry with everyone (including, somehow, Danny Rand), so this doesn’t really narrow it down. She’s also may or may not be the only medical professional in the entirety of Manhattan. She, therefore, enters the lives of every MCU character (on Netflix): Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cage and maybe even Iron Fist. I’m not sure on that last one. But we wouldn't be surprised. Who is she?

47Who is this hero?

In casting Idris Elba, never has a more charismatic actor portrayed a more boring character. Really. His entire job is to look at the stars and greet people whenever they show up at Asgard. He’s got a very big sword and is armed to the teeth, but we never get to see him unleash all his abilities. In Thor 3, his battle takes place off-screen! Come on! At least in the comics he got to run Asgard for a while when Odin napped. Man, I really hope Elba gets to play James Bond, even if it’s just for a single movie.

48Who is this hero?

So, he was Star-Lord’s father figure? I can kinda see that. I guess. Well, Guardians 2 needed some kind of inner conflict and emotional journey, and it looks like they forgot about that until the 11th hour and this was the result. The blue murderer was actually a sweetheart all along. Eh, why not? All things considered, it’s not so bad, especially when you take into account that we thankfully never saw him in his original comics costume. Look that one up. The horror. The horror.

49Who is this hero?

He might be the most powerful man with a combover in the entirety of the MCU, but he’ll always be the Cuddler from The Shield as far as I’m concerned. He is the absolute embodiment of a regular man. Hell, the character himself was created as a one-off just to establish SHIELD’s existence in the MCU. Now, he’s even been adapted into the comics. Yet, despite that (as well as his silly resurrection), he’s still, somehow, just an honest everyday guy…who happens to be one of the finest secret agents in history.

50Who is this hero?

You thought we were going to leave him out, didn’t you? No, of course we weren’t. You just had to earn your way to the end. Now, considering his movie grossed well over a billion dollars, it’s safe to say you know this is Black Panther, so we’re not going to ask that of you. What we will ask you, instead, is what his real name is. His parents didn’t just name him Black Panther. You’re thinking of Black Dynamite.

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